Late night screenings – Ch.1

Late night screenings – Ch.1

It was 1:30 in the morning and I was walking down the hall towards the TV room when I saw the lights flashing from the TV set through the glass door. I couldn’t sleep and figured I’d treat myself to some late night blue movie but my plan soon changed as I found my sister in the room. She was sitting close to the edge of our large 8 person L shaped couch barefoot in a large t-shirt that she used to sleep in. As I walked in, she didn’t seem surprised to see me up that late and so I guess she heard me coming from outside the hallway. I glanced at the set while sitting on the couch in the corner, leaning on the arm rest. I thought it was weird to see that animal planet was on and weirder knowing my sister was watching zebras grazing in the wild. I knew that the animal planet channel was one place before the blue movie channel so I presumed my sister was watching it and switched as she heard me coming down the hall. I felt like I was intruding so I decided to stand up and leave when I heard her ask me where I was going. I thought quickly and said I was going to get something to drink from the kitchen. As I headed towards the door, she asked me if I could bring back a popsicle with me and close the door on my way out. I slowly closed the squeaky door on my way back out to the hall again as not to make any noises. Our house was huge, three floors from the ground up. The living room and study were at ground level, the kitchen and TV room on the second floor and our bedrooms on the third. I was walking slowly across the wooden floors towards the kitchen making sure I wasn’t making any noises that would wake my parents up. I got a bottle of juice and a popsicle for my sister and came back to the TV room. Again, I saw flashes on the wall coming from through the glass door. I slowly opened the door and came into the room seeing my sister deeply focused on the still images of zebras on the TV set. I knew she was switching channels watching some porn when I wasn’t in the room. I quietly closed the door behind and sat back down in the corner of the couch. I reached to my left handing my sister the Popsicle, and as I did, I saw a look of emptiness and confusion in her face as if she had been shocked. She had her arms and legs all snuggled in under her t-shirt. I tapped the popsicle twice on her shoulder to get her to take it from me and she then pulled her legs out from under her t-shirt and freed her arms. As she did, the remote fell to the floor from under her and I remember looking at my sister grimacing at the loud rattle it made in the room. She too had a funny look on her face as she heard the remote slam to the floor. Steph took the popsicle and started unwrapping it when I whispered asking her for the remote. I sure wasn’t in the mood for animal planet and decided to change the channel.

I watched as she picked up the remote from the floor and as she did, her t-shirt rode up her back showing her right cleft. I glimpsed twice to see that she didn’t seem to have anything on under her t-shirt. She picked up the remote and wiped it with her t-shirt for some strange reason. I remember feeling how warm the remote was as she handed it to me and could faintly smell a heavy musky aroma coming from the remote. My thoughts rushed at the speed of light through my head asking myself weather she was sitting on the remote and weather she had panties on or not. Our TV is one of the new LCD type ones which means that response time isn’t that quick. That was clear as I toggled channels upward, each channel would be previewed for a split second before the next one came. I felt us both catch our breath as the porn channel momentarily was showing for that split second as I switched channels. Though I didn’t have enough time to see what was going on in that channel, I had the image burned in my eyes of a girl riding reverse cowgirl on a guy with something poking her in between her legs. We both made as if nothing happened and I think my sister acted as if she didn’t even pay attention to the screen as that image was shown for a few split seconds. I passed several channels from home shopping to news networks and stopped on the action channel. I watched as Cindy Crawford and one of the Baldwin brothers were being chased in a train. I looked over to my sister to see if she had any protests to the channel and saw her lifting her t-shirt above her knees to cover her legs. That is when I was sure that she wasn’t wearing any panties since I had a look at her waist and there wasn’t any sign of a panty line. Boy did I come in at the wrong time I thought to myself. I also thought that it would be odd if I stood up to leave once more since she might ask me for something again hoping that I wouldn’t return. Or worse, if I left, I might give her the impression that I knew what she was doing up this late In the TV room. I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable either way so I decided to play it cool and act as if I was totally oblivious to the scenario and play tired and unfocused. A couple minutes went by and we were both starting to follow in the plot of the movie. I desperately wanted to kick my feet up but the table was too far away so a decided to lean to my left and have my legs dangle off the arm rest of the couch. I was now closer to my sister, my left elbow just three inches from her waist.

