Mom my Uncle and I

Mom my Uncle and I

Mom, uncle & me:
My name is Paul; I’m 34 years old and a career diplomat. I am 6’1” inches tall and still weigh 190lbs my football weight in college. I convinced my Mother to write her side of this story so you will be getting two sides.

Growing up I had a wonderful childhood, fishing & hunting with my Dad and a loving supportive Mother. I was a very good football player and won a scholarship to a top college. I played defensive end and outside line backer. I did not get drafted by the PRO’S so I joined the diplomatic core so I could travel. I spoke French, German, Spanish, and a little Italian thrown in.

I had never thought of my Mother sexually although when I was sixteen I accidentally walked in on Mom taking a bath. She had just stood up in the tub to dry off when I walked in on her. I froze when I saw her standing there stark nagged. Mom was still a beautiful woman at 33. She was 5’7 and weighed about 125 lbs. She had been a Gymnast in college and still worked out 4 times a week at the gym. Her 35c breasts with very nice pink areolas were still firm and her nipples pointed straight at me. She had just a little hair above her pussy and the rest was shaved off. Her pussy lips were full and for about forty-five seconds we just stood there in shock looking at each other.

I mumbled and stammered. God, Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t know you were in here. I rushed out and ran to my room. I had a hard on from seeing her like that and began to jack my self off. I didn’t have a lock on the door so when she walked in she caught me in the act. She had on her terry cloth robe and when she froze in the doorway it parted a little and I could again see her pussy. She said “OH, I’m sorry Paul I should have knocked.” Her face turned a deed shade of pink and backed up and closed the door but not before she took a long look at my cock. Now I wasn’t huge but I did have a nice 8 inch cock and about three inches around.

That night she came to my bedroom and again apologized for not locking the door. I think it is best we forget the whole incident, Ok? I said, sure Mom, but I want you to know you are very beautiful & terribly sexy women. She turned that shade of pink again and left. I noticed a slight smile on her face. We never spoke of it until just recently. It took quite a while for me to get that image out of my brain. Every girl I fucked for the next three weeks I imagined it was Mom. Finally I got that image out of my mind, but I never looked at Mom quite the same after that.

I spent a lot of time over seas, Germany, France, England and Switzerland. I fucked a lot of foreign women over the years. Most German women were full bodied with big tits. The French women were small with small breasts but they really like to suck cock if you ate their pussies. They didn’t bathe all that often so it took some time to get used to eating their pussies. The Swiss were exceptionally clean. Not easy to bed but when you did they would fuck your brains out. The English women were a little stiff with an odd since of humor, however once you got them in bed they liked to fuck, but very few would give you a blow job and they hated it in the ass.

Dad died four years ago while I was in Switzerland. I flew home for the funeral and stayed with Mom for a week. She was pretty broken up. Dad’s brother gave a great eulogy about his life. Mom spent most of the time I was home in my arms crying. The last night before I left to return to Switzerland Mom came into my room and crawled in bed with me. She said she wanted to be close to me before I left. We fell asleep curled up in each others arms. I woke up about six AM and found I was curled up behind Mom with my cock between her legs. The head of my dick was right at the entrance of her pussy. Without thinking I shoved myself a little closer and my dick pushed her gown into her pussy a little. I began to slowly dry fuck her, I heard her grown softly and say Dad’s name. I thought what the fuck am I doing? She thinks its Dad. I pulled away from her and went and took a cold shower and left that afternoon.

Two years ago I flew home to take a new post in the US. I called home and the operator said the number was not valid (I found out later they had changed the area code three years previously). When I got home a note said the door bell was out of order so I knocked but got no answer. I remembered where we kept a spare key so I used it to go in. I threw my bags on a chair and went looking for Mom. When I found there was no one downstairs I went up stairs. As I approached my Mothers bedroom I heard this moaning. I thought what the hell is going on. Her door was ajar so I looked in. I was flabbergasted at what I saw. There was my Mother flat on her back with her legs over this mans ass and he was fucking her like crazy. I could see her juices running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. I said MOM. They both looked at me and it was then I realized it was my uncle fucking her. YOU’RE FUCKING DADS BROTHER I SHOUTED. The last thing I heard as I left the house was Mom pleading for me not to leave that we need to talk.


