Local Pool

Local Pool

So summer had just started and i decided that i needed to loose some of the excess fat i had gained over summer. I'm 19 years old, 6'2", 84 kg (185lb), muscled but not defined, dark brown hair and deep blue eyes, so just pretty average.

Ever since i was young i had always loved swimming and needless to say any exercise that i can do that doesn't result in my having to deal with sweat heavy clothes is good with me. So i decided to go to my local pool.

I had college in the evening on wednesdays so i headed to the pool at about 2:30 just the right time that i wouldn't have to share it with many people.

I arrived at the pool, into the change room through the door and into a dark concrete room lit with flourescent lights and it had a strong smell of chlorine. I looked around me, there were naked men everywhere, i lived near a business park so lots of office workers came during their lunch hour. I never really thought of myself as gay but i always allowed my mind to wander, and i didn't mind observing a few of the guys in the room. Most were quite old so i wasn't too interested and the younger guys never really got completely naked, but i still enjoyed the view.

I changed into my board shorts (i didn't like the idea of the female life guards laughing at me in my speedo, even though everyone else wore them) and wandered down to the pool. I jumped into the pool and started doing laps. I loved the fact that you could see small groups of bubbles scattered across the guys in the other lanes speedo's accentuating their bulge, and all i could think was "thank god for goggles."

After swimming for about 40 minutes i decided that i needed to get out have a shower and head to college. I jumped out of the pool and grabbed my stuff and headed for the change rooms again.

Now unlike most public showers that i had used this place had absolutely NO privacy, not even small dividers between each showerhead, just straight in a line over a tiled floor, guys standing next to each other soaping up, and getting out. I walked over and dropped my towel on a nearby bench. There was only 1 guy in the shower about 4 showerheads down from me. He was late 40's early 50's had a bit of a belly, no bum and kind of hairy, nice cut cock though, about 4 inches soft, and i snuck a few peaks when he shampooed his hair. I dropped my board shorts, revealing my dark blue speedo, and threw them over a nearby ledge, and stood under the hot stream of water.

After about a minute the older guy left and i was alone in the shower so i started to untie the draw string on my speedo, just as i was about to drop them, another guy walked in. Now this guy was what i loved about public pools, mid to late 30's, about 5'10", blonde hair, a nice covering of light blonde fur over his chest, brown eyes, and a toned body. He walked stood under a shower head 2 away from me, and i could see from his speedo he was quite blessed. He nodded at me and i nodded back and then i started soaping myself up, (i chickened out on dropping my speedo.)

I had my eyes closed as i washed my face but when i opened them i was welcomed by the site of my handsome friend standing completely naked under a hot jet of water. I was right. He was VERY BLESSED. His dick was about 6 inches, uncut and to me, looked beautiful.

At this point i walked from the shower and stood at my bench. I started drying myself off, bending over with my ass directed towards the shower so that my friend could get a few of the whole thing even if it was covered by my speedos, whether he liked it or not (i knew earlier i said i was shy, but only around girls.) I heard the shower turn off, and the soft patting of his feet walking out. I continued to dry myself slowly, just as he moved a few benches away. I saw him look directly at my bulging cock, and i couldn't help but smile. I dropped my towel onto the bench and started going through my bag trying to find my underwear. I caught him staring again. I put on my clothes and left. Feeling very satisfied.

So i swam every day, and on the same time every tuesday, and i always ran into my blonde haired friend. About 4 weeks after i had started, our greeting had become more than a nod, they had moved to a "hi" and then a "back again i see." We would always manage to shower together, often alone, each catching the other glimpsing at his cock.

But on the fourth meeting something happened. I was soaping myself up and he walked up right next to me and turned the shower on. I was wearing speedos and as soon as he pulled his down i couldn't stop my cock. I kept soaping up ignoring my clear hard on.
"Can i use some of that soap?"
"Sure" i stuttered and passed him by bottle of liquid soap.
It was then i noticed that he too was nursing a raging hard on, and i couldn't help but feel completely in awe of it, it 6 inch cock grew to pleasing 9, the foreskin pulled back just enough to show the red tip.
I stood dumbly staring whilst soaping myself (probably spending a little more time that usual doing so) and i looked at his face. He simply smiled and continued washing.

He turned off the shower, and started for the benches, i enjoyed his nicely rounded ass bobbing up and down as he walked over to his bench.

I followed him over and started drying off when all of a sudden he started talking. Just the usual, hows your day? Where you from? What do you do? nothing too intense and then:
"hey, i run in the evenings and you seem like you are pretty dedicated to getting fit, i've been trying to find a running buddy but no one seems to want to."
"Sure, i love running" I lied.
"Well lets start tonight"
"you said you lived near me so it works out really well"
I gave him my address and he said he'd be there at around 8 that night.

A decided to just wear normal shorts and a baggy t-shirt to run in, i stood waiting around in my kitchen, getting hassled by my parents asking, why if i'm going on a run am i waiting? I checked my watch and saw that it was almost 8 so i walked out the front.

