Mom Takes Control_(1)

Mom Takes Control_(1)

Sunil must hardly have set off on his train journey to Delhi when me and my son Hetesh began to enjoy a week of incestual sex. We used every room in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom and even the balcony and we worked through every position possible. I especially enjoyed it when we had ‘standing 69’ with Hetesh holding me upside down and lapping at my clit and gaping hole whilst I drew his large cock to the back of my throat and speared myself on it until I could draw his cum into my stomach.

When we were both home together that week, we used every moment we had to pleasure each other and the forbidden aspect of our activities only served to enhance our feelings and increase our lust for each other. Having tried every position we could think of, we even began to copy positions from erotic literature and porn movies that I used in my work with some clients.

When the week ended and Sunil returned home, Hetesh said that we would have to stop and we could not fuck each other whilst his father was in the house. Although Hetesh is 22 and a big man he is still afraid of his father and what he would say if he knew what we had been doing. I reluctantly agreed but I kept thinking of the past week and I was getting hotter and hotter so when my husband Sunil went to bed I followed and expected him to fuck me after he had been away all week. Some hope of that as when I got to the bedroom he was already fast asleep after his long journey home.

I was so horny though that I still got into bed with him and began to stroke his cock to get him hard. His cock is not as big as Hetesh’s but it is long and thin and he fucks as good now as he did when we first got married. He just mumbled at me so I slid down and took his cock in my mouth and began to lick and suck him. Next thing he’s pushing my head away and he says that he’s too tired as he’s been traveling all day. My pussy was dripping wet but he wasn’t going to do anything with it so I went to find Hetesh.

I went to Hetesh’s room and walked over to him and began to stroke his cock but he pushed me away saying “We can’t, dad will wake up and find us.”

I lifted my leg and showed him my bare cunt as I slid my finger in and said, “Come on, we’ve been doing this all week. Your father is snoring away, he won’t wake up and I’m all hot and wet and need you.” Hetesh ignored my seduction and pushed me out of his room still refusing to fuck me. I was so angry I decided to teach him a lesson.

Next day was Sunday and we were all at home together. I started flirting with Hetesh straight away and went into his room to wake him whilst Sunil was in the bathroom. I was wearing only a robe and Sunil was still asleep when I went into his room so I slid the bedclothes back and pulling his cock from his pajamas’ I started to suck it slowly, flicking the tip of my tongue around the head and underneath at the join with his skin. He woke after a few seconds and jumped up in bed at the sight of his mom with her robe open and naked beneath, sucking on his cock. I said, “It’s Ok, your dad is in the bathroom and will be at least 15 or 20 minutes so just lie back and enjoy it.” He did, and I used all my expertise to give him pleasure – gently licking, then hard sucking, then stroking with my tongue, then nibbling his shaft with my teeth until he could take no more.

“Yes mom,” he cried, “keep going, quick, I’m going to cum in your mouth now!” It was then that I stopped sucking his cock and squeezed the end to deflate his erection a little. I jumped up and said, “I think your father has come out of the bathroom. Get dressed and come for breakfast” I dragged him to his feet and threw his robe to him and then called his father as I led him through to breakfast. I knew that if I had left him alone he could have jerked off and to stop him getting to the bathroom when his father came out, I got there before him so that he couldn’t jerk off there either.

As I went into the bathroom I looked over my shoulder at him as he passed his father and I called out “Sunil, take Hetesh through for breakfast and I’ll be there in a few minutes” and with that I winked at Hetesh and pouted a kiss to him as I went through the door. I stayed there for a good fifteen minutes knowing that Hetesh had a raving hard on beneath his robe but couldn’t do anything about it as he was with his father.

The rest of the day I carried on with my teasing and although I was dressed I didn’t have on any underwear so every opportunity I had I would flash my pussy at Hetesh, knowing he couldn’t do anything about it with his father there. Later in the day we were all watching TV, I was sitting at one end of the couch with Sunil at the other and Hetesh was sitting at the other side of the room. From there I could let my legs fall open and flash my pussy at Hetesh without Sunil being aware of what was going on. I spent all my time teasing Hetesh with my flashes and with my eyes and licking my lips.

Late in the afternoon, Sunil went to his office to work on the computer and Hetesh came over to me and taking my hand he put it on his hard cock through his trousers. “Feel this mom,” he said, “you have been driving me crazy all day long and I know you are doing it to get at me because I said ‘No’ yesterday but now you have me desperate with your teasing and I need to fuck you so much. Please slip some sleeping pills in dads drink tonight and then we can fuck whilst he is drugged.”

