My 13th Summer Part IV

My 13th Summer Part IV

My 13th Summer;
Part IV
My best friend Ronny;

Well the week did indeed go by way too fast, but Duane, Debbie, and I used it well. Fucking and sucking each other every chance we got. I never knew my
cousins were so much fun. We returned home on the following saturday, shortly after we got home my best friend Ronny called and said we should go running around sunday after church. We left right after services and went goofing off all over the place. Ronny was from a mixed race marriage, his dad was black and mother white, and wasn't very well liked by most of the other kids around due to the fact that this was still the mid 60's, but I liked him a lot and that was all that mattered.

I was still kind of reeling from all my experiences over the several weeks, and was bursting to tell someone about it, so I let loose on Ronny. He didn't seem very surprised, and said he liked the same kind of things and that he had fucked girls, and guys and had even been fucked by a grown man a few times. He said the man had a huge dick
and that it would go extremely deep up in someones ass. I told him I would like to meet the man and he said I would have to fuck a woman too. I said that would be great so he told me to meet him later at home and we would have some fun. I was back at his house at 6pm that evening and couldn't wait to see what fun was in store.

I was not even ready for the sight before me when I walked into Ronnys house. There sat his Dad and Mom naked on the couch with Ronny naked in the middle of them.
I was pretty shocked but my dick got hard instantly seeing all that naked flesh. Don't get me wrong, I had seen Ronny naked a few times in the showers at school, and I liked what I saw, but now with his Mom and Dad naked right there in front of me too? Wow! His mom, Linda, was a very pretty woman, with large tits and a smooth shaven pussy. Unheard of in the 60s, right? His dad was a very tall black man, well built for his 50 some odd years, and had a HUGE black cock that was to die for. It was well over 11in in length and almost as fat as a mans wrist, with an even bigger purple head sitting on top of it. Just laying limp between his legs it was ominous looking.

Ronny got up and said it was ok for me to take off my clothes too because we would be having all our "fun" right here at home with Mom and Dad. I watched Ronny walk over to me and start unbuttoning my shirt. As he walked his his eight and a half inch cock swung from side to side. Once undressed he grabbed my hard dick and led me
over to his Mom and Dad on the couch. His Mom was the first to make a move, placing her hand on top of his on my dick and slipping the head right into her mouth to start sucking on me. She and Ronny stroked my dick as she sucked it deeper and deeper into her mouth forcing her and Ronnys hands to have to let go. She slid down until she was sitting on the floor with her head resting on the couch seat, pulling me with her till I was actually laying on top of her face with my dick touching the back of her throat. She started sucking my dick in long slow strokes with her lips and tongue as I heard Ronnys Dad say, "get him ready for me Ronny", and felt Ronnys hands on my ass, spreading me open. I felt him applying some lube to my asshole and then pressing the head of his cock against me, and slowly he started pushing his cock up into my ass. At the same time my face was right above his Dads enormous cock, looking straight down at it, it looked so huge I wasnt sure about even trying to suck it, but Ronnys Dad made up my mind for me. Lifting his big cock head straight up towards my face, he said, "open up white boy, I've got a real meal for you", and started rubbing the big fat head of his cock on my lips. I thought of resisting but with his moms mouth on my dick and Ronnys cock pumping in and out of my ass, I could already feel my lips parting to accept this huge monster into my mouth. Even though I had my mouth open as wide as I could, Ronnys Dad still had to force his big cockhead into my mouth, stretching my lips and jaw wide apart until finally his cockhead was inside my mouth. As I tried moving my tongue around the head, I could see nothing but the giant black shaft sticking out of my face, and that made me want it all the more. I started sucking hard and forcing my tongue to go all over the head of his cock, while at the same time trying to open my ass even more for Ronnys cock, trying to make it go even deeper. I could feel his Moms mouth working hard on my dick and all these sensations were driving my face farther and farther down on his Dads huge cock. I couldn't believe I was actually forcing my face down on a monster that size, and yet all I could think of was getting that big black cock deep into my throat. I could feel the head of it getting slightly larger at the back of my throat, and could see the shaft swelling and getting hard, so like someone who was possessed, I just pushed as hard as I could downward until I could see the shaft moving inward ever so slightly. I heard Ronnys dad saying how he couldnt believe I was actually trying to get it in my throat, but I still kept pushing harder and harder, as though my body had completely taken over and I had no control over what I was doing. Finally Ronnys dad said if I wanted it that badly he would give it to me. He stood up, tilting my head backwards and began pushing his hard cock into my face. I held my breath, knowing this was going to take some time, but I didn't care, I had to have it all down my throat or I would go crazy. Ronny stopped fucking me and his mom stopped sucking me long enough to watch his Dad grab his cock and start rotating it with his big hand like a crank handle on an old car, pushing hard into my face all the while. I could feel the cockhead moving at my throat entrance and with every move it went just a little deeper, forcing its way into my tight throat. I felt something in my throat give or stretch and the huge head of his cock slipped in. I panicked, but he kept shoving more and more of the shaft into my face, without mercy. I could feel my throat stretching more but it was sliding smoothly down now and I was watching the shaft disappear under my nose, and could see his pelvic area getting much closer every second, until his pubic hairs were tickling my nose and his balls were slapping against my chin. I was still panicky, not knowing if it would ever come back out or if I would die with this cock down my throat, but they held me tight while he kept his cock deep in my throat. I could hear them all saying how they just couldn't believe anyone could take that cock all the way down, and Ronnys dad said even his mother couldn't take it in her throat. I could feel every sensation like it was pounding into my brain. Ronnys cock up to the hilt in my ass and throbbing, his moms hand now on my dick, stroking it while she watched her husbands monster cock still completely out of site in my face.

