Marine Biology

Marine Biology

Believe it or don’t but this story is true. It happened to me and it’s what set me on my path to true pervertdom. Enjoy. The second part will be forthcoming if I don’t rub my cock raw reading and jerking off over the other great stories here.



I couldn’t believe my 16-year-old eyes. There was my mom, naked as a jaybird, with Tom, my big bro’s best buddy buried up to his balls in her ass. She was sitting on his cock as he bounced her up and down on his massive cock.

And it was massive – especially in comparison to mom’s petite body. Mom is blonde, blue-eyed with these great firm tits and a snug body all of 5’2” tall. Tom was 6’3” or 6’4” of solid marine muscle and his cock was in proportion, or maybe out of proportion in the extra large direction.

Dave, my dad, is a marine and away on duty more than he’s home and my big bro, Keith, joined up as soon as he was able. He’s 22 now and a big fucker like Tom. We never got on cause I’m slight and blond like mom (Keith and his buddies put me down by calling me ‘pretty boy’) while he’s olive and dark like dad. Mom and dad are only 38. I think brother Keith was unexpected and forced them to marry because it’s never seemed a love match to me. When dad is home he’s surly and rough and violent and eager to get back to base. I lay low while he’s home because sometimes I think he believes I’m not his. He’s always accusing mom of being unfaithful. I wouldn’t blame her – he’s never here. But she is faithful. She’s religious. A bit too religious sometimes.

Just the same I never thought she would fuck another guy especially not another marine. Shit, if dad found out … Or my bro for that matter. I wondered what Tom was doing here, he’s usually with my bro and they wangle their leave together.

“Fuck, Kate, that’s the juiciest asshole I ever sunk my cock in,” Tom grunted as he pounded mom’s hole.

He pulled her down hard on his cock and she winced in pain. I ducked so she wouldn’t see me. I was home from work early and I’d run up the stairs when I heard sounds from my parents’ bedroom. I thought dad might be back unexpectedly. Mom had her eyes shut when I first glanced in the room, grimacing, so she didn’t see me and her body shielded me from Tom. I’d only realised it was him when I’d backed out quickly and hidden in the hall closet directly opposite the open bedroom door. There was sort of an air hole in it so that I had a perfect view of the action.

I’m not a pervert but mom was a consenting adult and who was I to criticize her sexual fulfilment. Besides I had a perfect view of her sweet pink pussy and Tom’s prick entering her asshole. Sure I would have loved a closer view but at least here I could watch and stroke and not be disturbed. That was one department where I took after dad. I had a respectable almost 7” and still growing.

Tom had a foul mouth on him and was enjoying mom’s discomfort. He was telling her in vivid detail what he wanted to do to her ‘slut body.”

“You said if I let you fuck my ass you’d give me those photos back and forget everything that happened,” I heard mom whine.

So this wasn’t really consensual?

“Did I say that?” Tom smirked. “Well, maybe after I get through with that pretty pussy of yours.” And he slipped one of his hands from her waist and pushed two of his big knuckled fingers inside her.

Mom wailed and tried to rip his fingers out.

“I only let you fuck my ass so you wouldn’t do that,” mom complained. “You can’t. I’m not on the pill. And you won’t use a rubber. I’m at that time of the month …”

“I don’t mind a little blood,” Tom laughed.

“No, not that. I’m at the time when I’m most likely to conceive.”

“No matter. Just another little bastard to add to the one you’ve already got.”

So, he believed I wasn’t my dad’s either. Keith must have been discussing me.

My mom did her best to convince him that she had been faithful and this was the first time she’d fucked anyone other than dad and she was only doing that because of blackmail.

While I would have given anything for my dad not to be my dad, Tom wasn’t having any of it.

“Nah, Kate. You’re just a slut. You love cock so much you can’t wait for Dave to go back on duty before you open your legs for every stray cock in the district. No one thinks Mal or even little Roza is Dave’s.”

Now he was casting doubt on my little 8-year-old sis. There’d been lots of talk when she was born – she was ‘unexpected’ just like Keith but I knew dad had insisted on a paternity test and it had come back positive. I’d found the paperwork in his drawer. Obviously dad had not passed on the information to quell the rumours.

Tom was still fingering mom’s pussy and as I concentrated on watching the pink lips swallow Tom’s fingers and come out glistening I jerked my dripping cock. I didn’t really care about the sexual politics of what was going on, I just wanted to blow a load.

“That pussy of yours is so wet, Kate, I think it needs a good fucking. You think so, Kate. A big hard cock ramming your slut cunt making you beg for it.”

“Just dump your load and get out,” my mom snapped. “If I ever see you again, I’ll kill you.”

