My first time w/man Part1

My first time w/man Part1

This is a true story about my first gay sexual encounters when I was 14.

It was summer time and my family owned a beach house on Fire Island N.Y.
If your not familiar with it ,its a barrier island south of Long Island made of beach communities that are only accessible by ferry. There are no cars so you either walk or ride bicycles. My parents worked on the mainland and would leave my sister and I while
they took the ferry back every morning and returned in the afternoon . I would spend all day at the beach or at the arcade when it was raining.

One day it was pouring and I was waiting for the rain to slow down under the awning
infront of the arcade, when Mike our neighbor came out of the grocery store next to the arcade with a couple bags of groceries. Mike was about 35 years old and in great shape. He said a little rain never hurt anyone and asked if I'd help carry his groceries home with him. I said sure and took a bag from him. We took off running thru the down pour and by the time we got to his door we were soaked. We went inside and he offered to dry my clothes in the dryer . I said no ,its ok I'm only wearing a bathing suit and a tee-shirt. But he insisted and handed me towel to put on while they dried.

I was a little unsure but it seemd ok and I went into the bathroom to take off my clothes
and put the towel around me. When I came out I sat on the sofa and Mike got me a soda . We sat on the sofa and talked for a few minutes as I drank my soda.

As we talked I started to feel funny, It was like I was missing some of the conversation.
I felt like someone was turning my brain on and off. I would hear a few words and then everything would go black, and then like turning on light switch I would open my eyes and Mike was sitting there still talking to me.

After this happened a few times , I woke up very foggy and my towel was open, my penis and balls where exposed to him . I fumbled to pull it closed and then everything went black. When I opened my eyes again my towel was wide open, I was very groggy and I looked at Mike as tried to close it and he said "its O.K. you can leave it open if you like, I dont mind" . My brain was trying to figure out what that meant, was I opening it ? was it me ? is that what I wanted? then it went black.

This time when my eyes opened I was laying on my back on the sofa and my towel was gone. I was totaly naked ,my legs were spread open with one foot up on the back of the sofa.

I said " where is my towel ? and Mike replied " you said you wanted to take it off so I put it away". He was now kneeling on the floor next to me , my mind was blur and then it went black.

When I opened my eyes again Mike was leaning over me , I looked down and my penis was sticking straight up and it was wet. I looked at Mike ,he smiled and put his mouth on my cock and started sucking it . It felt good , then black.

I seemed to come back quickly this time , maybe only missing a few strokes of his mouth on my cock. It felt sooo good and for the first time I noticed that he was naked too .

I wanted to see his cock but because of the way he was kneeling I couldn't . I leaned my head over the edge of the sofa to get a better look and just then his tongue made contact with my asshole. I moaned loud and he slipped his tongue inside me.
It felt awesome and I was instintivley bucking my hips agaisnt his tongue.

His mouth was all over my cock , balls and asshole and I could hear myself panting and moaning.

And then he stopped and stood up . I saw my very first hard cock and I wanted it very badly. It looked huge as he stood there stroking it , He said "this is what you want, isn't it?" and I shook my head yes without taking my eyes off it.

He lowered himself infront me and his cock touched my lips. I opened my mouth and he fed it to me. Soon he had his hands on either side of my head and he was fucking my mouth hard. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth but I also loved the feeling of helplessness that it gave me. He said "get ready little boy , I'm gonna give you my cum "
and with that he pulled his cock most of the way out so just the tip was between my lips and he started pumping his cum into my mouth. He told me to swallow it all and I did. I'll never forget the way it tasted and I loved it and he knew it too.

He said it was my turn and he sucked my cock until I came all over my stomach. Then
he scooped up my cum and he fed it to me off his fingers.

I fell asleep on the sofa and when I woke up Mike asked If enjoyed what we did and when I said "YES" he apologized for spiking my drink but he said he knew I would have never let him do that to me without it. I told Mike that I had to go and he said I could come back anytime I wanted and that today was just the beginning and there was so much more he wanted to do to me. I knew I would go back the very next day.

To be continued

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