As I got closer, I once again caught a scent of that thick musky smell coming from my sister. I peeked through the corner of my eye at my sister and saw her looking down at me with her large curious black eyes. I smiled and gazed back at the TV set. Cindy Crawford was taking her top of and laid down on a car. A few seconds later, the man was standing between her wide spread legs and making rocking movements. God I thought, Cindy was too hot. I sat back up again as I found myself starting to get a hard-on and didn’t want it to show. I was in my boxer shorts and had a snug t-shirt on, I would have made a tent in my boxer shorts if I didn’t sit right and try to adjust my hard-on. I turned to the right pulling my feet up to the couch and secretly reached my left hand down to my boxer shorts. I slowly inched my fingers under the waist band and rearranged my hard-on so that it was laying flat against my stomach. As I did so, the tip of my cock escaped out of the waist band and my cock had now been right above my belly button. About three inches of my cock had been out of my boxer shorts so I quickly covered the part that showed with my t-shirt. I was making an awful amount of fuss sitting in my corner and as I finally sat comfortably, I watched as my sister stood up stretching her t-shirt down to her thighs and headed towards the door. She slowly opened the door and stepped out into the hallway.

Finally; I thought to myself, alone at last. Now I could watch some of the stuff I originally intended on watching when coming down here. I slumped back down on my left elbow and lay there as I toggled through the channels once again. I could smell that thick musky smell once again and turned to the left lowering my head to the pillows. I saw the area where my sister was sitting, right in the middle were two pillows met. I got off my elbow and reached my hand in the middle and felt it all warm and moist. I had a frown on my face as I thought about what could have been going on in that area. My frown soon turned to chock when I heard the fan in the bathroom down the hall go on. It seemed my sister, or someone was in the bathroom. I quickly sat back up again not knowing weather someone was going to come in any minute or not. As I did, I laid on the arm rest and put the remote right under my nose and touching my lips. I heard very light footsteps and looked to my right to see my sister enter the room once more, holding her t-shirt down to her thighs and closing the door gently behind her. She turned around and looked at me in shock, her eyes fixed on the remote touching my lips looking like I was about to put it in my mouth. She hurriedly tip-toed to were she was sitting and sat down in the same way she was sitting before, covering her legs with her t-shirt. In that period, my mind went into freeze mode. I couldn’t think of anything other than the remote and where it had been earlier. My sister whispered asking me for the remote and that is when I regained my composure. I handed it over to her and while doing so looked at the TV set. I had forgotten to switch the channel back. We were now both watching the porn channel.

“hmm” I said bluntly while looking at the set.

My sister was looking at the set with a smile on her face and without looking at me asked

“Is that what you came down here to watch?”

“What are you talking about, didn’t you just change it to that channel ?” I asked.

My sister looked at me with a mixture of surprise and confusion, her jaw hung open and she looked like she was about to laugh.

“Pff, yeah right. As if I would watch something like that” she replied.

I was glad the situation hadn’t turned sour and that we both were trying to avoid confrontation or at least be silly and laugh about it. We both knew that one of us is eventually going to win the battle and be left alone to watch whatever the person wanted. I was hard headed and so was Steph so the battle was on, I was too horny that night to give in and masturbate to imagination in my room. I presume Steph had it the same way.

Looking back at the TV set I started to blush knowing that my sister was less than a foot away from me watching the same thing, something we had never done before or thought of doing. All the time Steph had a little mischievous grin on her face and I could see the reflection of the TV set on her forehead. If she thought I would chicken out and leave, she was wrong. It was obvious that we both wanted the room for ourselves to watch the porn channel alone.

“Steph, change the channel” I said, this time not whispering.
“No, I wanna watch this. And besides, you ought to go to bed little brother” she replied.

Oh she was trying to be tough and kick me out, I wouldn’t go with it. Even though she was my older sister, the age difference wasn’t reason enough to think that she could boss me around. She was only one year older than me and I was 17. The fact that she wanted to watch this channel gave me an idea.

“So that’s what you’ve been watching before I came in”
She looked at me with a tired grin on her face. It was clear that she didn’t feel like argueing.

“No, I just came down to sit alone. It’s been a long day and my neck and feet are killing me.

I had a look at her feet, her toes varnished with a white line at the end of each nail and she had a toe ring on one of her toes on her right foot. I looked back up at her and tried to see if there were any visible signs to her having neck pains. Her head was tilted upward suggesting that she was trying to keep it straight. I briefly looked back at the TV set and saw a blond kneeling in what looked like a wooden sauna and a hairy guy with a long, fat, veiny cock was sliding in and out of her wet asshole behind her. I looked back at my sister and saw the look on her face, she had her mouth partly open and looked like she was feeling sympathy for the girls pain. My sister saw me look at her then turned and looked at me.