I knew I should intervene but I didn’t know the background so … well, I leaned back and enjoyed the view.

“Say, why don’t we just get you off, kate. Get you some nice thick cock in your cunthole. Eh?” Tom pulled her pussy lips apart and I almost shot a load. Then he ran his hands up to her tits and across her nipples. Mom shuddered; they must have been really sensitive. Then he grabbed her around the waist and held her. He whistled. I didn’t understand. It wasn’t a whistle of appreciation or anything. It was like a signal. And then I watched him hold my mom really tight around the neck and with his other hand he used his fingers to spread her cunt wide open. I would have to send Tom a letter of thanks.

But then my view was obstructed. Shit, there was someone else there. He was already naked because I could see his bare back and shoulders. My mom screamed as he moved forward. She was struggling and I could hear her chocking as Tom tightened his grip round her throat.

The newcomer seemed to be stroking his cock while he was looking at my mom’s spread open cunt. My mom’s screams were cut off by Tom’s big fist. The new guy was built like Tom and my dad. I guessed he was a marine buddy.

“Isn’t that the juiciest slut cunt you ever saw?” Tom said.

The new guy grunted his appreciation.

“This slut needs cock real bad. Why don’t you help her out?”

The new guy went into the room and mom was sobbing.

“No, don’t,” she begged. “I’ll do anything, just not that.”

“You’ll do anything anyway, slut” the new guy said and I recognised Keith’s voice. My big bro was gonna rape mom. “Only a real perverted slut would lie here with her son’s best buddy’s cock in her ass and spread her dripping pussy for her own son to see. You’re some pervert lady.”

I knew I should help mom now. And I did think about jumping out and beating the shit out of Tom and big bro Keith but my cock said to wait and see what happened. I could always get help later. Besides they were both much bigger than me and would beat the crap out of me. That would be no help to mom at all.

Keith leaned forward and I got a good view of his ass crack and his balls dangling down.

He was licking mom’s pussy and she was bucking to try to throw him off. All that was doing was making her asslips milk Tom’s cock.

Okay, Keith licking mom’s cunt juices was not really sex. It was only sex if he shoved his cock in her hole.

“Mmm, tastes good, buddy,” Keith said. “You sure you haven’t been in this slut cunt before me?”

“No, mate,” he said. “I left her cunt for you.”

“Hmm, tastes to me like someone else has already been here today. What do you think?” Keith said and plugged three fingers inside her. He finger fucked her for a moment and then pulled his fingers out and licked them. “What do you think?” he said as he fed his fingers to Tom. Tom sucked them good.

“I think you could be right,” Tom smiled. “Tastes like someone has already dumped a load inside. Hey, maybe that little bastard who pretends he’s your brother.”

“Don’t be sick, Keith,” my mom said. “Stop this right now and it will go no further. I won’t even tell your father.”

“Fat lot he’d care. This slack slut cunt of yours hasn’t had his cock in years. Too old for him anyway. He much prefers Roza’s sweet little fanny.”

My mom let out a scream that should have had the whole neighbourhood running but Tom cut it off mid-way when he shoved his hand over her mouth.

“You didn’t know that did you, mom?” Keith taunted. “Dad has always liked under-age cunt and he could only ever fuck you because you’re so small you look like a little girl. He’s been fucking Roza since she was five.”

“Dad’s the biggest pervert on the base,” Keith continued. “And it’s my ambition to surpass even him.”

Keith had his cock in his hand now and was aiming it at mom’s cunt.

“This is a good way to start. There’s nothing better than fucking your own mum’s cunt.”

He sank his prick right up her cunthole in one thrust.

Mom screamed again. Not in pain but in agony. She is a religious woman and this was the ultimate sin. The ultimate evil. Her own son was inside her.

“Oh, shit, man” Keith moaned. “This is the best. You’ve got try this. Nothing better than fucking mom cunt. Especially when she doesn’t want son cock in her.”

“Better than little under-age sister?” Tom said.

“I haven’t done that yet,” Keith said. “Not a bad idea though. Bet she’s tighter than this slut.”

Mom was crying now and her body was defeated. You could see it. She just wanted this over and done with. She turned her head away. Tom grabbed her and forced her to look at Keith.

“Isn’t that a great sight, Kate. Your own boy fucking your cunt hole. The same cunthole he came from.”

“Mmm, smooth,” Keith purred as he rammed his cock in and out. Tom was content to let mom’s asshole milk him as she rocked back and forth from the force of Keith’s cock.

I was watching my mom being raped by two enormous marines and I was doing nothing to stop it. In fact, I wanted it to go on forever.

“Fuck her dirty cunt harder,” I said under my breath.

Keith pulled his cock all the way out and rammed it in harder. It knocked the wind out of mom. She slumped.

