Lustful Discovery of Her Feet – 2nd Encounter

Lustful Discovery of Her Feet – 2nd Encounter

I couldn’t help my strange yet exciting feeling I had on the way home from work that evening, what had happened ran through my head again and again. At times I couldn’t believe it. I felt overjoyed I had found something that drove me so insane, but worried that I wouldn’t get what I wanted with any other girls.
Home was a small little apartment overlooking a public park, with a nice balcony I had always imagined having sex on, for everyone to see. After living there for 2 years I still had never gotten the chance, and told myself I probably never would.
It wasn’t long before I was in bed trying to sleep, anticipating the next day like waiting for Christmas. I wondered what it would be like around her. I gave up all my stupid thoughts and went to sleep.

I woke up pretty late that day; I knew I only had to be in the office around 11 for a meeting with the hot shots of the company, great! I climbed out of bed and headed straight for the shower and did the usual morning routine, taking special effort to look abit better than I usually would for work.
I got to my office building right in the centre of town and climbed into the elevator, something else I had also wanted to have sex in one day, but unfortunately, this building was always way too busy. I got to the floor the company I worked for was and walked down the long hall on the way to my office. I got suddenly very anxious approaching the door, like a young teen on a first date with his first kiss; I suppose I just wondered what seeing her would be like again. I popped open the door and immediately glanced over at her desk,
She wasn’t there……despite the fact my nervousness and heart thumping had subdued, I was disappointed. For a moment there, I thought she may have done something stupid like quit because of what happened!

It was already 10:45, time to head for the board room and there was no sight of Anna, sigh….I grabbed up all my papers and headed for the room. I entered the room, and sitting across from my place, was Anna. Ready with a huge smile. Wow. My heart stopped. God, why was I so attached. I smiled back, after breaking my daze I greeted the other members and sat down.

She was very formal today, unlike how she usually dressed, which was rather casual and young. She had a white blouse on and a black suit over it, with the usual pencil style black skirt too. Not the type of thing you would look twice at, but then it got better, she had stockings on, the type you could see right through and were great to touch, which lead all the way down to her feet, which were in the typical court like shoes, id be lying if I said I knew there name. I always thought they were the most boring shoes a woman could wear, a simple black court, 1 and a half inch heel with a rounded tip that started just were her toes would too. On her though, they looked amazing, maybe also because her feet were so tiny, maybe because you could see all of her foot apart from her toes and under side, like a girl you wanted to see naked, when all she showed you was a tiny bit! It was a tease.

I told myself I would stay calm and collected, but I found myself constantly trying to make eye contact, to try and see if there was something between us, to try and see if I would get anything out of her but, she acted like I truly didn’t exist. It was so frustrating, I felt like an idiot. Women had always done this to me, always at the time I needed them, even if that meant in a sexual way. I eventually told myself it wouldn’t happen again, and turned my concentration to the meeting going on.
All the men sat on one side, and their PA’s on the other, who would often take the notes of what we needed to do so we wouldn’t have to. The head of the meeting threw tasks and goals at everybody including myself which Anna took down and passed over. In the middle of some boring chart explanation, she hands over another note, which id usually just file away. However, I looked down at it in boredom; it said “Undo your pants” with a little cute smiley face! I acted instantly, Trying to make it look as normal as possible, once unzipped my pants I moved my hands away to be greeted by her foot, shoe off, sliding up my leg! She worked her way up my leg over my thigh and right onto my crotch, lingering just right on top my now huge erection. It was obvious I would lose total concentration and shift about which I did! Involuntarily I thrusted into her, which I hope no one saw, she sat there, with her devilishly sexual look! I was going crazy, she just kept her foot there, doing nothing! Much to my relief, with the tip of her foot, she moved away my pants side to side to free up my erection, she started rubbing along my shaft , still in my pants ( I was so glad I wore silky boxers ) She rubbed up and down, ever so slowly, not even blinking , staring at me, me trying not to look. Now and then shed press down hard then let go! I could feel every part of her gorgeous foot, the soft under side as she pushed upwards and her delicate toes as she came down. Then she just stopped! Why? I didn’t even notice the meeting was over! I worked my zip back up and darted out of the room to my office!

