Kims my ho and she knows it

Kims my ho and she knows it

I am one of those guys who get off by watching another man fuck my wife . I'm not a fag or anything but for me its like watching a live porno movie. Since Kim hates being dicked down by other men I have to force her into doing it for me. If she doesnt agree to be my sex slave I punish her by either violently buttfucking her or backhanding her across the face over & over again until she is subservient to my will.

I like taking Kim to a local motel and as soon as we enter the room I strip her down and do whatever I want to her naked body. Sometimes I tie her nude body to the bed and leave the rooms door wide open so that any guy just walking by can come right in and shove his dick into her tight pussy.I let him do whatever he wants to her and I even allow him to deposit his thick cum deep inside my bound wifes cunt. Once I invited a group of well-hung collage guys over and watched as one by one they used their huge cocks to gang-bang Kims shaved pussy.

My favorite set up was when I let my best friend Billy Homles (his real name) fuck my wife with his huge 12 inch cock. Billy and his wife lived next door and one night while I was cleaning up our spare upstairs bedroom I noticed that not only were their bedrooms light was on but their drapes were wide open too. When I walked up to the window I was shocked to see that Billy was laying on top of his wife and he was fucking the dog shit out of her. I went to get my glasses so I could watch the free porno movie going on next door but when I returned they were done. I guess Billy had gone to the bathroom but his wife was still laying on her back on their bed with her legs spread wide apart. There was a river of thick white cum oozing out of the huge gaping hole where her husbands giant cock had just been. I had never seen a chicks cunt so stretched out before but when Billy returned I saw why her pussy looked so beaten up. I had heard a rumor that Billy was hung like a horse but after seeing the enormous glistening 12 inch penis that was hanging limply in between his legs the rumor was indeed a fact. When I had seen what his giant dick could do to a bitches pussy and knowing that he was always broke I told him that I would pay him if he let me video tape him sexually dominating my wife. Billy quickly accepted and he agreed to met us at the motel at 7pm that night.

I went home and buttfucked Kim and after I was done I told her to go clean up while I gathered up my video camera and the nylon noose that serves as my wifes leash. On the way over to the motel I unzipped my pants and grabbed Kim by her neck and pulled her head down into my crotch. As I was forcing my dick down her throat I told Kim that not only had I sold her body to Billy but she was also going to be his obedient sex slave for the entire night. I warned he that if she dissobeyed him or didnt show him what a well trained sex slave I owened that I would beat her to a bloody pulp right in front of him. If she had any fear about what Billy might be doing to her later that night she certainly wasnt showing it and in fact when a truck load of horny guys pull up alongside of our car she began pulling on a show for them by wildly sucking on my dick. She was so turned on that even after I had nutted in her mouth she continued slurping on my leaking dick. She kept my limp dick in her mouth and her lips buried in my blond pubic hair until we got to the motel.

As soon as we got into the room I had her strip and when she was naked I had her kneel down by the rooms door until her master arrived.Billy got there at 7 and by 7:01 he was telling my kneeling nude wife his rules for the night. Kim was to say "Yes master' to all of his demands and if she didnt keep a smile on her face the entire time he was dickin her 3 fuckholes he would servely punish her.When Kim said "Yes master" to Billy she had no idea what she was getting herself into or just how far apart her tiny pussy & asshole were going to be stretched from the foot long penis that was lurking in Billys pants.Billys huge 6'3 muscular framed loomed over my naked wifes 5'2 100 pound body and he looked down at her and ordered her to remove his pants. "yes master" kim said,and when she had unbuttoned & unzipped his pants they fell down around his ankle and my wife found herself face to face with his giant 12 inch cock.
I heard Kim gasp as she stared at his eonormous cock and his huge low hanging balls and I grabbed my video camera when Billy sat down in the rooms only chair. Billy snapped his fingers and then pointed down to the floor between his legs and ordered my wife to suck his dick.'Yes master',she said and knelt down in front of him and lowered her lips down to his muscular leg. Kim used her tongue and left a long wet trail of salvia along the inside of his thigh as she licked her way towards the sweaty underside of his huge low hanging nuttsack. Kims tongue licked back & forth up against his balls and sucked each nutt into her mouth,giving them both a long wet tongue bath. Her tongue then moved across his big balls and up along his fat massive shaft until her lips reached the tip of his overgrown cock. She grabbed his thick meaty shaft with both hands and started sucking on his foot long dick. At first she was taking the head of her masters manhood into her mouth but I guess having such a huge piece of meat throbbing & twitching in her hands turned her on because she began swallowing a full 7 inches of his shaft eachtime her lips slid down on his 12 inch dick. She was working his big dick in & out of her mouth like a woman possessed while her hands were busily storking up & down on his thick beefy shaft. I could hear my wife moaning,"Oh my god its so long and fat" as her tongue licked along a thick blue vain which spanned the entire length of Billys massive 12 inch cock. Kims tongue was making long dog-like licks up & down on her masters huge penis and after she had swabbed every inch of his big fat dick her mouth returned to its swollen leaking tip. It didnt take her talented mouth long to get him bucking & squirming around in the chair and right before he was about to bust a nutt he pulled his throbbing organ out of my wifes sucking mouth. Billy began jacking himself off and when his big cock swelled even larger it began spewing what looked like a full pint of thick white cum all over his washboard stomach. When he ordered kim to lick it all up I got a close up of her pink tongue lapping up the huge gooey globs od cum off of her masters muscular abdomen. When she had licked up all the thick cum from his muscle bound 6-pack she started sucking & slurping the last few drops of semen from her masters leaking shrinking cock. Billys cock softened and when he stood up eventhough his dick was hanging limply in between his legs it hung down an amazing 8 inches.

