My first Sex part 2

My first Sex part 2

(In part one I described how I lost my virginity to a very young and pretty brunette. What I described was based on actual fact from notes in a journal I had written down years ago. I never thought I would find an outlet for them. I do take artistic license with some descriptions, and order of events as they actually happened over the course of a week and a half. They have been compiled into a smaller time frame to make the story less boring. Some of the details Wendy describes about her brother are made up in Part II. This is for those who seem to require more action and fewer plot development. Part I was just as she told me. Thanks for all the comments good or bad.
I should have put a warning in Part 1 that if this is to long for you then ……..well don’t read it, and if you do then don’t whine if it’s to long…. Well Part II is much the same way.

Wendy: About 5:5 perfect proportions except with perky breast that are slightly smaller. Dark black hair down to about mid shoulder with light green eyes, very light skin.
Myself: 5:11 body a bit on the skinny side, but with fair muscular legs and arms. Green/Blue Eyes, dirty blond hair and a dark tan , just shy of 7”, 1.75” thick for those that just need to know.

Wendy stood under the shower and grinned at me, holding out her hand. I reached for her as I stepped in. The water was warm but not hot and steamy like I usually prefer. She pulled me against her and looking into my eyes she kissed me, her tongue quickly wormed its way into my mouth and she again tried to suck my mouth into hers. I stood their feeling the warm water run over me, holding her nakedness close to mine. I was enjoying the taste of her mouth and the touch of our tongues. She broke away smiling and looked at me rather intently.
“Now, just stand there, I am going to clean you up.” she said grabbing the soap. Starting with my chest and arms she soaped my upper body, slowly working her way around to my back. “Now rinse off.”
Slowly turning around, I did as she said. Her touch was making my penis erect again. Reaching out of the shower she grabbed a small towel and laid it at our feet.
“Time for the bottom half.” She giggled. She got down putting her knees on the towel. Taking the soap she started working her way up my legs, going from one to the other. As she got closer to my knees, she looked straight ahead at my full erection. He tongue came out and she licked her lips smiling up at me. .”He seems to be getting a bit excited down here.”
I grinned down at her with anticipation that she was going to give me another good suck. But I was disappointed when she just kept watching it, then me, and working slowly towards my balls with her soapy hands. As she got to my crotch area, she bypassed it and worked her hands around and behind me.
“Turn around.” She said softly. She worked the soap into my butt cheeks and tickled my hole with it. Then her hands started to scrub me gently in and out and around my cheeks. Massaging them, rubbing my ass hole and pushing her finger in gently, and moving it back and forth. It was like electricity shooting through me. I never realized that this could feel so good. My erection was now full up and sticking straight out. I reached down to slowly pump on myself as she worked on my ass. “Stop that….” She said giggling and smacking my butt hard. “No more cumming for you until I say, besides it’s my turn to play with it.”
I jumped from the shock of her hand, which pulled her finger from my ass. She reached around to my front with both her hands and taking the soap, starting getting me all lathered up from behind. Massaging my cock and gently working on my balls and between my butt cheeks as well. This went on for almost ten minutes. She never did grab me and jack on me, just slow rubbing and massaging, over under and around. My legs were feeling weaker as I stood there while she worked me over. I was remembering the feelings of her sucking on my again.
“Rinse.” She said breaking me out of my day dreams. “Ohh…trying to go to sleep on me huh…! Ok, now it’s my turn. Here.” She handed me the soap and continued. “Do me just like I did you.”
I started in like she did me. Slowly soaping up her neck and working down to her chest, rubbing her tits, playing with her nipples and working to her back. As I moved my arms around her, I stepped closer to her, and my penis bumped into the top of her pubic mound. She jumped back smiling. “Sorry…I forgot…” I said, remembering that she was very sensitive about my penis so close to her pussy. Which really didn’t make a lot of sense because earlier I was humping her ass hole, just an inch away. She turned around so I could work her back. As she did she moved back towards me. Reaching around her she took my cock in her hand and elevated it up and placed it against her butt checks. Almost by instinct I started to hump her slowly as I worked back around her front and massaged her tits again. She humped back with me and sighed a little bit.
“Do my pussy…” she moaned quietly. “Wash me real good and slow, but keep the soap out and then do my butt like I did yours.”
I slowly worked my way from her breasts to her pussy. I worked both sides, never pushing in to far. Trying to tell from her movements what felt good to her and what did not. I shifted to her right side and pressed my penis into her hip. Working her butt with my left hand and her pussy with my right. I leaned in and kissed her on the ear, and started to suck her ear lobes, she shivered and moaned and I felt her knees start to give. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that I stuck a finger in her butt and pussy at the same time but she reached up and put her hand on my shoulder and it felt like she put all her body weight into it to help support herself. I continued to slowly work her pussy and ass hole. Her butt was trying to hump my left finger as her pussy was trying to hump my right hand. I pushed more fingers into her and reached up to the spot she had told me about. It wasn’t until years later that I found out it was called the ‘G’ spot. She called it her special place. I moved my hands in rhythm, trying to keep them together. I felt my arms starting to give a bit from the workout but tried to keep a steady pace, nothing to fast or to slow. Wendy was now moaning and bucking her hips faster. She put her arms around my neck for more support. She seemed to weigh nothing at the moment, but I braced myself and continued to slowly speed up. Finger fucking her ass and pussy in alternate rhythms and switching to in and out at the same time. She turned to face me and looked deep into my eyes as I smiled back at her.
“God I love your fingers fucking me….it feels so good. I’m getting close to cumming again ….don’t slow down…keep fucking my ass…my pussy, my ass my pussy…ohhh god I am cummng….” She moaned again and her hips started to quiver and jerk… I felt my hand get flooded with the warmth of her pussy juices as she bucked against them. I felt my own cock about to go off from all the excitement I had from watching her. I quickly pulled my left finger out of her butt and keeping my right hand massaging her pussy; I moved around behind, her and pushed my cock between her butt cheeks. She bent over taking me with her, my cock was oozing a lot of pre-cum and she was so loose in her hole that I easily slipped all the way in with a slight push. Her orgasm intensified again and she screamed out she was cumming again. I pulled my cock back and thrust it in again, feeling the warmth and tightness of her ass. As I did, I explode into her. I could feel my cum squirting hard into her butt. My hips were jerking as I pumped my load into her tight hole, and my cock jumping all the while.
I felt I was about to fall, so I reached up and grabbed the shower rod to hold on. It bent, but held our weight as I continued to keep my self pushed into her as far as I could. She slowly stood upright.
“ohhhh god Brian..that was so good…your really pretty good for a virgin.” She said.
“Virgin,,,” I exclaimed…I just came in your bottom for the second time and came in your mouth before that…”
She just turned and looked at me smiling. “You still haven’t felt a tight pussy, squeezing cum from your balls yet, that’s still a virgin as far as I am concerned.” God she made me hot again with her matter of fact descriptions.
