My first experiences

My first experiences

When we were kids, me and my one and a half year younger cousin often played together and spent much of our time with building "strongholds" in the nearby forest, fishing, camping and many other outdoor-activities. Because I lived in town and he in the small settlement atop the hills I often stayed over night when I visited him. My cousins family has a big house there and many animals, a dog, some cats, several chicken, gooses and doves, fishs and even a sheep. It isn't a farm or something like that, it is just the normal way of life in the smaller settlements. They have no fields with grain or corn, only a meadow and some stables for the animals. They have a cherry tree, plum trees and a garden for vegetables and fruits (strawberries, blueberries and so on). It is a paradise for kids to play and explore, few cars, nearly no noise, just a peaceful and exciting environment.
In the house lived my cousin Steve, his sister Tamara (who is 6 years younger than me), my aunt Sharon (born 1962) and my uncle Adam (1950). Not to forget Freddy, the big and lazy german shepherd dog and Sherry the hyperactive cat. Of course, they still live there.

On our excursions we often played in the mud and near watersprings or at the creak in the woods. So needless to say that we and our clothings most of the time were grungy and stained. It didn't matter to us, because it was great fun to carve spears and arrows or build barrages in the creek. Another funny hobby of us was to collect animals for our small private zoo, like ants, beetles, spiders and one time even a little harmless snake. We treated them good and after a while of watching them we gave them back to the wilds.

Of course not everyone was this pleased about our hobbies, or better said, about the dirt we brought home. My aunt always bitched at us and sent us into the bathroom.
This was the same procedure for years. We played, came home to my cousins house and were sent to take a bath, then have a meal and go to sleep finally. But when I was ten, this changed.

By this time I began reading sexual education reports, mainly because of the pictures in the youth magazines. Naked girls and boys were shown, and there was also an advisor about problems growing teenagers might have with sexuality. Even questions were answered, like "Is my penis too small?" or "My boyfriend wants me to lick his penis, have I to do this?". My interest in these reports and specially in the pictures grew. Not only the naked girls… the boys fascinated me too. They all had something that I didn't had: pubic hair. The girls had breasts, some big, some small cups, some with big teats, some with small hard nipples. And the boys had dicks in every size and form, some circumsized (like me), some not, some with trimmed pubic hair, some with a rightout bush, some even shaved. I wondered when my hair would start sprouting. I didn't know by this time, that this moment was still far in the future, I was a late bloomer.

While reading and studyimg the magazines I realized my penis enlarged and grew hard each time something pleased me very much. And I began to pet it, I massaged it, and explored every little piece of it. One time there was a text about masturbation, and this was the first time I spanked the monkey. I did everything the text told me about it and soon I realized that feeling growing up in me, that was by far too good to stop massaging. When I came it was like an explosion, I reared up, knocked me around and moaned and gasped loudly. There was no "sperm" how the report called it. But the text also said, that every boy has his first ejaculation at a different time, some even at the age of fourteen. So, I didn't mind. As I said before, everything came a little later to me, and my first real ejaculation happened when I was thirteen. And without doing a thing, while sleeping. But that's a different story.

Severel weeks after that event I visited Steve again. And I took one magazine with me. Steve became nine years old one day before and we wanted to camp on my uncle's meadow to celebrate his birthday. My present for him was a new carving knife (my mother bought it).
After we raised the tent and prepaired our sleeping places we left the fenced meadow and went to the forest just a few steps ahead. We collected wood for the campfire and, of course, again went to the creek to have a look at our barrage we built last time. Some other kids had destroyed it, and we had to rebulit it. It took about two hours until it was finished and repaired. Suddenly Steve stood up and went to a tree, not turning away from me. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his penis. I had seen his "friend" many times before, but this time I was fascinated by it. He wasn't cut and although he was more than a year younger than me, it was as big as mine. I watched him peeing, better said I peeped. I didn't want him to notice my views. Seeing him holding his penis with two fingers and slightly pulling back his foreskin until a tiny piece of glans was visible made my weenie stiffening. He peed a lot, so I had plenty of time to watch and get hard. I remembered our bathing times before, when we touched our genitals with our feet while adjoining in the tub. I wanted to touch his penis, to make it as hard and stiff as mine.
But then he zipped his jeans and rejoined me in work. I was glad that I wore jeans, too. Elsewise he might have seen the bulge in my trousers. I was ashamed to have done this and because it made me feel that way. But I forgot it only a few minutes later, when a fish swam down the creek and drew upon our attention.

