Legal Tender

Legal Tender

All of what you're about to read is based on fact, told from my personal event when I was

It was around 11:30pm summer time, Bryon and I were swimming all day, Bryon mentioned he was
tired and was going to turn in early. I didn't mind much cause that would give me a chance to
watch some late night porn.

Nobody was home and all of Bryon's family were big time drinkers and normally stayed at the bar
till well past 1:00am, so I had plenty of time to find a good porn on cable and jack-off.

I jumped into the recliner with the remote in one hand and my jergens lotion in the other. I
went straight to a known channel that had a series of blow-job cum shots. I loved watching a
nice fat cock bellow a creamy load into some young starlets mouth. I for some reason would
imagine the young whore was me.

I never been any guys other then some jack and blow sessions with Bryon. Most of the time I
would end up watching him jack off to a porn and when he grew tired, he would look over at me
and ask if I wanted to suck his cock. He knew I loved doing it and I wouldn't ever turn down
a chance to drain his balls dry.

I used my free hand to pull down my shorts and my other hand to pump a few cold squirts of
lotion into my right hand. Wrapping my right hand around my already hard cock and the other
to cradle my nuts, I began to pump up and down in rhythm with the chick face fucking the huge
cock on TV.

Time past as the show went from one cock sucker to the next, I was pretty close to cumming
when I heard a car door slam. Oh shit, someones here I thought! I quickly pulled up my
shorts and turned the TV off. I heard a cough, it was Bryon's uncle "Wayne", a 50ish old drunk
that spent every weekend trying to get laid.

Wayne wasn't a ladies man by any stretch, in fact I never seen him in the company of any
women. I didn't ever think he was gay or anything, he would yell at us for staying up so late
then he would fall asleep watching porn.

Door opened suddenly, I closed my eyes and pretended I had been fast asleep. I could hear
burps and farts coming from him, he sounded pretty trashed as his foot steps faded down the

He stumbled past me, making his way to the big couch behind where I was faking being asleep.
I heard him taking off his cloths and collapsing one the couch. It seemed like eternity before
he fell fast asleep, snoring away.

I got out of the couch slowly, I wasn't sure if he was totally out and didn't want to take any
chances of him waking and going into a drunk rage.

He was fast asleep on his side, but something was different. I got on my hands and knees and
made my way through the dark room. I got about 3 feet from him when I noticed he was totally
nude. He reaked of beer and sweat.

I felt funny but I took my time and wiggled in for a closer inspection. His body was pretty
hair, from his neck to his ankles was covered. He was a hard working man that had been
weathered by years of working in the hot sun.

Letting my eyes adjust to the darkness, I looked at his lazy, fat, flaccid cock. I don't know
why but I had a huge urge to inspect it closer, so I did, leaning inches from it. I could
smell a musty oder as I got closer, it made my own dick start to grow.

Sitting there in my short just inches from an older mans cock was making me really hot, I
rubbed on myself as I gazed at the chubby limp cock. I started having crazy thoughts, thats
when my horniness over came me and with my left index finger I reached out and touched his

His fat cock reacted to my touch with a little jolt as my finger made contact. I pulled back,
and waited for my heart to slow down its pace. I reached out again, keeping a close eye on
his face, I made contact with the lower part of his shaft this time.

I got my nerve up to use a couple more fingers and eventually working my entire hand over his
cock and balls. Looking up at him he was still completely passed out, so I got more courage
and gripped his full shaft into my soft eager hand.

It felt so nice to have his meat in my hand I began to slowly pump up and down, rolling the
foreskin over his big cock head.

I became more, and more hornier as I jacked him off and rubbed myself, his cock was some what
half erect now. My fingers no longer touched my hand, his cock was growing out of my grip.

Suddenly I leaned over and took his fat mushroom head into my warm mouth, I used my tongue
like a snake around the lower part of his head as I sucked lightly with each short pump.

My jaw started to ache moments after taking his cock into my mouth. His cock had grown much
bigger and thicker with each slow pump over his head. My horniness and nerve also grew as I
went deeper, taking a few inches more into my mouth.

His precum was filling my mouth with a bitter sweetness, it drove me nuts!

I stopped sucking his cock, I looked around and thought, I need more then this. I figured he
wouldn't wake with me doing this, so I took it one step further and layed beside his warm
fuzzy body.

I took one last look at him to make sure he was out and turned my body so I was now facing the
opposite direction of him. His fat hard cock was against my ass cheek, so I took it into my
hand and guided it to my crack.

His shaft filled my crack in length and then some, still slimy from my spit, I slide my
little ass up and down on it. Closer and closer, his head was inching to my small little

I could feel his cock head now pushing at my hole, so I kept arching my back until I felt it
go in a little. My heart raced, it felt so full but good at the same time. I scooted back
more and suddenly my ass relaxed and in slid his cock, at least 3 inches.

It felt so big in me as I pumped back and fourth deeper and deeper on it.

I was out of my mind forcing his large hard member into me to notice he was now the one
pumping into my relaxed hole.

Oh shit, I thought! I woke him!

I pulled forward to get him out of my ass but thats when he put his arm around my little waste
and fucked into me deeply. It was awesome, but mildly painful as each pump was hard and deep.

I thought, hey, he's liking it…maybe he wont kill me.

Part 2, coming soon…

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