“I don’t think I can cum again for a while this is really doing me in Wendy… I don’t think I can keep up with you.” I said. I felt drained, and under the warm water and the feeling of my cock slowly going down in her bottom. I felt like just collapsing and staying this way forever.
“Oh, I think I can see about that.” She said, moving to the shower knobs, she slapped the hot water lever and all of a sudden we both screamed as the cold water hit us. My penis popped from her bottom and went into an almost turtle state. I reached out and started spanking her butt as she continued to scream, giggle and laugh all at once.
“There, how’s that for torture?” I said as I continued to slap her smartly on her butt.
“OK…Ok….sorry… I couldn’t resist. Are you awake a bit more now?” she giggled.
I had to admit that I was. She reached over and slowly brought the water temp back up. We quickly scrubbed each others equipment off. Wendy turned off the water reached out and brought back two large fluffy towels and we proceed to dry ourselves and each other. Wendy started talking again.
“Well, where was I, ohhh yes… Rob was drunk in his room, kinda passed out I think. I stood there looking at his cock and thinking how much fun it would be to….Ohhh damn…I am getting ahead of myself. This was much later after I caught him jacking off.” She sounded disappointed but I realized that she really had not finished telling me the rest of her first story.
“I’m thirsty.” I said as I stepped out. “Let me get some cokes and you can tell me more. I think it will help me recover.” I walked down stairs got the cokes, the air had cooled quit a bit. I closed the window a bit to slow it down. I felt funny running around someone else’s house naked. I went into the guest room and put on my jockeys. When I did I realized how sensitive and sore my penis was. I looked down at it. All shriveled up and tucked back. It always amazed me how much it increased in size when it was erect to it’s almost 7 inch length. As I recalled my fun with Wendy I realized that I had never been that hard before. There sure was a difference in what your hand could do compared to a warm mouth and tight bottom.
Sorry but I will diverge for a moment. Good old masturbation. Most guys discover this at some point or hear about it and try it. I really don’t recall now the first time I actually shot my first load, most likely half asleep at the time. I do recall at least back to when I was 11, and I would do it when I went to sleep and usually when I woke up, it just felt to good and relaxing. I always felt a bit ashamed about it. I never discussed it much with anyone else. But as I got older, it seemed to get boring just beating myself as fast as I could, I would experiment with oils or soap. Anyway, I found that if I slowed down and prolonged the issue, that the intense feelings where enhanced come orgasm time. It became a contest with myself to see how long I could go before letting my cum fly. I was able to work up to keeping it erect for 15 to 20 minutes at a time and longer.
As I came back into the room. Wendy had already stripped the bed and was preparing to put on new sheets. She turned towards me quickly and her face was red with embarrassment. I wasn’t sure why until I noticed that she had a larger rubber sheet on her bed. She looked like she was almost ready to cry. I walked over to her and quickly kissed her.
“Look its OK,,, it’s not a problem…look I had one until I was almost 10.” I said softly.
“I don’t know why I can’ stop.” She said very quitely. “Mom says I will grow out of it, Dad doesn’t know or maybe he just doesn’t say anything. Rob, used to tease me when I was little but stopped a long time ago when he realized how much it hurt me. I’m so embarrassed. I was trying to keep us up all night I didn’t want to fall asleep with you because I was afraid I would pee my bed.”
“Look, we are both a bit tired, how about we just get into bed and snuggle up and you can continue your story. Here drink up.” I said passing her the open coke. She looked shocked and then glared at me. I tried to keep a straight face but burst out laughing.
“You’re a real ass hole Brian… I’ll get you…” She yelled grabbing a pillow and throwing it at me. I ducked and laughed. She then noticed that I had my jockeys on. “Finished with your little fucking for the night are we. Do you need Wendy to pull those down again and suck you some more?”
“Look, I would really like to do more but I am tired and I feel sore. This has been one heck of a night. One I know I will remember for a long time to come.” I said quietly.
She smiled. “Sure, that’s fine with me to… come on.” She took the coke and almost downed the whole thing while looking at me with a bit of mischief in her smile. She went to her dresser got a large t-shirt and slipped it on. Then finished making up the bed. Walking to the closet she reached up and grabbed a blanket from the top shelf. As she did the tee shirt rode up her cheeks exposing the bottom of her tight little butt. God this was more sexy and a turn on than seeing her naked a few minutes ago. I stood there sipping my coke watching her, thinking about all that had happened tonight.
“Right side left side?”she said.
“Uhh Left I guess…” not quit realizing what she meant.
“Fine with me.. I can sleep either side when I’m not alone.” She giggled again.
“Oh and you sleep with boys quite often then I take it.?” I said rather harshly.
She glared at me and snapped back. “None of your fucking business..” she laughed again. “Actually I have never actually slept with anyone other than Rob, and only when my parents were gone. “Come on get in, this will be fun. Ohhhh God, almost forgot…” She jumped up from the bed and raced out of the room. I heard her hit the stairs. A minute later she came back a bit out of breath. “There…I put the dead bolts on the doors. Now, even my parents can’t get in. Just in case they come back early, and we are still in bed, still sleeping or whatever cums naturally…if you know what I mean.”
Again, I heard her fathers voice “Understand!” I nodded my head reached out and pulled her toward me and kissed her. I slowly backed us both up to the bed where we fell onto it, in each others arms. We got under the blankets and hugged and kissed a bit. Reaching up she started to turn off the light.
“Hey is that yours?” she said pointing at my coke. I nodded my head, my eyes felt like they were about to drop out of my head. She reached for it, and before I could say anything she downed it all. “All that running made me thirsty. Shouldn’t be a problem, I usually only wet my bed around 1 or 2 then I wake up and change. It is long past that now.” She giggled again and turned her back into me and push up against me until my penis was once again softly embedded into the crack of her bottom. I felt it stir a bit and she did to. She thrust her hips a bit and then slowly stopped. She was out. The last thing I remember was reaching over and whispering in her ear. “I love you Wendy.” She stirred slightly.
I could hear a noise going off in my head, and couldn’t quit place it. The room was very bright and it looked to be late morning. I was stiff and my muscles were sore, and my penis seemed ok now, but not stiff like it usually was in the mornings. Wendy was still in the same position I remember her. I thought popped into my mind that she may have wet the bed. I reached down and felt nothing around her bottom. I slowly reached out and stroked her bare butt. She stirred a bit but did not wake. That was when I heard the noise again. The phone was ringing. I got up carefully and ran into the hall, as I passed one of the doors I could here a ring inside. I opened the door, Wendy’s parent’s room. I grabbed the phone.
“Hello. Weston residence” I said, out of breath. I almost couldn’t remember their last name.
“Well it’s about time Brian… where have you been.” The voice of my mother calmed me down.
“Oh, I was.. uhh outside and didn’t hear it ring. What’s up?” I tried to act calm but I felt my voice was cracking a bit and my heart started to race.
