My Goddess.

My Goddess.

During the summer, when I was 15, I started working at a gym that my mom had worked at. Just like every summer when I start up another monotonous job working at the same place one of parents did. Last year it was with my dad and this year its working as maintenance at a gym. All of the people who I worked with were much older than me, usually around 10-20 years older. But I could be doing a lot worse. I could be working at some fast food place like most of the kids my age, but I wouldn’t be able to stand that. Even though this was extremely tiring after awhile, in the sense of “boring” not “exhausting”, it still had its upsides. Like how I did get paid fairly well and being at gym during the summer equals lots of women coming in and, as a 15 year old, of course this was one of the reasons I started, not that I’m a womanizer or anything like that.

I’m far from it actually. I’ve only had a couple of girlfriends and I’m still a virgin. But this job still provided a lot of eye candy as I would frequently pass the stretching area and watch all of the 20 something year old’s do their extremely erotic pre-run stretches. That might be the reason why I’ve only had 2 girlfriends, because I’ve never been all that attracted to girls my age. I’ve always had a thing for older women and so have they. It also doesn’t help that I don’t really ever go out with a lot of kids my age. I’m not a hermit or anything, I’m almost never home, but whenever I go out it’s always with older people around my parent’s age.

This was also another plus with working here because my mom trained the type of women who I was most attracted to: 20-30 something’s. Especially one in particular. She was my mom’s main client. Her name was Mallory. Everyone called her Mal though. She was also the main woman whose kid’s I would frequently baby sit. She was an incredibly attractive 29 year old with a 4 year old from her previous marriage she just got out of . She had dark blonde hair, dirty blonde I guess, deep ocean blue eyes, light brown freckles under her eyes, dark tan skin, around 5‘2, very short(a full foot shorter than me), she had a very athletic body with slightly muscular arms and legs, and petite breasts (due to my limited knowledge I wasn’t positive but I’d say around a B or even C cup size.) She hardly ever wore sports bras and when she did they would always be bras that pushed up her breasts.

We were somewhat friends because she had sometimes come to a movie whenever me and parents and their friends went. She was easy to talk to and had a great personality so we could strike up conversations fairly easily. It was no real secret that I thought she was attractive, most men do and ever since her divorce, she’s had waves of guy’s come up to her and start hitting on her. It didn’t help with her attire. Not only did she never wear sports bras to jog in but she always wore miniskirts.

After awhile we started to become better friends and she became a lot like the girls I would hang out with, like the girls who “just want to be friends” that I would help out with their relationship problems. We would even occasionally have lunch together. Nothing like a date but more like I would be on my lunch break and she would join me.

That very weekend, which started out like any other, began on that Friday when Mallory asked me to help her out with moving furniture around. A strange request seeing as she had plenty of guy friends who were much stronger than me but I didn’t really care, she was nice and fun to hang around. She came by my house as usual at around 1 or 2 like she does when I would baby sit, since I didn’t have a car and both of my parents were working and got me.

A little while after some small talk, I noticed that we had gone by her house already.

“Mal, didn’t we just pass your house?” I asked with a bit of a stutter in my voice.
“Oh yeah, I just wanted to get something to eat. I haven’t eaten’ all day. Is that alright?” she replied in a smooth voice.

“Yeah that’s fine I don’t care, I‘m actually kinda hungry too.”

We stopped at a pizza place that I go to all the time. We sat down after ordering a large cheese. It was kind of weird since we had really only had a casual lunch together before but this was much different. Just the two of us in an almost deserted pizza place.

We talked some more before our pizza came out. We got our slices and since I always wait until it cools off I always like to watch people eat. I watched Mallory eat as she continued to talk to me. It seems strange but just the way she ate was sexy to me. I don’t know I guess I’m just weird or something. She was almost child like in the way she ate. It was cute I guess.

After we ate, we left and headed straight to her house. She lived in a subdivision in a nicer part of town. The house was big and, like all subdivisions, very difficult to distinguish from the rest of the houses. On the inside, there were high ceilings and the house went up 3 floors. 3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms I think, nice furniture and a fairly large plasma TV in the living room. This house was way too big for just one person and her son who is only there a few times a week. This particular day, he was with his dad. I’d never met him before but, from what I had heard from everyone who had, it sounded like he was an asshole.

