My Life #6

My Life #6

My Life #6

Friday night a week before the fourth of July I was over at Carl and Carla’s house. We were all exited about the coming orgy we were anticipating. I said two things we need to do if we are going to really have a fuck fest. First I have to figure a way to get dad out of the picture. There is no way dad will accept what we have in mind. Second, we can’t just expect mom to be a willing participant unless she gets primed first. Dad always works in the garden every Saturday when he is home. Carla I need you to figure a way to keep him preoccupied while we take care of mom. So you and Carl come over about ten tomorrow morning and this is what we are going to do.

Mom, dad, Bobby and I had breakfast about nine and then dad went into the back yard and began to prune and weed the garden. We had an immaculate garden due to dad’s passion for gardening. Carl and Carla were right on time and I told Carla to go into the back yard and make sure dad doesn’t come into the house for at least and hour. I had already primed Bobby as to what he was to do. I took Carl into the hall way and peeked into the kitchen.

Mom was just finishing doing the dishes and I watched Bobby come up behind mom and give her a big hug and kiss her on the neck. He lifted her night gown and put his hand between her legs. She spread her legs as he rubbed her pussy. Bobby didn’t have any cloths on and he shoved his cock up into mom’s pussy and began to slowly fuck her. I heard her moan as his cock slid in but she said, “Bobby, we mustn’t your dad.” He spun her around and forced her over the kitchen table and continued to fuck her. He said, “Dad won’t be coming in until lunch like he always does.

Mom was moaning and enjoying the fucking she was getting. I motioned for Carl to go stand behind Bobby. I then came into the room and said, no fair. I jumped up on the table and pulled my gown up and shoved my pussy into mom’s face and she began to eat my pussy. Licking and sucking on my clit. I motioned for Bobby to let Carl take his place. Bobby frowned because he hadn’t cum yet but reluctantly let Bobby take his place. Mom hardly noticed. I whispered to Bobby that as soon as mom was really into Carl’s fucking, he new what he was to do.

Carl was really pounding mom’s pussy. After mom made me cum a couple of times I slid off the table and Bobby slipped onto the table and lifted mom’s head and inserted his cock into mom’s mouth. It took mom about thirty seconds before she realized that she was being fucked by one person and giving head to another. She looked up and when she saw it was Bobby she was sucking she pulled away and said, “What the hell is going on, who is that behind me.” I said Mom, its Carl. Bobby promised him he could fuck you because he has been fucking Carl’s mother Carmen. “Bobby is fucking Carl’s mother? Jesus Bobby, who aren’t you fucking?

Carl’s cock must have started rubbing Mom’s “G” spot because suddenly Mom said, “Oh my god, Oh shit don’t stop Carl honey Yesss that’s it right like that Ohhhhh
Shit yes, you got it right OHHHHHHHHHH and Mom let go a steam of cum that came squirting out of her pussy all over Carl’s pants and the floor. Carl kept pumping into mom a half dozen more strokes and then shoved his cock up tight into mother and I could tell by the look on his face he came. Carl cried “Oh Mrs. Browning, (that’s our last name) you’re so hot and I’ve wanted to fuck you from the first moment I saw you.

Bobby saw Carl cum and jumped down from the table and shoved his cock back
into mom and began to fuck her hard. Carl still had a semi hard on so I told him to get on the table and let Mom suck his cock. He did and she began to suck and lick her own pussy juice as well as Carl’s cum off his cock.

I peeked out the window to see how Carla was doing with dad. Carla was sitting on the swing with her leg slightly apart. I new she had stopped wearing underwear and dad was trying not to notice, but he kept looking back at her. He was half sitting and half lying on the ground as he weeded around some flowers. Carla opened her legs wider and I thought dad’s eyes would pop out. I was fascinated watching Carl work dad. About that time I heard Bobby and Carl change places He was pounding her fast and hard and mom was now sucking Bobby’s cock and making all kinds of strange noises.

I looked back at Carla and dad. Suddenly Carla stood up and walked over to Dad. She stood right next to his head and she had her legs spread open so dad could only look straight up at her pussy when he talked to her. It looked like she asked him a question because she pointed at some flowers. Dad looked over to where she was pointing and when he looked back I couldn’t believe what Carla did. She straddled Dads head and sat down on his face. She reached behind his head and forced his mouth to her cunt.

He struggled at first trying to lift her off his face. But then Carla began to grind her pussy lips into his mouth and then the struggle stopped. He grabbed Carla around the ass and began to eat her pussy. I quickly left Bobby and Carl doing mom. I quietly went into the back yard and snuck up on them. Dad had an enormous hard on. I sucked in my breath when I realized he was as big as his brother uncle Paulie. I reached down and slowly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled his sipper down. He was so busy eating Carla that he didn’t notice it. I straddled him with out touching him. I quickly reached down and yanked his cock out. It was huge, the same length as Uncle Paulie but fatter.