“Are you Ok son…you sound a bit odd..” she said. Before I could answer she went on. “Sue called. She and Bob are going to stay for several more days with her mother. It looks bad, so they want to be there for her if she goes. Sue is hanging in there, but is concerned that you might have an issue or other plans. She knows you were a bit reluctant to do this, and understands if you can’t stay longer. She said Wendy might be a handful for you. Will that be alright with you? Sue said to have you tell Wendy to order out for dinner, and there is plenty of breakfast cereal etc. If you need milk, just go to the store, but do not leave Wendy there alone, take her with you. Does that sound OK to you?
I sat there listening to my mom, and thinking of the handful that Wendy had been. Her parents certainly were correct. “Sure mom, its OK not a problem.. Wendy is actually not as spoiled as I thought. In fact I haven’t seen her yet, I think she is still sleeping.”
“My goodness it’s almost 11, and still in bed. I am glad you’re so responsible. Please let Wendy know that her mom will call her this evening. Good by dear.”
“Bye, mom, thanks I will call if I need anything.” I hung up the phone and stood there a bit stunned. I didn’t know if I was upset, relieved, or shocked that I would be spending a few days with this little spoiled girl who was more a women than most girls my age. I opened my jockeys and looked down at my penis. It seemed fine, and as I touched it, any soreness was no longer noticeable. I walked back to the spoiled kid’s bedroom and crawled into bed with her. She moved and stirred at bit.
“Whose that?” she said yawning.
“Whose what?” I replied.
“On the phone silly, who was that? Was it mom?” She turned to me and wrapped her arm over me and kissed me on the lower lip then tugging with her teeth.
“Sorry…my mom… your parents won’t be home for a few days. Your mom called my mom to see if it was alright for me to stay longer. I guess you gramma is really bad. Your mom will call you this evening.” I told her the other stuff as well.
As I talked her eyes got bigger and she lifted up a bit. “Gramma’s a bitch. She was always so mean to me. I only saw her a few times. My other gramma is gone already. I knew her better and miss her.” She went on. “So what did you say…?”
“About what…” I said looking at her rather puzzled.
“About staying silly, what did you say?” she looked a bit nervous now.
“Oh that, well I told my mom that you were a spoiled rotten kid and I really wanted to come home. She will be here in an hour.” I replied, trying to keep my face straight.
She looked dumfounded as I said it. But the look on in my eyes betrayed me.
“Oh you ass hole…”she giggled.. “You are staying aren’t you?” I nodded. She started kissing on me and moved up straddling me. She lay on top of me and squirmed and rubbed her pussy against the lump in my jockeys. I could feel my self start to rise up again. ‘Time to have some more fun, this time I want you to actually do me in my pussy….please.” She wined. “Oh god, we can fuck and sleep, and drink and fuck some more… this is going to be so great.”
“You are a nasty little girl aren’t you?” Maybe I should give you another spanking.” I said reaching out and hitting her on the butt. “But you didn’t pee the bed so I will only give you one whack”
She laughed and giggled again moving down against me. “You’re a shit.. you know that. Hey you know that Coke of yours I drank, well you can have it back.” She started to gag like she was going to throw up on me. I grinned and looked into her eyes, she stopped gagging and just smiled at me grinning real evil like. I wasn’t sure what was going on. “Here, it’s all yours.” I looked at her again. Suddenly I felt warm wetness flow over my cock and through my shorts. I tried to get up but she held me down and continued to pee on me, pushing in with her face and kissing and sticking her tongue in my mouth while her bladder unloaded itself us.
“Oh god Wendy…your so gross…god stop it .. you’re a turd..” I said between her sucking on my tongue. I looked up at her and smiled.
“Oh don’t be such a baby… pee wont hurt you. Besides, tell me the truth, doesn’t it make you feel all warm and wet. Like you just came a lot.” She grinned and giggled.
“You’re terrible.” I said. I started kissing her again. My penis had gone down from the shock of what she had done. I didn’t feel bad about it. It wasn’t the first time I had been in a wet bed.
I rolled her off of me and rolled so I was on top of her. I got myself between her legs and she put her legs up over my back. I kissed her, with the feeling of wetness between my legs, my cock not fully hard and me slowly dry humping her pussy. I looked down at her and grinned. “Pay backs a bitch.” I said as I unloaded my self on her. I peed right through my jockeys. It came out strong and fast, and soaked us both but mostly her as she was on the bottom. She opened her eyes wide in surprise and started humping on my cock as she drew my mouth toward her and kissed me deep with her tongue going crazy.
“You nasty boy….Hump me, hump me, hump me…”She giggled softly as I continued to empty my bladder and hump her at the same time. My cock was coming fully erect now and stopped the flow. It was held firm by my soaked shorts. The wetness of the pee and my hard cock straining through my jockeys rubbing up and down her slit were maybe too much for her. Again she arched and with a load moan, of “aahhh god I am coming..” don’t’ stop.” Her orgasm hit, and I felt her warmth as she came. I could feel my own orgasm coming up, and she sensed it to. She quickly put her hand down and slid it into my shorts. She grabbed my cock and squeezed real hard at the base. I grunted in pain and pulled back off her getting on my knees.
“Naughty boy, cumming in your shorts, we have to be careful.” She moaned. “Get the rubber! Hurry.”
I reached over and grabbed a packet on the night stand. I started to tear the top off.
“Hear let me…” she said taking it out of my hands. “Get your shorts off. And lie back.”
I reached out and wiggled them down around my ankles. I turned and laid on my back feeling the cool wetness of the puddle of pee under my butt. My cock was sticking straight up in the air. Wendy quickly tore the packet open and removed the ring of rolled up material. She grabbed part of the top sheet and dried me off. I was amazed with her speed as she moved to my cock, placing the material on top and rolling it down my shaft. She quickly turned laying down beside me, and grasped under her knees and pulled them up to her chest.
“Fuck me hurry….fuck my pussy, pump me fast…..hurry…please hurry..” she moaned
I turned over and quickly got above her on my knees looking down at my cock now with its little coat and staring at her pussy pointing straight up at me. I was finally going to lose my virginity. I leaned forward and put the head against her clit rubbing it around some and then slowly moved it down while gently thrusting forward. My tip finally found her sweet hole and I pushed forward again, she was tight, but I went as far as I could, backed up a bit and went in again, this time my pubic bone bumped hers. Her head was back and she still held her legs up and spread. She gasped as I went into her. I held my self deep in her for a moment, enjoying the new feeling. I was totally different from anything I had felt before. She started rocking under me going back and forth. We were making small squishy sounds from the pee puddle that was under us. Sensing her urgency I started pumping into her, going back and forth slowly a bit and finally speeding up. I reached my arms out one at a time and got them against the outside of her legs to hold them up. Her feet were straight up in the air, she quickly moved her hands down my back and put them on my butt, pushing me to go faster.