My name is Pauline and Paul my son is named after me. Two years ago when Paul walked in on me and Fred my brother-in-law and his Uncle, I almost shit a brick. I tried to get to him before he walked out the door but it was too late. As I laid in bed sobbing after Fred left I wondered if I had lost Paul forever. I began remembering our life together. The things we did together and then I remembered the time he walked in on me and surprised me getting out of the tub. It shocked me but not near as bad as when I walked into his bedroom and caught him jacking off. When I saw him like that I had a hot flash that went from my neck to my toes. Looking at his very large cock in his hand caused my pussy to get very hot. When I left I was ashamed of myself for the way my pussy reacted, after all he was my son. That night when I went to his bedroom to apologize I got real upset with myself because when he told me how beautiful and sexy I was my pussy turned hot and got real wet. When I went to bed I finger fucked myself until I climaxed. My mind kept thinking, what it would be like to have that cock inside me. “Christ Pauline what kind of pervert are you, he is your son” I thought.

I remembered the funeral and how Paul took me in his arms. I flushed when I remembered the night he left and I went to his bedroom. I remembered the next morning when I woke up and felt his cock at the entrance of my pussy. How when he began to dry fuck me how my pussy juices began to flow. I wanted to lift my gown and let him shove that big piece of meat into my love hole. I later hated myself for being so horny so soon after my husband’s death. I thought if I made Paul think it was his father he would continue to dry fuck me and maybe do it for real. Boy was I wrong, no sooner than I mentioned my husband’s name than he jumped out of bed and ran into his bathroom and took a shower.

I remember how lonely I got after my husbands death. We had had a very good sex life. We made love right up to a few days before his death. He was a good lover and really knew how to eat a women’s pussy. I felt myself flush as I thought about it.

Fred started coming over to visit about a year and a half after my husband’s death. Fred had been single for about ten years. We went to a dinner & show occasionally or we just sat around chatting and watching television. One night we went out for dinner and had two bottles of wine. When we got home I was pretty far gone. I fixed him a drink and I went in and changed into my gown and robe. When I came back I had another drink and we chatted awhile until I knew I better get to bed before I passed out.

I told Fred he could stay the night and sleep in Paul’s room. When I got up I felt a little woozy and Fred grabbed me before I fell over. We stood there with his arms around me. Suddenly he pulled me to him and kissed me. Shoving his tongue in and began to explore it. I don’t know why but I responded kissing him with a passion I had not felt in a long time. I felt his hand on my breast and he tweaked my nipple as it popped out. I felt him untie my robe and lift my gown, inserting two fingers into my vagina. My pussy was already gushing its juices. He shoved his two fingers in and out of me and I climaxed before he had done a half dozen strokes. I came three more times within a few minutes of his finger fucking. I Groaned Oooooooooooh god it’s been so long.

He picked me up and carried me upstairs to my bedroom. He removed my robe and gown and laid me on the bed with my legs hanging over the end. He kissed me passionately before he began to fondle my breast as he sucked on the other. His tongue ran around my nipple while his fingers played with my other nipple. My tits were heaving and I was breathing so hard. My heart was pounding like it was coming out of my chest.

He slid down between my legs and when his tongue touched my vagina my pussy exploded in a huge climax. I cried out OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD as he shoved his tongue deep inside my pussy. He brought his tongue up and slid it across my clit. I remember saying OH SHIT OH SHIT I’mmm; I’m commmmmming again, oh shit yes.
He started running his tongue up and down my slit, and then he shoved two fingers up my hole and started sucking my clit. OH SHIT FRED, DAM YOU I CAN’T STOP CUMMING.