I shoved my pussy down on his cock. Because I had gotten so hot watching mom getting fucked and then what Carla had been doing to dad made my pussy was well lubricated. I got about four inches in before dad started to lift Carla off his face to see what was going on. I gave a big push and his whole cock went into me clear to my cervix. “HOLLY, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’R DOING?” I said what does it look like. I’ve wanted to fuck you for the last two years but could not figure out how to do it. When I saw you eating Carla’s pussy I new this was my chance. So lay back and enjoy eating Carla’s pussy and your daughter fucking you. BUT I’M YOUR FATHER, and what about your mother what if,” he croaked. She is very busy in the house and won’t see a thing, I said

Carla forced his head back into her cunt and said; don’t stop Mr. Browning I’m ready to cum. I wrapped my arms around Carla and began to play with her tits as I rose up and down my dad’s huge cock. Dad’s cock was hurting me it was so big around and I gritted my teeth and road him hard. My pussy was climaxing about every couple of minutes and I quickley loosened up. I slowed down my pumping and just enjoyed moving up and down that big pole. Suddenly dad grabbed my hips and shoved his cock hard up into me and I felt his hot cum splatter against my cervix and back wall of my pussy. I came so hard I collapsed against Carla’s back.

After about ten minutes Carla and I took dad to the Garage and for the next hour we took turns fucking him. Carla seemed to be able to take dad’s huge cock a little easier than me. It was past noon when we walked back into the house to get some lunch. Bobby and Carl were sitting at the table. I asked them where mom was. They thought she was taking a shower. Dad said that’s sounds like a good idea. I’ve been sweating like a pig working in the yard. Carla and I looked at each other and grinned.

After dad left I said I guess we don’t have to worry about what to do with dad next week. Bobby looked at me and said, “You didn’t?” I grinned and said both of us. “Well I’ll be dam” he said. I asked them how many times they had fucked Mom? Bobby said, “Carl fucked her four times and I fucked her three. I would have gone for four but Mom said she was too sore and her jaw’s felt like she had lockjaw. We all laughed, and Carla said were going to have a ball next week.

Later that night I became really horny thinking about dad’s cock. I played with my pussy for awhile making myself climax a couple of times. Then I thought what the hell. I snuck into Mom and Dad’s room and took a peek. They were both sound asleep. Dad was on his back and Mom was turned away from Dad. They only had a sheet over themselves. I gently pulled the sheet back on Dad’s side. He was sleeping in just pajama bottoms. I took his cock out and began to suck it. It took awhile to get him hard and when it did I could hardly get my mouth around it.

I straddled him and inserted the head of his cock into my slit. Mom turned over onto her back. I just froze for what seemed like forever but she soon was snoring lightly. I shoved down on Dad’s cock and about four inches went in. Suddenly Dad woke up and looked at me and then at Mom and whispered, “christ, you’ll wake your Mother. I shoved his cock fully into me and leaned over and said, shush I’ll do it slow and easy and Mother will never know. Remember she said how tired she was.

I began slowly riding up and down Dad’s beautiful cock. I had been doing that for about fifteen minutes when I looked over at Mom and she was staring at me. She didn’t say a word just shook her head ever so slightly and smiled. I grinned at her and began to ride Dad a little faster. He had his eyes shut, so I reached over and slid my hand under the sheet and between Mom’s legs. She spread them and I began to finger fuck her. She scooted up a little so I had better access.

After about five minutes I heard her let out a little groan as she came. Dad opened his eyes so I leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. I slid my tongue inside his mouth and began to explore it. He reached up and grabbed my hips and shot his load of sticky cum into my love hole. I leaned down on his chest and rubbed my Moms’ clit vigorously. I felt her lift up her ass and new she had climaxed. I slipped out of bed and went back to my room. I dreamed of being fucked by a whole line of men. By my Dad, then my Uncle followed by Carl and Bobby and even my cousins.

Sunday Dad caught Bobby fucking Mom in the laundry room. I thought the shit had hit the fan, but to my surprise all he did was shake his head and said, “I guess it I can fuck my daughter my wife has the right to fuck our son. And fuck we did. Carl and Carla came over and we took turns fucking each other. Mom got the most fucking because Carl couldn’t seem to get enough of her. Bobby and Carl fucked Mom in tandem for about two hours in that morning. We took a lunch break and then Bobby and Carl fucked her until she said she couldn’t fuck any more and needed a break.

Dad fucked Carla and me twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon after lunch. I think he faked Cumming. Then the boys took turns fucking Carla and me. Twice they fucked me at the same time. Carl fucked my pussy and Bobby in my ass. Then they reversed it. Every time Dad seemed interested in fucking me more I was already getting fucked by the boys. Carla got equal treatment. Bobby and Carl never seemed to get tired. I don’t think they came all the time but they always seemed to be able to get hard.

Carl left about four and Carla said he went home so he could fuck their Mom. He was still fucking her every morning before she left for work and she still came home for lunch for a quickie. At night both Bobby and Carl would fuck her. Some times Carla would join them and usually ate her Mom’s pussy’.

Dad went to work Monday and Bobby had gotten a part time job at the hardware store working four hours a day. Since it was now summer vacation Carl came over and fucked Mom all day long. They would rest about two hours and then he would fuck her again. Mom felt flattered as hell but I felt a little neglected. As soon as Bobby came home from work I made him fuck me because it had made me horny watching Mom get fucked so much.

We all agreed to cool it Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so we would all be refreshed for the Fourth of July which fell on Saturday this year.
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