Late night screenings – ch.2

Late night screenings – ch.2

That night I couldn’t sleep right. I kept turning in my bed and at many points I had pressed my face in the pillow and hitting my forehead repeatedly thinking of how stupid I was. I should have never let it go that far I thought to myself. Had I taken advantage of the situation ? Could I have acted in another way ? Was I led by attraction and if so was I sexually attracted to my sister ? My mind went back and forth, sometimes remembering my girlfriend and how I missed being physical with her. I kept having these thoughts till early in the morning when I finally drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up around 2 pm with a raging hardon and a need to piss. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. The door was slightly open as I came closer and I saw my sister inside standing at the sink. I was about to turn around and go to the bathroom downstairs when she opened the door and walked out. At first, I didn’t look at her as I was too busy hiding my hardon but then as I walked in and shut the door behind me, I looked at her and was hoping she wouldn’t say anything. I was relieved and a little sad when I saw that she didn’t pay any attention to me at all.

After flushing and turning to the sink to wash my hands, I saw a jar of wax laying there, the wax used to remove hair and little drops of water covered it telling me that it had just been used. I thought about earlier that morning when the conversation about my sister and the use of wax came up. I looked up into the mirror above the sink staring at myself asking myself what have I done. Had I lost a fairly good relationship with my sister ? Three knocks came at the door and it opened, my sister on the other side.

“Are you going to be done soon” She asked with a happy face. “I need to take a shower, so If you’re done I’d like to do it now” She continued.

I was relieved to see that there wasn’t any tension and that things seemed to be going normal again. I dried my hands and stepped out, going back to my bedroom. I wore some trainer shorts and headed down to the kitchen to have some breakfast. My parents were out that day and were due back home late at night so I was all alone at home, with my sister. I sat having breakfast thinking about how I would avoid my sister for the days to come until the incidents were forgotten. I thought again about what effect it would have if I deliberately avoided her and what she would think. I decided that I would not try and avoid her but instead, go about my days normally. After breakfast, I went into the TV room sitting down in the same place as I was in earlier that morning. I pictured the whole act take place once more in my head and looked at where my sister was seated. The pillows were still mangled showing traces of where my sisters’ butt was seated. The sunlight shined through the windows, lighting up the room and reminding me of reality. I was horny, and so was my sister, and we were in the same room. That was all that happened I told myself. But would it happen again ?

Time flew by fast as I sat there thinking. I stood up and went upstairs to my room. On my way there, my sister called from her bedroom. I came to her door, opened it and saw her sitting in the middle of her bed wrapped in a towel, putting on her toe rings. As I came closer to her bed, I could see between her legs right up to her shaved crotch. Her pussy lips were swollen and red as if she had beaten herself down there. I wondered if she deliberately didn’t cover herself well enough to hide her sex. My ears started getting warm and I knew that my face was probably getting red too. I turned around and stood in front of her shelves on the wall.

“Should we order some pizza for tonight ?“ she asked

By now I had my heart stuck in my throat as I laid my eyes on a pair of her panties laying in the laundry basket. For some reason I picked it up, not worried that my sister was laying on her bed a few feet behind me. I opened her panties and saw that it was a g-string, paying special attention to the crotch area. Thoughts and images rushed through my head. My sister wore these and covered her crotch with them. It was all getting to my head, between my legs. I was without a doubt attracted to her because I always saw her face in those images.

“Well… are you gonna order some food or not ?” She continued.

I was obsessed at this point, playing with her g-string between my fingers, wanting to bring it to my nose. Reality struck me and remembered that she was talking to me and probably looking. Was she looking right now ? Could she see me ? Could she see me holding her g-string ?