“ohhh god this feels so good…” she softly moaned in my ear. “oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck me..Brian”
I kept up my pace and noticed that even though I had come close to squirting earlier, that the layer of rubber on my cock was keeping me from being so sensitive. I really didn’t want to cum so fast. I wanted to stay in this position, pumping in and out of her pussy, making it last as long as possible. She pushed on my butt to speed me up more. I took up the pace. I could hear and feel my balls slapping her in the bottom as I pumped faster into her. That sound slowly went away as my sack pulled in tight and my orgasm was getting closer. From the wriggling of the girl under me I could tell she would hit hers first. No sooner had I thought that when she suddenly bucked up hard and yelled.
“uggggg fuck fuck fuck..oh fuck oh fuck “ she kept repeating it over and over. Her body tensed and I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting and spasm on my cock as her orgasm hit. I still wasn’t ready for my cum, I kept up the pace of fucking into her and once again wetness flooded us both. As I continued humping her she again arched up and another wave of spasms went through her pussy around my cock. “ ohhh god Brian …fuck me fuck my pussy,, cum in me shoot your cum in me” she was almost yelling it out between her grunts and moans of pleasure. Instantly I was over the edge. I felt a rush of cum erupt from my cock. Squirt after squirt flowed out of me. I could feel the drag as it filled the tip of the rubber. With a final thrust into her I held myself tight against her. I could feel the spasms of her pussy contracting around my shaft as her orgasm subsided. We both collapsed not moving.
“ohhh god that was good…”she moaned into my ear. “You’re really are a good humper.” She kissed me deeply and pulled away and looked into my eyes smiling. “Now we both lost our virginity.”
I was shocked at hearing this. I had assumed that she had lost hers. The look on my face once again told all. “Nope, you’re the first real penis. I messed around with a few boys, and of course Rob and I used a fake one to break my cheery, but you’re the first.” She smiled. “I wanted it to be special, and I wanted the person to really want me. Some of boys I played with, were into getting a quick feel and blow job then we were out of time, and thank you Wendy, don’t call me I’ll call you stuff.”
“Fucking idiots…” I smiled at her. “Thank you; you weren’t to bad yourself there.”
“Yeah, like you know….”she hit me and pushed me over. We both realized that we were laying in a mess and it was starting to be rather uncomfortable. I slowly pulled out of her. As I did she reached down to support the rubber from falling off my softening penis. After I was clear she carefully removed the condom. She took her shirt off and helped me out of my shorts. We both went into the bathroom and had a good long hot shower. More soaping and rinsing each other off, with a bit of fondling and playing but no sex. We dried each other off and got dressed, her wearing some tight shorts and a tank top, me in my cutoffs and t-shirt. I helped her take the wet bed clothes down to the laundry room and we got them in the wash.
We had just come downstairs from making the bed and were in the kitchen looking to get something to eat when the doorbell rang. We both jumped and looked at each other for a few moments.
“You get it Brian, you’re the babysitter. Have to keep me safe you know.” She laughed.
“I’ll baby sit you alright.” I said grabbing her ass and giving it a good pinch. She let out a rather load squeal and jumped away.
I went to the door, undid the bolts and locks and opened it up. It was mom, crap here it comes.
“Hi Brian” Mom said as she walked in with a bag of groceries in each arm. I took one and we walked into the kitchen. “I brought you some stuff for breakfast tomorrow. Is everything alright? I thought I heard a scream.”
“That was me, Mrs. Smith” Wendy said coming forward. “Brian is making me do the laundry, and other things.”
The way she said other things sounded a whole lot worse to me than I think my mom thought.
“Yes, that sounds like Brian, he can be pretty serious sometimes.” Mom said. “And you, look at you, my you have grown up some since I last saw you. Now how old are you dear, 13. Staying in bed late must give you that glow. I do not know how you can do that.”
“Only until this weekend, I turn 14, I had a rough night from the storm so I slept in. But Brian was so noisy I had to just get up.” Wendy replied. “I can’t wait for my birthday; mom says I can start dating boys. Maybe Brian will let me practice on him.” She laughed, her voice had turned all girlish and child like.
“Wendy!” I exclaimed. I could have died from embarrassment, I knew my face was red.
“Please, Mrs. Smith, make Brian ask me out.” She giggled.
“ohhh God…” I moaned. I just knew that I had a big “Just been Fucking” sign on my face.
Mom looked at us kind of funny, shook her head. “Brian, be nice to Wendy. Besides, when was the last time you went on a date? It would do you good to help her out. First time dating is always stressful for us girls.” Wendy was nodding her head with a matter of fact look towards my mom and I.
“Yeah,,, Brian it would do you good to help me out. I could use some more practice. And I bet you could use all the practice you could get.” Wendy said again in a very girlish voice.
“I have to warn you, he might be a bit boring but he is a gentleman.” Mom said.
“Gosh mom she’s just a kid…I knew I shouldn’t have taken this job, she’s just mad because I am making her work so hard.” I replied back glaring at Wendy.
“That’s OK Mrs. Smith. Brian bored me all morning, I’am pretty used to his boring stuff now.
“Well you two do seem to be getting along OK, so I will let you get back to chores. Brian, you might want to mow the lawn, it looks like it could use it.” She said while turning and going out the door. “And call me if you need anything.”
“Brian and I have plenty of work to do, Mrs. Smith. I promise to keep him busy.” she said.
“Thanks, Mom I will.” I was dying inside. I am sure my mom was seeing right through us.
I closed the door, locked it and slowly turned around towards Wendy glaring at her. She was smiling with a big grin, and staring intently at me. “Well!!!!” She said.
“Well what??” I snapped back.
“Aren’t you going to ask me out, or are you just going to drag me upstairs and fuck me. Wham Bam thanks Wendy just like all the others…” She said while barely controlling her laughter.
“You are a real brat. It’s time I taught you a lesson.” I said reaching down and undoing my belt. Wendy licked her lips while looking at my crotch. I undid my belt and whipped it off my pants.. She then realized what I was doing as I folded the belt over and smacked it on my hand, while walking towards her.
Her eyes got real big as she started back stepping towards the stairs. “You wouldn’t dare…NO!” she squealed as I moved towards her. She turned and started up the stairs. I swung out and the tip of the belt caught her butt. She squealed again jumping up a step, she turned and quickly dropped her shorts, kicking them at me before running up the stairs and down the hall. She had not put any underwear on and the bottom of her butt had a small red mark where I had caught her with the belt. She was pulling her top off and tossing it. By the time she got to her bedroom she was naked. God she was gorgeous. When I reached the bedroom I was also naked with my penis sticking straight out and ready for a nice moist hole.
