Mels pussey

Mels pussey

Simply Mel

With a title like that I could not more under described what is about to be written here.

Mel is 32-year-old modern married mum she has one child a boy and she is not a stunner, but she does have a body and a presence that gives one the feeling that she could be a sexy women in the right circumstances. By the way, her husband has about as much love and sex appeal in him a disused petrol pump.

So it was no surprise to find out that she had found love elsewhere or so she thought, sad to say that was not the truth.

I am not by blood related to Mel, she is the daughter of my partner and for the last 3 years we have become close but not that close, yet she does confide some matters to me that need perhaps the sort of guidance you would expect from her farther.

Such is the begging of this story, it happened on a day that I had taken off from work due to a chill and felt that a day in bed would help. Around 11.30 I got up and went to the kitchen to make a drink, the cat and I were both enjoying the winter sun and the peace within the house.

Then the doorbell rang I went to the door slightly pissed off as peace at my age is welcome when you do not feel too good.

Fuck it I thought who is this now; some sales representative or whatever, to my surprise is was Mel.

She was crying and looked a right mess her makeup had run down her cheeks and she was in a right state, I pulled her in and said, “whatever is wrong why are you like this” to which she blabbed out some incompressible replay.

“Come in sit down drink this” handing her my coffee and tell me what is wrong,

I went to the kitchen got some tissues

She started to tell me she had done all she could to keep the guy on the side that she had been seeing from taking drugs and now she was fed up and broke it off with him.

Well that is a shame I thought,

A shame! No, it is a good thing.

Who am I to judge?

Fucked if I know what to say.

I looked at her and asked, “Are you sorry about it now or what? “Yes and no” was her response; you girls never make it easy do you?

Ok I said lets get this right you broke it off you now want it back on?

No, she said aloud she was pissed off and upset as she was sick to death of the men in her life and felt she was forever making mistakes.

So, from this I decided that this young woman need a bit of TLC from a mature man who is as much a dad as he can be and give some tender advice to bolster her confidence back up.

How am I going to do this, here I am stood all but naked in pair of shorts my hair stood on end, lets be honest none of us look that good when we have a cold and just got out of bed do we?

I sit down opposite her and started to say the sort of things that make a women feel better like here is my gold card go and blast it (only joking) no I say “Mel you are a little smasher and there must be a queue of men trying to get with you”

“Don’t you understand I am sick of these young guys who think they know it all and in truth know fuck all, except the size of their cocks?

! Wow ! I thought Mel is pissed, I had better watch my self as I may get a blast from her. She wiped her eyes took a sip of coffee and looked at me then let out a big sigh she said with a slight smile “I am sorry to burden you with this carp” No problem I thought I have done nothing except give you my drink and a little of my time.

Mel, can I ask you a question “yes anything” why have you come here today how did you know I was home, “My mum told me, I spoke with her and she said you did not feel well”

Well I have not been up long as you can see and she smiled again this time a brighter look on her face and said, “I know I can see do you always were shorts in bed” No, I just grabbed them up and came down stairs.

Do you feel a little better now?

“Yes, she said can I stay a while so my eyes do not look to red when I go?

Of course, I replied. I went over and got my cigarettes handed her one and we sat back and relaxed a bit.

Mel went on to tell me that she came around to see me as she felt I was a shoulder to cry on, even though I was not well. Ok I say do you want some more coffee or a soft drink?

“No this is fine she said”

Well take your coat off, relax, and let us just enjoy the peace a little. As Mel took her coat off I saw that she had on a sliver top that showed the full out line of her breasts and more her nipples, it was the first time I had ever seen such a full profile of them, and boy they were a sight to see.

I don’t know about you but I do think that some women look far more sensual in their clothes than without them and looking at Mel’s breasts made me think how nice it would be to slip my hand up inside and get a good feel of her tits.

With that, I felt my cock twinge a little and told myself to stop or this could become a very difficult visit as much as I would like to, Mel was out of bounds.

She said, “do you mind if I pop up stairs and freshen up” no go for it, I said walking to the kitchen for a new cuppa for my self.

Crisis over I thought, Mel was awhile then she came down stairs sat down and smiled and then said “you left your TV on in the bedroom I turned it off for you” thanks and then I went bright red. You see I had been laying in bed wanking while watching a home video of me and her mum fucking, now what do I say.

Before I get the chance to say, another word Mel asked me this, “Why have you and my mum filmed your selves, doing it!”