“So what do you want me to move around for you, Mal?” I asked.

“Just some of the couches to the other side of the room is all.”

That’s it, I asked to myself. We moved the stuff around, which actually took longer than I thought it would since she meant the couches on every single floor and forgot to mention that she wanted to move one upstairs. Damn her!

“I’m gonna go take a shower, but you can watch TV if want.” She said again in her smooth flirtatious voice.

“Okay Thanks,” I replied but, once again in a stutter since I was getting extremely turned on at the knowledge that I’m in a large house by myself with this gorgeous woman who just told me she was taking a shower. That image was in my head for awhile. I went down stairs and started flipping through all the channels. Nothing, nothing, nothing, Goddamn It! She’s got over 400 channels on here and there’s still nothing to watch. I just turned it to the Discovery Channel and watched Man Vs Wild. I love this show.

“Watcha watchin’?” Mallory had snuck up behind me. Somehow I managed not to jump.

“Oh, nothing.”

I quickly turned to face her and what I saw made my cock jump. She was standing there, soaking wet and glistening in a tight light green bath robe that barley covered up her ass. It was almost as if she was torturing me. Doesn’t every woman know that you can’t tell a guy that you’re taking a shower without him getting turned on?

“I’m sorry, did I scare you? I guess I should have motioned that I wasn’t going to be long.” she replied in an apologetic voice. She was sincere about that.

“Oh, don’t worry about it.”

“So, are you hungry at all or do you want me to take me back to your house now?” she asked using her flirtatious voice again. It was around 5 at that time and after moving heavy furniture around all day, I was pretty hungry.

“Uh, yeah sure, I could eat. Watcha got here?” I said as calmly as I could, while trying to conceal the fact that my pants were getting shorter.

“I’m not sure, I’ll go check.”

I followed her to the kitchen, trying desperately to stay out of her sight while I fixed my dick to where it wasn’t noticeable, at least not at a glance. She opened up the cabinets and looked around, there wasn’t much from what I could tell, a lot of little things like bread, crackers and cereal. Obviously, she eats out most of the time. She looked through other cupboards and finally moved to the fridge.

She looked around and still nothing then, she bent over and looked an one of the fridge’s drawers. It that moment I knew she wanted me to see her. Not only was she wearing a short robe that revealed her ass, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I could see her perfectly tanned, tight ass and a little bit of her pussy. I almost fainted right there. Of course I’ve watched porn before, who hasn’t, but I’ve never seen a vagina in person before. To add to this, I was no more than a foot behind her and she that there was only stuff to make a sandwich with. I stuttered out what I thought was “that’s fine” but I’m not sure. She must have noticed me looking because she giggled a little when she turned back to face the fridge.

Then she backed up out of the fridge. I was frozen in place and my instinct wouldn’t let me move. Then she backed up into me and her ass pushed up against my cock through my pants.

“Ugh, I cant take it anymore!” she shouted and quickly turned around and kissed me deeply running her hands across my face. I kissed her back even harder and she let out a sigh of pleasure and passion.

“You wanna take this up stairs?” I asked as soon as I managed to get free of her deep kiss.

She didn’t say anything. She just backed up, smiled at me and turned to go upstairs to her room. I waited for her until I heard her footsteps go up the stairs and to her bedroom. I walked upstairs and met her their and she was lying on the bed with her robe still on. I walked over and climbed on top of her. We started kissing again.

I felt her hand go down my back and she began to take my shirt off. She rolled me over on my back to where she was straddling me. I could feel the warmth and dampness of her pussy on my stomach.

“Mallory, I want to tell you something. I…this…is…” I couldn’t get the words out and she put her finger on my lips.

“It’s alright, I don’t care if you’re a virgin.” She then kissed me again. That was a relief. I thought she might think it was stupid or something, but I’m only 15.