As I pushed open the partly closed door, Wendy was on her knees, just inside. She was rapidly fingering her pussy while staring straight ahead at my crotch. I stepped forward and presented myself to her for inspection. While massaging her breast with one hand and playing across her pussy with the other she leaned forward and started licking the tip of my shaft and working her way back and forth from my balls back to the tip. After a few minutes of this, she leaned forward and took me into her mouth and started sucking and slurping up and down on me.
“Oh god, suck me baby!” I exclaimed. The warm wetness of her mouth as she worked her tongue along the bottom of my penis was intoxicating. I was having trouble standing up. I slowly started to walk around her as she continued to work on herself with her hands. She turned to follow me around. I slowly backed up toward the bed, forcing her to scoot along the rug on her knees as she still worked on her pussy. As I hit the bed, I sat down on the edge and spread my legs wide. This gave her plenty of room to move in and continue with her work on my cock, which she did with even more enthusiasm.
Wendy lifted her hand up and pointed toward the night stand where the condoms lay. She motioned me to hand her one. Reaching over I was just barley able snag one. I returned it to her, where she promptly opened it up, pulled out the rubber, removed her mouth, stuck it on, and went to work again on my now slightly desensitized penis. She started working on me harder. She slowly pushed me more and more onto the bed. Over the next several minutes we both had worked it to where I was now straddling her face, as she bobbed up and down on me from below, while continuing to work her pussy in and out with her hand. I looked behind me to watch her for a moment, and could see her hips bucking up into her thrusting fingers. I could tell she was close to her cum. She suddenly stopped, scooted up the bed, pulled her legs from between mine and grabbed them behind her knees and stuck them high into the air.
“Eat me Brian, suck my pussy, as fast and hard as you can…hurry…I’m close..” she moaned.
What more could I do… I leaned forward and planted my lips around her clit and started sucking like mad. I tongued her pussy, going in and out. I began rubbing my face up and down her wetness, completely soaking my nose, mouth and chin I rubbed my nose along her slit and continued to suck her clit as my mouth reached it, faster and faster. Our juices were leaking out of her and running down along her butt hole. Where I then reached up and started to push my finger in. As I did she started bucking her pussy harder up and off the bed.
“uhhh uhh uhh uhh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck….”she moaned it out and began to squirt again. This amazed me every time I saw or felt it. I couldn’t believe that a female could do this. She did this twice more, each time the flow was a bit less. I still thought it was pee, if so it was different, not that much but it was different. I didn’t care, as I continued to wash my face in her wet slit. After her third time of erupting all over my face, she pulled me up to her.
“Fuck me fast again, go as fast as you can, don’t slow down,,,,”she whined. “ohh fuck me fuck me, stick that cock in me as far as it will go….please fuck me do it now….”
Again what more could I do. I put it into her, and slammed forward as hard as I could. She pulled my wet face down to hers and sucked on my face, licking and cleaning herself from me. Wendy began to suck my tongue as I continued to hump into her as fast as I could go. She bucked up against me once more crying out as I felt another gush wet my balls. The slapping sounds of our flesh combined with her moans, cries and grunts, as well as the grunting and puffing I was doing was really loud. In the back of my mind I realized that the window was still open, but as she bucked against me again, I suddenly was overcome with my own orgasm and my penis did it’s thing and started spraying my cum up inside her. Course the rubber stopped its progress, but it did not take away the feeling that I was squirting deep into her pussy and flooding every inch of her insides. Squirt after squirt jumped out of my pulsing cock. With a final thrust I held myself tight against her until the wave of both our orgasms subsided.
“ohhh Brian that was so good…I could feel your penis jumping up and down while you came. It felt so good.” She moaned. “I like sucking them, and I like them up in my bottom, but it sure is different when they jump up and down inside me.”
“mmmm…” I moaned back to her. I continued to lie still on top of her, feeling our sticky wetness and sweat building up between us. I continued to support her legs up and over her head. We slowly started kissing each other and sucking on each others tongues. I moved out of her as my erection went down. We kissed and sucked on each others faces for quit a long time. I then felt my erection coming back for another round of intense work. Wendy noticed it to and pushed me up and back on the bed. She now leaned over me on her knees and removed the condom from my penis. Leaning forward she began to slowly suck and clean up on my cock. As she did I leaned further back and stretched out on the bed. She carefully without losing contact with my now stiffing penis, moved around until she was over the top of me. I was staring straight up into her wonderful pussy. Still soaked and wet from our fucking. She wiggled and positioned herself over me and moved it closer.
“Here put this under your head, that way you won’t get tired.” She said pushing a pillow back towards me.
“mmmmm thanks” I said between slow licks around her pussy, getting as much moisture cleaned off as I could.
I folded the pillow until I was able to position my head close enough to her. I could feel the heat from her hot crotch. I was now easy to lick and suck on her with out having to hold my neck up. Wendy snuggled down as I put my hands on her butt so I could pull her and push her around as I moved my tongue from one end of her pussy clear to her butt hole. We slowly sucked each other, never speeding up or slowing down. It seemed like we worked at this for an hour or more. Every time I felt she was getting too excited I slowed down. She did the same for me. We would pause often. She would have my penis almost down her throat, and not moving her tongue. I would have my tongue up her pussy or poking at her back door. We would suspend our work on each other and just totally relax for several minutes at a time. We were totally enjoying the taste and smells of the other. At some point we must have fallen asleep this way. I woke up with a small movement on my cock. Wendy was lying with her head on my hip and the tip of my cock in her mouth, very slowly sucking on it like it was her thumb. I was only partially erect at this point, but I could feel my penis start to harden up again. She was asleep; her pussy was almost dry and just above me. I reached out with my tongue and slowly started to work it into her, while sliding it slowly back and forth along her now moistening slit.
Wendy was moaning softly now, and her hips were slowly picking up the rhythm of my tongue as I worked it a bit faster. As she became more aware, she took me into her mouth a bit deeper and we continued where we had left off. Who knows how long ago we had started.
“RINGGGGG” went the phone…
We both jumped and Wendy moved off me quickly and grabbed my hand. Pulling on me we went down the hall to her parents room. She grabbed the phone.
“Hello…. Oh hi, mom…” she said listening. “Sure were fine….how’s gamma” long pause. “Oh mom that’s sad…” Wendy sniffled a bit, while listening more. “Ok we will… Brian and I are getting something to eat right now…” I smacked her butt and glared at her. “Oh sure, yes…….Hi daddy…no he hasn’t, , nope he said he can’t do that. He is nice enough but so mean about stuff.” She was looking at me grinning. “Yep…were going to get something to eat, and watch TV. Love you to daddy… tell mom I am sorry about gamma. Uhh huh…ok Goodby…” she hung up the phone.
“God you’re a brat… getting something to eat…” I exclaimed. “And what was your dad asking…” as I thought about her end of the conversation.
“Oh he wanted to know if I had invited you upstairs and if you had gone.” She grinned. “I should have told him what you did…” she laughed.
“Not funny, butt hole…” I yelled grabbing her tit and pulling on her nipple. “Lets finish eating.”
