My LA Trip

My LA Trip

My LA Trip

I was on the phone talking to an old girlfriend and brought up an upcoming business trip I was taking to LA. She responded by telling me she hadn’t been there in a while, and would I like some company. Well, I had gotten married after we broke up, she hadn’t, but we’ve stayed close. It’s hard to put someone that looks like her behind you. She’s a big woman, in all the right places. I always love her 38 D tits.

Anyway, I was going to be in LA for two weeks and I only had to work every other day. I told her I’d love the company and that she could come anytime and stay as long as she wanted. She picked five days in the middle when I only had to work two of them. I smiled as my dick was getting hard just thinking about being with her again.

She was to fly in on a day that I had to work, so I left a key for her at the front desk. I was staying at what used to be a small apartment building, so my room was actually was a one-bedroom apartment. I stopped on the way back to the hotel and got some food for dinner and Vodka for martinis from a grommet market, and put my key into the door a little after five.

Her flight got in early afternoon, so she was waiting for me, freshly showered and wearing just a short silk dressing robe. I put my packages down on the dinning room table and she came into my arms. We held each other and kissed for a long time. It had been about a year and a half since we’d seen each other, and we were both in a hurry to get naked and into the bed. She dropped her robe, showed me her wonderful curvy body, grabbed my hard on, smiled up at me and wanted to know if I had missed her. I just smiled as she led me by my stiff dick to the bedroom. She sat on the bed and pushed me down to my knees, and told me to eat here pussy NOW. She lay back, and I was happy to oblige and dove in tongue first. I had forgotten how wonderfully sweet her pussy juice was, and I was getting a lot of it right now. After a couple of minutes I could feel her first orgasm coming. I put a couple of fingers into her pussy and started finger fucking her as fast as I could, and that put her over the top. She grabbed the hair on the top of my head and pushed me deeper into her gushing pussy and started to yell, telling me to make her cum harder. I started sucking her clit and flicking it with my tongue as fast as I could. She shuddered for a couple of minutes before she relaxed. She looked down at me, smiled, and said that it was really good to see me again.

Then she said she wanted to suck my dick. I told her she’d better hurry before I came. I stripped quickly. My dick was steel hard, and my balls were churning. We changed places and she started slowly to lick the top of my cock. She licked the precum off it then started down the side, nibbling as she moved towards my balls. She was licking and sucking them into her mouth. She slowly started back up. I told her if she didn’t hurry, I’d cum on the back of her head instead of her mouth. With that she put me in her mouth. She’s not shy about cock sucking. Actually she loves it more than any woman I’d ever known. She took all I had, started bobbing up and down, and was slobbering all over it. I knew that I wasn’t going to last long. I’d been on the verge of cumming since she’d dropped her robe by the front door. She grabbed my balls and started to gently squeeze them. With that I stiffened up and started to blow great globs of cum in her mouth. She swallowed some and let some gush out of her out of her mouth and run down my dick and balls making a real mess, just the way I like it. When I came back to earth, she licked up what cum was on my dick, balls, and from the crack of my ass. She looked up with a face shining with her slobber and my sticky cum, and asked why it was that we broken up? We both laughed, she crawled up, we kissed, swapping our cum, and we held each other quietly for a while.

After a little bit, we deiced that we needed some food before we got to the fucking. After all, we had four more days. We went in the living room and ate the roasted chicken I’d brought home, naked on the couch. We were feeding each other using just our hands, drinking martinis, and getting evening stickier and slicker. I would drag a piece thru pussy lips and feed it to her. She was feeding me with one hand, and stroking my dick with the other. When some precum formed at the head, she dab it with some French bread and slowly put it on her tongue and eat it.

When we finished eating, we pushed everything on the floor, got close, and started kissing. The long, deep, wet ones. Our hands were still greasy for the chicken, but it felt so primitive to rub it all over each other. She pushed me down, and straddled me and slowly lower her cunt down onto my throbbing dick. She held still once it was all the way in to enjoy the feeling of us being coupled after a few years apart. It had been a long time since we fucked, and we wanted to savor it. She would slowly lift off to where my dick was almost out then she’d slide back down, all very slowly. She started rubbing her clit with her slick hands, and picked up the pace. I was massaging her big tits, and paying special attention to her hard nipples. She would lean down so I could suck them one at a time. They tasted like chicken. She started to whisper in my ear about how good my dick felt in her wet pussy. I told her to start fucking me hard, that I wanted her pussy juice all over my dick, dripping down my balls into the crack of my ass. The more the better, because that would make my ass more lubed so she could fuck it after she came. That got her going, because she loves fucking my ass with her dildo. She threw her head back, started rubbing her clit faster, and fucking me so hard that I thought she would rip my dick off. She was gritting her teeth, sweat was dripping, and I was in heaven. In just seconds she was cumming, and cumming hard. She was screaming, but I couldn’t understand a thing see said. She thrashed around for a couple more minutes before she slowed down, then bent over and kissed me.

There was a big puddle around our crotches from all our love juice. She pulled her lips from me and said that now it was my turn to get fucked. She sucked my dick until she got it steel hard again. Then she got her dildo out and started rubbing it over my ass hole. She had me turn over with my face on the bed, with my ass up. She greased the dildo up with pussy juice, my cum, and of course the chicken grease. She put the end of it right up to my ass hole, and then she slid under me and took my dick in her mouth. As soon as it was half way to her throat, she plunged the dildo all the way deep into my ass. I gasped and sank my dick all the way into her throat. She stopped to let me get used to it, and then slowly started fucking my ass. I pulled my dick up a little so she could work it better. She slowly picked up the speed of the dildo and cock sucking. After about ten minutes she was literally ripping me a new ass hole. It seemed that my body was about to explode. I could feel my balls start to build to the breaking point. She knew what was happening and rammed the dildo in as far as she could and I started to cum. Not just an ordinary cum, but the GREAT FLOOD of cums. I pushed my dick all the way in the mouth and shot the cum right down her throat. My ass exploded and the dildo shot out of my ass and across the room. She had to push me off of her to keep me from strangling her with my dick. She crawled up next to me and held me till I got back to normal. I looked at her beautiful face, that still had cum running down her chin, and thanked her for the best orgasm I’d ever had. She smiled and said she loved making me happy, but next time she like it if I didn’t come that close to killing her with my cock. We both laughed and cuddled for a while, then fell asleep for the night.

We did a lot of that, and more, the rest of the days we had together. I loved it during the day when she’d suck my dick, with her fingers up my ass, as I made phone calls, talking business, and once when I was talking to my wife.

I drove her to LAX the day she had to leave. We were both very quiet on the drive out. We knew that we’d never be over each other, but we also knew that it would never be more than what it was. So she kissed me before she went into the terminal and told me to call before my next long trip. With that she smiled and walked away.

I’ll tell you about my trip to New York, where she met me too. But that’s latter.

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