Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson

I aint black. And that’s a cryin shame, cause if’n I was I’d have me a nice big bra-bustin, bubble assed, thick lipped, coal black, negro woman for a wife. You see, they aint much that’s more appealing to this poor ol, skinny, hard workin, hillbilly white trash, than a big ol buxom black woman. I ain’t quite sure when I took such a fancy to them kind, but somehow, them dark thick babes make my hillbilly dick just puff right up and go to leakin slime.

They wasn’t many black folk around where I grew up, but they was a few, and one by the name of Katherine lived right next to us. Her and mom was kinda friendly to each other and sometimes Katherine would come by to visit with us for a spell. We never did visit to their house, I don’t know why. Anyways, Katherine was the first woman I ever seen knocked up. I was just a young-un, about eight or nine years old, but I really took to studying Katherine and askin her and mom all kinds a questions. “Why’s yore belly so big?”, and “how did that baby get in there anyways?” was the kind of things I’d ask. Katherine generally told me a lot more than mom ever did when I started askin them kind of questions.

Well, the time came and she had that young-un. Not too long after that mom had her to watch over me for a spell while she was going somewhere. Babysittin, I reckon you would say, though I really weren’t no baby. Well, while I was playin around in the livin room, I saw Katherine pull open her shirt top and lay a big ol round breast out, then she held her young-un up to it. I dropped my toys and run over to jump up on the couch and get a real good look at what she was a doing. That baby was a slurpin on the end of her tit and every now and again she would pull him from it and I could see that there in the middle of her “darker spot” on the end of her tit, was a big, wet, purple nipple that was every bit as big as a nipple on them baby bottles. I felt like I had really seen something then and the next day I told all the kids at school about nipples, tits, and babies in women’s bellies.

I don’t know if anyone knowd it, but I was noticing all kinds of things about Katherine. Like the way her big behind and the backs of her thighs jiggled when she walked down the street in her bare feet. Or the way her big lips would pooch out, they were purple and wet and they kind of reminded me of her nipples. And her titties, they just seemed like they were always getting bigger and the tops she wore just stretched around them so tight and mashed them up into her chest. One time, she was in the bathroom in our trailer and I looked through the door knob hole and saw her when she stood up from the toilet and I seen her patch of dark black curly fuzz right where her legs came together.

Katherine’s husband run off after she had her fourth kid, and it weren’t too long after that Katherine moved off as well. When I was growed up enough to start jacking off and such, I sometimes thought about Katherine. Now I knew where babies come from and I knew that Katherine had to be letting men shoot their stuff into her for her to keep pregnant nearly all the time. She weren’t no where around but she was the best example of sex that I could think of, so I jacked off a lot thinking about her.

Well, lots of years gone by. They weren’t much ways to make a livin where I come from, so I had moved around a lot doing work wherever I could find it. I was 26 years old when I got a job driving a city bus in Houston. It was crazy, all them city people rode the bus a lot and most of my driving was in and around the projects where lots of colored people lived. Some of them folks made fun of me cause I talked slow and funny like a hillbilly, but I just ignored em, them city folks are kind of crazy anyways.

I had to work nights a lot, and one night when it was raining really bad, I seen a woman walking down the sidewalk with a baby in one arm and another young-un holdin to her hand. It weren’t no bus stop, and I ain’t supposed to do such, but I pulled over to let them get on my bus and out of the rain. When that woman got on the bus I swore she looked just like Katherine. She thanked me so much for picking them up, and when I heard her voice I said, “aint you Katherine Jackson?”. She answered, “Scuse me! How you know my name!” “Well… I’m Pete Cooper”, I said.