I think for a while and look at her and say I don’t know how you and your hubby or ex boyfriend get turned on, but me and your mum find it very stimulating and Mel those films are for us and no one else, as you know or should do, that it never hurts to bring a bit of naughty play in to ones sex life.

Mel is not still curious and asked ”does my mum enjoy them or is it a male thing” Mel you know your mum, she would never do anything that she did not want too, does that answer your question.

The one thing I want you to promise me Mel is this, you never tell her you saw the film she would die if she thought you knew about it and blame me.

Mel looked right at me do not worry I wont and asked, “Does my mum know you watch them alone” Funny thing to ask I say to my self, Mel she does too I reply.

I turn to Mel and say, it never hurts to help what goes on in the bedroom if you get my meaning, your mum, and I both enjoy them alone and together.

Mel opened her mouth and said, “The dirty cow I never knew perhaps I should have had one to show that fool I have been seeing all he ever wanted to do is a quick one and sleep”

As she is talking, I cannot help but look at her tits, her nipples seem to have grown while she is talking to me, I wonder if this is turning her on a bit.

Right are you warm enough I ask, “why do you ask that she said” and I motion with my eyes and look down at her nipples she blushes and said it must have been the film.

Well there you go I said it does the same to your mum, we both laugh at this, and the tension is gone. I can see she is excited a little and she has goose bumps on her arms, now what do we talk about I wonder.

Mel looks over at me and cannot help herself she has to ask me more about the film, I can see now that whatever she saw has her going, now I think to my self I could have a bit of fun here and the dirty dog in me would love to dip my toes as were, in to a bit of sexual banter with her to see how far, or where it may takes us.

Mel, I say, what was going on in the bit of the film that you saw, knowing that if I were right she would have seen me going down on her mum and finger fucking her arse, which her mum loves.

She looked down at the floor and says, “well you were and a pause, licking my mum” right and what did you think about that, she replied “well at first I thought you dirty sod but then as I saw her face she was loving it I could tell”.

Mel do you like that when it is done to you, she does not say anything for a second or two and the she says still looking down “It has never been done to me”

What! I say never I don’t believe it “well you better, my hubby and the bloke I was seeing did not like it” wankers I say. Mel look at me she lifted her head and I tell her that I think it is very important and that if a women lets you, it is a compliment for the man.

I can feel myself getting a little excited now I have used this line before to get into a woman’s draws and it has worked. My cock is begging to fill out a bit, I adjust myself by moving around on the seat to get it a bit of room to expand, just in case, but at the same time I do not want to make a fool of myself.

(I think you dirty no good basted you want to fuck her and you are trying it on)

Mel tells me she has never heard a man explain it like that before she thought it was a nice way to put it. I carry on a bit as I can see her nipples are still up, so far I have not over stepped that mark I think.

Mel, I am going to take a shower as I have not done so yet and have a shave it will take me about thirty minutes, so if you want to go up stairs and have a little look at the film so you can see how much your mum likes it, do so,

If you feel funny about watching us, then in the draw by the bed on the right are a few blue films that show men doing it to women. It is obvious to me that you have not seen how much fun it is and how enjoyable it can be. The reason I say look at me and your mum, is, that we are doing it for pleasure not for money or acting, there is a big difference.

I don’t know if it is that important to me she replied, it would be if it was being done one to you by one of your men I replied. Oh fuck them she said

[b]Shit I thought she is going cold on the idea. I decide not to press it any further and go upstairs for my shower I might add my cock is now a little harder and I think well what the fuck it was worth a try but probably just as well in the long run.

I leave Mel to it and get my self into the bathroom for my shower, which is off the side of our bedroom. Once the shower is running I step in and get on with it, my cock is semi hard and looks good to me but fuck it I will save it for tonight and her mum but pretend I am doing it to Mel.

As I turn around after soaping myself down I get under the shower head to rinse and as I do I start to think what it would be like to have sex with Mel, she is not bad looking she has a fine set of tits and from what she has said her sex life has not been too interesting.

Well it was a nice thought and I get on with clean up, I finish the shower and have my shave, then I hear Mel call out “are you finished”, yes Mel just shaving, “can I come up she shouts” yes by all means.

Mel enters the bedroom and sits down on the bed she says,

“I hope I have not given you the wrong idea about me.. I like you and even though you are a lot older then me I find you a sexy man, it was a bit of a shock to think that you and my mum get at it like you do, it makes my sex life look very dull”

As I am shaving, I think there is a time in all seductions of this nature when it is time to stop talking and start acting. So I put this to Mel, how about you and me watching the film for a while so you can see how nice and un-crude it is, it may help you understand how much enjoyment can be had from a good sex life.

