Me and My Cousin_(1)

Me and My Cousin_(1)

It all started when i was about 13 yrs old, my cousin was 14, and i always wanted to be like him, i thought he was the coolest. one weekend he asked me if he could spend the weekend at my house, of corse i said yes.

It was about 8 pm, and he said he was gonna shower, but i wasnt paying much attention due to the fact i was really into Mortal Combat. abou 10 min. later, i had finally realized he wasnt in my room, so i went to look for him, i looked in the kitchen, i looked in the den, even out side. but the i said forget it, and went to go pee, i waliked in the bath room, and what i saw would change my childhood.

HEY!!! he yelped as he tried to cover himself. I was really imbarased, I tried to say sorry but as i started to speak I looked down and saw his manhood. I just paused…… he then realized i was staring at his cock, he smirked and said 'You ever seen a penis before'? As shocked as i was (and i was) i said no. he then dropped his towl……completly to the floor. His Cock was sooo big. about 7 inches soft. I didnt even know what was happining, but before i knew it, he was touching it, kind of playing with it. he asked me if i wanted to touch it, i then droped to my knees, and started to touch his cock. I Caresed it and fondoled it. then my mom knocked on the door, we got really scared, but i got in the shower, and he said just finishing up! he said he would be a few min. and she said to just let her know when he got out. about 1 min later he walked out and made sure the coast was clear, the we walked out.

I thought i would never get another chance to do what i did with him, but the next mourning when my mom left for work, he woke me up. he was under thr sheets so i dint realize what he had on his mind, when i was up, he told me to look under the sheets, so i did, and when i saw his simi muscular body laying there naked, i got so excited. He asked me if i wanted to play with his cock again. I put my hands on his 7 inch soft penis and started to play, it was so thick and had a pig purple head, i coulnt even get my hand around it, but i managed to get it completely hard. Im guessing 10 inches, but im not sure. I then went down below his waist and satarted to stroke his bulging his manhood, it was begining to throb and thats when i went for it, I put His cock at my mouth. I hesitated for a second, but I wraped my lips around his cock, I started to suck and stroke and then he grabed the back of me head and forced my head down, choking me. I liked it though, his head was hitting the back of my throat, pushing harder and harder. I was sucking like a mad man, licking his hard shaft, and playing with his balls. This went on for about ten min. the he asked me if he could stick it in my ass.

What!! i said, he said it would be fun. he said it would hurt a little but he had done it before and that he could do it good. Ok i said, then he went to the bathroom, when he came back, i was already naked and bending over ready for his swolen man hood to enter my ass hole. he then put some vassalene on my hole and stroked his cock. He put his swolen head on my ass's entrance. he then pushed and I let out a moan, It didnt even hurt!!!, It was in my ass, streching my hole sooo much, but it was turning me on. he started to pump in and out, in and out. i was moaning and he was slapping my ass. He was Fucking the shit out of me, hitting me hole so hard. i was screaming like a little bitch, we were sweating and breathing, and the he pulled it out. he got on his back and told me to come over on top of him, so i did. i droped my body onto his throbing cock, i started to fuck him droping up and down, and he was fucking me back. pounding me ass, slaping my cheeks. he started to moan louder and louder, i the felt his cock release a stream of warn jiz deep inside of me, feeling his warm gooey jiz inside of me made me that much more hornier, i got up, and turned to him, jiz running out of my asshole, started to jack off he then came to me 6inch cock and started sucking it, way better than i sucked his, making me tremble. i then came so hard and i filled his mouth making him choke, and let some dribble out. but he licked it right up and swalloed at least a mouthfull of cum.

We Did this more than once……..


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