She followed right behind and closed the door behind me. I was now standing at the end of my desk, I spun around thinking I was going to grab her and rip her clothes off and fuck those sexy feet only to be met by her, just as lustful. She shoved me onto the end of the desk. With her hands on my chest, she reached in and kissed me, long, soft and passionate! All the while undoing my shirt, as I did hers. I threw her suit across the room, and still while kissing got her blouse off as well. I lifted myself up and broke the kiss to change places, she now leaned against my desk, in her bra and skirt, I had to stop and take in the sight. Her slender petite body was more amazing than I could imagine. I got her skirt off and now saw her stockings held on by garters! I lifted her up so she sat on the desk, and held her leg, working down rubbing her stockings, and gently pushed her shoe off, I did the same to the other. Not yet looking, I pulled her underwear off, matching black satin and what lay under, something more enticing than anything else I had seen on her, even her pussy, looked as delicate and pretty as she did, completely hairless apart from a bit on her mound, pink and puffed, gleaming slightly, I wanted her, in a different way than I had before. By now my pants were off , I leaned in to kiss her, my erection now poking, rubbing her along her wet pussy as we kissed, I thrusted slowly, and enjoyed the little sighs she gave!

She worked her hands all over my back and sides in a frenzy, she seemed consumed just as I was. I ran my hands down her neck, and cupped her breasts, squeezing slightly. I broke away, and took a step back to pull my boxers down, watching her again. As my erect cock sprung out she stared, she wanted it in her this time. She worked the lips of her wet pussy open, it looked soft and amazing, I wanted her, but not till I got which I desired most and she knew. She raised a foot, placed it on my chest, while the other played around my balls. She moved down lower, and pushed my cock against my body with her foot, her others joining now. It was instant electricity, I was in heaven. I stood there, eyes closed as she worked her little feet up and down along my cock; it seemed to make her grow even more and more impatient! I grabbed her feet, one in each hand and aided her, pushing harder on my cock while caressing them, She opened her legs wider and wider so her feet could sit either side of my cock, now sitting between her stockingd feet, I held her and thrusted again and again. Enjoying that soft feel of her feet and the view of her inviting pussy! Once again in my sexual trance, I sat there fucking her feet, not caring about the world, or what she may think, it was amazing! But! She wouldn’t let me rule the show today. Apparently she was getting turned on by it, so much that she couldn’t take it. She squeezed my cock tight with her feet and pulled me closer and wrapped her legs around my back, she didn’t have to say anything, I could see the look in her eye, horny and vulnerable! I had always loved the look of a woman with her legs wide open.
I grabbed my cock and ran it up and down her wet pussy, rolling around right on her clit, she bucked and twitched as I did! Finally, I placed it on her opening and pushed in, she grabbed onto my waist and pulled me in more and more, her head thrown back and eyes closed. She was warm and tight, once fully in, I pulled nearly all the way out and went back in, like this, slowly, getting faster and faster, as so did our breath. We went faster and faster till we were fucking like crazy, holding nothing back. We tried to remain silent, so know body would know, but it was only a small thought at that time. I looked over her body as we fucked, admiring almost amazed at how hot she was! She kept going faster and faster, held on to the desk and shoved herself into more, her legs tighten around me and so did her pussy, I knew she was going to cum soon, if I could hold out any longer, she arched her back and shook and shook, me still pounding her, enjoying every warm thrust into her, I waited and waited, trying to hold on! I didn’t know whether she was Cumming or had or was going to! I could tell she tried to keep her mouth shut, only making the whimpering sounds you couldn’t suppress, but she broke, and screamed out! I knew this was it, her muscles tightened even more, and I exploded inside her!! What felt like most id ever cum, still going till it hurt to carry on, till every last drop, was deep inside her. I bent down, breathless, on top of her, and kissed her, in between us both trying to get our breath back. I got up, and pulled out of her, so slowly. As I pulled out, she said “Don’t go! “ Only something I thought girl said to those they loved. In that simply sentence I saw hope that we could have something together, she got up and reached for sighing “ wow!” and hugged me, also unfamiliar with other girls I knew. I held her back, and we stood there, me once again amazed at my experience. I was slowly becoming fixated on her…

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