Mel your mum is not a prude she enjoys her sex with me and lets be honest I am not her first lover and I may not be her last. Remember pleasure can be had in many ways, it just happens that we get a lot from sex, some couples do not, if I went out side to find sex it would not mean I don’t love your mum, it just means I need something she can not give me.

The same could be said of you and your hubby, he does not provide you with the sex life you want or think you need. Maybe that is why you looked outside it just happens you were unlucky twice, you either give up or settle for what you have or try again.

Mel when your mum is telling me to fuck her or whatever she says in that film, I think you have to agree she would tell whoever is doing her at the time to do it, not because she loves me just that she loves it and we are forthright in what we want during sex.

She is quiet for a while and then she says,

“you are the only person I can talk to like this and I don’t know why but I feel like I can tell you things that I would never tell anyone else. I feel safe with you, yet when I saw you looking at my body the way you were I got a little turned on, do you think that is right, after all you are my mums partner”

Mel I am also a man and you have a good body and it would be strange it I did not look at you in that way, it does not mean anything would ever happen and then I let her have it time to be bold. Mel right now I am in here shaving, “yes” she says and I have a hard on just talking to you like this, “why” she says simple all this talk of sex has turned me on.

In a few minutes I am going to finish and I am going to come out of here and walk into the bedroom naked, if you want to go now is the time, but if you are there when I come out, I will not see my partners daughter but a young woman in her prime with great tits who is not sure what she wants and I am going to put on the film again and if you stay well we could have some fun, if you go I will lie on the bed watch the film and have a wank.

Not a sound, no noise no reply, nothing no movement so I think well fuck it I am going for it.

I look at my cock which is now rock hard I finish I put on a little after shave put the towel in the basket, still no sound I figure if I say anything I may just brake the spell so I turn out the light in the bathroom and walk in to the bed room.

Mel has not moved she is sat on the bed looking out of bedroom window, as I walk in she does not turn around her shoulders are hunched she is deep in thought, I walk around to the side of the bedroom where she is sat and my cock is level with her face.

She looks at it and at me, she gets up walks past me to the window and pulls down the blind, she turns around and says, “put on the film please, from the start” ok I then lean over the bed pick up the remote and press start, Mel then walks out of the bedroom, so it is a wank for me then I think, she goes down the stairs and I think shame, I get on the bed and look at the film, then I hear her…..she is coming back up the stairs, she has her bag in her hand, she walks in the bedroom looks at me on the bed with my hard on, crosses her arms in front of her grabs hold of her top and pulls it over her head she lets it drop to the floor.

Oh what a lovely sight her breast are, her nipples are fat and long, bigger than her mums and proud, her breast are not huge but natural with an almost personality all of the own, each one looks like a mouth in need of a kiss, she has a natural cleavage she is one sexy woman, how any man could not wish to get in between her legs and suck her cunt till she has no juice left, is beyond me.

Mel then undoes the top of her jeans and lets them drop to the floor her panties are white and she pulls them down and steps out of them showing each elegant leg bent as she does and then she is naked, she reaches down to her bag and pulls out a hair tie she lifts her arms up and takes hold of her hair and pulls it in to a pony tail and pulls on the tie as she does I have a full view of her milky white body her little pubic mound with her trimmed pussey looks as though it has never been touched before.

She then puts her hand on her hips and look s at me and says, “make it worth it please”, I get up off the bed take her in my arms and kiss her full on the mouth I can feel her soft body and her ripe tits and nipples brush against my chest, my cock is rock hard pressing against her tummy, we kiss and our tongues meet in our wet mouths, both of us are breathing faster.

I turn Mel around so her back it to the bed and move so she has to sit down on it, I tell her to move back along the bed and as she does I get down on my knees, this way she can see the film as I make love to her beautiful pussy.

My hands are holding her legs and very slowly, I start to brush my lips along each leg and with gentle pressure, I am able to part her legs just enough to see her pussey waiting for me she is sat up on the bed with her hands either side of her looking down at me, I continue to brush/kiss her legs and now I go up to her pubic mound and nestle my lips in amongst her bush and my tongue makes it first appearance on her bush, she breaths out louder and I then move back down her legs stopping to kiss parts of them as I go, I know that if I go to her pussey too quick it will not be as good, if this is really her first time for a man to suck her juice from her cunt I want her to enjoy the anticipation of what she may think is going to happen and how it will make her feel.