“That’s a huge cock awwwww” She said suggesting the pain involved in the act.
“Nah, it’s ordinary size, maybe 7 inches” I replied with a smirk on my face. It surprised me to hear her say the word cock, I never imagined she’d speak so freely in front of me.

She stared at me then briefly looked down at my crotch and turned back facing the TV set. I had shocked her I thought and by doing so, shared some personal information with my sister about my dick. My cock was 8 inches long, 10 from the base and half an inch short of 3 inches wide when erect. If she wanted proof I thought, I would show her and hopefully chase her out of the room. I was waiting for her to ask how big I was but she never did. I continued looking at her while she was watching the obscene imagery on the TV. The reflections in her eyes, the light on her face, all the while my thoughts went into planning on getting her out of the room. I was no longer hard due to all the thinking but mainly because I was worried about getting caught watching this channel by one of our parents. Luckily the TV set stayed on mute the whole time and none of us attempted to turn up the volume. If someone were to come down the stairs and into the hallway, we would definitely hear them. This was getting obscene I thought to myself. I had to be more direct and confront her in a way that would chase her off. I reached for her feet and while doing so I told her that I was going to give her a foot massage. She quickly slapped my hand away from her foot as I was reaching and looked at me in disbelief.

“Hey I’m just trying to give you a foot massage…” I told her.
She looked at my hand, into the emptiness of the room and back to me again and said.
“My feet don’t smell good”
“I don’t care, mine don’t smell good after a long day either” I replied.
Then she tilted forward a little looking like she wanted to change her position while holding her t-shirt over her rear and struggled as to how she was going to sit. I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties and didn’t want me to peek between her legs so I spoke;
“Scoot over to the middle and lay back”
She looked puzzled and started to lay backwards along the couch. I had want wanted her to go to the middle of the couch were it caved into the corner of the room and lay her back there but she didn’t understand. While she lay back, I held her feet firm giving her leverage. Her t-shirt slowly rode up her thighs and I was about to see her crotch. I quickly turned my face letting her know that I wasn’t looking. Bad move, that implied that I was focusing on her crotch I thought. I waved at her to scoot farther back so that her back was in the corner of the couch and as she did, I followed her and sat right were she was sitting earlier, over the wet spot. I could feel it on my bum, the warm moist surface right beneath me. I laid back, looking to my left at my sister in the large L shaped couch, her feet to my left. I turned leaving one foot on the ground and the other perched under my right thigh. I held my sisters feet up and got closer in front of them. I took a glimpse ahead of me at my sister laying there, her hands holding her t-shirt down above her thighs, her legs closed firmly together and thought to myself, wow, she’s got awesome legs. Her skin was silky smooth and I could see the TV light reflect on them. I received a kick to my skin bone when I accidentally touched my sisters mid sole. She was tickly and I had that to my advantage I thought. Once a while I’d lift my head up to see my sister either watching the TV set or looking back at me. The atmosphere was calm, we both were at each other trying to get rid of the person to have some time alone earlier but now was different. My sister half naked was getting a foot massage from me while we were watching the porn channel. I thought to myself again about the porn channel and feared being caught by our parents, though it was not likely since they both were deep sleepers and snored like trains. I continued giving my sister a foot massage, forgetting about trying to tease her away and turned to look at the TV set. It was another anal scene. A couple was laying on the bed in a spooning position while the man was passionately driving his cock in and out of the girls ass. My sister saw me looking at the TV set and asked;