At our evening meal I slipped some pills in Sunils drink and about half an hour later he began yawning and shuffled of to bed. I waited a while and when I looked in on him, he was fast asleep with no chance of waking before morning. I got myself ready and wearing just my robe I went to Hetesh’s room. He pounced on me as I went in and kissed me heavily, thrusting his hand to my pussy where he slid two fingers straight into me and began to dip them in and out whilst stroking my clit with his thumb. “Wait Hetesh, not so impatient. You made me wait all last night and today so let’s not rush this. Let’s have some fun whilst your father is asleep.”

“What do you mean?” he asked, “What fun, what do you want us to do?”

“As you wouldn’t do anything yesterday, I think that I should punish you. After all, you naughty boy, I am your mother so you should do as I tell you, even if your dad is in the house as well!” I teased him with my eyes as I said this and I could tell it excited him more so I moved him back over to his bed and pushed him onto it. I went through his drawers and found several items which I then took to the bed and looped over his wrists and tied him to the top of the bed. Then I did the same and tied his feet to the bottom of the bed ‘till he was laying there spread eagled with his rigid cock swaying in the middle.

I peeled off my robe and stood facing him, stroking my tits and lifting the nipples to lick them. Then I slid my hands down and began stroking my pussy, letting my fingers slide between the lips and then sink up into me before I slid them out, wet with my juices and licked them clean. As I was doing this, I was slowly moving towards him and now I leaned over and let my face rest in the air above his cock where I then looked up at his face and saw he was ogling me and beads of sweat were appearing on his top lip and forehead. I opened my mouth and breathed out heavily on his cock head which jumped with the sensation and then I dribbled some saliva onto it.

“Do you like that Hetesh? You like my mouth near your cock don’t you? Do you want me to suck it for you?”

“Oh yes mom, suck my cock for me, make me cum in your mouth!”

I lowered my head and gently probed his cock with the tip of my tongue and then flicked it upwards and caught it between my lips where I held it resting with my mouth partly open and I panted my breath over the head of his cock before closing my lips over it and taking it deep into my mouth where my tongue flicked and played with it. He was soon thrashing in his pleasure and begging me to let him cum in my mouth. When I felt him about to explode, I took his cock out from my mouth and let it drop to his belly. I then got up from the bed and walked slowly away, looking at him over my shoulder and I left the room for a few moments.

When I came back he gasped, “Oh mom, I thought you had left me here. Quick climb onto my cock and fuck me before my balls burst!”

I giggled, “Not yet my son, you kept me waiting and now it’s my turn!” and I brought my hands from behind my back to show him why I had left the room. I had been to my room and brought back with me a long, thick black dildo etched down the sides with tortuous looking veins. I began to stroke it as I danced slowly around the room, Hetesh never took his eyes off me! I then began to suck on the dildo as I danced and then began to slide it along my pussy lips before thrusting it quickly into myself. I stood a foot or so from his face and placed my legs open over his head where I let him watch me fuck myself with the dildo. I kept plunging it into myself and watched his expression as he saw me break through my orgasm right in front of him. My juices ran thick and creamy down the shaft of the dildo and he asked me again to sit on his cock and ride him.

“Come on mom!” he hissed through gritted teeth, “stop this game now and fuck me before I burst. If you won’t fuck me them either suck me off or jerk me off but let me shoot my load now!”

I squatted on his chest and let my sopping pussy smear him with my juices and then I slapped him lightly across his face. “You must learn to show your mother respect young man. I am in charge here and you are my child and you will do what I tell you and nothing more. Do you understand me?” he didn’t answer right away so I slapped him again and asked “I said, do you understand me!”

He smiled a little and replied “Yes, alright mother, I understand. Now please fuck me or make me cum before I explode!” I slapped him again and said, “Didn’t I just say you had to respect me and do only what I said? Now you are trying to tell me what to do again so your punishment will continue!”

I looked at his cock which was thick and rigid with the blood surging through it waiting to shoot his cum and I could tell that it would not take much before it shot his load. But, I also had a few tricks learned over the years in my profession and I moved down to hover my open pussy above it and I took it in my hand and pointed it at my hole. I then squeezed the head which eased the blood pressure and he became slightly less hard. Now I knew I could play a little more and he wouldn’t cum just yet. Holding his cock upright I let my hole rest gently on the head and then, taking my hand away, I slid myself fully onto him. Oh he felt so good in me and I almost gave up my game and rode him ‘till he came. But that was not the plan and when he had time to feel my cunt wrapped around him and recognize how good it was, I slid off him again.

He looked like he was so desperate now but still I wouldn’t let him have his way and I moved up above him and lowered myself onto his face. “Now you will lick me and make me cum again. If you don’t then you will stay like this.” I don’t think I needed to threaten him because as soon as my pussy dropped over his mouth he began to lick and suck me. He knows what I like and he made sure he did everything I wanted as I came in a roller coaster of orgasms to the flick of his tongue and the sucking of his lips with my juices flowing freely into his mouth where he greedily gulped them down.