“Later, I’m so hungry, you do know we never ate breakfast, first I want to eat dinner…lets get Chinese. Spicy hot, mild…??” She said picking up the phone.
“I like mine spicy.” I said. She dialed a number without looking it up. “Hi, Chan.. Wendy here, oh fine…nothing…very hungry…. Can I get my usual? I have a friend here and she wants the same thing you used to get for Rob, except she is really hungry so you can double that. OK..Thanks Chan.”
“So what am I getting?” I looked at her. “And what’s that “she” stuff.”
“Well, first you’re getting dressed. Second you’re eating, Third I am going to tell some stories and fourth if your lucky and the stories don’t bore you to death, we are getting a little drunk and playing again.
“You’re a butt hole.” I exclaimed, grabbing her cheek and poking her bottom with my finger.
“Better wash that before you eat. Lets get some clothes on.” She laughed running out the room and down the hall.
The food arrived less than an hour later, Wendy paid for it, and took it to the dinning room and sat down. She then went into the kitchen, and mixed up a fresh batch of orange juice and brought it out. She went to the liquor cabinet and again made up her concoction. This time she put in 6 shots from the vodka bottle and another 6 from a gin bottle. Shaking well, she poured us each a small glass, we drank this one slowly as we ate dinner, and she started telling her story.

Wendy & Rob:
“Anyway where was I… ohhh yeah.. Rob was going to show me how he jacked off. She began. I was looking at the magazine with the girl who had a cock all the way down her throat. Rob asked me if I thought I would like to do that some day..ugg disgusting I told him. He laughed and sat back on the bed. He grabbed the magazine from me, and starting reading stuff out of it about fucking and sucking. As he read I noticed his penis was moving around. It seemed to swell a bit, move some more, swell. As he was reading I could see he was watching my reaction. I was listening to the story and most of the words I understood. I started to feel a bit funny in my crotch and put my hand inside my pants. I could feel I was wet. Rob noticed and smiled at me. Turns you on doesn’t’ it. I nodded looking at him not really sure what he meant, and looked at his penis, it was moving up and down with the pulse of his blood running through it, I was actually seeing it rise and get hard. Rob asked me if I wanted to feel it. I looked at him, not sure if I wanted to or not. He laughed and said to go ahead. That if I didn’t like the feel of it that I could let go. I slowly reached out and touched the side of it with my finger. I felt very soft and velvety. Rob said to put my hand around it and I did. I could feel it get harder and he leaned back his head and moaned. I jerked my hand away, and looked at him. He looked at me and laughed. That’s OK he said, you didn’t hurt me. In fact you made me feel so good. It is kind like a real good back rub but only better. Don’t stop, please hold it. I did as he said. Now move your hand up and down on it like I was doing. I did that to. A bit of moisture was oozing out the tip and Rob reached out and rubbed it on his finger. He put it in his mouth and said that it tasted good. Go ahead try a little bit. It isn’t pee, it’s called pre-cum and it cleans out the penis so that the sperm can live when it shoots out. I reached out and put my finger in it and brought it up to my nose. I did not seem to smell too much, but the faint odor was nice, so I put the stuff on my tongue and tasted it, it did not have much of a taste either. But it did taste good. Some more had come out and was running down his shaft. I think the idea that I was playing with his cock was getting him very hot. He was looking at me and smiling and breathing real heavy. I had stopped pumping on him so he started to do the motion by bucking his hips. Go ahead Wendy; lick the juice off my cock. I bet it taste real good, it won’t hurt you. I moved in until my mouth was real close, I was not feeling disgusted like before when I saw the pictures. Some how this was very exciting to me. The stuff was almost to my hand, so I reached out with my tongue and licked it up. Rob jerked a bit and gasped as I did so. I worked up his cock licking some more, the taste was a bit stronger now, but it was still very good. I reached the tip and worked around his head getting the rest of it. Rob said to kiss it and then put the head in my mouth like I had seen in the magazine. I shook my head and told him I didn’t want to choke like her. He said not to worry, that I was the one in control and could go as deep as I wanted. So I opened my mouth and put him in me. Once again he groaned even loader…he said for me to start sucking on it like it was a lollipop, and to not let my teeth touch it. He told me how to move my tongue up and down the bottom of his shaft. Rob was moaning some more as I did this… he kept saying ohhh Wendy you’re so good at sucking cock. You will always make a man happy having sex with you. I continued to suck on him and lick on him. So that was what I was doing, I was having sex. At the same time I was going up and down on it with my hands like I had seen him do. I was feeling very warm and could feel my underwear getting soaked. My whole body was feeling very good. The full realization of what I was doing did not occur to me until later.
Here I was sucking and jacking off my own brother. I did not seem wrong. It only felt good. Rob started to move a lot and moan a lot. Suddenly he reached down and stopped my hand. Careful Wendy, I am about to shoot my cum again. You may not like it if it goes in your mouth. I felt mad, because I was enjoying the taste of him and I was starting to get some very intense feelings in my pussy. Let me look at you Wendy, as he reached out and unbuttoned my pants, which by this time were wet in the crotch as well. I let him pull my pants down. I reached up and took my top off, I wanted to be as naked as he was. I was on the bed on my knees, looking down at Rob and looking back at his stiff cock. I wanted it again. He said it looks like your little pussy is very wet. How do you feel, he asked. I feel good. Do you understand that we can get in trouble playing and having fun like this. I nodded, not really sure how we could. He told me that this was a very private thing for only us. And that if I did not say anything then maybe we might play this way again. I nodded my head and asked if I could suck some more. He said no that he wasn’t ready to squirt cum. He wanted to make me feel as good as him. He asked me if he could take off my panties. I said yes. I wasn’t embarrassed about being naked in front of him. We always saw each other that way. He reached out and removed my panties. Oh Wendy he said, you are a beautiful young girl. I never noticed what a fine little pussy you have. Here get up on my chest and let me have a closer look at it. I giggled as he said pussy. I got on top of him and put my butt right between his nipples with my feet on either side of his head. He looked up and smiled at me. I felt exciting having him looking down there at me. I could feel more wetness coming up inside me and running out. Rob didn’t have a lot of chest hair, but what little he did have was dark, and now matted from my wet pussy. Rob didn’t seem to notice this as he reached out and touched me on either side of my pussy. He gently pulled the lips back and looked into me. Oh Wendy, you have a beautiful little clit too. His finger reached out and touched me there. All of a sudden I felt a wave of goose bumps come over me and shoot clear up to my little boobs. I could barley contain my excitement. Does that make you feel good sis, he said quietly? I only nodded and closed my eyes. Rob pulled me closer to him. I looked down as he reached out with his tongue and started to lick on me. The excitement was too much for me. All of a sudden I felt intense pleasure come over me and my hips started jerking. Rob was having trouble holding onto me, while he continued to lick with his tongue and then move it in and out of my pussy. I leaned back to support myself with my hands on his hips as I raised my butt in the air with the on coming spasm. I was having my first real orgasm and really