Ronny started moving again first, pounding his cock into my asshole with seemingly all new energy, I felt his moms mouth slipping over my dick again, and watched as Ronnys dad slowly started pulling his huge cock out of my face and throat. It seemed to calm me knowing that they were all working on me again, and somehow I kept holding my breath until that big cockhead was the only thing left in my mouth. Gasping for breath and reeling from the sensations, I looked up at Ronnys dad and he just shook his head knowingly and rammed that big piece of meat right back down my throat all at once. I reached back, grabbed my asscheeks and spread them wide so that I could get every inch of Ronnys cock up my ass over and over. Humping back on his cock made my mouth move back and forth on his dads cock. My eyes watering, my nose running and unable to breathe at all I kept forcing my face back and forth on that huge cock, wanting him to fuck my throat even harder and deeper. As it was it felt like Ronnys and his dads cocks were trying to meet somewhere in my belly, and just as I could feel my own cum being pulled out of my balls by his mom, Ronny stiffened up, rammed his cock as deep as possible into my spread ass, and shot a big load of cum deep up inside my bowels. At the same time I could feel his dads cock swelling even more, the head throbbing deep in my throat, until his dad pulled my head tight against his pelvic bone, flattening my nose completely against him, and I felt the shock wave from his first blast of cum. It seemed to hit the very bottom of my stomach with a thud, and then another, and another. Ronnys dad filled my stomach with load after load of his hot sticky cum, and then finally started pulling his cock out of my well used face and throat. I was still sucking so hard that the huge cockhead left my mouth with a loud "PLOP" sound. Ronnys dad let go of my head and my arms were so weak they wouldn't support me and I fell face first onto the couch. Ronnys moms mouth slipped off my dick and I could feel Ronnys cock slipping slowly from my asshole, and it felt like I was suspended in limbo, unable to move on my own. I felt my ass being lifted in the air, and heard Ronnys dad saying it was his turn to pound my asshole. I was afraid of how much his cock would hurt me, but so weak I couldn't do a thing. Ronny took hold of my arms and I could feel his mom moving around under me again. Ronnys dad was telling his mom to get my dick up her ass so that he could fuck me while she road my dick. Totally helpless to stop what was about to happen, and not even sure I wanted to stop it, I felt that huge cockhead start to push against my well fucked asshole, just as my dick slid into Ronnys moms ass. She started riding back and forth right away making my dick feel so good that I started yelling at Ronnys dad to shove his big cock deep in my ass and fuck me hard. All of a sudden I felt the stretching begin, really stretching like never before, and hurting like someone was driving a red hot poker up my ass. As much as I wanted the pain to stop, I couldn't stop begging him to fuck me silly with his black monster cock. Finally I felt the huge cockhead slip into my ass and the pain eased slightly, but then I could feel the shaft sliding up my ass and it felt like rough sandpaper on my skin. He kept pushing his cock up in me until I felt it hit something, and he said; "ah the second muscle", grabbed my hips tighter and pushed in hard until I felt my ass muscles opening for him. As his big cockhead forced its way through the second sphincter muscle, I could feel the hugeness of his shaft rubbing against the first one, forcing my asshole to open even wider for his cock. All at once the pain left me and I could feel nothing but the bliss of his huge cock going ever deeper up into my bowels. When his balls finally slapped against mine, I felt my dick shooting the biggest load I had ever cum, right up into his wifes beautiful ass.

