Mike was punished by his English teacher

Mike was punished by his English teacher

Mike was the best student in the Grade 8 class. He always gets praised by the teachers. It was a Wednesday when this thing happened. He was sitting in the third row. It was a boy’s school so there is not any single girl in the school. The bell rang. It was the period for English Lessons. Mrs. Smith was a good teacher. She was in her mid thirties. She was married to a Navy Officer. Most of the time he is far away from home. She didn’t have any children. So is happy to be with a bunch of boys. In that day she wears a white blouse with a wide opening in front. It was the grammar lesson. While teaching the students the different between passive voice and active voice she walked slowly through the class. She saw a pencil in front of Mike and bend down to pick it up from the floor. While she was coming up Mike saw her huge breasts covered by a black bra.

Mrs. Smith saw the amazement of the Mike through his eyes. Without saying any word she gave the pencil back to Mike. Mike was not like the boys of his age. He always gets concentrated with his studies. That was a special new feeling to him. He was not attracted to a woman before. Although it is his teacher he could not be able to resist the feeling on his mind. After the class Mrs. Smith went back to the staff room. She was thinking why his best student looked at her in that way.

In the very next day she came to the class with a blouse with a wider opening than before. Any one can see half of her nicely grown breasts. In that day she asked Mike to come to her desk with the homework which she had given the day before. Mike was standing in front of his teacher. He quickly stared at the breasts of Mr. Smith. Wow he thought that they are much bigger than his mom. When Mrs. Smith goes through the book she recognized that he hasn’t done any thing. Mrs. Smith angrily looked at Mike and shouted “you must stay after the school as a punishment”.

The school bell ranged. All the students left the school. Mike was sitting in the classroom completing his homework. Mrs. Smith came and shouted “bastard!!! How dare you are, not to complete homework. You have to be punished for this”. Mike didn’t say a single word. “You have to work me as a slave. Come here you bastard… get on to your knees polish my shoes by your little fingers. Oh! Poor Mike he bends to polish his teacher’s shoos. Mrs. Smith again shouted “Hey! Boy don’t polish it like a foolish dog… you have to look upwards to catch my commands”. So as said by her he looked upwards. He was fascinated by the pink panties of his teacher through her dress. “It’s getting late….You have to come with me and do the rest of your homework from my house” she said.

Mike followed by the way her go to the car swaying her ass. Mike was seated in front when the car arrives to Mrs. Smith’s house. It’s a 2 storey building. Flowers are all over the garden. Mike sat on the sofa and looked at the photos on table while Mrs. Smith goes for a change. Mrs. Smith came back in few seconds. He was amazed by the sight of his teacher. She was wearing a mini skirt only feet long. They showed her nicely shaped legs. She came in front of mike and sat in front of Mike. Now mike can see her pink panty very easily. Mrs. Smith commanded Mike to read the homework for her. Mike has started to read the book, he don’t miss to look at his sexy teachers legs through under the book. Mrs. Smith began to spread her legs wider and wider by noticing what his student is looking. Mike was shocked by the scene. He was reading the same sentence few more times again n again. Mrs. Smith raised both her legs and placed them on the stool.

Mrs. Smith roughly shouted at Mike “Is this the way I have taught you to read. You have to be badly punished for this. Stand up and get on you knees and start to lick my legs.” Mike did what she has said to do. “Now remove my pants. Can you feel their smell????” Mike removed them as an obedient servant. “Now clean my pussy lips by your tongue” Mike was amazed by the cute little lips of her pussy. As the Mike went licking over and over she patted his head like he has used to be praised by all teachers.

Mike makes his tongue get in to her pussy’s inner wall. Mrs. Smith starts moan and increased it when the boy tried to put it as he can. Mrs. Smith took off her blouse and revealed her breast. She was not wearing a bra. Mike slowly got holds to her nipples and tried to squeeze them while he was putting his tongue deeper and deeper. The teacher was very pleased to have an obedient student like Mike. As the time passed Mrs. Smith became violent. She shouted “bastard, do it harder make your teacher cum all over your face”. She then realized Mike was still in his cloths. “hey… boy pullout your clothes quickly I wanna see your little body… hurry up” . Mrs. Smith was finger fucking her self while mike was on the way to put down his pants. Mrs. Smith’s eyes went wide open by the seen “how did you get such a big one. You are only in grade eight… ”.

It was the Mrs. Smith’s chance to return the favor. Her mouth was not enough to take that big dick in. she crazily pulled it in and out her lips not even considering the cry of little boy. Mrs. Smith got into his legs and shouted “I’ll fuck you as the punishment.” She slowly slid the big dick through her pussy lips. Then started to fuck her self by sitting on Mike’s body. Mike don’t have any thing to do just staring at the breasts of his teacher go up and down. Each time she go up she come back with a speed twice than before. Mike felt that he was going to cum n said “I’ m gonna…” . Mrs. Smith get off from him and said “I want every drop of them on my breasts” and move the huge dick to and fro across her large breasts with the help of her hands. Mike felt on the Sofa. Mrs. Smith stood up and said “the game is not over” and went to her room and come back with a strap with a large dido. She commanded mike to bend over and slid the dido it in to his asshole.

It was near the evening when he was able to reach his house. After that day most of the days he was punished by his English teacher and he likes to be punished.

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