Within about 30 seconds i saw him rounding the corner to my street. He was in a tight white sleevless t-shirt, and short running shorts with the splits on the side, i couldn't believe my eyes but i could clearly see his cock bouncing up and down in his shorts, all of a sudden i felt grossly overdressed.

"Hi!" he said as he came up to me, "ready?"
"Almost" i replied, ripping off my shirt "i hate doing any sport with my shirt on" i laughed.
He smiled and said
"Ok lets go"

We ran around the block, every now and then i would drop slightly behind to enjoy the veiw of his ass as the shorts flipped up at the back, and then i would run to catch up. After about half an hour we stopped to have a drink at a drinking fountain. I bent over to take a sip, then suddenly. he smacked my ass and squeezed it. I looked up shocked.
"Great glutes, see what you've got there is genes, i just can't get that" I laughed and continued to drink.

He then bent over to take a drink, and i could clearly see his big balls straining on the fabric between is legs, i groped them and said
"great balls, see what you've got there is genes, i just can't get that" he looked at me shocked.
"hey you grabbed my ass, of course i'm going to get my revenge." He laughed and grabbed my ass again.

We ran back to my house and said goodbye. We then started running every second night together it was awesome. He would always where his short, very revealing shorts, and i wouldn't wear my shirt.

Wednesday came around it was a rainy day, not the best weather for swimming, I had decided that in the four weeks i had been swimming and now running, i was toned enough to wear just my speedos in public, so i bought some new ones. I turned up to the pool, and noticed he wasn't in the change room, i stripped down to my baby blue speedos and walked out to the pool. I dived in and started doing laps. I'd been swimming for about 20 minutes when someone stopped me at the wall.

"Hey mate, not swimming in your board shorts i see."
"na i decided to start swimming in my speedos, you know, more streamlined" I laughed
"new ones i see."
"yeah the old ones were getting a little worn, anyways back to it."

I continued to swim, he was in the lane next to me and i had been completely oblivious to this. I saw him cross my lane, heading for the ladder. So i made a fast shortcut and jumped in front of him. (I forgot to say my new blue speedos were very shear on the back, very shear.) I turned around to see him staring directly at my ass, that could quite clearly be seen through my speedos.

"Beat ya" i laughed
"whatever" he shrugged it off and we walked to the change-rooms.

It was empty, not a soul in sight, and we were the last guys in the pool. I walked up to the shower and stood under the hot water. He strolled over, not wearing his speedos, i couldn't help but stare at his pendulum like cock. He stepped under the shower directly next to mine.

"Why are you even wearing that thing mate. I can see right through it" he joked
"trying to have a look at my cock eh?" i asked jokingly.
"Well you always have a stare at mine. Its only fair." He wasn't joking.

I undid the waistband and dropped my speedos, revealing a semi hard uncut cock.

"See nothing to be embarrassed about is there?" he asked
"Ha ha, who said anything about me being embarrassed. I didn't want to embarrass you."
He laughed and i started soaping myself up. I kept staring at his steadily growing cock and i could feel mine also starting to react to his body. It was when i started shampooing my hair (by this time we both had full blown boners) that i felt a hand on my cock, with a good amount of soap for lube, i opened my eyes and had to close them quickly because i got shampoo in them. I stood under the jet of water. Eyes closed enjoying a hand job off my pool friend.

When i opened my eyes he was staring directly at my face. I reached down and grabbed his cock and started rubbing it, faster than he was rubbing mine to make him cum sooner. He leaned in and started kissing me. It was amazing. His tongue rolling and fighting with my tongue, the taste of the pool and him blending in my mouth. He pulled away and started kissing my neck, then chest, my stomach, my thigh and my balls all the while stroking my cock.

His deep brown eyes looking directly into mine. He opened his mouth. The next thing i felt was pure ecstasy. He mouth was warm and his hand jerked up and down my shaft as his mouth worked on my head. I could feel myself on the verge of cumming and i started breathing deeply, trying to control myself, slow down the eventual orgasm. He moved his hand from my shaft to my balls, all the while working my head.
All of a sudden i could feel the familiar feeling, the swelling of my cock, my balls contracting and a flood of euphoria rushed over me as a released load after load into his awaiting mouth. He stood up, my cum on his chin. He grinned and using his finger pushed it between his lips, and then swallowed. He leaned in to kiss me, i could taste the pool, him and myself all in this one kiss. He pulled away.

"What about you?" i asked
"Don't worry about that." he said and walked over to his clothes.

We dressed in silence.

"See you tonight for our run, meet at mine at about 8:30 ok"
"sure" i said, feeling a little dumbfounded and confused but still very pleased with the events of the afternoon.

I reached his apartment. It was nice, i waited outside, this time i had decided to wear no shirt (as usual) and an old pair of rugby shorts. They were about 2 sizes too small and i may as well have been wearing just a longer version of my speedos. He came out the front door to his apartment block, glanced at my shorts, smiled, winked and off we went.

We had run for about an hour, and i was hot, sweaty and tired. We stopped outside his house.

"you look tired mate. Want to come in for a drink."
knowing that this was no casual drink invitation i accepted and followed him upstairs.

