My first Time_(90)

My first Time_(90)

I’ll be honest about this. My mother and father like young women. They are in their forties, wealthy and very good looking. Mom can easily pass for no more than 35 and Dad has a lean, rangy look that is quite handsome. My mother was openly bi-sexual long before it became fashionable, and neither of them has ever felt compelled to hold the other back from sexual liaisons. They met when Dad was 19 and Mom was 21 and just married, but that ended soon, and the two of them established a household with a gorgeous dark-haired woman for the next two years. When that ended, each of the three of them explored their sexuality vigorously, Tina, the other woman, becoming almost exclusively lesbian, Dad bedding any number of very willing women, and Mom having affairs with both men and women as her heart led her.

I was born when Mom was 25, nine months after a romantic visit to Dad that rekindled their love but not an affair. Mom then returned to Tina, and spent eight years with her in relationship that I still don’t know all the details of, but which left her with rings in both of her nipples and through her clit hood.

Mom and Dad married on my15th birthday and have been very happy together since then. They have not taken a long-term lover, but there has been a glorious parade of sweet young things in and out of their bed for the past five years. I started college young, graduated early, and began my own career by the time I was 20, so I am a guest in their home when I visit, not a resident.

But I sometimes visit their bed too.

The first time I was with them both was the first time I was with my father. Mom and I had made love a few days before, at my instigation. It was blissful, beautiful and right. I love my mother, and she loves me, and the physical expression of that love was something we both wanted.

“What do you think if we included Buck in our play?” I asked Delcy as we lolled together in bed on the second day after we had first made love. I had begun calling her by her name in that moment, and I chose to use my father’s name in the same context: as a lover.

Delcy arched an eyebrow, and not just because I slipped my lips over her nipple and began to flick its ring immediately after asking.

“I’ve only been with one guy,” I told her, “and only once.” I wasn’t sure if she knew. She did know I had been with women. At one, anyway (though there were others). I was openly having an affair with her at the time. “I know Buck has to be a considerate and attentive lover, or you would not love him. I wonder if I might love him like that too.”

“Jenifer,” she said, lifting my lips from her breast, “I don’t know. That is a very big step. For you and me to be intimate is different.”

I sat back on my heels and looked at her. Delcy is six feet tall and wears her blonde hair long and flowing. When out in town, she draws admiring looks, as her figure is full and voluptuous without being plump. There, in bed, her full breasts were splayed across her chest beautifully, the white gold hoops in her nipples glinting softly in the afternoon light from the window. One long leg was draw up, wantonly exposing her pussy. There is no hair there, nor has there been for my entire life. Proud of her body, she has never been shy of showing it off, and I had seen her nude countless times before we became lovers. Now though, her lips with shiny with dew, the excitement I had brought to her as she and I touched. And nestled through her clit hood was a white gold ring that matched those in her nipples. I reached out my fingers and moved it up and down through her skin.

“Because he has a penis?” I asked?

Delcy’s back arched as she responded to my touch. “Honey,” she murmured. “Oh, honey!”

I leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Imagine seeing his penis going into me, Delcy.” She whimpered. “Imagine my lips around his penis as I take him in my mouth.” She cried out as my fingers moved over her. “Imagine our lips, together, meeting around his penis as we make love to the man we love.”

She must have liked that imagining very much, because she began to come. Her body arched and her breath caught as she shrieked with ecstasy. Clawing the sheets, she tossed her head to and fro and a glaze seemed to come over her skin. I pressed my breasts to hers and laid my lips to hers and we kissed.

From there, it was easy. Well, except for Dad. We planned a night out. He was on orders to dress to the nines, as his wife and daughter were taking him out to dinner. Delcy chose a diaphanous gown under which she wore a garter belt, stockings and heels but nothing else. In the right light, her nipples could be seen through the material, but she liked knowing that. I wore a short dress, low cut, but more conservative than my mother’s. Being a dutiful daughter, I followed her lead and disdained underwear. I remember shopping for my first pair of pantyhose and how she had turned up her nose and declared that pantyhose were no fun at all.

