My Car was Broken III

My Car was Broken III

The whole night I was at work I was just sitting there thinking about what happened, and bragging to my co worker. I had sex with Veronica AND Torre! I was on top of the world, and I knew the day could only get better. I got home and V was waiting for me, she was wearing her robe sitting in the living room. I never thought the word “Hey” could sound so sexy. She went up to me and started kissing but I had to tell her what happened, “Hold on we need to talk about something really quick.” She was a bit confused but let me continue, “So yesterday we got caught,” she gasped, “Torre saw what was going on.” Her jaw dropped, “So what happened? She saw everything? Was she mad? Are you in trouble?” I smiled a bit, “No, she’s not mad, she saw almost everything (I laughed to myself) and what happened was I had to teach her about what we were doing and how good it could be.”

Now Veronica’s eyes were big but for a different reason, “So she’s cool with it, and we still get to have fun?” I didn’t respond, I just kissed her and undid the knot on her robe. It dropped to the floor and she wrapped herself around me. My hands clutched her hair and squeezed her tight ass. She almost ripped my clothes from my body. I started to push her back into the living room and she stopped, “Well if she knows, I guess there’s no trouble in going to Jo’s room, so what if Torre sees us?” That was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard her say. I picked her up and threw her onto Jo’s bed. I jumped on her, not being able to wait for foreplay, I needed her right then, immediately. I pushed her legs apart and shoved myself right between them. I ran my hand over her pussy to spread her lips apart as I kissed her neck. She could only moan and I knew she was ready for me by the newfound dampness on my hand. The only words she could muster, “FUCK ME! HARD!”

I grabbed her wrists and pounded my cock into her waiting sex. I plunged deep and felt her legs wrap around me pushing me even deeper. I continued to nibble and bite around her neck until I reached her ear and pulled hard with my teeth. She was moaning loud now but nothing audible. It was the sound of pure savage pleasure. I was enjoying being this much in control but my hands couldn’t resist grabbing her nice tits and squeezing them, I guess she couldn’t resist digging her nails into my back I pulled her tight to me and all I could think of was getting as much of my cock into this dripping wet cunt as possible.
She finally spoke, something other than a moan. It was three of the best words guys love to hear, “FUCK.MY.ASS.” I was in heaven. I turned us around so she could kneel on the bed and I could stand up, but before I could achieve this delectable of all positions she decided to shove my cock down her throat and lube it up. She got it dripping wet and turned around spread herself open for me and shot me the sexiest over the shoulder look that still haunts my dreams because it was so amazing. I needed no encouragement or direction, we wanted the same thing and I was definitely gonna give it to her, only one problem, we heard a car roll into the driveway.

I stopped not knowing what to do, and looked at her with the most distraught look on my face. On the one hand I needed to finish in this girl and I’m pretty sure she needed to finish too, but on the other hand I knew Torre would be walking into the house in seconds. Veronica only smiled at me and said, “Well what are you waiting for? She knows what’s going on.” With that I shoved my cock into her ass and she let out a scream that could be heard down the block let alone the driveway. I kept pumping my cock into her as I heard the door close. I decided to put on a show. I spanked her ass and she squealed.

The harder I pumped the more I spanked. I love that knowledge that only two lovers in sync possess that allows one to know what the other wants. She screamed in ecstasy loving the pain. I reached down and rubbed her clit shoving my cock harder. She was screaming in orgasm but I couldn’t stop. I felt her body shake under me to the point where it felt like my dick was in a paint shaker. She came hard and I grabbed her tit so she wouldn’t fall over.

I pulled her body tight against me and kept fucking her and apparently that’s why she couldn’t stop cumming, the wave would calm a bit but then rise back up like a violent storm in the middle of the pacific. The rest of the noises were a series of alternating, yes, God, and moans. After what must have been her third or fourth orgasm I felt that feeling every guy knows all too well. I told her I was going to cum. I knew she was an ass girl but apparently today she didn’t care about, or think about, what would happen. She just pulled her arms back and held me tight, I felt her anus grip me tighter and almost hurt my cock as I just held her tight and came hard into her, about five spurts of hot cum. Her jaw dropped and her eyes were opened wide as I came.

Maybe it was the fact that it was so rough, maybe it was the fact that we knew Torre was watching us, maybe it was the fact that she really liked having me cum in her ass, but she came insanely hard on her last orgasm as we finished together.

We fell to the side and laid there for a while panting, catching our breath, I had to joke, “So I did good?” She laughed and said, “OH YEA, you did great, right To…” Her sentence was cut short. She had turned to try and let Torre know we knew she had watched us the entire time. Unfortunately, or so I thought, It wasn’t Torre watching us, it was Jo.

She was just standing there in shock. I don’t know if she would have moved on her own but I got up and went to her, “Jo, sit down. Listen, sorry we were in your bed, but we got carried away and…” Finally Jo spoke, cutting me off, “You’re fucking my sister?” The question threw me off because it was a question and not an accusation. It wasn’t harsh and angry it was really just confused. I could only respond with the truth, “Yes Jo. I am.” Veronica responded next, “and he’s really great too sis.” I think she was trying to snap Jo out of it but Jo was still shocked, “I saw that, I didn’t know… I had no idea… it looked awesome.” I was surprised to hear Jo say this for two reasons. One, we had talked about her experiences and I knew she didn’t like anal sex. More than that thought, she just caught us having sex. Veronica quickly helped the situation, “He is amazing sis, you should try him out.”