“Euu yeah, go ahead and order some food, I’ll have number 12 and a coke” I said. I clenched her g-string in my fist tightly making sure it wasn’t visible and crabbed out of her room. I was not gonna try and replace it and risk being caught. I ran to my room and closed the door, locking it. Guilt and excitement was beaming through my body as I tried to think of what to do next. I raised the g-string to my face and sniffed. A light fragrance of perfume mixed with a sharp smell of urine filled my nostrils as I sniffed at it. A part of me told me I should taste it but another part said I was too sick. I took the string away from my face and went to sit on my bed, pulling my shorts down. I placed the g-string on my hard cock and gently stroked myself though the material. God what was I thinking, I had to put them back I thought. But first I had to relieve myself. I held the g-string up above my crotch as I laid back on my back and imagined my sister being in them, rubbing her crotch on my hard member. Oh the excitement, the imagery I had on my mind. I quickly pulled my shorts back up and opened the door, heading towards the bathroom to finish up.

When I came back, feeling light headed and relieved, I tried to remember where I had left the g-string. I looked on and around my bed but found nothing. Looked next to the night stand and didn’t find it there either. I hurried back out to the bathroom to see whether I had dropped it on they way there earlier or if it was inside the bathroom on the floor somewhere. Nothing ! I had lost it ! I was shocked in disbelief. I kept searching for several minutes when my sister walked by my room.

“I’m going to the basement with the laundry, answer the door if the food arrives will ya?” She said, holding her laundry basket and the string that I had just previously had in my room laid on top of the bundle. My eyes and ears rose as I stared at it laying there. I turned my head and made as if I was looking for something underneath my bed as I replied and said ok.
Shit fuck shit shit ! She took it back ! I was caught red handed. She must have gotten into my room while I was in the bathroom and taken the g-string from off my bed. But she wasn’t upset or anything, on the contrary, she had a little wicked smile on her face when she stood at my door. What was I to do I thought. I had to calm down and get my act right. Since she knew, I guess I didn’t have a reason to hide it anymore.

Half an hour went by and I heard the bell ring. I went downstairs and paid the pizza guy then took the food to the kitchen. I was famished and quickly ate up my order. While eating I heard my sister walk up the stairs. I was slightly scared and worried about what it would be like to see her once more. I quickly finished eating and went up stairs to my room, locking the door behind me. It was getting dark outside and it must have been around 8 pm. My parents were going to arrive soon. During my time alone in my room, I kept thinking about my sister, devising plans on what to say about the g-string if it came up. I decided not to say anything and live out my deepest desire which was to get dangerously erotic with her since nothing that I could possibly say would be reason enough to convince her. Even if she didn’t need convincing, the fact that she took the g-string back and didn’t make a fuss about it when she came to my room was proof that she in one way or another was ok with it. It hit me then, she was totally ok with it. Could I take advantage of this I thought. It was nearing 9 pm and I decided on taking a shower. I stripped out of my clothes, took my robe on and went to the bathroom. I had a long shower all the time stroking myself thinking about my sister and how her pussy looked freshly shaved, or rather waxed. The image of her naked body and smiling face was all I could think of. I convinced myself that she was trying to get physical with me. How else would I explain the flashing, the rubbing against my cock, the slapping on my inner thigh and the playing with my neck hairs ? She was turned on by either me or the movies that we watched last night. Either way, I was going to use it to my advantage and really find out tonight.

I got out of the shower and headed to my room, seeing the same g-string I briefly had earlier in the day, laying on my bed. I took it up and could smell that it had been newly washed, smelling like flowers. I stayed in my room for a long time that night. I heard my parents come in at 11 pm and headed to their room. I couldn’t sleep, I had left my room a few times to go to the kitchen and had something to eat and while doing so, I looked around to see if my parents were sleeping. My sister’s room was shut and I could see the light peer through from under her door. I went back to my room and lay on my bed as I fantasized about going into my sisters room and seeing her half naked again. I wanted to give her g-string back personally and see how she would react. But since she had placed it back on my bed, I guessed she had given it to me as a present. God I was so excited. I started to play with myself, trying to listen to sounds coming from my sister’s room on the other side of the wall.

