My Friend James 2

My Friend James 2

*My Friend James Part II*

I woke up in the middle of the afternoon. I smiled at James sleeping face. I ran my fingers on his face, feeling the smoothness of his cute face. Then, James opened his eyes and smiled at me. We looked at each others eyes for a while.

"wanna do round 2?" James said teasing.
"hell yeah!" I replied. Then, James jumped out of bed and said 'make me!' I jumped out of bed then i chased him out of the room. James ran back and forth until i pinned him down on the floor of my living room. James laughed and said ' Hey get off me! I wanna take a shower first!' I agreed and we both got back to my room's bathroom.

James got to the shower first and said 'What are you waiting for' I got into the shower and turned it on. The water was warm like a hot spring. I turned my back on James and let the water ran down my face. Then, James ran his hands on my but cheecks and hugged me. I can feel his hard member trying to get inside of me. I immediately turned to face him and said 'not yet' James smiled and we kissed. We stopped kissing and got out of the shower. We dried each other with a towel. I ran out of the bathroom and jumped on the bed. James followed and he laid on top of me. I reached for his cock and stroked it. James stopped me and leaned over. We continued kissing. I moaned when James rubbed his cock on mine. Then, James kissed my neck and went down, kissing my body. He stopped on my manly boobs to suck my hard nipples. I moaned in ecstacy. James ran his tongue on my nipple. It really turned me on and made my cock more harder. Then, James continued to work down until he got to his fav part. He looked at my cock for a second and licked the pre-cum on the tip of my cock. He then took the head into his mouth, swirling his tounge on my piss slit. I moaned and pushed my cock into his mouth. I grab the back of his head and started to mouth fuck him. James Stroked his own cock while i mouth fuck him. I heard james moan and noticed that he shot his load into the bed. He then played with my balss with his hands. I felt my stomack tightened. I quivered and moaned as i shoot load after load of cum into his mouth. James tried to swallow it all but some of my cum leaked out of his mouth. We both catched our breath and smiled at each other.

"that was great" James said. I nodded in response.James cleaned my deflated member with his tongue and it got hard again. I looked at James and he winked. I know what he was up to. I got up, opened the drawer next to my bed and took a condom and a lube. James positioned himself at the end of the bed with his legs up. I pulled the condom into my cock and said 'lets do it doggy style' James agreed and positioned himself. His hole is now exposed. Instead of putting lube on his hole, i tongue fuck him. James moaned. He closed his eyes and arched his back. It was the signal that he was ready. So, i put the head of my cock into his hole. I paused before pushing in as far as i could go. "Ahhhh!!!Fuuuuck!!" James moaned. It felt great. His tight ass was all around my shaft and the warm environment made it more harder. I pulled out again before pushing back in. James moaned again. "Come on!!" James shouted. I laughed and slammed my cock really hard. James moaned in ecstacy. I pounded him really hard. My balls slapped his ass cheecks as i pounded him. James moaned every time i got my cock inside of him. I pounded him for 10 minutes before i felt my stomach tightened. "Im cumming!" I managed to say. I shot my hot load in the condoms. I leaned over him and kissed him. I stopped to take the condoms off and threw it down on the floor. James sat right up and stroked his cock really hard. I stopped him and said 'let me do it' James nodded and i put my hand on his shaft. I stroked it slowly before i put the head on my mouth. I swallowed his cock inch by inch trying not to gag. I was happy that i didn't gag. I deep throated him and swirled my tongue on his head. James moaned and arched his back as he shot loads of cum into my mouth. It was 8 shots of hot load. I gobbled it up and smiled at him. James fell on the bed catching his breath. I slid next to him and put my arms around him.

"I love you, Keith. You're mine now" James said.
"I'm all yours, James. All yours." I replied and slept.

We woked up as we heard a car door slammed. Jamesnd I jumped out of bed and got dressed. We ran downstairs. James winked at me before he got out at the back door. I jumped on the couch and tried to act that i was sleeping there for hours. The door opened i heard my mom's voice. She went over to kiss my forehead and said 'poor boy' I woke up and said hi to my mom and kissed her to the cheeck. My mom asked me if i want to eat something and i told her that i already ate and im going to my room to go back to sleep.
————————————————–The Next Day————————————————–

It was around 7 o'clock in the morning when my phone rang. I answered it and got surprised as i heard James' voice.

"Hey babe. How you doin'?" James said.
"oh, hey babe. I'm doin' fine. I hope your ass didn't swell up from yesterday." I said.
"oh yes it did and your gunna pay for it!" James joked.
"I would love to." I teased and we both laughed.
"So, you wanna go out tonight?" James asked.
"u-uhm, sure." I answered.
"Great. I'll pick you up at eight." James said.
"Ok." I replied.
"I'm gunna go now. I Love You." James said and hanged up before i could say i love you, too. I went dowstairs and as usual i was alone. I was happy that mi sister got back to her dorm. I found a note on the table saying that my mom will be home late and dont wait for her. I "happy dance" as i read the note and said to myself 'great, now i dont have to call my mom to ask for permission.' I watched t.v. the whole morning. When i got bored, i went to my computer to watch gay porn. I was to busy watching guys fucking that i didn't notice that it was already 8. I got surprised when the door bell rang. I immediately turned my computer off and pulled on my pants and a t-shirt. When i opened the door, i was surprised that James brought flowers for me.

"oh James. How sweet of you." I said. James smiled and pulled me out. I pulled back to lock the front door. James started the car and we both ride for hours.

"where are we going?" i managed to say. James didn't replied. I got angry and turned away from him. He touched my hair and said 'I'm taking you to heaven' I turned to face him abd he smiled at me. His smile wipe the angriness i felt out of my heart. I smiled and said 'ok'. We ride for another 30 minutes before he pulled over. I already fell asleep. He kissed me and i woked up in an instant. When i got out of the car, i was surprised that he took me to a very beautiful and romantic place. It over looked the brooklyn bridge. I saw lots of lovers kissing. Tears flowed down my cheeck and i went over to James to hud him.

"This is very romantic." I cried. James wiped my tears away and said 'It's because i love you so much.' We sat down in a bench and kissed. James stopped kissing me and went back to the car to get two cans of beer. He went back, gave me the beer and sat down next to me. I quivered as the cold air passed through us. James put his arms around me to keep me warm and i put my head on his shoulders. We stayed there for an hour staring at the stars and talking about our future.

——————————————————-The End—————————————————

I hoped you guys enjoyed my story…*(n_n)*……..

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