Megans Present

Megans Present

Megan had been in my grade since the 3rd grade. She had Blonder hair down to her shoulders, and an INCREDIBLY tan, sexy body. She was somewhat Snobby.. but personally I got along pretty well with her. We were both at a friend of our's house one day for a small party that he was throwing. After what seemed like hours of everyone standing around by the trampoline talking, everyone decided that they would rather go swimming. It was getting close to sundown, and the water was slightly cold. So Megan and I decided to stay on the trampoline.

We talked as the sun was completely buried behind the trees on the horizon. Every so often I would notice her scoot slightly closer to me. All I could see of her was her outline and shadow. But for some strange reason. I noticed that she was Rubbing her Clit through her bikini bottom. The knowledge of this immediately got me aroused. As I bulging memeber grew larger and larger. So did my courage. "You want some help with that," I said calmly. At that, she leaned in and pushed me back onto the trampoline and began massaging my tounge with hers. After several minutes of this I decided to continue things quitely so as nobody in the pool would hear us. I pushed her off of me and climbed between her beatiful Legs, and slowly Undid her Bottom. She was DEFINATLY experienced. But then again.. so was I. I Softly began to tease her warm clit with my tounge making her pussy cringe spasmodically. She latched onto the back of my head and jammed my entire toung Deep into her. I flickered my tounge around wildly, eager to taste the juices that she was about to give me. "Not yet," she said as she pulled me head away from her midsection.

She pulled the front of my swimming trunks forwards and Foolishly peaked into my shorts. (it was Pitch black outside) I laid back and she massaged my swollen cock which was still covered tightly by my swimming trunks. After several mintues she ripped my trunks down and grabbed my 8 inch erection with both hands and began to Slide and rotate her hands softly up and down my shaft. She Kissed and nibbled at the head of my dick for several mintues.. and then began working her way farther and farther down my cock. Within seconds she had all 8 inches of me in her mouth. She began to become hungry for my cum. She Began rapidly bobbing from The head, all the way down the shaft to the balls. The Feeling of my cock gently fucking the back of her throat put me over the edge. "OH GOD IM THERE," I whispered. "MM HMM" she replied as she continued cleaning my cock with her saliva. Spasm after spasm of Cum shot straight down her throat and into her stomach.

I couldnt stand it anymore.. my cock wanted nothing more than to be tightly slid into her wet pussy. I pulled her over to the edge and jumped off. The edge of the trampoline was the perfect height. I spread her legs as far as i could with my hands.. and slowly Began to slide the tip of my head into her pussy. Although she was not a virgin. she was EXTREMELY tight. After several mintues of trying to Slide it in, to no avail. A scream let out from the pool, which startled megan, taking her mind off it for just long enough for me to Pound my cock more than halfway in. I began working in and out.. alternating using my fingers in attempt to loosen her up. Eventually I was Sliding Completly In and Out with Ease. "HARDER" she exclaimed. I Took my hands off of the bottoms of her thrighs and Grabbed right onto her hips.. using my own thighs to hold her legs apart. And I began to slip my cock in and out, Pulling her into it for even more force. There is No doubt the clapping of our midsections togetehr could be heard from the pool. But I didnt care. As She reached nearer and nearer orgasm her Pussy spasmotically tightened and loosend around my Cock. She let out a wild scream as i continued to pound her pussy as hard as i could. I felt her Juices squirt on my cock, each time pulling out exposed more and more of her juices on my penis. I began feeling weak. All of My Muscles tensed up asi began taking my cock complete out and then pounding it all the way back in. I was Right on the edge of Orgasm when my friend Brandi walked around the corner. She saw why Megan and i had decided to stay back. I didnt stop.. As brandi walked closer and closer I Shot at least 6 spasms of Cum straight Into Megans warm, moist cunt. She Climbed foreward and began aiding me In cleaning her own juices off of me. When She saw brandi standing there. A slight smile arose on brandis face as she disapeared back behind the pool. … I could tell by the look in Megans eye that this night was not over yet!

She Rolled over and slid her legs off of the trampoline in front of me. For a PERFECT doggy style position. As I began to go back inside her she simply said NOT THAT ONE. Megan was giving me permission to Have anal sex with her!!!! mind you we were only 15 years old. I began by sliding my fingers into her assholein order to loosen it a bit. I had to use my own Spit as Lubrication. I Lathered the end of my cock up as best as possible.. and began to go inside of her.. She didnt act as if it was hurting her until the Pull out. She Gasped in pain. But would not let me stop. I Continued working my Cock in and out of her asshole.. which was signifcantly looser by now. She Put her leg up on the edge of the trampoline so i could have a better angle.. and i continued to Fuck her asshole HARD for every bit of 45 minutes..

"Go in me now,. PLEASE" she said I grasped her hips as hard as ever and began going inside her all the way to the balls With full force..It wasnt long after that i had reached the greatest orgasm of my Life. I shot spasm after spasm into her Asshole and all over her vagina and ass. I Pulled my soft cock out of her asshole.. which was leaking with my Fluids. We Climbed back onto the trampoline and got our clothes back on and Engaged in one more deep, passionate kiss before she climbed off the trampoline and back into the house.

PART TWO?????????????????????????????????

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