It was so silent I wondered if she could hear me stroke myself through my shorts and hear the sound of my bed springs slowly squeaking. It was a good hour past midnight and I decided I should face my fantasy, to get some closure or a rejection to what I wanted. I slowly opened my bedroom door and stepped out to the hall, heading towards my sisters room. I could see a light from under her door so I gently tapped three times on her door. I waited for what seemed like an hour even though it couldn’t have been more than a minute with repeated tapping on her door. She didn’t answer. I went to my room and decided to try again after a while. At around quarter to 2 I went back out into the hall and to my sister’s room, gently tapping on her door. No answer. I took hold of the door handle and slowly twisted it open and pushed it open a bit. I peeked through the crack and tried to see where she was. I opened her door up more and more trying to find her but she wasn’t anywhere in the room. Where was she I thought to my self ?. She hadn’t been in her room for nearly two hours.

I slowly walked down the hallway and tiptoed down the stairs heading towards the TV room. I saw flashes from the TV set on the wall and knew it must have been her in there. I opened the door carefully and stepped in, looking at her sitting in the middle of the couch where it caved into the corner of the room. She was wearing a grey sweater and matching grey cotton trainer pants that we used in winter for PE. Immediately I thought that my chances of seeing her crotch again tonight were very slim if not impossible. I glimpsed over at her as I sat down in the corner of the couch as I did the night before. She had lip gloss on because I could see the clear reflection of the images on the TV set shine on her lips. Her hair was hanging freely around her face and I could sense the faint smell of her feminine perfume. Wow, were was she going I asked myself.

“Why are you sitting all the way over there?” she asked, looking at me with those big eyes of hers.
“Why are YOU sitting all the way over there?” I asked with a complicated look on my face.
I turned and looked at the TV set for the first time since I entered the room and was surprised to see that the blue movie channel was on. I jutted my head back in disbelief and looked at my sister again, she looked at me and broke into a silent laughter, slapping her thigh with the remote. I couldn’t do anything other than laugh back, she looked so funny and playful.
“I’m sitting here because I wanna sit here” she answered, looking quiet.
“Ye well I’m sitting HERE because I wanna sit HERE” I answered back.
She broke into laughter again and slowly made her way up the couch next to where I was sitting. This was it I thought to myself, the start of yet another long night with touching and playing. She tilted her head forward a little then swung her hair into my face on purpose as she sat back up. She looked at me with that smile, showing her big white teeth and lay her left hand on my thigh. She moved her lips as if she was saying something but no words were coming out of her mouth. She was being real silly and playful. She raised her right hand and slapped me gently on my left cheek.
“You bad, bad boy” she said while laughing softly.
“You know nothing about bad sis” I replied with a cracked smile on my face.
Her smell was intoxicating, that perfume was filling my lungs up and I couldn’t help but get aroused by the situation.

I sat up trying to loosen my shorts because I was starting to get a hardon. My sister slowly started raising her hand up between my inner thigh, almost touching my balls. She reached behind my neck and rolled her fingers in my neck hairs. All the while she had a smile on her face and looking directly at me. I sat there for a minute wondering if her left hand would go any higher and whether I was going to let it happen. Was I going to let her make all the moves or should I indulge her in some way and make a move myself as well ? I turned my face to hers and felt her slow cool breath splash on my face, her breath smelling like chewing gum and her lips were shiny and smelled of vanilla. Our eyes locked for an instant and I slowly approached her mouth then kissed her on the lips. At first she didn’t kiss back but I kept on kissing her. Her lips were closed all the while and I was desperately trying and wishing she’d open her lips and slip her tongue out. Once she did, I got all hot and started breathing heavily, we both did. I moved her right knee away from my hip and pushed it behind my back. I reached for her hips and steadily but firmly pulled her up as I made my way between her hips. Her crotch was now resting on my left hip and my hardon was pressed against her left inner thigh. God I hoped I didn’t scare her.