Once I relaxed a bit, I started moving my hands up her bath robe and eventually around to the belt that was keeping me from my prize. We still were kissing when I finally got her double belt out of the double knot she kept it in and I slowly slid it off of her shoulders. She sat up in front of me giving me a perfect view of her naked body. Her breasts were perfect. Not too big, not too small. Perky with dark nipples. I looked all the way down her, admiring every inch of her perfect body. She scooted down a little bit off me and worked down to the waist band of my jeans. She slowly started to unbutton them. It was torture. She pulled my zipper down and pulled my jeans off just down to my knees. She started to rub my rock hard cock through my boxers. This was driving me crazy. She then slowly pulled my underwear down as it pulled on every inch of my cock.

When all of my dick was exposed to the air, she grasped it in her hand an slowly started to stroke it while massaging my balls with her other hand. Sure I had jacked off before, but this was a whole knew sensation of having someone else do it. She was moving back and forth from using her hand to licking the tip of me, lapping up the pre cum that already was coming out. Then she went to giving me a straight up blow job, quickly moving her warm mouth up and down the 6 inches of my cock. I was getting closer and closer. It wasn’t long, just about 2 minutes, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded all of the tension that had been building up since I first saw her today, and she swallowed every bit of it.

After I was spent, she stood up and said, “Its your turn now, baby.” I knew exactly what she meant. Even though I was a virgin, I wasn’t clueless on what to do. I got up and she laid down on the bed. I started kissing her again. Starting at her neck and slowly moving down to her tits. I sucked on her breasts for short time and then moved on, down to her flat, toned stomach, then to her waist and finally to her pussy. She was completely shaven too. She had already lifted up her legs. I started to lick the entire length of her pussy starting from the bottom and working my way up to her clit, and every time, teasing it with my tongue. She tasted so good. Like some sort of weird fruit or something.

It wasn’t long before she was soaking wet and breathing heavily. I started to suck on her clit as she grabbed my head. Her hips started bucking and not long after, she came and she came hard. I could feel spurts of her ejaculate on my chin. She was out of breath and smiling up at me. I was hard again.

“You ready to loose your virginity, baby?” she asked enthusiastically

“Oh god YES!” I couldn’t have sounded any more desperate at that time.

She got up and pushed me down so I was on my back. She got up on top of me and held my cock in my hand as she put it up to the entrance of her wet hole. She slowly eased it in and I let out a gasp of pleasure. She slowly eased in every inch of me. She was so tight, although I had nothing to compare it too, I knew it was a tight pussy.

She finally got all of me down and started to build up a slight rhythm and moved up and down the length of my rock hard cock. Nothing has ever felt this good. No amount of lubricant could give me this feeling. She was building up speed and moaning more and more.

“Oh god your feel cock feels so good!” she shouted.

I couldn’t muster anything to say. I started moving my hips so that I was meeting her on the way down. I quickly flipped her over so that I was on top after awhile. She wrapped her legs around my waist and was pushing me in harder each time I thrusted.

“Oh god Mal, your so fucking tight!” I finally managed to say something. Holy shit I was dirty talking her!

Fuck your gonna make me cum.” she said. I started fucking her harder.

“Oh yes. Fuck me harder! Make me cum all over your cock!” I was going faster and harder than I ever thought I could. I felt that ache in my groin and I knew I was getting closer. Just then she cried out in ecstasy as her pussy tightened up even more around my dick. I kept fucking her as hard as I could, and I felt my orgasm was close.

“Cum for me, baby. I want you to cum. Its OK. Please cum deep in my pussy!”

This sent me over the edge. I pushed in as far and as deep as I could and then I came.
Jet after jet of my hot cum shot into her tight pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah, cum in me baby.”

I ’ve never cum that hard or that much in my life. When I was finished, I laid on top of her, completely spent and exhausted, my cock still buried deep in her pussy. Every few seconds I’d flex and she’d let out a moan of pleasure and a slight giggle. I finally got off of her and laid beside her, holding her in my arms.

“That was great, baby.” she said while running her figures through my hair. “I can’t believe that you’re a virgin. I’ve never had an orgasm like that before.”

Wow, I thought to myself. We laid there forever in each other’s arms and we eventually fell asleep right there. My last thought before I fell deep into a sex coma, was that I was lying next to this beautiful woman…this…goddess and we had the whole weekend ahead of us.

I’ll tell my folks I’m staying with a friend…

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