My Friend James_(1)

My Friend James_(1)

My name is Keith and i am 15 years old. I have a black hair and brown eyes, and a slim and slender body. My friend James is 17 years old. He is Blonde with blue eyes, and moderate body.

One Satyrday morning I woke up and noticed that I was all alone. My parents went to work, my brother went to the gym and my sister went shopping with her friends. When I went to the kitchen to find some food, the door bell rang.

"who is it?" I said.
"It's me James." James replied.

I opened the door and let him come in and closed the door behind him.

"What a surprise James, why are you here this early?" I asked.
"I am so bored, dude. My parents are out of town, and since I'm an only child, i have no one to talk to." James said with a big sigh.
"HA!! you're lucky" I said and we both laughed.

James and I played PS3 to pass time. I got bored, stretched and asked him if he's hungry whatsoever. He had a big smile on his face. I started to wonder what's on his mind. I started to have dirty thoughts and it gave me a boner. James looked at me when my boner started to form a tent on my shorts. I noticed that he was watching me so I ran into the bathroom feelling embarrased.

"Hey, come back here. It's okay!" James shouted.
"Okay." I replied then got out of the bathroom with a red face.

James got up and he lay on the bed and smiled. Oh, that smile again. It really turned me on and made me even harder. Pre cum leaked out of my cock and made a spot on my shorts. James got up again and walked towards me. When he got closer I stepped back. I tried to get away from him, but he got me cornered.

"Hey!! What are you doing!? Stop this non-sense right now!" I said, my voice shaiking.
"Stop whining. I know you wanted this and i'm gonna give it to you!" James replied smiling.

James grab my arm and he hugged me. His warm body turned me on and I felt heaven. He looked at me in the eye and we started to kiss. I sucked on his toungue. OMG! It felt really good as he sucked on my tongue after I sucked his. I felt his hands touching my crotch through my shorts. Then, he stripped me and himself naked. He layed me on the bed and we kissed again. He broke our kiss and whispered 'I Love you' Then, he nibbled on my neck getting down slowly. He stopped when he got on my nipples and he licked it. The pleasure overwhelmed me and i let out a moan. He continued to nibble down until he got to the spot where I really wanted him to work on. He grabbed my hard rock cock and he spat on it while he played with my balls.

"Ahhh!! James i never thought of us doing this" I said and let out a moan.
"I Liked you the first time I saw you and I always wanted this" He replied then he licked the tip of my cock. It made me quiver and i grab the back of his head and pushed my cock into his mouth. James opened his mouth and started to deepthroat me. While he sucked on my dick, he Pushed a finger into my arse hole. The pain was overcomed my the ecstasy of pleasure. I Felt my stomach tighten and i shouted 'I'm Cumming!' Then, I shot 5 loads of cum into his mouth. He tried to gobble it up all, but some of it dripped out of his mouth.

"Hey, save some for me." I demanded.
"Too late, it seems like your only chance is my milk." he bragged.

I smiled then i said 'I'm so exhausted from the ecstasy, this was my first time.' Jamess mouth dropped open and said ' Wow!! So I am your first time.' then we both laughed and he layed on top of me and kissed me. I can still taste the saltiness of my own cum.

*Theres more to cum!!* I hoped you all enjoyed it!!

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