My girlfriends mom_(0)

My girlfriends mom_(0)

It was a Friday night and I had been hanging out at my girlfriend Kerry's house. Kerry and I had been laying on the couch in her basement just watching a movie on her brand new HD tv her mom had just bought. Typically we would have gone out and hung out with some other people but she had cheer practice from 8 to 10 so we decided to take it easy until she left. Anyway…I had not gotten much sleep the night before so I was pretty tired watching the movie and before I knew it I had passed out and fell asleep on her couch. Little did I know, Kerry didn't want to wake me so she just got up and went to practice thinking I would just wake up in a little and go home. That did not happen!

As Kerry left for practice, I assumed her mom had realized I hadn't left and decided to have some fun. I wake up from my nap on her couch to realize my hands are handcuffed together. I have no fucking idea where these cuffs came from. The first thing that crossed my mind was "HOLY SHIT…What is going on?" I sit on the couch confused and within seconds Ms. Burke comes walking down the stairs. She asks me if I'm having fun and laughs. I am absolutely clueless and ask her why my hands are handcuffed together. All she says to me is so you can't resist. I think to my self, "I am about to be raped!" Now although I am very nervous, this has always been kind of a fantasy of mine. Ms. Burke goes on to explain…

"Now listen…don't act like you don't stare at my chest and aren't attracted to me. Kerry gets her looks from me and I see how attracted you are to her! Besides, I thought you had fun the last time." I said to her, "Yeah but that was a punishment and I thought that it meant I had payed for what I said to Kerry." She walked behind me and clamped her hand over my mouth and said, "This is cute that you're pretending you're not interested in me after last time and all but as you can tell I'm in charge. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"

I will never forget the feeling of her warm smooth hand pressed against my mouth. I was speechless but decided to play it up a little bit and pretend to reject by giving a little mmpph her and there. She let go and walked around the couch again in front of me. She had a roll of duct tape with her and began taping my legs. I was so nervous about the whole situation and kept thinking Kerry might find out. She finished taping my legs and reached under the couch and pulled out a red ball gag! (a fucking ball gag….I had seen these in a few videos but never in real life) She tells me to open my mouth. I do as I'm told and she places the ball in my mouth and begins to strap it in place. She starts asking me questions just to tease me and I take part in her games and mmpph back. She asks me what I think is the best feature about her. I wanted to tell her it was her very large boobs but couldn't quite get it out.

She leans over near me. I can feel her warm breath on my face now. She looks me in the eyes and laughs and then licks the ball in my mouth. She asks me if I like that and I shake my head yes. She does it again and then asks if I would like to kiss her. I again shake my head yes and she raps her lips around the other end of the ball and presses hers against mine. She takes off her shirt and bra and reveals her boobs that I have always been dying to see. She asks me what I think and I just sit there staring at them. She pulls down my shorts and boxers. I have a pounding erection now! She raps her beautifully french manicured hand around it and begins to stroke it. With her other hand she strokes my face. I am beginning to drool now so she takes a small plastic cup and with the hand she was stroking my face with holds it under my mouth to collect the spit. After about 2 minutes, the cup had about a quarter of an inch of saliva in it. She puts her lips to the cup and swallows what's in it and smiles. She then got On her knees and says, " You know…Your pretty big for an 18 year old….I thought you would have an overwhelmingly large cock. I think I might be able to fit all 5 1/2 inches of this in my mouth." I was so embarrassed but she leaned over and with her gorgeous lips put my dick in her mouth. She looked into my eyes as she blew me and I just kept drooling all over my shirt. It felt SO GOOD! She asked how it was because it had been a while since she had given oral because she was divorced. I shook my head yes and she said good. She told me to get up. I got up from the couch wondering what she was doing.

I leaned forward and stood up wondering what else she had planned for me. She put her chest against mine with her hands on my ass looking me straight in the eyes and said, "I know your going to like this! Trust me…Not at first but I know you will be glad I did it." She reached under the couch one last time and pulled out a strap on. I couldn't believe how much shit this lady had! I was scared as shit and was not excited about this at all!!! I mean…it was great how kinky all of this was getting but I was not ready to be fucked in the ass. She smiled said bend over. I didn't bend over and she grabbed my cock and squeezed it. She squeezed and squeezed until I finally bend over. From their she slowly pushed the strap on into my asshole and began fucking me. My eyes filled up with tears and but she just kept on thrusting her hips into my ass. She leaned forward and put her hand on my penis and began jerking it. Within minutes I came on her hand. She pulled the dildo out of my ass and began removing the ball gag. I had had fun but it hurt like hell I told her. She said, "We're almost done but not quite yet. I blew you so now you're going to blow for me. She grabbed the back of my head by my hair and put the strap in my mouth and began thrusting. I was so nauseous and gagged like 5 times. She told me to shut up and stop complaining. After about 5 minutes she pulled it out of my mouth. She told me she had two more things in store for me.

She began telling me about how she knew I had a nail fetish. She told me that Kerry had been constantly getting her nails done since she started dating me. She told me that she had done the same and that was the reason she had just gotten a french manicure and pedicure. She would reward me by letting me suck on her fingers for a little while. She removed her sox so that I could see her beautiful toes and slowly put her finger in my mouth. She rotated which finger she would let me suck on, I was enjoying this a lot! A few minutes went by and she stopped. She told me that I had been great through this all and that my last reward was a kiss. I smiled and she leaned forward put her warm lips against mine. I could taste her lipgloss instantly. It was a dream come true. She slowly parted my lips with hers and put her tongue in my mouth. She slowly moved it around and kissed me more passionately than Kerry ever had. She even tilt my head back once and spit in my mouth which I thought was SUPER HOT! We kissed a little more then it ended. She uncuffed my hands and brought her belongings upstairs. She told me if I EVER mentioned it to Kerry that she would never do anything like that again with me. I told her I understood and left.

15 minutes later Kerry came over after her practice ended and I never mentioned anything about it. I went to her house the next day and it was as if nothing had ever even happened.

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