“Isn’t THAT huge ?” referring to the mans cock.
I looked at her and shook my head in a ‘no’ motion then tilting my head from side to side implying that it was ordinary. My sister looked back at me this time with direct and firm eye contact and smiled wickedly. I turned too look again and that’s when I heard her say;
“Turn around and sit right, I’m okay”
I held her feet up then rearranged myself on the couch so that I was now leaning to the back. I placed her feet on my laps and gently continued stroking her.
“Don’t they smell?” she asked with a smile.
I sniffed a little and said honestly, no. All the time I was watching the TV set, I was starting to get a hard on. I thought to myself again how obscene this was but also harmless according to my older sister. I convinced myself that I would be mature about it and not chicken out, instead, I’d have a reply to every question that might come up.
As I stroked her feet, I couldn’t help but notice how smooth her skin was, trying to find some traces of hair. I randomly stroked higher while holding her heels and touched her shin bone. It was smooth like silk. The I asked “Do you shave your legs everyday?”. She wiggled her right foot in my lap and as she did, the brushed against my hardon. I held my breath immediately hoping she hadn’t noticed but she looked at me again with a smile implying that she had discovered something. “No, I don’t shave at all, I wax… (long pause) … I hate blades”. Immediately I found myself picturing her waxing her legs and thinking about the fact that she didn’t use blades. I realized then that since the doesn’t use blades that she must also been waxing her armpits and thought about the pain. “Ouch, doesn’t that hurt when you wax your armpits?” I asked. “Nope, I got used to it”. After her reply I thought about what she did with her pubic area when waxing… now that must have hurt. I didn’t dare ask about that though. Steph was now looking at me constantly while I rubbed her feet. I looked back at her slumped into the back of the couch, her rockets jutting through her t-shirt and her nipples clearly poking the material.
She saw me looking at her chest and again, with her right foot, she moved it at touched my cock. I was now feeling unsteady and felt that this was getting too weird. “do they feel better, can I stop?” I asked as I wanted move her feet from my lap. “Yeah, they feel a lot better now thanks …you can do my shoulders now”. After those last words, she pulled her feet from my lap and came closer on the couch towards me. As she did, she didn’t bother covering herself up so I got a clear view of her crotch as she rode up the couch. I saw a thin and trimmed layer of dark hair cover her puffy pussy lips. Her thighs very light on the inside made a contrast to the dark haird crotch that she had. That image stuck in my head as she got closer with her back towards me. She lifted her hair in a bundle and tied them with the rubber band that she took from off her wrist. I remembered seeing her long neck from behind and looking farther down to see how the t-shirt had hung over her body. She had her left foot under her right thigh and her right foot down to the ground. I turned and sat in the same way she was sitting right behind her. I noticed her smooth thigh on the left as I looked over her shoulder and thought about how it would look if I sat in front of her right then. I would have gotten a much clearer look at her crotch. I couldn’t help but think about my sisters crotch, I don’t know why. Maybe it was because of the earlier thoughts about her waxing down there. We were now sitting in the same places as earlier when I first came into the room. I scooted backwards resting my back against the arm rest of the couch and she followed. As she sat, she sat on my leg right in front of me. “Sorry, move your foot” she said. It was an awkward position I thought, I might be getting myself in a situation that could be dangerous, I had a raging hardon from the image stuck in my head of my sisters crotch. Reluctant to thinking correctly, I took out my right foot from under my thigh and stretched it out on the couch to the left of my sister. She slowly placed her hands on my thighs and lifted herself farther towards me as I did so. Her but was pressed hard against my cock and I briefly pulled my hips back as not to touch her with my poking tool. She kept pressing backwards then moved her hands from my thighs. My cock was standing upright, slightly resting along her lower back. I was loosing it, this was too taboo. I placed my hands on her neck and started stroking her, gradually loosing my erection due to the fright I was feeling. “Lower please, lower towards the middle” she guided me. I lowered my massaging hands and rubbed the middle of her back. I could hear her breathing slowly through her nostrils all the time, I couldn’t hear myself breath because I had held my breath all the time so uneasy I was. She rocked her head from side to side as I massaged her, every time she did she would move her hips slightly between my legs. My dick was responding quick to the movements, I couldn’t control myself. My dick was hardening once again but it couldn’t stand up post freely because it was caught in my boxers. Oh the pain I felt when my dick was getting harder and harder while being stuck in my boxers. I had to rearrange it and that would mean I would have to reach down in my boxer shirts and straighten my cock right behind my sister. All the time I knew that she could feel me change moods and getting a hardon mehind her because it was hitting her in her lower right back. I made as if I was lowering my hands to massage her back lower down as I made my way into my boxer shorts. I remembered again how totally obscene this was, how many countless awkward moments I had experienced with my sister on the couch. Was I letting myself get aroused ? Why was my