In the evening, we went back to the tent, made a fire and sat outside on the meadow, listening to the sounds of the night. Owls, crickets, the crackling fire, some dog barks.
At about midnight we went into the tent. The fire had burned down and it was getting a little fresh from the wind. Inside the tent it was still warm, even hot. So we took of all our clothes except for the underwear. Nearly naked we sat in our sleeping rolls and began playing and old kids play: truth or dare! It was all about girls, girls we like, girls we like, who the cutest girl is, if we had kissed one and others like that. Again my penis began to grow, and this time there was no jeans to conceal it. I started to wrapp the sleeping roll more tight around me to hide my hard-on. By the time, this game became boring because none of us had the courage to choose "dare". So we banished the option "truth". It was my turn.
"I dare you to go outside and stay there for 5 minutes in the full moonlight wearing your slip only!" Steve said.
I didn't want to stay up, because my erection was now fully grown and the bulge in my pants was enormous.
"Oh come on, that's no dare. I would even do this naked," I said in a try to prevent me from raising. It was the wrong answer.
"Okay….fine…then do this!" he said with a nasty grin.
I was shocked that my fine excuse emerged as a lame one, even worse, it made my situation utterly desperate.
"No, I don't think…"
"Coward, coward, coward…"
"I'm no coward, it's just to cold!" I became angry.
"Chicken, chicken, chicken!"
"I'm not a chicken. But I don't want to do that!"
"Why not? Do think that anybody is out there and could see you naked?"
"No…of course not…"
"Okay, then do it!"
I had no more excuses. Blushing I said:
"Okay, but gimme a promise!"
"What promise???"
"A promise to tell nobody of what you see. Okay? And no laughter!!!"
"Oh my god, I've seen you naked so many times, why the hell should I laugh???? And whom should I tell?"
"Just promise!"
"Okay I promise!"
"How far from the tent do I have to go?"
"Only one step, come on, there's nothing to fear." Steve moved a little to the side, giving free the exit. His blanket drifted apart and the moonlight fell between his crossed legs, so I could see the little bulge in his slip that covered his genitals. There were those thoughts again… and my hard-on complete.
"Hey Chicken! What's up?! Go on!"
I stood up just in that moment, because a cloud had drifted in front of the moon and it was quiet dark now. Unluckily exactly in the moment when I dropped my slip, the cloud was blown away and the moonlight pointed towards my hard-on just like a spot.
There was no laughter. No smile. He looked in fascination on my penis and blushed nearly as much as I did. I noticed that he also began to peep, just like me several hours before. I hastily left the tent. I didn't know what to do or how to help myself.
I stood on the meadow and tried to hide my hairless, aroused pubes with my hands. Everytime I looked stealthy to the tent I could see Steves face, hoping for a peep on my penis. It was impossible for me to loose the hard-on. I could feel his eyes on my skin. And after a minute or so I decided to give him what he wanted. I pulled my hands away and gave him free sight. I blushed even more, of course. But the situation turned me on.
As I went back to the tent, he avoided my eyes, still staring secretly at my dick until I sat down and wrapped the sleeping roll around me again.
"Okay, now I dare you…." I started, hoping to avoid any talking about the situation.
"Wait….what was….I mean…"
"My penis?" I asked, giving up that hope and facing reality. I felt that he wouldn't stop questioning, and although I was embarrassed it turned me on, it made me very horny.
He nodded.
"Show me again."
"Only if you get naked, too!"
He nodded again and stood up. Then, looking towards me he said:
"No one's gonna hear of it?! No lauhing?! Okay?"
"Yes, okay!"
He looked at me for a moment and then pulled down his slip. Even in the bad light it was a nice view. His bald little penis was hanging above a little hairless ballbag. The only difference between mine and his was that he was uncircumsized. And he had no hard-on.
He sat down and I stood up and sat down beside him.
"Does it hurt?" he asked, now staring openly at my 3 1/2".
"No it feels good. Especially if I touch and pet it." My cheeks were burning, but this situation made me so horny, I had to say it.
"How can I erect mine?"
"It's easy, look, it is a little bit larger by now. You are turned on by this, right? It's pleasing you."
"Yes", he whispered.
"Touch it."