I was shoving my pelvis hard against his mouth as he licked sucked and finger fucked my raging pussy. It had been over two years since I had had anyone in my pussy. When he lifted his head I almost laughed because his whole face was covered in pussy juice, even his eye brows. He slid up my body and at the same time as his mouth covered my right breast his cock was entering my honey pot. He slowly pushed the entire length in and I felt him bottom out. He began to push in and out of my hot juicy hole ever so slowly. After a couple of minutes he increased his speed and about every minute he would go a little faster until he was pounding my pussy like a mad bull. I was cumming about every two minutes. I couldn’t believe how long Fred was able to fuck me like this without cumming. It lasted about twenty minutes when he shoved my legs above my head and he rammed his cock down and exploded his love offering right into my cervix opening.

We lay there with both our chests heaving and gasping for air. Sweat was pouring off both of us and we were both exhausted. WOW I said, It’ been a long time since I got fucked like that. In fact I’m not sure if I ever got fucked like that. An hour later we were at it again, not quite as heated but almost. He fucked me in the morning just before we went to work. As I drove to work I thought shit, I better start taking the pill because I knew I wanted more of last night. I sure hoped I wasn’t already pregnant.

Fred Moved in with me and like his brother wanted to fuck all the time. The beauty was he made love to me and not just fuck me, his stamina was mind boggling.

After I left the house I realized I had left my bags at Moms house. I rented a cheap room at a local motel and crawled into bed. Even though I was dead tired from the travel I couldn’t go to sleep right away. I lay there thinking about what I saw. Shit why was I so surprised, Uncle Fred was very much like Dad. Same size, same personality but three years younger. I thought Mom must have been very lonely after Dad died and I also knew that Dad and Mom had had a very active sex life. So why was I so upset? It finally dawned on me, I was jealous. Mom at 52 was still a beautiful sexy woman. She has an athletes body and still works out three times a week. Seeing her wonderful breasts that hardly sagged as she lay there with Uncle Fred’s cock pumping in and out of her very wet pussy had actually turned me on.

The next morning I sheepishly retuned home. Mom was waiting for me, she had taken the day off work and Fred had left for work early. She had made coffee and asked me if I wanted breakfast. Just a piece of toast I said. She was in her gown and her light robe. She started to speak and I placed my finger over her mouth. I said Mom you don’t need to apologize for anything. I realized that you must have become very lonely after Dad died. Uncle Fred is so much like Dad that I don’t blame you. Seeing you with his cock in your beautiful cunt shocked me at first but last night I came to the conclusion that the reason I was so up set was that I was jealous.

Mom looked at me with a flushed face and pulled me to my feet. She gave me a big hug and said, “Oh honey, I’m so glad you are not mad at me.” We stood like that for a long time. She leaned forward and gave me a kiss on my lips that lasted longer than I ever remembered being kissed by her before. I realized at that moment my cock had gotten hard and was pressing against her. I reached down and gently pulled her robe apart, allowing my cock to slide between her legs. I reached down and lifted her legs up and pulled her gown up at the same time. Her knees were on my hips. I lifted her high and put one arm under her ass as I undid my pants and let them fall. I pulled my underpants down below my ass and eased her down on my stiff cock.

As my cock entered her pussy, still wet from Uncle Fred’s cum the night before, Mom suddenly realized what I was doing. She pushed at my chest and struggled to get free from my grasp. “PAUL, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, FOR CHRIST SAKE I’M YOUR MOTHER” she screamed. I pulled her ass hard to me and my cock sunk all the way into her pussy. I put my head against her breasts as she was pounding my shoulders with her fists. “PLEASE DON’T DO THIS” she continued. Her wiggling and struggling was causing my cock to rub up and down her clit. She was getting wetter by the second. She began to cry. I’m sorry Mom I won't stop, ever since the night of Dads funeral I’ve wanted you. I think you have wanted me too but were afraid to admit it.

“Please Paul, we can’t, its incest” she whispered in my ear. Please stop before we do something we will regret. I felt her pussy responding to my movement as she spoke. I laid her butt on the edge of the table and began to drive my stiff cock in and out of her. “OH Paul, please, oh shit; stop, please, your going to make me CUMMMMMMMMM. I felt her ass quiver and she began to buck her ass up driving my cock even deeper inside her. I can’t stop Mom I cried, I want you so bad.