She just kept carryin on and on about what a small world it is and such and she could hardly believe it was me. She moved to behind my seat and talked to me nonstop. She asked where I lived and I told her. She said “damn boy! You got your own trailer!”, “you gonna let me come over to see it sumtime?” When we got to her stop, she the two kids jumped down the stairs and waited on the door to open. I stood to say bye and she came up and gave me a hug, her wet shirt was stretched so tight round her big tits and she kissed me on the cheek, I was getting uncomfortable cause my dick was pumpin full of blood real fast and pressin strait into her. She held to me for a few more seconds and I thought that I could feel her press her hips up against me. I told her bye and she said “Now Petey, you come visit me anytime, 214, 6 street, see dat mailbox? Right up them stais on the leff.” “I will Miss Jackson”, I told her.

Two days later I got a ride into the projects and went to see Miss Jackson, She had a house full of kids, the baby was one of her grandchildren. She gave me some beanie weenies and crackers for lunch and then one of her oldest sons showed up. She was introducing me when he said something about “why my momma gotta bring home some cracker”. Katherine got really mad at her boy and yelled at him and told him to leave. As he was leaving he did some weird sign with his fingers and hand, I hate when them kids do that shit!

She was apologizing to me when she went to kiss me on the cheek, but I turned towards her and for the first time, I felt her huge firm lips press straight into mine. “Petey cooper!” she said in a raised voice, “youre kissing on me!” “yes mam” I said. We was still huggin, she turned her head round to see if any kids was lookin, then she stood on her toes and put her big juicy purple lips right over mine and kissed me while we squeezed into each other. We was makin out! Me and Miss Katherine Jackson! Before I left she asked me what route and bus I would be driving that night.

It was a weekday, about two in the morning, when I pulled up to one of my stops and there was Miss Jackson, she got on board and sat right behind me. She rode around with me for a while until the bus was empty but for me and her. She was sittin there behind me talking and rubbin on y shoulders when she said “Petey, I think you need to make a stop so that YOU can get off!” I pulled in behind a shoppin center, where the delivery trucks go, and I set the brakes.

I went with Miss Jackson to one of the seats in the back of the bus. She pulled off her shirt and said “you remember these don’t ya Petey?” “Yes mam”, you want to play wit em?” “YES MAM!”, I said, “Miss Katherine, there aint no telling how many times I done shot off thinking bout you!” Then I got my first mouthful of huge black tit. She rubbed them into my face and I licked and sucked at her dark nipples. When she kissed at me with her big ol juicy soft lips, she started breathin real heavy through her big wide nostrils. It was all turning me on a whole bunch!

I just can’t go on enough about Miss Jackson’s body. They say we that we like things big in Texas, and they’s lots to like about Miss Jackson. She’s about five foot eight, and she’s what most folks would call a big woman, but they aint a whole lot of flab on her like lots of women get hanging around their belly, arms, and thighs. Her legs are thick and stout from toting around her ample flesh as well as them young-uns all these years. Her belly don’t pooch out or sag with lots of fat, what fat katherine’s got has piled up in just the right places, her ass has just enough jiggle and extra padding on it to make it bulge out noticeably but not too widely, her melons are huge, ripe, firm lumps of flesh that are about the size of cantaloupes, and they stand out roundly and proudly off her chest, sagging down only a little, and her face and lips got a look of chubby sweetness and softness.

Katherine is now forty two, she stopped “clubbin” and all that craziness years ago, and most all the fella’s in the hood are lookin for a fresh, young, piece of poontang, and theys plenty of that to go round in the projects, so, according to Katherine, she don’t get near the attention that her body be wanting. I couldn’t help but think how many big dicks had been stuck inside her, but I didn’t care, so long as mine was next!

Miss Jackson’s lips was workin magic. Her big, fat, soft, but firm mouth kissed into my face as her strong lips and big flat tongue tasted my lips and massaged the outline of my mouth. I sucked on her lips, they was juicy wet and each was a tasty piece of flesh bout as big and round as one of my fingers. I went to rubbing all over her chest, I just couldn’t believe the dimensions of her juggs! Then I reached down into her sweat pants, and felt through the coarse, curly, stiff hair around her pussy, I slid my finger into her slimy gash. I watched in amazement as her body responded to my finger massaging her wet snatch, the three-inch wide dark spots on top of her teats wrinkled up and sprouted two firm purple nipples that rose up nearly an inch from out of her ebony mounds, her pussy grew wetter, her wide nostrils flared out like a big baboon as she blew heavy, excited, breaths through them.