His apartment was beautiful. I stood in the kitchen as he poured two glasses of water.
We drank them in silence. Still exhausted from the run.

"I'm gonna go get changed" he said, and walked down the hall towards what i assumed was his room.
I decided that it was now or never.

I waited for him to go into his room, leaving the door open. I walked down the hall, and peaked around the door to see him pealing off his sweaty shorts revealing his beautiful cock.

"your turn" i said as i stepped from behind the door and pushed him onto his bed. I rubbed his bare cock up and down firmly enough that i could hear him gasp every so often. He slid down the bed and started working on his cock with my mouth. I'd never given a blowjob before so i didn't expect i was very good, but he didn't complain. I felt him shudder, as i played with his balls and he pulled my head up to look into his eyes, just as he came. I wasn't expecting what happened and it burst out of my mouth. He shot 3 loads into my mouth and the other 2 ended mostly on him. He reached down and scooped up the spare cum with his finger and stuck it in his mouth. I crawled up to him and kissed him. My mouth full of his cum. He greedily sucked it out, using his tongue to fight mine over possession of his load. When it had been swallowed. I looked at him. Staring beautifully up at me.

"I want to fuck you" i said.
"you have to rim me first"

He pulled out a bottle of lube and handed it to me then he rolled over. I rolled off the bed and pulled his legs off the edge, so i could get a clear view of his asshole. i went in with my tongue.

He ass had a light fuzz which tickled my face. I stuck my tongue in and out of his hole, using a finger now and then to see what i could do. I could taste the sweat from the run we had been on, and it was sweet.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and started pouring it onto his ass and over my cock.

I leaned into him. I put my head against his hole, and eased it in. With a pop and a gasp (from him) it was in. I couldn't believe the feeling. It was so much tighter than a pussy. I started diving in with long steady strokes. I could see him grabbing the pillow at his head, his hands clasped tightly holding on as i fucked him.

He stopped me. He turned over, lifted his legs up and presented his gaping asshole to me again. I started fucking him. His face was sweating and i could see the pleasure of it running over him. I pulled all the way out and pushed back in. All the way out, back in. Every time i did this he gasped and smiled. I started speeding up. Knowing i was about to cum. I started to moan, and he pulled away from me, jumped around and threw his mouth over my cock, just as i started to cum. 2 loads later we were lying side by side satisfied with what had happened.

"Its not over yet" he said
"what?" i asked
"your turn"

He turned me over and started sticking his tongue in my ass, it was amazing. I couldn't believe how good it felt having him stick it in and lick around my hole. He started slipped a finger in, which made it even better, then 2, and i started writhing in pleasure.

He then pulled out the bottle of lube and started rubbing it on and into my hole, and also on his cock.

"This is going to hurt at first, but i'll take it slowly and you will enjoy it." he said
"ok" was all i could muster up.

He told me to get on all fours, so i did, ass in the air, waiting for my ass to be invaded for the first time.

I felt the heat of his cock head against my hole. Then a little bit of pressure. It seemed easy enough. He then started applying more pressure. It was still ok. He then started pushing harder. Now the pain started. I started breathing deeply, panting a little bit.

"Just relax and push out a little" he said

I did as i was instructed and i felt his head go in. It hurt like hell. I couldn't believe the pain i was in. He started slowly pushing forward. Each millimeter seemed more and more painful. I gasped for air. He slowly pulled back and slowly pressed forward. As time passed. My ass seemed to grow accustomed to its new visitor, and he was able to pick up his speed a little bit a go a little deeper.

Within 15 minutes of him entering my ass we had a rhythm going. Not all the way in. Not too fast. But it was there. It was the best feeling in the world. I squeezed my ass just to make it more enjoyable for him. He laughed and kept going.

"Now I'm going to fuck you hard" he said
"fuck" i responded

I felt him edge inch by inch, the pain increased but only marginally, until i felt his soft pubes rubbing against my ass crack. He then pulled out, and shoved it back it. I gasped, from both agony and pleasure. He pulled out slowly again, and pushed it back in with such force that the only way i could describe it is that i felt like i was being plundered. He increased speed pulling out and pushing in. I grasped at sheets around me, wrapping them around my hands as i felt more and more pleasure. He picked up speed and by now he was fucking my ass so hard that i was delirious from the feeling. His breathing sped up. I new he was cumming. It then happened. He moaned and then gush after gush of cum flooded my ass.

He quivered standing there with his slowly deflating cock still inside of me. He pulled out. Then i felt him lick my ass.

"can't waste a drop." he said

I just lay there. The feeling of pleasure still rushing through me, and the feeling of fullness in my ass, i didn't want to let it go. I rolled over and he kissed me on the lips.

"that was good" i said
"it was" he replied.
"i better get home" i said
"yeah its late" he replied

I got home and went to bed. I didn't know what to feel, happy about my encounter with my dream man, or guilty about it.

The next night we didn't go for our run and we didn't go 2 nights after that. When wednesday came around, he wasn't at the pool.

I was happy with it. I had one of the best sexual experience i have had in my life to date. and there were no strings attached.

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