His hand was shaking in excitation when he began to softly pet his little penis. He stroke his ballbag and his weenie with gentle and soft movements. And it worked. Slowly his penis enlarged and grew bigger. It was halfway hard a few seconds later.
"When have you done this?" he asked.
"I haven't done this, it got hard by itself."
"Because we were talking about girls and kissing and so on. It turned me on."
I laid down on my back and palmed my pubics, too. He watched me doing this. Suddenly he said:
"Is it now erected?" He looked down between his legs. His penis was at least as hard as mine, but I was shocked about the size. It was a full inch larger than mine. "Wow!" I said. "Yes, now it's ready!"
"For what?"
"Hmmm…play with it…look."
I began to palm up and down my prick, getting a frimer grip and started to masturbate. With the other hand I petted my balls.
I didn't want to explain it. I bent over to my backpack and pulled out the magazine. I searched the site for him and gave Steve the magazine.
"Read it."
His eyes widened as he began to study the pages. Unknowingly he had begun to fondle his testicles and massage his dick while watching the pictures and reading the reports. Then he also laid back and began to pull his foreskin down his glans and back, slowly first, but fastening with every few seconds. Soon I could hear his breath coming deeper and more pressed. His first masturbation had begun.
"Have you read that article about the two boys who touch and pet each other?" he suddenly asked.
"No, where?" He showed me. And my horniness grew to new hights.
No one said a word. We just laid on our backs, each of us watching his neighbour jerking off. Only the sound of our fastening breath could be heared, as well as our hands rubbing over our nude and bald skin.
"Do you want to do this too?" I asked after several moments.
He didn't say anything, he just stopped masturbating and laid down, looking at my face hopefully. So I turned around and reached between his bend legs. I softly touched his ballbag, which was hard and small from excitement. Then my hands wandered up to his penis. And I began to explore his pubic region with my fingers. When I closed my hand around his shaft I could feel his fingers touching the top of my dick, exploring, searching. It felt great. As we began to give each other handjobs, we closed our eyes and concentrated on the feelings and the growing lust.
"Kiss me!" he whispered. Our lips met. He proposed to try it the way they wrote about in the magazine. So we opened our lips and kissed again. It was him who first dared a thrust with his tongue into my mouth. Soon we kissed wildly and no longer masturbated, because our arms were wrapped around each other. Our bodies rubbed against each other, further pushing our lasciviousness. I could feel his dick pressed against mine and started moving.
After a long time darting our tongues into each others mouth and real heavy petting we laid back again and grasped each others penis to finish our masturbation. I was the first to come. It was a good orgasm, a real good one. Steve watched me coming in excitement. He was enchained by this view, my body shaking in lust.
"Make me come too!!!"
I bent over to him and began. I watched him. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his oncoming orgasm. I wanted to make it special for him and remembered something I read in the magazine, I often thought of while masturbating.
"Have you read the article about that special kiss?" I asked blushing again.
"I think I know….what you mean…."he nodded, blushing, too.
He only nodded. His eyes widened as my head turned towards his penis. I opened my mouth and slowly let my tongue float out. Then the tip of my tongue met his glans. He gasped. Slowly I began licking his prick up and down and then opened my mouth completely and swallowed it. It tasted neither good nor bad, it was just exciting to feel that hard but smooth skin in my mouth, it was hot and a little salty from sweat, but it was great. His breath became more and more pressed as I began to suck his hard-on. By the time I got more experience and it made him moan loud. My tongue stroke his glans while I sucked it up and down, trying to imitate a firm grip. I could feel the top of his dick harden further and grow bigger. Then suddenly, in a wild explosion of lustful moans and gasps and tremors all over his body while he reared up in his first orgasm.
We promised not to tell anyone of that event. But we wanted to do it again. So we prepaired for sleeping, but it was late in the night when I fell asleep, the whole time thinking on this event. And masturbating one more time. But secretive this time. I don't know why, but I didn't want that Steve noticed it.