Billy he looked down at Kim and ordered her to sit down on edge of the bed . She obeyed him and as he knelt down in front of my wife he told her lay down on her back and spread her legs wide apart. Billy lowered his mouth down to my wifes exposed hairless pussy and started roughly licking up & down on her slit, preparing her cunt for the giant penis that was soon going to be invading it. He then plunged his tongue into her warm wet cunt and after twirling it around inside her ,Billy licked back up to her inflamed clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth while slowly sliding his long index finger deep inside her pussy. He started finger-fucking her pussy hard & fast as his tongue twirled around on her clit. I could tell from Kims moans that Billy really knew how to eat a bitches pussy and a few minutes later she began grinding her cunt up against his sucking mouth. kims whole body began shaking wildly and she grabbed the back of his head with both hands and lunged her hips forward. Kim screamed as her pussy muscles contracted over & over again,squeezing down hard on her masters probbing finger. His tongue continued licking on her cunt as he removed his cum-slick finger from her overheated pussy. He slowly licked up & down on my wifes seething slit and was slurping up all of her pussy juices that were flowing out of her drooling cunt.

When I looked down at Billys crotch I noticed that his once limp dick had grown rock hard again and its full 12 inches was slapping & thumping hard up against his muscular stomach.As Kim recovered from her orgasm Billy stood up and grabbed the backside of both her knees. When he leaned his body forward he pinned my wifes knees down against the bed and I got a close up shot of his long thick cock as it pointed downwards at Kims defenseless pussy.Seeing the huge mushroom-shaped head of his big dick as it hovered just inches above the entrance of my wifes pussy caused my own dick to stir in my pants. I heard Kim moan as the hyge head of Billys dick first touched and then penetrated her pussy.Kims eyes were fixed on Billys and when he flexed his muscular buttocks 8 inches of his huge cock dissappeared inside her tight cunt. His next thrust into my wifes pussy was a lon hard one which pushed his massive dick passed the point where any mans penis had been before. When Billy sunk the rest of his cock inside my wife her pussy was forced to stretch a full 3 inches to accommodate the tremenous girth of her masters overgrown dick. He began slowly easing his giant cock in & out of her cunt but it wasnt long before he was pounding his mighty levathan into my wifes tight twat. The sounds of Billys huge low hanging balls slapping up against Kims asscheeks and the moans & grunts coming from my wifes lips eachtime her master slammed his long fat dick into her cunt filled the room.

Kim experienced another powerful orgasm and as Billy pulled out of her gaping cunt I could see her pussy juices coating his massive shaft.When Billy ordered her to get on all fours she obeyed and as she lowered her face down to the bed she raised her ass high in the air ,giving her master easier access to her gaping cunt. Billy grabbed my wifes wiast with one hand while his other hand guided his awesome god-like cock into her drooling pussy. A cry of pure pleasure came from my wife as Billy huge dick penetrated her cunta full 12 inches with one hard thrust. kims sopping pussy was making loud slurping sounds as her master pounded his big dick in & out of her horny cunt.Billy was pulling her hips towards him as he jabbed his big fat cock into my wifes dripping pussy. he fucked Kim doggie-style for over 15 minutes before his huge balls began pumping wad after thick wad of his creamy white cum into my wifes quivering pussy.

Billy pulled out of Kims cum-laddened cunt and laid down on his back and ordered my wife to lick all of their fuck-juices off of his shrinking cock. When Kim bent over and lowered her head down to Billys cum-matted I could see that her pussy was in the same beaten up and stretched out shape that his wifes had been after he had horse fucked her the night before. As Kim licked the cum off of his limp dick, thick globs of his cum was oozing out of the loose gaping hole that had once been my wifes tight pussy.

Not only did Billy have a giant dick but he also had an even bigger sex drive. He fucked my wife standing up, doggie-style,on the bed and floor,and with her riding on top of him.Billy even fucked Kim up the ass with his giant pecker.

At the end of the night Billy got dressed and left and the next morning he came running up to me as I was pulling out of my driveway to go to work. Billy said that he had a great time with Kim and he asked that if he could fuck my wife again. This time he said that I wouldnt have to pay him if I would let him bring his younger brother Harry with him this time. As I sat there I had to wonder that if great big overgrown cocks were a genetic trait of the men of the Holmes family……..

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