We kept kissing furiously, exchanging liquids and the sensation of her taste buds rolling over mine was mind blowing. All my senses were awake at that point, I was ready for action. She started to gyrate her pelvis on my hip as I did so too, pressing my hardon hard against her inner thigh. I so wanted to have my hardon press against her crotch so I lifted her up once again and aimed my hips directly between her open legs. I pressed my hardon hard against her crotch and started moving in a rocking motion, up and down, rubbing against her pussy. Her response was nothing but delightful as she too started to rock and thrust her pelvis up and down onto me. All this time I was thinking what next, what next ? My jaws were starting to tire and my lower back was starting to ache from all the thrusting in this awkward position so I decided to initiate the next step. I reached for her crotch with my left hand and with my thumb started to rub against the top of her mound through her pants. She in turn laid her left hand on top of mine as I was rubbing her and touched the head of my cock every time I was I was thrusting upward. We both laughed breathlessly as we kissed, enjoying each other’s discoveries minute by minute. All this time in my head I had the image of her pussy lips spread hard against my raging hardon, getting it all wet with her pussy juices. I wished she wasn’t wearing pants and at that thought, I realized that she was wearing panties under her pants. Thoughts of defeat came tumbling down onto me as I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to touch her bare skin.

I wasn’t going to let that thought linger in my mind and decided to reach inside her pants. As soon as I got a few fingers under the waist band in her front, she pulled away. I looked in lust and disappointment as she pulled her legs together getting off my crotch and sat back. I laid there not knowing whether it was a bad move or not. I looked down at my boxer shorts and saw my hardon sticking out the top, covered in precum. Surely my sister must have gotten some on her fingers I thought. I was worried if this was the last contact of the kind we’d have that night. We were just getting our breath back and the panting had stopped when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs in the hall. How the hell did she know I thought to myself. Did my sister pull of because she heard someone coming or because I had crossed the line. I hoped it was the first. I couldn’t wait to get my hand in her pants and touch her bare sex. Moments later, we heard the steps again, this time going upstairs. I looked again at the TV set and saw the sexual acts taking place. I should have changed the channel, how stupid of me to forget that. I reached fro the remote and changed the channel. My sister objected then took the remote and changed back the channel. We sat there both, watching as we saw the same guy we had seen last night with the Asiatic girl. The sight of her legs spread wide and being impaled went though my head and I was once again after my sister. I got closer to her, resting my knee on her thigh and trying to get her face closer so we could kiss again.
“Don’t” she said, rather bluntly.
“What’s the matter, I thought you liked it” I replied.
“We’re not alone”
“Let’s go upstairs”
“Are you crazy, they’ll hear us even more up there”
I looked at her face as she said those words, I was relieved that she did actually like and want it but it was the being caught part that scared her.
“Ok, we’ll stay here but keep quiet……………….. okay?”
I was waiting for her reply, partly frustrated about leaving me hanging. I gave her a stare, insinuating that I really wanted it badly. She rolled her eyes then turned facing me. We got closer but didn’t kiss, instead we were rubbing each other’s thighs gently up and down.
I noticed my sister all the while looking at my crotch, how my hardon formed a tunnel like shape in my boxers. I reached for her hand the pulled it, letting it rest on my bulge. She immediately started stroking me gently on the underside of my shaft. I reached my left hand for her crotch and she opened her legs wider as I got to touch her there. Her crotch was moist, even though she had panties and pants on, I could feel the moistness all the way through. I rubbed gently in circular motion, every few seconds tightening my grip on her crotch and pressing my fingers against her clit. I wanted to get her off and I could tell she wanted the same for me as she in turn started massaging my cock harder.

By now we could both feel how the other person’s crotch area felt like. At times, she would nudge her thumb under my cock and feel the thickness of it. She would gently squeeze my hardon and stroke it a little as if giving me a hand job. My slightly bent, banana shaped cock felt great being rubbed by Steph. Many times I’d close my eyes and just listen to us breathe as we pleasured each other. I was going to try and reach inside her pants again when she abruptly stopped me. What now I thought, did she hear someone come down the stairs again ? Without any notice, she stood up from the couch and headed for the door. She left the room without looking back at me and went up the stairs.

Had I blown it I thought ? Should I have waited longer until trying to reach inside her pants ?
I turned off the TV set and headed upstairs to my room. I couldn’t see any light coming from beneath the door to my sisters room so I gathered she went to sleep. I fell asleep directly that night, listening to the sounds of reality that surrounded me in the room and from outside in the streets. I hoped I wouldn’t get any trouble from my sister the day after.

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