Katherine Jackson part 2

Katherine Jackson part 2

The next week I was in a jack-off frenzy just thinking about Miss Jackson and what we had done. I was livin in the outskirts of town in a trailer park. The folks that run the place didn’t let no blacks rent or buy trailers there. On the rare occasions when some black folks come around it usually caused a ruckus. They was some real red-neck bigots living among us, they didn’t go out to hurt nobody or stir up trouble, but they wasn’t about to let no colored folks hang out in their settlement. It was about the same way that the colored folk treated me whenever I was in the projects.

I was hoping to hook up with Miss Jackson again but she didn’t have no phone, so it weren’t easy to work out a visit. Plus, if I was to be in the projects at night there would be trouble. I had give her my number and she had called the next day after I seen her but I was workin. It weren’t till over a week later that she called and caught me at the house. She was wanting me to come and get her but I didn’t have no car. I told Miss Jackson that if she could meet me at the grocery out on the north end of her street in an hour and a half, I would get a taxi to bring us to my place. She agreed to meet me.

I got a ride on a bus with one of my coworkers who dropped me off at the store. Katherine came walking out into the parking lot and met me, she walked near me and said, “Come on over here Petey.” She just kept on walking down the street till she turned down another street where a taxi was parked. I found out later that she had the cabbie waiting there so that no one would see her leaving with me. It was an odd ride to my house, we didn’t say much and sat on opposite sides of the cab until I paid the driver and we both got out.

We hurried into my trailer, it was dark but there is enough street lights around that if someone was lookin, they could tell I had a nigger woman with me. When we was inside Miss Jackson went right to talking and apologizing for not being more sociable, she leaned towards me and I bent down, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her right on her big soft lips. We made out for a while on my couch, every now and then she would look around at the stuff in my room or ask questions about my family or some of our old neighbors. That went on for an hour or so until we was getting all worked up. When Miss Jackson starts getting excited she goes to blowing big breaths out through her nose, it widens and flattens out on her face and makes her look like some kind of horny wild animal.

“Im gonna do you right this time Miss Jackson” I told her as I pulled her back to my bedroom. The lights were on but I had hung sheets and towels over my windows so no neighbors could peek in on me. We started pullin off each others clothes and kissing and licking over each new body part that we uncovered. Before long we was butt naked, kissin and rollin around with each other on my bed.

I got her laid out on the middle of the bed then started smoochin my way down her brown body. First, I come to her big jugs that was splayed out to opposite sides of her chest, I sucked and licked all over them, it really got me going when I tasted the sweaty moistness of her skin just under her big tits where they had been hangin down all day. Then I smooched on down to her soft belly, and into the warm tender skin where her legs meet her belly. I kissed through her brillo-like bush and then into the flaps of skin that hid her pussy. I cant ever remember being so excited as I spread her big soft brown thighs apart and watched her womanhood being showed to me up close.

Thick wiry black hair covered her puss mound and as her legs spread, shiny purple lips pooched out at me, like they was ready to reach for me. I pried her legs further apart until her pussy lips spread enough to show some pink inside of her moist slit. I commenced to lickin lightly all around the dark smooth flesh of her cunt. “Woooh SHIT! boy!” Katherine hissed, “sumbody dun taught you good!” The sweaty, bitter taste of her pussy was a bit overpowering at first, but as my tongue got to workin up her flow of slick cunt oil, the nasty taste and odors faded away. I felt her hips begin to lift and press her damp woman hole into my face as she went on, “damn Petey!.. SHIT! boy that feels SO fuckin good!”

As I licked harder and faster, Katherine’s purple cunt lips commenced to peelin outwards and a firm knob poked out from where her lips come together over her pussy hole. With my hands, I pulled her hairy outer lips to the side and when I did the skin peeled back around that knob and what was left was a shiny little button angled straight at me. I slowly licked over it and sucked on it as Miss Jackson went to screamin, “wooo shit!, wooo SHIT! WOOO SHIT PETEY!, Wait a minute boy!” Her thighs came up and lifted my face from her cunt. “bring yo dick here petey” she said as she pulled me around to her.

She leaned over towards my crotch when I stood and when I crawled up towards her she took my dick into her wet lips. Katherine’s big eyes looked up at me like a heifer cow does when she’s a getting milked, her thick lips was slidin up and around the girth of my stiff pole. She rolled onto her back while her hands pulled me over her, now I was straddling her face, facing her feet, with my dick bent down into her mouth. She had tilted her head way back towards me, and looking down at her chin and throat, I could see her throat move as she swallowed my whole cock into her pretty mouth. Soon my throbbing dick was lodged into her all the way down to my pubic hair and my balls was hangin down over her nose and eyes. I watched in amazement as Miss Jackson stuck her big flat tongue out around my dick and licked up into my pubic hair. Her throat and tongue worked together in a swallowing movement to welcome my long cock even further down into her face. I felt like a worm being swallowed by a catfish!

It was in-fuckin-credible, the way she gulped up into my rod that was bent down through her fat lips and deep into her throat. My hairy balls were drawing up and beginning to boil over as her breaths blew out her nostrils and across them. “Damn!..Stop Miss Jackson!…STOP!”, I panted, as I quickly backed away and pulled my entire length from her warm mouth.