Mel moves one of her hands to my back and runs her fingers along my spine and I get a tingle form this, my poor old cock is going to have to take second place today this means my pleasure is going to have to come from giving rather then receiving never a bad thing.

No then, let’s get on with how to induce the best and first oral orgasm and many more for Mel I think, who now is very primed for a wonderful experience, it has taken a lot of courage to let me do this and in some respects her daring in letting us get to this stage, so I am not going to dis-respect her trust and need.

I slowly start to kiss along her legs more a lick than a kiss and as I reach the top section of her legs I switch for left to right, as I get closer to her cunt, (I love that word) her legs are now opening without any help from me, Mel has now changed and she has chosen to lie down and she can see the film which from the sound tells me her mum is sucking my cock, I move very slowly to her cunt and let my tongue linger just above the top of her cunt lips, Mel’s hand comes up and presses on my head I gently push her legs further apart so I can see her cunt lips, I go for them like a fish on a hook I take them in my mouth, lick and suck on them, Mel leans up and so she can see me doing this her nipples look like they are about to explode, she is breathing now very loudly and her moans are starting, I can feel these little bits of flesh on my mouth and I suck and play with them knowing that they protect that juicy hole of Mel’s.

I let go of her lips and let the tip only of my tongue find their way between her lips so that for the first time her cunt can feel my probing tongue as I part her legs more her lips open and exposed this gentle pink opening full of pleasure for both of us.

Mel is going to cum I can feel it in her body, she is moaning now and her head is moving she has her hands on my head now and I take them off and place them on her tits, I want this juicy pink cunt all to myself I don’t need any help, this is the best pink cunt I have seen for some time and I am going to lick it like a person scoop’s and oyster out of it shell, I let my tongue wonder around the contours of her cunt and as I do I can feel Mel react to each movement her cunt is wet but I know there is much more to come out of her and my job is to get it all.

I know introduce my full tongue into her cunt and as she feels it lapping her she lets out a very loud moan and her body is convulsing as she has her first big orgasm.

Her hands are back and she has a hold of my head and hair I can feel her pelvic area reacting to her orgasm she is now full of juice and I like a cat set about lapping it up and leave no part of her cunt unattended.

She smells of sex, she tastes of sex and she is lost in sex right now, I can see that little hood that protects her clit and I push my tongue up against it and wiggle my tongue and then I feel her clit and press my tongue against it more I can feel her body getting ready for the next orgasm as he moves more I get a grip of her clit with my lips and move my bottom lip from side to side as I keep her clit in between my lips this makes her jump and I lose her clit for a second or two as I find it aging she lets out a yelp and cums again.

She becomes very vocal and I can hear her, “fuck me fuck me oh god this so nice arrrrrr, I am going to cum again, please let me cum again don’t stop”

I swap my lips from her clit to her cunt and give one almighty suck and bring my lips together and then lick her at a fast rate, as her orgasm builds again don’t stop don’t, she screams now, “fuck mmeeeeeeee of god I am cumming and I cannot stop what is happing oh god”

As she subsides a little I introduce my finger to her cunt and tickle her clit with it and swap it with my tongue in turn, my finger goes in to the cunt and my tongue licks it and visa versa I am covered in her juice my little finger slides under her cunt and probes around he arse just to let her know right now nothing is sacred or beyond pleasure.

Mel, lets go of my head and flops back on the bed, I look up at her, she is sweating her face is relaxing she has her eyes closed and one of her hands on her brow she is rocking her head from side to side slow and just saying things like oh god what have I been missing.

I withdraw from her cunt area and stand up my poor knees hurt a little, as I stand up my cock bounces around, she sees this and holds out her hand and beckons me to her, I turn around and look at the TV I am now fucking her mum from behind and Mel likes that I can see, but what she does not know I am fucking her mums arse.

As I move towards Mel she reaches over and kisses me full on the lips, our mouths meet and she can now smell herself and taste what I have been drinking and licking for the last half an a hour or so.

She searches out my tongue sucks on it and licks all around it, she breaks off and looks at me and says, “I have never ever” and before she is able to say any more I put my finger to her lips, and nod my head do not worry Mel, today is the begging if you like, there is more I could have done to you but why have it all in one go, for as long as you want and whenever we feel right about it, we can do it again.

She nods her head and we both look at the film which shows her mum taking my cum of her lips and swallowing it. I look at Mel she looks at me and I nod, Mel moves down the bed and takes hold of my cock which is not huge it is thick though and she just looks at me and starts to lap and lick it, I will leave the rest to you to think about.

Girls, Lady’s I live to suck women I love it, and to all those who have let me thank you.

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