My Friends Sister_(0)

My Friends Sister_(0)

One day, my friend(lets say his name is jack) were walking home from school(at the time iwas eding 7th Grade) We played on the computer and watched TV. His dog started barking and he let his dog outside. A couple minutes later, his sisters(16 years old and 18 years old) pulled into the driveway. They saw his dog outside and asked Jack what the dog was doing outside. Jack quickly replied I let it out. His older sister(Angie) shouted what about the baby rabbits!??? We ran outside and I got the dog in, while Jack looked for any that got out. He ran inside and came back out with two paper plates. After struggling for a minute or two, we got the rabbit on the plate, and put him into the hole, and covered the hole up with grass and stuff. We looked away for a second, and the baby rabbit we just put in the hole was crawling out, Jack got the plates and tryed to get the baby on to the plates. He said go get one of my sisters I need help. I ran to the back door and shouted Angie! Stacy! Jack needs your help! After a few moments Angie came to the door and asked what Jack wanted. I told her what happened.

Angie was 18 and going to college next year. She had dark brown hair and evenly tanned skin. She had, what I guess was a B/C cup probably around 32-34 inches. She is only 5 feet tall and at the time I was 13, 5'7" and had a 6 inch cock. That day I was wearing my usually tshirt & jeans w/ boxers. She was wearing a halter top and jeans but, as I would soon find out, no bra.

Angie leaned down to shove the plate under the rabbit. Because I was standing up watching her and Jack, I could see most of her right brest, but couldn't quite see the nipple. I discretely moved a step or two to my left. I hit the jackpot! She had a very kinky tan line and an areola about the size of a half dollar. I immediatley had a tent pole in my jeans. I tryed to hide it but were she was knealing she could easily see me and it as I continued to stare at her tit. All of the sudden I saw Jack move in the corner of my eye. Angie looked up at me, I tryed to look somewhere else but the hard-on never lies. Unfortunatley I did not know she saw me and quickly went to the bathroom and jacked-off.

—a week later—

At my school, the final day was an hour long, so I walked home with Jack again. His sisters high school had already gotten out. When we got there Jack said I have to go pick dog shit. I laughed and turned on the TV. After a couple minutes I found a show on MTV. I cant remember what it was I got a hard on. Angie from behind me, grabbed my dick through my jeans. At first, I almost screamed but she told me to shut up. She slowly pulled down my zipper. She pulled off her own shirt and bra as I slide off my Jeans and Simpsons boxers.

She grabbed a soft hold of my cock and slipped in between her lips. From my fine knowledge of pornography at that age, I knew exactly what she was doing. The feeling was undescribable, it was a million times better than jacking off. I began to hump her face, feeling my balls slap her chin. After 10 seconds of that she began to bob her head in time with my hips. I let my right hand go down and grab her erect nipple. I lightly pinched and flicked it. I felt her hands cup my balls and lightly squeeze. That was all I needed, I exploded with my first wave, right in her face. She opened up her mouth in preparation for the second. She jacked me off until every last drop was in her mouth or on her face. She licked and swolled as much as she could. I figured I'd help her out and licked alot off of her face. She put on her top and said "thanks for lunch". As I put on my boxers and jeans, I promised myself never to tell Jack.

Around 5 o'clock my mom called and said that I need a ride and have to be home by 6. I asked Angie to take me and she agreed. When we got in the car I told her that I didnt need to be home until 6 that night. She nodded her head. We went to a strange part of town I didn't know. There weren't to many people around and we seemed to be the only car on the road. We pulled into a parking lot near a rundown 7-11. We went behind the 7-11 and she parked. She turned off the car and went to the trunk. She came back with a blanket and layed it down in the backseat. She said "Are you ready?" She ripped off her top. I immediatley went to sucking her bare, erect tits. She pulled off her pants and panties. I continued to tease her nipples. I licked her thigh up to her pussy. I licked the lips up and down. She began to moan and graon. I licked from her ass to her cunt. I parted her lips to her view her jewel. I swirled my tongue around her clit and flicked it. After a while I slowly put my tongue into her pussy. I felt no resistance and kept on goin. I licked all around her insides. I shoved an index finger up her ass, feeling around inside it. She began to have her orgasim. She shoved my head into her crotch. She moaned as I felt her shudder with her first orgasim. I took off all my clothes and with my dick in hand I slowly penetrated her pussy. It was kind of tight and it took me awhile to get an inch in. It was like heaven as I slowly humped her. Her pussy slowly adjusted to my cock and I shoved all 6 inches in. She moaned at the same time I did. I was about to hit my orgasm and she told me she was too, so I quickened my pase and in seconds we were both moaning in bliss.

That fall she went to college and I never saw her again. But I will always remember what happened that summer. I could write about a fantasy I had before these "events".

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