Next I turned around on him so that we were in a classic 69 position but I held myself away from his mouth and inserted the dildo again as I lay my head next to his cock and breathed gently on it without touching it. I pushed the dildo in and out of myself and brought more orgasms right before his eyes until I had exhausted myself. By now he realized I was making him pay for yesterday and he had begun to swear and call me names in his fury, “You fucking whore! You lousy cunt! You fucker of sons! You can’ treat me like this. When I get free I’m going to fucking kill you!”

“Oh, you naughty boy!” I slapped him again, “How dare you say such things to your mother. For that you will have to wait longer now!” and with that I left the room with him still tied to the bed desperate to shoot his load but with no way to do it. I went to my own room and snuggled next to Sunil who was still fast asleep and I napped for a few hours, waking about four in the morning. I crept back out of bed, leaving Sunil still snoring and went back to Hetesh’s room

He was just as I had left him, still with a raging hard on and no way to relieve it and he had obviously not been able to get any sleep. I lay down next to him and wanted to make sure he wasn’t still mad at me before I untied him. “Let’s make a deal.” I said, “We love each other and we have plenty of opportunity to fuck when father is at work or away on trips but there will be times when he is in the house but will not disturb us because he is busy in his office or he is asleep after a long trip. When that happens we should find ways to be together and not refuse each other again. If we agree to that, and if you are not still mad at me then I’ll set you free.”

“Just untie me mom, I promise I’m not mad but untie me and let me fuck you now.”

I untied his feet first and then his hands. He just lay still and watched me until I had untied his last limb then he leaped up and grabbed me and pushed me back onto the bed before slamming his cock straight in me and fucking me with a fury. It was incredible as he released two days of frustration and he slammed his cock deep and hard into me and I came almost straight away, wrapping my legs around his back and clutching him to me as has rammed into me. Within a few minutes he started to cum. He held his head back and thrust the full length of his cock into me as he emitted a low growl and began to shoot his cum into me.

It felt like a hosepipe had been turned on full power as he shot spurt after spurt into me and I could feel every gush hitting the depths of my womb. Gradually he slowed and then fell on top of me, temporarily exhausted with his lovely cock still resting in me as my pussy muscles contracted around it to massage it back to life.

His exhaustion didn’t last long and after a few minutes of my muscles massaging him he began slowly to fuck me again. He kept the strokes long and slow and he rode me for ages after that we kissed and he tweaked my nipples erect as he ploughed into me and I thrust my hips up with each stroke to meet him. “Now it’s my turn to fuck you mom and I’m not stopping ‘till my cock is raw. Take my cock into you and fuck on it.” He talked incessantly to me about what he wanted to do to me now and in the future.

He turned me over and began to fuck me doggy style so that he could drive even deeper into me. “Oh mom, your ass is so lovely I just love to fuck you like this so that I can see it and watch myself slide into your cunt.” I just had orgasm after orgasm and lost count of the number of times I came. He pounded me from behind and then yelled through gritted teeth, “This is it again mom, I’m going to cum in you again!” and once more I felt him shoot his spunk deep into me in pulse after thick pulse.

As he finished cuming, he rolled off me and dropped onto the bed beside me. I reached over and kissed him and then slid my head down his chest and over his belly to take his cock into my mouth. He smelt wonderful! A mixture of his cum and my juices and he tasted even better as I gently licked and sucked his cock head, shaft and ball sack. He just lay back and stroked my head as I sucked on him and soon he was hard again. I thought he would be too tired to fuck me again and after the way I had treated him I just carried on sucking his cock. I held the head in my mouth and stroked his shaft as I twirled my tongue around the tip and dipped it into the little hole at the end. I covered him in my saliva and blew hot breath over his cock between long gentle sucking strokes.

We must have been fucking and sucking for nearly two hours and I knew we couldn’t keep going much longer or Sunil would be awake and discover us. So, I began to stroke his shaft faster and harder as I sucked him deeply and began to say, “Come on Hetesh, cum for your mom now, shoot into my mouth and let me drink your cum. That’s it baby shoot for mommy. Yes Hetesh, cum now!”

He began to tense and buck and then he was shooting another load into my mouth and I was gulping as fast as I could to take it all down. As this was his third shooting he was quite watery now and a lot of it spilled around his cock and down my chin but I didn’t care as I swallowed most of it. I sucked him gently as he became soft again and then I eased his cock from my mouth and rubbed the cum I’d not managed to swallow into my skin around my face and over my tits. It felt wonderful.

Although we have not needed to tie each other to the bed since then, neither of us has refused the other again, even if there is someone else in the house we can always make time for us to enjoy each other again.

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