Mary, My niece_(0)

Mary, My niece_(0)

Mary, My Niece
True Story

I live in an older house on the outskirts of a small town. For reasons too complicated to get into here, my wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms. She has the master suite on the main floor and I have a “man-cave” on the second. There are also two guest rooms with a spacious bath up here and my wife rarely comes up here. I am 30 and my wife is 31. She is a good looking woman, but totally uninterested in sex. I only some love every couple of weeks and its hurry up and get done.

Several weeks ago my sister, Sondra, was called up to do a stint in the Army Reserve. Because this was unexpected, she asked me to look after her 15 year old daughter. Mary is about 5’6”, 112 pounds with a little baby fat on her frame. She has shoulder length brown curly hair with the cutest little ass you have ever seen. Her tits appear to be about the size of softballs (about a C cup) with nipples that harden at the slightest hint of a breeze. God, I have lusted after those tits since she was 12.

Saturday morning, Sondra drove up and knocked on the door. She and Mary spilled into the hallway and Jerri (wife) and I greeted them warmly. Sondra and Jerri moved into the kitchen for some coffee while Mary and I went about moving her bags upstairs. Watching Mary’s sweet ass sway back and forth made the old dick start to swell with wanton lust. Dropping Mary’s bags on the bed, I turned and asker her if she needed any help unpacking.

Mary rushed over to me and put me in a bear hug and squeezed me tightly. “Oh, Uncle Rollie, you have always been my favorite uncle. I love you so much!!” Her body was molded to mine and her boobs were crushed against my chest causing my cock to rise to all of its seven inches. Not knowing if she was doing this on purpose, I cautiously moved my pelvis away so as not to let Mary feel it. This was going to be a hard two weeks. Still holding on, Mary looked up at me and said “Uncle Rollie, you always smell so good. I just love being held close to you and sniffing. Let me do the unpacking as I don’t want you to see all of my girlie things”. Funny, that is exactly what I wanted to do.

“OK”, I said. “The bathroom is right across the hall. Holler if you need anything. I’m going downstairs to say good-bye to your mom.” Leaving, I heard her humming a song and the sounds of a zipper being pulled open. I went downstairs, had some coffee and told Sondra to be careful and would see her in a couple of weeks. Jerri said she was tired and wanted to watch some TV, so she headed for her bedroom.

I went into the living room and started watching a hockey game when Mary came into the room. My jaw dropped and my dick rose!!! Mary was wearing the shortest of shorts and a tank top that left nothing to the imagination. Her cunt was wrapped tightly in the material and looked like the classic “Camel Toe” while her tits bobbed free because she wasn’t wearing a bra. Sitting on the floor between my legs, Mary coyly asked me to rub her shoulders. With trembling fingers I leaned forward and placed my hands on her. If it is possible for skin to feel like satin, Mary had that type of skin. It was so smooth that my hands glided over it like skates on ice. Rubbing her shoulders and arms made my cock grow hard as steel and even longer. It strained at the seam of my shorts wanting to get out. Down her arms and up to her neck, around her underarms brushing those luscious tits. Yes, I kept brushing against those boobs and marveled as her nipples pushed the tank top out. After about five minutes, Mary leaned her head back into my crotch and spread her arms over my legs. My cock was pushing into the back of her head and making me hotter. She dreamily looked into my eyes and said “you know, Uncle Rollie, your hands feel so good right now, I think I’d let you rub me anytime, anywhere.” With the swell of her breasts rising and falling like they were, I thought I was going to have a stroke. At this point, I thought it best to get out of there.

Standing up (and trying to hide my hard-on), I said I had a couple of things to do around the house. Almost running out of the room, I disappeared into the kitchen. The rest of the day I puttered around in the yard and my workshop. Dinner was Hell. Jerri had cooked a good meal and we ate mostly in silence. Mary did try to engage me in conversation, but I answered in single words.

At ten o’clock, Jerri went into her room and I told Mary that I was going to take a shower and hit the sack. After the shower, I went back into my connected room to dry off. Mary walked into the bathroom and said she needed a shower also. Pushing the door closed with her ass, I fell into bed and turned on the TV. Lying on the bed in only a robe, I must have dozed off as the next thing I heard was a loud crash and a shrill scream. Running into Mary’s room, I saw her lying on the floor with her sheer nightie bunched around her hips. Her red satin panties encased that lovable cunt and a lot of bush was poking out of the leg holes. She was holding on to her right thigh and grimacing in pain. Being unfamiliar with the room, she said she had run into the edge of the dresser and fallen. Looking at her like that, I started to get hard again. I told her that I would go downstairs and get some ice for her leg.