The next morning we went back to my cousins home to have breakfast. We arrived five minutes later at about 10 o'clock am. We entered the kitchen and were glad to see that Aunt Sharon had prepared everything for our meal. There was milk, bread and marmelade, some juice and of course ham and eggs. We ate fast, because Steve had to go to the soccer match (he was a member of the local youth-team) in the afternoon and we wanted to go to the creek before. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Adam went shopping and were at least away for two hours. So we finished our meal and went to the creek.
When we came home, all of my clothes were wet. I had fallen into the water and now my clothings were full of mud and fir needles. I was shivering from the cold wind all the way back and was affraid of getting sick. We arrived at 2 pm. Steve and I undressed except for our slips and went to the bathroom before Aunt Sharon could see the mess. But luck turned against us. Aunt Sharon was allready in the bathroom. She looked at us angrily and said:
"So, you wanted to outsmart me, hm? I saw you coming up the street. I hope you left the dirt outside?!"
"Yes mum….sorry." We kept our eyes at the floor, ashamed and feeling caught.
"Okay, Steve, you take a shower now, it's only one hour before your match. Hurry up!" She was very strict. "And Tomas, you will fetch your dirty clothings and bring them to the kitchen. I have to dry and clean them!" I fled the room and breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I went outside and fetched my clothings, then I gave them to Aunt Sharon, who was in the kitchen then. She looked at me and said: "Steve said you want to stay another night?"
"Yes, if I'm allowed to…"
She smiled gently at me.
"Of course, but you have to call your mum first. If she says it's okay, there is no problem." I nodded and ran to the phone. "Don't forget to ask for some dry clothings!" she shouted from the kitchen.
After a long time talking to my mum (she is a very talkative person) I had the permission to stay. My mum brought the fresh clothes 15 minutes later to me. Aunt Sharon talked to her for some minutes and then she left. Steve had finished in the meantime and Uncle Adam was waiting for him in the car. He said:
"Okay, you can go to my room until I'm back, three hours I think. See you later!"