didn’t know what it was, only that it was my lovely brother that was giving me all its pleasure. Then I was looking down at him and watching what he was doing. As my butt jumped up in the air with my first spasm, I felt my self gushing almost like I was peeing. Small squirts came shooting out of me and were hitting Rob in the face. His eyes got real wide and he moved his mouth closer to catch each squirt as it shot out of me. I started to be embarrassed because I thought I had lost control and was pissing all over him, like I was wetting the bed. But he moved in closer to be sure not to let any of it escape and started sucking it up and licking me harder and harder, which caused another wave to come over me. All thoughts were gone as I melted into his mouth. I lifted my arms up and laid back against his body. His cock rose up near my face and it seemed even harder and stiffer. It was jerking with the pulse of his body. I reached out my mouth to it and started licking it and sucking on the goo that was oozing out of him and dripping down the side. That must have been all he could take, because his hips pushed me into the air, and enormous gobs of cum came squirting out of him and shot straight up in the air. Some came straight back down on his cock where it flowed down the side reaching my tongue, I turned and looked up just as some more fell down into my open mouth and across my face and chin. I was being showered with squirt after squirt of my brothers cum. If I had not been in the throws of another orgasm I might have gagged a bit. As it was I swallowed its spunky taste and started licking up all I could find. It was on his cock and balls and legs, I sucked it all up enjoying the odd flavor it had. Rob had stopped working on me and was moaning as I licked on him. My good little sister he moaned, you are a natural at this. By this time I had started working down on his penis and sucking it as it deflated. Rob said easy kid and pushed me away. I looked at him and he stared back at me and started laughing. God you’re a sight, you have cum on your face and hair. I reached up and wiped some off on my fingers and looked at it. I smelled it and then sucked it off my fingers, grinning at Rob. God Wendy I think you were born to suck cock. I giggled at him and said it was so much fun, I then remembered that I pissed on him and said I was sorry, that I had gotten too excited. He said don’t worry about it sis, that was very exciting for me, I loved every second of it when you had your orgasms. I looked at him funny and didn’t quit understand what he said. He then explained what orgasms were. So sex was the fun we do so that we can have an orgasm, and girls can have lots more than boys. I thought this was so cool. I knew at that time that I wanted more orgasms.”
As I ate my dinner and listened to Wendy talk about her first orgasm, I became aware of my penis once again getting fully erect. It was becoming very uncomfortable because of its position in my shorts. As I listened to her talk I undid my belt and pushed them off my hips and down to the floor. I ate with one hand and slowly stroked myself with the other. The warmth of the juice mix was starting to take affect. Wendy didn’t seem to notice as she ate and talked like she was telling a simple story about her day.
“I started asking Rob all kinds of questions about sex, and girls, and boys. I knew from some of the conversations with his buddies that I had overheard, that he had sex with a few girl friends. I asked him what they were like and what their pussy’s looked like and tasted like. He laughed and said that every body was a bit different, then realized that I had asked about something I should not have known about. Spying on me, you little brat, he said. I squealed as he reached out and grabbed me and snuggled me up to him. He started sucking on my ear and telling me how much he cared about me. He said as long as it was safe we could play any time I wanted, and he would show me and teach me lots of fun sex stuff. Let’s take a shower sis, and he picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, I had my arms around his neck and my head against his chest. I reached out and started playing with his chest hair, looking at how matted it was from my wetness that had leaked all over it. Running my fingers through it I brushed against his nipple and felt it perk up. He looked at me and said that feels really good. So I continued to rub on it. We got in the shower and Rob had me stand there while he sat on the edge of the tub and carefully washed the cum from me and cleaned me from head to foot. As he soaped down my pussy and bottom, he rubbed my clit a bit more and watched my face. I closed my eyes and started to move my hips with the motion of his fingers. My little boobies had started to develop but were still very small. Rob reached out and started to suck on each one, going back and forth, while continuing to rub between my legs. I felt shocks going from one end of my boobs to my pussy. I could feel my self start to have another orgasm as I grabbed his shoulders to help support me. He kept asking me how it felt, as he moved his hand around. Tell me what you feel sis, what does it feel like. Oh it feels so good, I like the sucking on my boobies, it feels like they are connected to my pussy, and when your fingers brush on my poop hole it feels even better, like another pussy. As I said that Rob moved one of his hands and started working on my butt hole with one of his fingers. He would push against it and rub his finger around it. More shocks and feelings where shooting through my body as he continued to work on my pussy, butt, and boobs at the same time. Suddenly it was on me, my orgasm was back and it hit me hard again. I yelled it was back as my hips started jerking and my body exploded in his hands. I felt the warmth of my juices cover his hand and run down my leg. Rob pulled me toward him to help support me as my legs started to collapse under me. He pulled me up onto his lap with one hand and his other hand slowly stroked my pussy. I felt so warm and relaxed under the water. I felt his hard on under my bottom pulse with his excitement. You’re a very sexy girl sis he said. Here now it’s my turn. Rob moved me off his lap and I sat in the tub with the warm water on my back. His cock was in front of my face and he was holding it straight out to me. I knew he wanted me to suck on it. I moved in and carefully put my lips against the head and reached with out with my tongue to taste his hole. And my hands went up and down on the rest of his shaft. Working carefully I moved him deeper into my mouth and continued working back and forth while licking the bottom. Rob had said this was the most sensitive part. It only seemed a few moments when Rob said to watch out he was going to cum. I wanted to taste it again, but I also wanted to see it shoot out again like it did when we were on the bed. His hips were jerking and he was moaning about how good it felt, and for me to keep sucking. His cock jerked and I felt the first hot squirt come out and hit me in the back of the throat, I almost gagged but swallowed it quickly. I took the next one almost as fast; but I still wanted to see it shoot out, so I kept pumping with my hands and quickly jerked my mouth off the head. Just in time for me to see the next spurt come out which then hit me right in the nose. His cock jerked once more in my hand and then only a little bit came out and oozed onto his head and down his shaft. I quickly moved in and sucked it off him. I still thought it tasted rather odd but it wasn’t unpleasant and he shuddered as I did it. God Wendy I can’t believe I have such a sexy little sister. You will make a wonderful lover to some lucky guy. I looked up at giggled at him. I really enjoyed what I had learned that day. I hoped there would be many more like it”

“So what do you think?” Wendy said. I was not aware that she had stopped talking about her experience. I just kind of looked at her while slowly going through the motions of eating and moving my other hand slowly up and down my raging erection. Wendy turned her head sideways as she noticed that my other hand seemed busy. She bent and peeked under the table. “Brian… what are you doing?”