Grabbing some ice in a towel, I looked into Jerri’s room and saw that she was sound asleep and would be like that until the next morning. Going back upstairs, I saw that Mary had gotten into bed and was rubbing her thigh. Her nightie was now bunched up under her tits and she had a pretty nasty bruise high up on the thigh. There also appeared to be a darker spot in the center of her panties. Her stomach was flat and she had a small piercing in her navel. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I handed her the ice and said to put it on the bruise. God, she looked so innocent and desirable at the same time. In almost a little girl voice Mary asked me to hold the towel on the bruise and just talk to her. We chatted for a few minutes and then (God forgive me) Mary said “Uncle Rollie, I think the ice has helped a lot. Maybe now you should massage my leg so the muscle doesn’t cramp up.” Reaching out gently with both hands I took hold of her upper leg and began to rub. “Honestly, Uncle Rollie, I won’t break. You can rub me harder than that. And be sure to rub above and below the bruise so it doesn’t leave a mark.”

Holding and rubbing her thigh like this was giving me the biggest boner I have ever had. Trying not to stare, I stole glances at her crotch and boobs. Like I said, her panties were red satin and were molded to her cunt. I could tell that she didn’t shave herself, just trimmed it. I drooled over this as Jerri shaved herself bald and to me that is a real turnoff. As I continued rubbing, her breathing was getting more rapid which caused her tits to undulate under the nightie. I saw that her nipples were hard as little pebbles, the areole were quarter sized and quivered with every breath she took. My breath was getting very ragged at this point and my cock was showing its’ purple head outside of my robe. As my hands roamed all over Mary’s thigh they kept inching upwards and towards the promised land. Once, lightly, the back of my hand brushed Mary’s cuntlips and I felt her shudder. Growing bolder, I made sure to keep bumping her snatch each time I got to the top of her inner thigh.

Suddenly her entire body stiffened and she rose up on just her heels and shoulders, a very wet spot appeared in the front of her panties and a shuddering gasp escaped her lips. “Oh sweet Jesus!! That was the most awesome feeling I have ever had” Mary said. “Uncle Rollie, you can pull those panties off of me if they are in your way.”

Words to make any pervert come!! I tore the panties off of Mary’s heaving body and stared in awe at what was laying before me. An eager 15 year old with huge tits and a bushy cunt was asking me to do things to her. I eagerly dove right into the center of her snatch and started eating. Not bothering with any niceties, I sucked, slurped and licked every inch of the mossy, sloppy cunt. Up the outside of her lips, down the center crack and stopping to chew on her clit. Mary writhed in pleasure screaming for me not to stop. Another orgasm tore through her body once again lifting her off of the bed.

Needing to get more of my tongue into her honey-pot, I moved my hips to be closer to her face and hooked her legs under my arms. This opened her cunt and ass cheeks to my oral assault. God, my tongue couldn’t move fast enough!! Into her cunt, around her asshole, over her thighs. Her juices were flowing into my mouth and down my throat. At this point, I felt her hand grab my cock and put it into her mouth. It was like I was being sucked by a velvet vacuum cleaner. Her tongue licked my balls and I felt a finger being pushed into my asshole. This was something I had asked my wife to do, but she never would. Too dirty, she said. This was like eating a sweet and sour Chinese meal—tangy asshole and honey cunt. Great eating.

With my face jammed into a 15 year olds cunt, my cock stabbing the back of her throat and a finger punishing my asshole, I knew I wouldn’t last long. After several thrusts of my hips, I unloaded the biggest wad of cum ever. Mary swallowed most of it and the rest spewed onto her cheeks. Mary’s body stiffened and her thighs held tightly to my head. I collapsed exhausted onto the bed next to Mary and grabbed her tit. It was so soft and yet so firm, I couldn’t believe it. Then I leaned over and licked the rest of my cum off of her cheek and spit it into her mouth which she also swallowed. We then fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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