This is a true story nothing here is invented everything is real. This is something that happenned with the person i least expected it to happen my friend carlos. My name is Juan Carlos im 13 years old im 5 foot 8, with black hair and brown eyes. Carlos is 13 years old also he is 5 foot , black eyes, brown hair, and hangs around with almost everygirl anywhere he wants. This story is about me discovering that Carlos is gay and having some fun with him while im there, and this happened during school time. My school is an only boys school so that must explain all this.

One day I was walking through school when I saw my good friend Jean he asked me why am I hanging around Carlos? I told him that he is a good friend of mine. Jean told me I shouldnt hang aroung with Carlos because he is gay. I didnt believe him, so he told me to find out myself and so I did. I needed to find Carlos and asked him some way he would tell me that he is gay. I didnt see him until luch where I saw him in the classroom halls. I called him and asked about what was the worst thing he's ever done in his hole life. Then he told me that he would tell me in math class. I couldnt wait, I saw Jean and told him that Carlos was gonna say something to me that might be related to being gay. I couldnt wait for the bell to ring and get to math class, even though i hate that class but this was important. BEfore the bell rang I went to play some basketball with some of my other friends. Finally the bell rang to get to next class obviously mine was math. I saw Carlos he was saving a seat for me, when I sat down he told me that I needed to tell him first about the worst thing I've ever done in my whole life. When he said that I went into doubt and thought that if I told him my secret he wouldt tell me his. I told him that he cannot tel anybody in the world about what am I going to say. He promised so I took out a pieze of paper wrote that I had sucked a dick and that a boy sucked mine when I was about 7 years old. I sliped the note to him he oppened his eyes widely and said it was his turn. When I got the letter I couldnt belive what it said. It said that he also gave a boy a blowjob when he was around 11 years old and that he fucked him and got fucked and that they kissed for a long time. When I read that we didnt speak a word for about 10 minutes. When finally carlos broke the silence, telling me that if I wanted to do that again. I told him that I would never repeat that kind of thing in my life since im not gay. He said to do it with him at the last period. I couldnt believe my ears Carlos was asking me if I wanted to do it with him. So without a doudbt because he is so cute I said yes. He told me to meet him in the halls in the last period. The bell rang so I ran to my next class which was Spanish. There I saw Jean again and he asked me how did it go. I told him that "carlos never did something gay he told me something else": I said. He looked dissapointed beacause he wanted to know the truth about him. Then the bell rang and i was very excited to see Carlos again.

When I saw him he told me to go to the baseball yard where there is nobody around, we snuk into the bathroom closed the door and turned on the lights. Carlos told me he was horny and so was I and without waiting we started french kissing. The feeling of his warm lips and tongue was out of this world. While we were kissing we were also rubbing our dicks to get them rock hard. After 10 minutes I broke the kiss and got on my knees I took out CArlos dick which was about 5 inches. I started first by jacking him of, then I took the head and started licking it then sucking it very hard moving up and down his shaft. It tasted to good even better when the precum was oozing out. After 5 minutes Carlos told me was about to cum. I told him to do it in my mouth. He came and the salty taste had me going nuts, which I swallowed it all. Now it was Carlos turn he started massaging my dick from the outside then my 6 inch dick got exposed to him and he was impressed by how big it was. He started to suck on it while massaging my balls with his left hand and with his wright he finger fucked me. It was the best sensation ever i could fell his warm mouth moving up and down my shaft. He stopped sucking my cock and moved to my balls while jacking me off. I was close to cumming when he saw the ooxing precum he told me to cum in his face. So I did after I cummed he was still giving me a blowjob which was even better feeling. He took the cum in his face to his mouth and swallowed. Next he told me to bend over so I can get fucked but the bell rang. We were to late, we cleaned ourselfs and went to the school nobody notices us so we were in the clear. Before carlos got to say good-bye I told him to remember the English assigment. Then he got an Idea since we are supposed to go to someones house to finish the project carlos decided to go to his house . We were both excited and we couldnt wait to meet at his house. I know that we are going to have so much fun with each other.


Part 2 is coming up where i go to carlos house and have fun but leave good comments.

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