“This bitch is not putting up much of a fight,” Tom said.

“Not like those young chick’s in the park last night.”

“Hm, just thinking about that makes my cock tingle,” Tom said.

“You know what we did last night. Mom? No. I guess you don’t,” Keith smirked.

“We went to the rescue of this young babe in the park. She was being hassled by these drunks. Tom and me went to help the lady. She had this cute little kid with her, three maybe four. Cutest little thing you ever did see. Well, while I kept the little girl talking Tom grabbed her mom in a chokehold and dragged her off to the toilet a few yards away.

“I could hear her begging us to leave little Shelley alone. Not to touch her. Now I knew the kids name and it’s easy to get kids to do anything if you’ve got candy. I won her trust with a chocolate bar. When it was time I smeared some on my cock. Yea, did I tell you the little girl and me were both naked now mom. Yea, you see for every piece of candy she had to take her clothes off and every kiss she gave me I had to take off mine.”

Tom cursed and pushed his cock in harder. My mom was trying not to listen or to feel anything.

“It doesn’t take much to get little kids to trust you. Dad swears by it. So I smeared my cock with chocolate and it took only a little coaxing before little Shelley was licking it. Mom, you should have seen it. Sweet little face that barely reached my cock but I squatted and she ran her little tongue along my prick. She lapped it up. I scooped some chocolate off her cheek and pushed it in her mouth with my thumb. The kid was gonna be a natural cocksucker. I put a lump of chocolate on the head of my cock and told her to open her mouth. She did but I was too eager and she choked. She started to cry for her mom.

“I put some chocolate on my finger and pushed it in her little cunny. See, mom, I call it a cunny because it’s not a full grown cunt yet like you.”

And Keith spat in her face. Tom held her mouth open and Keith spat again, right into her gaping mouth.

“A cunny is a tight little unused slut cunt just begging for it. I smeared some chocolate inside her pussy and then on my knob. I told her if we put the two together it would make all the chocolate she could eat. She was so eager, mom. But I wanted to see that eager turn to pain, mom. I got her to lie down on the grass, mom, you ever seen a little three year old stretched out on the grass holding her legs open just waiting for cock.”

Mom was bawling now.

“I kneeled down and ram, ram, ram I watched the light go out in those trusting little eyes. Three thrusts and I was inside. My cock was splitting her cunthole wide open. She fit my cock like a cunt glove. She screamed but I stuffed her panties in her mouth and kept my hand over her for security.”

“Oh, mom. If your cunt was as sweet and tight as hers I’d pimp you out and be a millionaire almost overnight. Her cunt was so hot and steamy it was almost a shame to rip it apart like I was doing. I think I made her cum, mom. Three years old and she was thrashing about like a slut having an orgasm. I want you to beg for my cock like that little slut did, mom. I want to hear you cum.”

He was ramming her harder now.

“You gonna cum , mom. Come for your boy. Come on, mom. Show me what it feels like to have your own boy’s cock buried deep inside you. You feel that tingle like I do, mom? That tingle that says this is really sick and perverted but I’m getting off on it? It takes over your whole body, mom. You know it’s evil but you want it. Embrace it mom. Cum for me.”

My mom spat in his face and cursed him. Keith wiped the spit on his fingers and then ate it.

Mom was begging. “Do anything, son, but not inside me. I’m not on … contraception.”

“I know that mom,” Keith laughed. “Why do you think we’re here today? Dad told us all about your fertility. He never wanted to fuck you then. He didn’t want any more kids after he saw what he created in me. He passed his pervert DNA down to me. Now, mom. Think what the little bastard will be like with dad’s and my pervert DNA mixed together.”

Mom bucked to get away but Keith slammed his open palm against the side of her head. Mom was disoriented.

“Pity she doesn’t have a womb in her asshole,” Tom grunted. “I’m gonna cum, man.”
“Can’t hold off, mate. I can feel your cock inside your mom’s cunt rubbing against mine in her ass. The kid will be ours to fuck whenever we want. Fucking tight ass. I love it.”

“Here it comes, mom. My new baby sister or baby bro. Fuck, mom. Let’s seal this is the most perverted way possible.” As he grunted and rammed a fresh load inside mom’s cunt he leaned over and tongued her. She tried to turn away but Tom held her tight as Keith fucked his tongue inside her mouth. He was frenching his own mom.

I heard his orgasm. I could hear it rumbling up inside and he threw his head back and screamed the foulest obscenities about mom I have ever heard. I knew he was shooting his spunk right up inside her as Tom emptied his balls in her ass.

I couldn’t hold off any longer either but I made the mistake of steadying myself against the closet door and just as I shot my wad everywhere it swung open.

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