Buck met us in the foyer, where he had been playing his guitar while waiting for us. He looked horribly handsome in a charcoal grey suit, oxford shirt and silk tie. He doesn’t dress up often, but when he does, he looks wonderful. Delcy and I each took a hand and let him escort us to the car. By design, she took the back seat and I the front, and on the drive in to town, I turned sideways in my seat to talk to her, knowing that my long legs were displayed for my father to see, not sure if more of me was on view, but excited to think there was.

In heels, Delcy and I tower over most people but Buck. With the two of us on either arm, he looked proud and confident as we entered the restaurant and were immediately ushered to a secluded table. We drew a lot of eyes, two statuesque blondes in gowns with a handsome man between us. I saw a head nodding here and there as a diner informed his tablemates of who we were and they went back to their meals.

We were given a corner booth, and I took the outside on the end closest to the rest of the dining area. No one could see me once I sat. Delcy maneuvered Buck into the middle and sat opposite of me, or almost, as she started out closer to Dad than I did. It was only natural, she was his wife. We started with a bottle of wine and the waitress never even thought to ask if I was old enough for a glass. As we clinked them together, Delcy pressed one of her heavy breasts to Buck’s arm, one of her favorite tricks to get attention. Once more, I followed the lead of my mother and felt an electric jolt as I pressed my own breast to my father in a sexual way for the first time as we made our toast.

Delcy and I chose to broach the issue in public for several reasons. First, I looked good: mature and womanly, not like the daughter Dad was used to seeing. Second, if he turned us—me—down, we had the formality of the meal to hold us together as a family. We would finish, leave together and still be together. Third, if he accepted, we had hours of teasing to bring us to the height of passion so that, when we got to bed, there would be no hesitation or awkwardness, just hurried undressing and sweet love making.

Delcy and I teased one another by feeding each other and then Buck the appetizers we ordered. To do so, I had to move closer still to him, so that I was practically glued to my father’s side, the thin material of my gown letting my lush body move on his as I leaned in to raise an oyster to either his lips or my mother’s. I noticed that before long, I did not see either Buck’s left hand or Delcy’s right hand above the table. I looked in her eyes and questioned, darting my eyes down for an instant, and she smiled and nodded, letting me know that under the tablecloth, my father’s hand had slipped into the slit of my mother’s dress and was even now touching her, perhaps stroking her labia, maybe even moving a finger inside of her.

I let her distract him long enough to drop my hand into my lap, pull up my skirt and touch my own dampening sex, then lifted a half shell to my father’s lips and pretending to spill butter on my fingers. Setting down the shell, I offered my oily fingers to my father to lick clean. He seemed surprised, but took one, then another finger between his lips, seeming to taste more than oysters or butter, but not sure if his senses were betraying him.

Smiling, I dropped my hand under the table again, looking into his eyes, then once more raised my fingers, once again slick and oily, but this time, I moved them to my mother’s lips. She leaned over the table and took them to her lips, clearly revealing our silent allegiance. She told me later that her hand was in his lap when I did this, and she squeezed his cock as she licked my fingers, accenting what we were up to. But she was not finished. She brought his hand up from under the table and offered his fingers to me. They were thick with her cream, and I licked them clean and looked into his eyes, seeing confusion and wonder.

“Mmmmmmm, doesn’t Delcy taste wonderful, Buck?” I asked. No question now, I thought. My father nodded, hearing me call him by name. “Do I taste wonderful, Buck?” I went on, once more bringing my hand up from under the table. He opened his lips for me, still holding my eyes.

“I love you, Buck,” my mother said, leaning in on his left arm.

“I love you, Buck,” I told him too, brushing my barely clad breast on his upper arm.

My father was no stranger to my body. I sunbathe nude, and we rarely wear suits in the pool, even when we have guests. In our sauna, where we often have visitors, no one uses towels for modesty, only to protect their bodies from the heat of the stove. But in that restaurant, as our meal came, I used my body in ways my father had never seen. They were ways I had never used. With my girlfriends, no pretense was ever needed. I had watched my mother for years though, and copied the grace she used to move her long, lithe body in ways that seemed completely natural but which were entirely contrived to excite and entice. I arched my back, bringing up my full round breasts, forcing the thin material of my gown to stretch and reveal the hardness of my nipples. I rubbed my leg against my father’s maintaining contact to confirm the touch was not incidental or accidental. I flipped my long blonde hair and turned in ways that showed off my cleavage in the deep cut bodice of my dress.