Both of us had just come so very close to cumming! She got turned on as much by sucking on my white dick as I did by eating her black pussy! And damn was she good at swallowing dick! “Come on Petey! I wanna make you squirt boy!”, Katherine said. I argued back at her “not until I feel you cummin all over my face!” “ok den, how bout we try cumin togethu while we eatin each other?” she asked.

“Shit Miss Jackson, I aint gonna last ten seconds with you suckin on me like dat!” I told her. She scowled at me and said, “you think I don know wut I’m doin?, I’m gonna hold you back till I’m bout ready ok Petey! Now get yo skinny white ass over here and eat my hard-up nigga pussy!” Her ghetto accent and dirty talking had my dick so hard acat couldn’t scratch it! The way she called me her “white ass” and called herself a “hard-up nigga pussy” just made me think of what a naughty and exciting thing we was doin. Lookin down over her big bubbly black body and hearin her tell me to eat her, had me droolin for her cunt like a rabid dog. I dove for her pussy.

First, I wiped my face all through her wiry hair while my calloused hands worked to expose her tender cunt meat. Then, I paused to study her swollen purple lips and shiny clit before I buried my face there. I went to lickin and lovin all over her wet snatch. Katherine moved me around until my dick was pointed right into the valley of her chest. Then I felt two warm pillowy breasts press into each side of my cock. The slime trail of pre-cum leaking my knob mixed with the saliva still clinging to my dick, made it slick enough for me to fuck my rod down into her big brown udders.

Miss Jackson mashed her boobs together with her hands. My cock was now squashed up in her cleavage like a hot dog in a bun. Miss jackson’s smooth black tit flesh was massaging my cock. I nibbled and licked all around, then into her drippin hole, then sucked on her swollen lips and clit. I felt the muscles in her big ass tighten, then relax, tighten again, then relax. This was makin a gentle rocking action that lifted her pussy into my face. She was getting wetter, juices was oozing from her overheated cunt and mixing with saliva from my drooling mouth before it seeped down the crack of her ass. I moved my arms in between her thighs and then lifted her legs up and towards her chest with my elbows, now her big wet cunt was fully exposed to me for my dining pleasure. I sucked and tasted her whole juicy cunt from her big firm clit, to the wet patch of hairy skin that separated her cunt from her asshole, and everything in between. I was so flustered just licking into her pussy that I never felt Katherine moving her head around until I felt the smooth warm pressure of her wide tongue lickin slowly from the base of my dick, between my balls, and over my puckered asshole.

When her wet tongue hit my butthole, I moaned into her cunt… she licked me there again, firmer and slower this time. I was going nuts now, with my face buried in her big black cunt, my dick nestled into her boobs, and her big wide tongue pressing up against my asshole. I swallowed what juices that I could slurp into my mouth from the bottom of her snatch, and then sucked down on her huge clit. Miss Jackson’s body reacted right away, the lunging action of her hips and the tongue wipes over my butthole got faster and more urgent. After a brief spell of loud moaning from the powerful pleasing we was putting on each other, I felt her upper body move under my saddle. The soft grip of her luscious tits was replaced by the wonderful warm wetness of her mouth sucking onto my cock. “She must be getting close”, I thought. I pressed my nose hard into her pussy in order to suck every millimeter of her distended clitoris into my mouth. I felt her hands pulling my ass into her face as my rod buried it’s entire length through her mouth and into her throat.

She started making a high pitched whine that trembled around my dick. I knew then that this big, beautiful, black, pussy was about to cum right on my face! Our bodies curled into each other, each pressing our groins and our faces firmly into one another. Now she began screaming urgently around my throbbing pole in rhythm with flashes of heat that started exploding through her groin. Blasts of thick sperm jettisoned inside my cock, through her fat lips, past her tongue, through the back of her mouth and into her throat. Her tongue and mouth milked at my cock as they reacted to the swallowing action of her throat. Both of us whimpered and squealed like puppies with a mouthful of food as we tried our best to “eat” each others orgasms while enduring our own. My whole face was slick with her juices, and I felt Miss Jackson gulping at my sperm that was piling up in her throat. This big, aged, black, woman from my childhood was giving me the most incredible orgasm I ever had, I just kept feeling squirt after squirt of hot cum shooting through my piss-tube and into Miss Jackson’s welcoming mouth. It took my breath away. Not that I was breathing anyway, I was too busy sucking the juices from her hot cunt! It was like each spurt of cum I shot into her went right through her and came flowing out of her cunt. Squirt, suck, swallow… squirt, suck, swallow… over and over again, we were both breathlessly enjoying this same routine for what seemed like thirty seconds until our aching and sensitive pubes could take no more.

Now we were both trying to catch our breath, with our faces still stuck into each other’s crotch. I was reluctant to lift my face from her hot, juicy cunt, and my swollen dickhead was still lodged beyond the back of her mouth. I had thought that no more pleasure could possibly be gained from our union, when I experienced an “aftershock orgasm”, just by thinking about the overwhelming ecstasy we had both just endured, my cock squeezed a few more drips of cum into Katherine’s oral embrace.

We had cum together just like she said, Miss Jackson really does know how to work a man. Right then I wished that I could just move her in with me, to get her out of the projects and into my trailer. I told her so, I would be happy to spend all of my money on her if I could have her there to shoot my cum into on a regular basis! We talked about how, if we was livin on the rich side of town, we could do it, people over there didn’t raise much hell when white and black folks was shackin up together. But we live amongst the trash, both white and black, and we was just going to have to be sneaky about being with each other.

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