Meeting You

Meeting You

laying my clothes out for later, walking into the bathroom where I drop my robe and step into the shower. The hot water hits my body and instantly my nipples harden. My body is fully awake and aware of what tonight holds. As I let the water run over my body I begin thinking of seeing you later on. Thinking of how you will be dressed, how you will smell, what you will say to me first, or will you just pull me close and kiss me. As I reach for the shampoo it slips out of my hand and hits the floor bringing me back to reality. As I bend over to grab it I think of you taking me from behind. Pounding my ass until both of us quiver in extacy. Running my hands over my body as I lather up, knowing that where my hands are now that ur hands, lips, tongue…breath…will soon be there. My hands travel down my body, stopping for only an instant to feel the heat between my legs, knowing I'm already dripping wet with desire. Running my soapy sponge down my legs then back up, as I drop the sponge on the floor I lean back against the wall of the shower…and slip my fingers in to my pussy…feeling the wetness all around. Pulling on my clit a little imagining that its ur face between my legs and ur teeth pulling on my clit. I raise one leg up resting it on the side of the tub. Slipping my fingers in deeper as the hot water continues to run down my body. Moving my fingers in and out…faster and deeper. Using just one finger at first, then two. As I get closer to the edge my head tilted back, eyes closed, hips grinding into my hand as I release my sweet juices.

After coming down from the orgasm I finish washing and rinsing. Then stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around my body. I walk back into the bedroom and start drying off every inch. I proceed to get ready for tonight, you never leaving my mind. Thinking about all the things you might do to my body makes me wet again. But I know I must not leave you waiting to much longer, so I hurry up and finish.

Once I get there to the club I start to look for you. I finally spot you in the corner talking to a young girl. You can tell she's into you by the way she is holding herself against you. I watch you as you flirt a little with her. I can't hear what you are saying to her but you are making her laugh. As you turn your head you spot me and start to walk over. My body begins to tingle as I watch you…never taking my eyes off of you. When you come face to face with me…you grab my hand and pull me close. My body against yours, ur mouth is right by my ear, I can feel ur breath. I can also feel ur already semi hard cock thru ur jeans. You hold me close to you for a second then just as you are about to release ur hold on me you run ur hand up my leg and under the skirt grabbing my ass in ur hand. As you do so you hear me gasp you whisper " a little excited arn't we" You then turn me around and show me towards the door. As we walk ur body stays close to mine and ur hand rests on the small of my back.

Once outside nothing is said, but you lead me to ur car out in the dark parking lot. You grab my hands and hold them as you lean me against ur car. Kissing me on my jaw…then moving down a little to my neck. I try to let go of ur hands to touch you but you don't let go. You pin me there while you move down my body showering me with ur kisses all over my neck and chest. Pressing my body into urs, wanting to feel more of you. Your hands roam over my body, causing me to become breathless from ur touch. you You let go of my hands as you move urs up my skirt once again but this time you don't stop with just a handfull of ass…you pull me closer to you as you grind ur hips into mine. Pulling my panties down as ur lips leave a hot trail on my neck, up to my lips where you suck on my bottom lip…then biting on it. I moan as I wrap my arms around ur body, placing them on ur ass, pulling you closer into me. You place ur hands on my hips and put me up onto the hood of the car. Your hands roaming all over my body….you pull my skirt up some and slip ur finger into my hot snatch. Working my hard clit…slipping ur fingers inside my hole slowly….all the way….then stopping as you use ur thumb to tease my clit. Finding my gspot, wiggling ur fingers inside me….hooking ur fingers inside….you feel the walls of my pussy tighten and then you feel the flood of my release as I arch beneath you…grabbing you and pulling you close to me. You pull ur fingers out and bring them up to my mouth, I take them into my mouth and suck them. Using ur free hand u undo ur jeans…you take ur fingers out of my mouth and ram them back inside me…getting them all wet again. As you slide them out you slide ur hard cock inside me and allow me to lick my juices off ur fingers again. pulling me to the edge of the car….you begin moving slowly in and out of me. Placing ur hands on my hips you start moving faster, biting me all over my neck….fucking me harder…..thrusting as deep as you can. I begin to moan louder, meeting each of ur thrusts. As my pussy tightens around ur cock you pump harder into me, until ur cum fills me. Sending me over the edge again. Our nuts mixed together running out of me…you collapse on to me as you lay there to regain urself. Once calmed down you start to help me down off ur car. A passionate kiss is exchanged and then you open the door of the car for me to get in. As you shut the door and walk around to the other side I can't help but to think that we're just getting started!!

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