A few minutes later I wanted to enter Steves room, but Aunt Sharon suddenly built up in front of me, her arms entwined and with an angry look.
"What do you think you're going to do?"
"I want to go to Steve's room…"
"Well, but not this way. You are still wet, your hair, your slip… wanna get sick? No, little man, you will have a bath now! And when you have finished I will dry you and serch for ticks! Understand? Okay then, hurry up!"
I sighed and went to the bathroom. It was all prepared for me. The water was warm and foamy. I closed the door, pulled down my slip and stepped into the tub. It felt wonderful! I remember how tired I've been and how the warm steamy water made me nearly fell asleep, only to suddenly have a terrible thought that brought me back to the waking world immediatly. What if I get hard this time? Aunt Sharon always comes in to dry us after bathing. But menawhile I've grown older and I was affraid that her touch would make my weenie jump up. Even the thought of seeing me naked made my penis swell! I thought the best I can do is to masturbate, because after that he wouldn't get hard again so fast.
So I began jacking off and didn't need very long to come. The warm water, the events of the evening before and the thoughts I had made me so horny that I had an orgasm in less than three minutes. I was very carefull to make no noise.
Content I watched my hard-on shrink and filled in some cold water. I knew that cold water helped to surpress getting hard. I never had a hard-on in cold water, I remembered.
After it was nice and small again, I hoped that she would come to dry me soon, because I didn't know, for how long this would last. And only four or five minutes later she opened the door.
"Finished?" Her head showed in the door.
I nodded. "Yes, come in."
She smiled and said: "I think you have to come out first!"
I stood up and in reflex held a hand in front of my pubes to protect them from her eyes. I turned around and steeped out of the tub. I heard her enter and turned my head. The only thing I could think at this moment was "OH, shit!". She was naked.
I blushed and quickly looked at the wall again. She had big breats with huge round nippels. She was the first woman I've seen naked in real, not even my mum had ever been naked when I was near. Her pubes were trimmed, even bald. I knew that this would make my penis hard if this lasts to long.
I looked at the wall and concetrated on my penis. How long could I stand this?
Then I felt the towel at my back. She began drying me. "Oh my god, I have to turn around when she finished my backside!" I thought. I felt her rubbings on my back, my shoulders and my arms, then on my butt and down my legs.
"Do I have to turn round?" I managed to ask.
"No it's okay, just stay there and put away your hands, elsewise I can't dry you down there!" Hesitating for some moments I closed my eyes and hoped that this was over soon. I knew that in some minutes I would get hard again. Then I obeyed her command.
Her arms came in sight as she longed around my shoulders and began to dry my breats and my head, rubbing downwards to my belly in small circles. Then the moment was there. She reached the top of my pubes. With even smaller and more gentle circles she pettet them.Then I felt the skin of her body touching my back. She pushed her body against mine. I could feel her titts at my shoulders, her stiff nipples rubbing against them. Maybe it was a fault or it was intent, but in this moment the towel slipped from her hands a little and I felt the warm skin of her hand covering my ball bag. It was too much. My hard-on was perfect in less than two seconds. I wanted to die!
I was sure to hear her barking at me the same moment, but she just went on petting my balls, the towel only half in her hand yet. Maybe she didn't notice it? I hoped so.
But then her hand touched it. She froze and I felt panic rising up in me. She looked over my shoulder and whispered:
"Oh….you have a hard-on?"
I didn't say a thing. My cheeks were burning, I'm sure that I had tears in my eyes. I was so ashamed.
"Hey,"she whispered friendly and gently "that's nothing to shame about. You should be proud! Now you are a big guy! Is it your first one?"
I shook my head, still looking at the floor.
"Really? I'm surprised that you are ashamed. It's a great thing, believe me!"
Her hand started moving again. The towel fell to the floor. Her hand had closed around my prick and she began to move it up and down, up and down…. Soft and gentle, very slow. Her other hand reached down to my balls. I couldn't believe what was going on. She began massaging my ball bag and pressed her body closer against mine. I felt her titts on my shoulders and her pubes and her belly on my bag.
"Do you like that?" she asked me whispering into my ear. I nodded and closed my eyes, still full of shame, but getting more and more horny. I didn't think about who she was, that this must be wrong. I was just to horny and a kid. These thoughts came, to be honest, several years later.
"Done this before?"
Again I nodded. I wanted to see her breasts and her pubes. But I didn't dare to turn around.
"O really? God, I didn't know you are so much grown! You like experimenting, do you?"
My breath came pressed now, she did it so good, I was about to come soon.
"Hmmmm…but maybe I can teach you something you don't already know?!"
I couldn't say a thing.
"Ever touched a woman? I mean a naked one…I don't think so, hm?" She kept on massging my pubes all the time.
"Wanna touch me? Hm? Come, turn round." I turned and stared at her. Her big fat titts were just one foot away from me. Ihesitated and she grapped my hand and directed it on her body. I felt the heat of her skin when she put my hand on her breast. She gave me a gentle smile.
"Does it feel good? Yes? Okay, they are yours….pet them…oh, wait, not so fast….slow….right…and now squeeze them gently…..good…very good. Lick them." Her moans filled my brain as my tongue licked clumsy over her hard big nipples. I didn't stop holding her titts in my hands.
Suddenly she took my hands again and sighed:
"Okay, stop. Wanna learn more?" I nodded heavily, but I knew I was red as a tomatoe.
She smiled again and led my hand down her body. As I realized what she was up to do, I nearly had an orgasm, but only nearly.
My fingers touched her hot, steamy, bald and beautiful pussy lips. There she left my hand and closed her eyes. Her head came near to my ear.
"It feels good, doesn't it? Okay….touch them…feel them…right…a little harder now." She took my finger and directed it into this wet slid between her pussy lips. I felt a fleshy wet button at the upper end and an even deeper and wetter slit or hole at the lower end whlie she slid my finger up and down her vagina. Then she took away her hand again.
"Touch me there….yes….the little button….right…palm it in small circles…a little faster…..right." Her whispers were as pressed as my breath was and her moans drove me crazy.
"Now down…..put your finger into me….there, exactly…..oh, you are doing great…deeper…now push it in and out the whole lenght….right, yes, yes, yes…..oh my god, it's great!"
Suddenly I felt her pussy tightening and her moans became louder, her voice was still a whisper but overturning and shrill. Her breath came in hard thrusts and she hopped up and down on my hand as I accelerated my fingering. I could see her titts jumping as she came. Her head flew back and she climaxed in a deep loud satisfied moan.
Without saying a word she knelt down and began licking my dick. It was so hard that it already hurt. With another loud moan she closed her lps around my hard-on and began to suck it. Her hands were on my dick and my balls, always petting , squeezing and stimulating them. I looked down at her back to see her big firm ass. Suddenly her middlefinger was on my asshole and stimulated it. I was in heaven, it couldn't get better, I had to come every moment. When her finger began impaling my asshole I came. I couldn't manage to control my shaking body and the loudness of my moans as I unknowingly started to fuck her mouth.

"So, you are dry now", she said loud, rising from the floor. "Wait in Steve's room until he is back, but pull on your clothes first! I'm goin to have a bath right now. Maybe you learn more next time." She smiled again and twinkeld. I didn't know what to say, so I dressed quickly and left the bathroom. I still couldn't believe what happened a few minutes before. But I was sure that this had to be our little secret.
My hard-on didn't go away. I was still horny. So I masturbated another time and thought about her last words. What might she teach me next time?

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