With my legs being held wide apart by his big hands, Ronnys dad told me to get ready for the best ass fuck I'd ever received, and promptly started pulling his cock almost all the way out of my asshole, only to ram it all back in to the hilt. I almost fainted when his huge cock rammed all the way into me, but found myself trying to spread my legs even wider. Ronny let go of my arms and let me fall with my head hanging down towards the floor, and then grabbed my asscheeks to help me spread open even more. His dad started with long slow strokes that made his cock almost pop out of my ass, only to ram it all back in again over and over. I could feel nothing now but his cock sliding in and out of me like some giant thing massaging the inside of my bowels. I knew then I was out of control as I faintly heard myself begging him to fuck me hard and rough. He started pulling and pushing me onto and off his big black monster cock with a much faster pace, driving every last inch as deep as he could force it to go, and I could feel every vein on his cock as he slid in and out of me. I was like a little girls rag doll in his hands being tossed back and forth, feeling my asshole sliding over every inch of his cock. Then I felt something new, his cock was stiffening up once more like an iron rod, actually lifting my upper body upwards a little. It was getting harder and even bigger inside my asshole and I could feel the head of his cock swelling up in the depths of my bowels, so big it felt like it was twice the size as before, and then with a shuddering almost like thunder to me, I felt him shoot his first big load of cum up into my ass, hitting the walls of my bowels and splashing around, as load after load came spurting out of his cockhead. I felt him shooting his cum into me until his cock started to shrink and slip backwards out of my asshole, leaving a trail of cum throughout my rectum and dripping out of my gaping ass. He just dropped me on the floor and he walked over to the couch again and colapsed. I could hear them talking about me, saying how nice it was of me to come over for some fun. I was drifting in and out when I felt something touching my asshole again, managed to look back between my legs and saw Ronnys mom kneeling behind me and felt her tongue going up my ass, licking all her husbands cum up as it oozed from my stretched out hole. I heard Ronnys dad telling her to get it all before she stopped and then I passed out.

I woke up to see Ronny, his dad, and mom all sitting on the couch together, and still naked. My ass was still up in the air just like Ronnys dad had left me. Ronny was stroking his dads huge cock while his mom was bouncing up and down on his cock as it plowed its way in and out of her ass. Ronny turned and leaned back on the couch, pulling his moms body with him, and Ronnys dad told me to watch as he slid his hard cock up his wifes pussy. He didn't slide it anywhere, he rammed it full force all the way up her cunt with a thud that shook them all as he hit bottom. He started right away just pounding her pussy with wild passion and told me that she always loved being fucked hard after watching someone else get fucked. She was smiling and grimacing at the same time with the pain of his forced fucking of her pretty cunt, but kept her legs open wide so that her husband and son could double fuck her like a sandwich. I moved closer and started pulling her nipples and pinching them between my fingers hard. She closed her eyes and begged husband and son to fuck her as hard as they wanted, and when her mouth came open again, I pushed my way in between them and sat my asshole right onto her mouth. She greedily started sucking and licking my sore asshole with her mouth and tongue, and Ronny moved her body over a little and took my dick in his mouth, sucking and licking it all over. We road and fucked and licked each other like that until we all came one last time and we all fell asleep right there on the couch piled up on each other. I awoke the next morning with Ronnys dads huge cock in my mouth and gagging on a big load of his cum till I swallowed it. He said he had never seen anyone suck a cock in their sleep, but he liked it, and so did I.

I visited Ronny, and his mom and dad many times after that, and even talked Martha into letting me fuck her in her ass, for her first anal experience, while Ronnys dad fucked mine. I spent the rest of my 13th summer trying to fuck more girls pussies, and find more cocks to suck and take up my ass.

I hope you liked this story as it is my first post here, and is all true.

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