In a minute she was peeling off the rest of her clothes and then I could see her full, dark form in the glow of the lights behind the bulding. My dick was bouncing around hard as rebar as I shucked my clothes. Miss Jackson was sittin down in a bus seat when she got hold of my ass and pulled me to her. Her big lips parted and slid over my long skinny white cock, she sucked on me loudly and firmly. Them strong lips clamped down around my cock and her cheeks collapsed against the sides of my shaft when she sucked my head towards the back of her mouth. My hands held to her head and my fingers slid into her stiff curly black hair while I felt her fuck me with her face. Every now and then she sucked her face all the way off the end of my dick and then her wide, flat, tongue would collect all of the drippings that was starting to leak from my over-excited dick. “I aint nevah seen nuttin so hard as yo white dick!” she said. “You want to fuck my wet pussy wit dat thang?, You want up in my nigga cunt doncha Petey?” “yes mam!” I told her. Katherine laid back sideways on the bench seat. I flopped on top of her, she didn’t even need to use her hand, she just lifted her ass and steered my dick right up into her hot pussy.

“OOHHH SHIT!” she said through ragged breaths as I slid into her as far as that position would allow. My hips prodded my steel white shaft repeatedly through her big slick purple lips and into her heated tunnel. I took hold of her big ol chunky legs and lifted them up on my shoulders. My bare feet slid around on the nasty floor of the bus trying to get a grip on something so that I could shove my strong skinny body into her harder. Her pussy lips was so big, wet, and spread open that I could feel them grab at my nuts each time I pressed into her. Her big pointy nipples rubbed against my hairy chest and I could not resist lowering my head and sucking one into my mouth. Her position on the bus seat and the lift provided by her ample ass placed her experienced fuckhole in a perfect position for me to shove all of my hardness into her vulnerable purple opening.

Now I stood over her and watched her juicy body bounce in response to my strong thrusts. Her tits rolled around making her swollen nipples trace wide circles in the air, her nostrils flared as she opened her mouth and panted out, “OHH Petey! Fuck me wit yo young hard white dick!” One hand reached down below her wiry nest of black pubic hair and after feeling my stiff pole slide in and out of her twice, she started rapidly rubbing over the top of her gash where her two swollen purple lips met. I watched my reddish white pole and pale white body lunge into her mocha colored thighs, her jet black pubic hair, and the wet and swollen purple flesh of her mature cunt. I could feel my nuts drawing up and preparing to explode, “Miss Jackson!” I blurted out, “You gonna make me CUM!”

It was like my words shot new energy into Miss Jackson’s body as her big black booty somehow lifted off of the bus seat, her thick, dark, legs wrapped around me and pulled my pale white ass tighter into her crotch. I pressed hard into her with my throbbing dick and unloaded shot after shot of creamy white sperm deep inside her. Her experienced hand had brought her off as well, just in time for her blood engorged purple orifice to throb pleasingly around my pulsating shaft. Long, hard, young, white cock and warm, wet, aged, dark pussy throbbed and pulsed together in the ecstasy of the joining of bodies of separate race and age. I continued fucking into her even after the orgasm had left me, she was groaning as if she was still cumming while my prick noisily sloshed through the juices seeping out of her big pussy. She had got real wet and slimy and I was sliding in and out of her so easy now as her pussy juice and globs of my cum flowed over my dick and onto the bus seat.

“Damn Petey!” miss Jackson said, “I was really needin a nut like dat”, “I know yo momma aint gonna like it by I’m gon be getting some mo of you!” I was lookin around to be sure nobody had seen us and trying to get my clothes back on. She asked “wont dat be ok wit you Petey?” I hugged her to me and answered her “Yes mam Miss Jackson! I’ll do anything you want ifn I get some more of that!

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