dick getting hard when I had touched my sister and why was her pussy on my mind I asked myself. As I reached down in a quick motion to rearrange my cock in my boxer shorts, she felt me going down towards where her but crack was and asked what I was doing in the sweetest sleepy voice I heard her use. “I just need to fix this” I said, not knowing what exactly to say. She stopped moving then lifted her butt away from between my thighs as to give me room and as she did, I could see her naked butt cheeks about 15 inches wide and between her cheeks, her barely visible dark star and puffy pussy lips. I reached inside my boxers as I looked at that view and couldn’t help but give my cock a squeeze as I rearranged it in my shorts. “You done?” she asked, looking back at me over her shoulders. Her long waist length black hair hanging to one side and her eyes looking down at my crotch were my hand was in my shorts. I looked up from between her butt cheeks and into her eyes and quickly pulled my hand out of my shorts.
“Y..yeah” I stuttered. She sat back down between my legs, the length of my cock once again pressed against her lower back. I thought to myself how close my dick was to her pussy and how obscene this was. My cock pulsed in my shorts and against my sisters lower back. I knew she could feel it and was hoping that she would be cool about it. Somewhere in me I hoped she would take it as a compliment and in no way think that I was aware of what I was doing. I am sure my sister had been fooling around with guys and so I hoped she knew how a guy’s dick can have a mind of it’s own sometimes. Her silence and not confronting me in that particular matter gave me the confidence to just relax. She was after all my sister, the person I grew up with and that shared the same blood with. I was beginning to think that all was good and that it was just some sexual frustration on both our parts that was being released in one way or the other when she fell back into my chest. She reached her hands behind her and placed them behind my neck. Her head right at my chin and facing the TV set. My cock was now pressed hard against her back as she leaned back against me. She just laid there with her hands holding my neck and seemed to have forgotten about the massage. I sat there not believing how blatantly nonchalant she was to the situation. She bent her left leg up and laid her right leg across the couch. Her t-shirt was no longer covering her crotch area and I could see her bulging pussy lips between her thighs. I held my breath as I took all of this in, not knowing how to react. She started waving her left leg right and left, slapping it against the inside of my left thigh which also was bent up resting on the back of the couch. I sat there not sure about things, all I knew was that I had a raging hardon pressed against my sisters back, she was laying comfortably in my chest and her pussy was showing. I remember taking in the smell of her newly washed hair while she laid there in my chest and more than once looking down between her legs to see her pussy mound. I tried to keep my composure hoping that no more surprises would come and this was the most we would touch each other. It was innocent and daring but at the same time it was very arousing knowing that we didn’t have that much clothes on. I laid my left arm on the on the back of the couch and left my right arm hang out the side with the remote in my hand. I decided to stop looking between my sisters legs and look at TV set with her. All this time she kept gently slapping her outer left thigh against my inner left thigh in a back and forth motion. I watched as I saw a new scene taking place on the channel where an Asiatic girl was laying at the edge of the bed and a guy was holding her legs up to her chest while he was thrusting his long and obviously hard cock in and out of her very wet pussy. Deep strokes all the way until his member disappeared all the way into her sopping cunt. I was getting real turned on and remembered why I had come down here, to masturbate. I admitted that having my sister press her back hard against my rock hard cock was a new experience that undoubtedly replaced my urge to masturbate, it was something new and somewhat exciting knowing there was risk involved. My sister started to slap her thigh against mine a littlel quicker while watching the girl getting deep strokes of cock in and out of her pussy on the set. She then started playing with the hairs at the top of my neck with her fingers frantically. I kept wandering all the time what would happen next in the late midnight minutes or hours to come. Suddenly, we heard creaking coming from the floor above and we quickly sat up away from each other in a rush and I changed the channel. My sister was pulling her t-shirt over her butt to sit on it and look normal as I covered my obvious bulge in my bower shorts with my t-shirt. A few seconds later, we saw the light come on in the hallway and heard someone step into the kitchen. We both held our breaths for what seemed like ages until we saw the light go off again and heard footsteps going up the stairs.

We both sat there not saying a word and could hardly hear each other breathe. Then my sister stood up and walked towards the door. I remember seeing both a frontal view of her crotch and seeing her butt cheeks and pussy lips move from behind as she walked towards the door. My head followed her as I sat silently not knowing what was happening. She didn’t look at me once as she left the room. I waited about ten minutes thinking about whether she would return or not and if I had done anything wrong. I sat there a few more minutes until my cock went soft again then turned off the TV set and went upstairs to bed.

I was going to wake up later in the day and hopefully get a reaction from my sister.

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