And, before dessert arrived, I too had my hand in my father’s lap, as did my mother. We had to feed him his cheesecake, as he had his hands between her legs and my own.

We left the restaurant as we had come in, my arm and my mother’s both linked in my father’s. We all sat in the front seat this time, with me in the middle. As my father drove, I kept my hand in his lap, while my mother put her arms around me, kissing my neck, fondling my breasts and pulling up my dress to touch me between my legs. I turned to kiss her now and then, running my own hand up her long legs and pulling her gown with it until it cleared the tops of her stockings. My father’s cock was hard under my hand, and I couldn’t wait to be in bed with the two of them.

Once home, we hurried into the house. I crossed my arms, reached down, and pulled my dress up over my head as we crossed the lawn, leaving it there in careless abandon as I began tugging free my father’s tie. Nude in my heels, I came into his arms and we kissed for the first time as man and woman. From behind us, my mother helped him out of his coat as we stumbled into the house. Their clothes littered the stairs as I helped each of them undress, leaving my mother in her stockings, heels and belt and my father as nude as I as we all tumbled into their big bed.

My father lay across the bed as he sat on its edge, and Delcy, my mother, my lover, and I knelt together before him to offer him worship. I had never had a penis in my mouth, and I think my mother knew this as she smiled at me and slipped her lips over his length. I gaped in awe at the beauty of the act, her love for him obvious in the way she used her tongue and lips. After a few moments of watching her blonde head bob up and down on it, I wanted to show that kind of love too. Squeezing her hand, I let her know I was eager for my own turn. Smiling, she let it slip from her mouth, then held it wrapped in her fingers to offer it to my mouth.

I touched my lips to it, feeling the softness of the skin, how wonderfully hard he was. I lowered my head, taking him inside of me. I heard him moan with pleasure, knowing his sweet daughter was sucking his cock. That made me smile. I was now a cocksucker. I laughed with delight at the thought. Cocksucker! I was a cocksucker. And the cock I was sucking was my father’s.

My mother wrapped herself around me, and I felt her heavy breasts on my back, crushing to me as I moved my head up and down. In my ear, she whispered instructions, telling me to use my tongue, to wrap it around the shaft as it moved in and out of me. At her word, I wrapped my hand around my father’s hardness and moved it in time with my mouth. It felt so good, so right to be doing this, in the arms of my mother. Her hands cupped my breasts and she kissed me and licked me, making me so wet I was sure I was dripping. I pressed into her touch, my nipples stiff and excited by what the three of us were doing together.

I wondered if my father would come in my mouth. I wanted him to fuck me, but I wanted to drink him too.

Reading my mind, my mother whispered in my ear, “Buck has marvelous control, honey. We have had lots of threesomes. He won’t come until we’re ready. Would you like to take him inside you now?”

“Oh, yes,” I answered, releasing him from my mouth. She moved around me, running her tongue up his shaft, and the two of us joined our mouths around him, sliding up and down together with his cock between us. Then with a smile, my mother stood, drawing me up with her. Taking me in her arms, we kissed, nude, breast to breast, tummy to tummy, sex to sex, our bodies tight on one another. Buck moved up the bed, laying his head on a pillow. Guiding me, Delcy moved me over him, leading me still until I straddled his hips, my pussy hovering over his wet, hard cock. Delcy took him in her hand and touched the head of him to me, moving it back and forth over my lips, letting my excitement and his cock open my petals. Then she held him steady against me and kissed me.

I sank onto him. I was very tight, and it was not easy to get him in. He was gentle and kind, moving up to me, but letting me move onto him without urgency. I grunted and moaned as it finally went inside of me, filling me, feeling huge. Delcy moved behind me, pressing herself to me, melding her body to mine, until it was the three of us fucking, her movements behind me, again guiding me, showing me, teaching me how. I moved up and down on my father, feeling his cock so wonderfully inside of me as my mother swayed with me, twinning my motions. It was too much. My body gave in to the sensation. I leaned back hard on Delcy as I ground down on Buck’s cock, my clit swollen and sensitive. I gasped, I cried out, I screamed. I came.

In my mother’s arms, I came with a man for the first time.

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