I figured this was my chance. While she was still processing Veronica’s comments I kissed her. She melted into me. She kissed me harder. I griped her tight and pushed her body back onto the bed. My lips hardly left hers while I took off her shirt. I took off her bra and squeezed her tits, focusing on her nipples tweaking them and pulling them, making them hard. Her eyes closed as my kisses trailed down her chin, down her neck and all over her breasts.

In my haste to taste this lovely I hadn’t realized that I had an assistant. V had taken her sister’s boots, jeans and panties off. Jo, as I had known from previous discussions, was the only one with any hair on her pussy. It felt kind of nice to run my hands thru that symbol of woman hood until I got to her dripping pussy. I don’t know if it’s my affect on these girls or it just runs in the family but her juices helped me slip right into that sweetness. I put two fingers inside and before my thumb could get there I felt a smaller hand on her clit. I took her nipple between my teeth as I looked down confused. V looked up at me and said, “You’re with my sister! This is too hot!” I bit down harder on Jo’s nipple as my fingers worked into that magic spot only some men know about.

I worked my lips back up to her neck and bit down hard before trailing my tongue down her stomach thru the slight carpet to her waiting pussy. I kind of had to push V out of the way but she found something else to play with soon enough. She was sucking my cock and fingering her own pussy at the same time. I knew Jo was lost in this sexuality and it was the perfect time to indulge myself. I licked up and down her pussy focusing on all the right spots, flicking the clit, sucking it and making sure no point went without attention, my favorite part though, was sticking my tongue inside and tasting that sweet pussy.
I ravished it until I heard her screaming and I knew she was mine. V had stopped sucking on me because I guess she couldn’t focus on that many orgasms at once. While they were both distracted I took V’s hand and pulled it up to her sister’s pussy. That got her attention! I used her hand to finger her sister while I nibbled on the clit. This was intense for V and she was cumming harder, now was the perfect chance. I took her small finger and slipped it lower, and right as Jo was cumming hard she felt her sister’s finger enter her ass. She screamed and gasped and went just crazy.

I took my mouth off of her so she could calm down a bit but she still didn’t know what her sister had done to her. She said, “I never knew it could be that good.” I beamed with pride and V beamed with lust. I told Jo, “it can be better.” With that I got up and kissed her lips neck and tits while my cock dipped in her sopping wet pussy only for a second before my crown pressed against her tight brown bull’s eye. She started to say no, but her moans made me not believe her. I pressed further and she started to tighten up. I looked below us and said, “I think she needs a distraction.” V winked at me and moved up onto the bed. She started sucking her own sister’s nipples and attacking them like an animal.

While her nipples were getting more savage attention than they had in some time Jo’s ass relaxed for a new member. I plunged inside and her eyes opened. Suddenly she realized what was going on, she saw her sister sucking her nipples, and she saw her close friend over them both with his cock in her ass. She had a choice to make. Stop this, or enjoy this. She chose to enjoy. She reached out and with one hand behind V’s head pulled her harder on her nipple and with the other hand played with V’s nipples.
It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen with these two sisters enjoying each other while I’m inside a tight ass with legs that could break me pulling me in harder. The girls were almost lost in a world of their own while I was focusing on not cumming in the tightest hole my cock had ever been inside of. While I was pounding and stretching out Jo’s ass V had the idea to turn aside slightly and put her pussy over her sister’s mouth. Jo took to eating pussy like a salmon runs upstream. V was screaming in minutes, her mouth had moved down to her sister’s pussy and they were in a 69 with me fucking Jo’s ass.
Jo finally was able to get a breath and yell to me, “I want you to fuck my pussy, now!” I pulled out of her ass and V almost instinctively sucked on it. I almost fucked her mouth for three good thrusts before pulling out and shoving it into Jo’s pussy. Everyone including me was screaming and enjoying the new sensations, feeling our most sacred spots being used in the newest ways. I kept fucking Jo hard until I heard V start to cum.

She sat back and shoved her pussy in her sister’s face as I got another taste of those big tits. Jo’s big dark thighs were gripping me tight and I was gripping V’s breast in one hand and her other nipple was in my mouth. She screamed hard and came like a hurricane rains over the south. She collapsed not able to take anymore and I was treated to another sexy sight as Jo’s mouth was covered in her sister’s cum.
I grabbed her neck and pulled her towards me and tasted V’s pussy on Jo’s lips and my cock instantly got to the hardest level I had ever known. Jo smashed herself against me and we both knew I was not letting go until I came.

She was the first to say, “I want you to fill my pussy up with your hot cum.” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I came violently and in three huge loads straight up her pussy. I couldn’t take anymore I came and held her tight as I rolled to her side and kissed her. V had gone and done the job of making sure the last of my cum was out of my cock and also out of Jo’s pussy.

Seeing that girl with her mouth covered in cum buried in her sister’s snatch made me realize, I never want to leave this house.

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