I was jolted out of my thoughts of her and Rob. It suddenly occurred to me that she had stopped and I was now working on myself during dinner. I felt my face get very red and stammered “uhh sorry it was so exciting listening to you that I ahhh uhhhh…”
“Oh save it, you guys are all alike, horny, horny, horny. Doesn’t take much to make you whip it out and jerk it off.” She began laughing and giggling. “I will make you pay for that Brian, just wait and see.” She reached over and poured us both another drink. Looking at me she smiled and said. “What time is it.”
“Oh uhhh it’s almost 6:30” I said. I then realized that she was drinking hers down all at once. Looks like we are taking up where we left off last night I thought. So I downed mine and smiled back at her. I got up from the table and pulled my shorts up over my semi-erect penis.
The day had not been as hot as yesterday and the house was cooler. But another storm was coming and the clouds had been building all day. We went into the living room with our glasses and juice. Wendy said she wanted to watch some TV. We both stretched out on the couch with me against the back and her lying on her side with her butt up against my crotch. We settled in and watched a few shows. At times I would move my hips against her. Doing more or less of a dry hump on her bottom. Or I would lean over and snuggle her ear and try to kiss her. She would giggle and tell me to stop it, that she didn’t want to be distracted from the show we were watching. We did drink one more glass of juice after about an hour of TV. I have no memory of what the shows were. We must have watched several hours of TV, but I felt so relaxed from the dinner and booze as well as being next to her, that I must have dozed off. She as well.
We both jerked awake at the sound of thunder. It was deja-vu. The TV was off the air. Wendy leaned over sleepily and asked for the time. I looked and it was almost 1:30 in the morning. We smiled at each other. Then not saying a word we got up, turned off the TV and lights and headed up the stairs. It felt really comfortable and natural as we both sat down on the bed. The storm had mostly passed, and it was raining outside. We then kissed each other briefly and got completely undressed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I reached out and started to slowly massage her tit as I kissed her on her ear and sucked the lobe into my mouth. She moaned softly and reached down and lifted my cock up and started to massage my balls with her palm. I moved down and licked her by now erect nipples and slowly started sucking on each one in turn as she moved her hand up and started working on my now erect cock. The pre-cum was leaking out and she spread it around and massaged the tip with her fingers.
“Oh Brian… I just love the feel of your cock in my hand.” She moaned while working her hand up and down on me. By this time I was moving my right hand down and caressing the inside of her thighs. She opened her legs wider inviting me to go higher. I moved my hand slowly up towards her lovely pussy. As I got closer, I could feel the heat that was radiating out from it. I teased her with my fingers lightly stroking either side of her lips and gently tugging on her fine hairs. As I played around her little nest, she would keep moving her hips to one side or the other trying to catch up with my fingers and get them on her clit or in her slit. “Ohhh stop teasing me.” She moaned. “Put your fingers in me. I want to feel you fuck my pussy with your fingers…please, please” she softly cried.
Again what more could a lover do. I stroked her on the outside of both lips with my index finger and little finger a few times, before taking my middle two fingers and plunging them into her. By now her pussy was very wet and my fingers quickly went all the way in. Wendy gasped into my mouth as I kissed her at the same time. She sucked my tongue into her and I could almost swear that her pussy was doing the same thing to my hand. I worked a third finger in and began to stroke against the inside walls at her special place as she had called it. By this time she had let go of my cock and was hanging her arms around my neck with her mouth buried into mine and her tongue working mine with the rhythm of my fingers inside her. It didn’t take long for her to start jerking her hips and thrusting them into my hands as I worked her a little faster. We fell back on the bed as her orgasm hit and she flooded my hand with her warm juice. I sensed that she did not want me to stop so I continued even though by this time my arm was cramping and my fingers were starting to feel numb from the exertion. She quickly came again with another flood of wetness squirting out a bit more intense than before. She reached out her hand and placed it on mine, making me stop as she continued to jerk her hips and moan in pleasure. I removed my hand where upon she put hers up in her pussy as far as she could and continued to work on herself as I had. She must have known I was getting tired.
“Oh god Wendy you’re so sexy, playing with yourself.” I moaned into her mouth. Since my hand was now free I reached down and started working on myself as well. While still kissing her I moved over her until I was on my knees above her. With one hand supporting me, my mouth on hers, and my other hand moving rapidly up and down on my cock over her. Wendy was working herself faster and faster. She reached down with her other hand and pushed it into her for a moment. The tip of my cock was just above her pussy and I felt I was about to cum. I could tell she was on another cum as well. She removed her hand from herself and planted her soaked fingers right on my ass hole and pushed as fast and as hard as she could. My butt and hips moved up her, I almost had to bend in half to keep my mouth over hers as we sucked each other and worked on our selves. The intense pleasure as she worked her finger into my ass and my own hand working my cock was too much. The head of my cock was just above her belly button as it started to jerk and I unloaded my first squirt onto her. That’s when Wendy’s hips jerked and she went into a spasm I had never felt from her before. Her hips were shaking and jerking. She dropped her hand from my butt and I could tell that her other hand was still working away on herself. She moved her free hand up and started to smear my cum around on her belly and tits as fast as it shot from my body. She brought some up to her mouth and pushed me back so that she could suck it off her fingers. She pulled me back into her and I tasted myself on her as I continued to suck and kiss her mouth. As my orgasm ended I felt very weak and I had to roll off to her side where I then collapsed on the bed beside her.
I moaned as I struggled to get the words out. “That was intense. I can’t believe sex is like this. Some how you make it so intense with just simple movements.” Wendy moved up on top and planted her wet sticky body on me. She straddled my leg with hers and I could now feel little drops of moisture run out of her now soaking pussy. I could feel cum run down my sides from her chest.
“mmmm your pretty good for a newbie your self. Rob said it’s all about losing your self into your partner, but at the same time being totally aware of their feelings and of what each one is doing and feeling. If you lose yourself in what you feel and ignore what the other person is going through, it will never be any good.” She said quietly as she slowly got her breathing calmed down.
“That’s what I was feeling.” I realized that as I said it to her. “I was so aware of your body and what was happening to it, even though it was you doing it to yourself for most of it.”
We both agreed it was one of the best cums we had felt together. It was just as intense as the other times we did it, but it was a different type of intensity. Like apple pie and cherry pie, they are both very good but you just can’t pick one as your favorite at least I can’t.
“Brian it is so much fun doing this with you. Let’s not wear ourselves out. I want to go to sleep now.” She said quietly. I agreed with her as I was totally spent. She got up and brought some warm wet towels from the bathroom and we gently cleaned each other. We snuggled in and with the sound of the
rain in the background we quickly fell asleep.

To be continued …………
Notes: I have enough for a Part III. Wendy’s description of her and Rob when she told it to me was not as descriptive as I made it, nor quite as long as my version. She told me some more stuff about her and Rob and how he taught her all about sex, boys and how to play safe, in the week or so we spent time together. I will attempt to re-create some of that in Part III if the interest is there.

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