I continued driving my cock in and out of her pussy. The more I fucked the wetter she got. She started a series of climax’s and began to scream, “OH SHIT PAUL, WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME IS A SIN BUT YESSSSS IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE YOUR WONDERFUL COCK INSIDE ME. Yesssss oh god yessssss, I’m cumming so fast I Ihink I’m going to pass out. OOOHHHHHH IEEEEEEEE. She didn’t, she just started murmuring little incoherent words I didn’t under stand as she came, and came, and came still more. I felt that familiar feeling in my ball sack and I lifted her legs high above her head and buried my cock head hard against her cervix and shot a tremendous amout of cum into her hot love hole. Her ass quivered and her pussy muscles sucked at my cock as I shot spurt after spurt into her wonderful vagina. It had been several weeks since I had been laid and I l had stored up a substantial amount of cum. I fell across her chest and we stayed like that for several minutes panting and trying to ketch our breath. “Oh god honey, you’re just like your Dad, but with a bigger tool,” she grinned; “you’re some lover”.

I picked her up and carried her up stairs and laid her on her bed with her legs hanging over the end. I removed her robe and gown and lay down beside her. We kissed, and our tongues explored each others mouth. I began to fondle her wonderful breasts that were still pretty firm, for being 52. I took her nipple between my finger and thumb, pinching and rubbing it. The nipple sprang out about a quarter inch as I fondled it. I moved my head down and took the other breast into my mouth and sucked, rolling my tongue over the nipple. “OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU DO TO ME” she panted loudly.

After about five minutes of sucking and fondling her boobs I slid down between her legs. I ran my tongue up and down the entire length of her pussy. Before I could even slip my tongue into her hot hole she grabbed the sides of my head and shoved my face hard against her cunt. Her pussy was so wet her juices were running down her leg and into the crack of her ass. I ate her pussy for almost a half hour and would have continued except Mom grabbed my head and pulled me away from her pussy. She cried, “OH GOD I CAN’T HANDLE THAT ANY MORE, I NEED YOUR COCK BACK INSIDE ME.” Sin or not I’m hooked Paul, you can fuck me any time, any where, any place. We fucked again for close to an hour and then again about five in the morning. I knew she was mine from now on. Then I wondered, What about Uncle Fred?

When Paul returned that morning after catching my husband’s brother fucking me I was so relieved that I had not lost him. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention as to what he was doing until I felt his cock slide into my vagina. I was so shocked that my first reaction was to fight him off; but as we struggled and I felt his huge cock which was bigger than either my husband’s or his brother rubbing my clit I couldn’t help myself. I found my body responding to the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I came very quickly.

I pleaded with him to stop because I was his Mother but deep down I knew I wanted him to continue fucking me. And boy did he, by the time he finished I had cum so many times that the kitchen floor had a two foot ring of wet pussy juice. I was so exhausted I could hardly stand. I was glad when he picked me up and carried me upstairs because I don’t think me legs would have been able on their own.

I didn’t think I would be able to cum another drop or fuck for a couple of days, but when he began to fondle my titties and eat my love hole it was a whole new ball game. We fucked several times the next day and again Sunday. By Sunday night I was completely exhausted and my pussy was wiped out. Fred had called and I put him off. I told him I was working on easing Paul’s pain from seeing us together. I sure was doing that. I asked him to find a place to stay for while.
The End

It was a struggle for awhile trying to satisfy the two of them without their knowing that I was fucking them both. Fred didn’t know about Paul and I and Paul didn’t want to know
if I was still fucking Fred. For the next 90 days I was fucking one or the other every day. Quite often it was several times a day but especially on the days I fucked them both. It finally resolved it’s self. Paul was leaving to take a post in Washington DC and then Fred asked me to marry him. When I told Paul about it I was quite surprised when he said go for it, Fred will make you happy. But then he added with a smile, when I came to visit he would still fuck me. I smiled and agreed. I was so happy I fucked Paul until he finally cried, enough, you wore me out I’m crying uncle.
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