My mami's neighbour

My mami's neighbour

This is a real story which happened some years back. I was in school and about 15 years old. I visited my mama during my summer vacation in another town. My mami is just a few years older than me and just got married to my mama. My mama had gone to office and me and mami were alone in the house. At the age of 15 I did not know much but I was very curious about sex and all. I used to fantasize with my mami especially when ever we were alone in the house. That day mami's neighbour came visiting our house. She was also as attractive as my mami and I got busy trying to figure out how big her boobs would be etc. She was wearing a saree and blouse the normal thing. The two ladies were conversing routinely but the conversation moved on to blouses. The neighbour Sarita told my mami Lata that she has got stitched a new blouse and asked whether my mami would inspect it and find whether it has been stitched properly. Lata readily agreed and asked her to bring the blouse. Sarita went home and returned in two minutes with the new blouse. Lata asked Sarita to remove the blouse she was wearing and put on the new one. Sarita was shy and she looked at me questioningly. Lata, my mami, told her "dont worry; rajan is just a small boy; you are wearing a bra, you need not feel shy. Please take out the blouse you are wearing and try out the new one."
Sarita hesitating removed her old blouse and was now in her bra exposing some amount of her boobs. I was pretty excited. Lata remarked, "Oh, you have not nice boobs, you need not feel shy in exposing it in front of both of us. I shall be glad if would remove your bra also before trying on the new blouse." I was shocked; I could not believe my luck; I hoped Sarita would do as requested by my mami.
Sarita said, "Nothing doing; how can I expose myself in front of this boy;it is all right between you and me." Lata asked,"would you remove your bra if rajan left this room?'. She said, " there is no need for that; but if you want I shall remove my blouse in front of you but not when rajan is present here". Mami requested me in my ears to go to the other room and watch from there. "Sarita is nervous; she wants you to see but she is not bold enough; just go to the other room, hid behind the door and see from there." Lata told me in whisper but I thought Sarita would have heard all this.
Sarita did not say anything and I quietly left the room and went to the bed room and stood behind the door from where I had a good view of what was happening in the living room.
After a bit of coaxing by Lata Sarita got bold enough and removed her blouse exposing her full boobs to my mami. My mami exclaimed, "fantastic; very nice size and shape; your husband and your friends are really lucky".
I had a very good view of a pair of naked breast standing up right with rigid nipples standing out and looking in to the sky. The breasts were very big in size and bigger than what my single hand could hold and the nipples were long and erect and a great sight. All of a sudden I realised that my cock had become very stiff and straining against my trousers. I was pretty excited; with quickening breath I leaned closer to have a nice long look for the first time in my life a pair of beautiful breasts and my hand involuntarily moved to touch my organ.
I did not understand what was happening to me; but I was pretty excited and I liked the feeling down there. The exhibition went for a few seconds more. Sarita was in no hurry to cover up while Lata asked her, " I am so tempted to touch them and feel them in my hands. Would you please permit me to feel your breasts?".
Sarita replied, "No problem; on one condition; I am half naked but you are fully clothed – this is unfair; if you also remove your tops and let me feel yours then I shall gladly allow you to feel mine."
Lata hesitaed and said,"Between the two of us ; there is no problem; but that small boy is there and he may see me."
So what, he might have seen me; but I am not complaining; so why should you mind; let's get to know each other better – Sarita retorted.
All the while I was having a great time stroking my cock and looking at Sarita's breasts. The thought of seeing Lata's breasts and a possible lesbi act between the two of them excited me beyond description ..
I was hiding behind the door and having a great time looking at Sarita's fully exposed breasts and listening to the erotic conversation between my mami Lata and neighbour Sarita. Lata told Sarita that it would not be proper for her to expose her breasts because rajan could be watching. Sarita said, "this is not fair; there can not a rule for me and another for you; u knew that rajan was watching and asked me to remove my bra and expose my breasts and now are not willing to expose. Let him watch; he has seen mine; let him see yours ; what is wrong?"
Lata cooly said, "Your case is different; you are neighbour where as I am his relative; we stay in the house alone a lot of times; if I expose myself now Rajan will expect me to expose more frequently; he will start imagining things; his age is such that he can not think of anything except sex. He should be happy to have seen yours; but I show mine he will not stop there and start demanding more from me."
Sarita said," let us do one thing; we will call Rajan here ; I dont mind if he sees me like this; he might have seen from a distance; let him see from close quarters; that is no problem; but if he promises not to be demanding will you remove your blouse and bra and expose yourself before Rajan and me? – that is fair enough right?"
Lata was very reluctant, she said,"he will readily agree to anything to see my boobs; I am sure; but he will not keep quiet; he will demand for more in the days to come; he is going to stay here for another 15 days and during day time we will be alone in the house; the boy is good but his age is bad; it is very difficult to say no and stop him; you see; but if you still insist let's call him and get a promise in your presence and hope that he will behave properly".
Sarita was delighted and said – that is good ; let us call him now and finalise the whole thing; I want to see your boobs now and this is the best solution.
Mami called me to come inside the room; I was pretty excited and my tool was straining against the trousers and the tent it made was very visible and I was feeling very shy to move in to the room in this condition even though I was pretty excited to see two topless ladies and also a possible lesbi action.
I told myself that both of them should be excited to see my tent and that shall only spur them on to fast action; so I should not waste further time and go there before anybody changed the mind.
I virtually ran in to the drawing room where both Lata and Sarita were sitting on a sofa. Lata mami said, "look rajan; here is Sarita Mami, our next door neighbour; she has removed her blouse and bra and exposed her and you can have a good look at her breasts; she may put back the bra any time; so you better hurry, sit beside her and look but dont touch; is that ok?'
I could not speak; I was so excited that I fell on Sarita's laps; they both laughed looking at my condition and also at the tent made in my trousers. Sarita lifted me up and made me sit beside her; she took her breasts in both hands; supported them up and pointed them at me and asked, how do you like these melons?; are they ripe?; would you like to suck them? – she laughed wildly on seeing that I could not utter a word; I could not believe my eyes and my luck; I had a very good and close look at Sarita's breasts and was very tempted to touch and feel them and pinch the nipples and also suck them but looking at my mami I restrained myself.
Now Sarita told Lata, ' I have completed my end of the bargain; now it is your turn; I would like you to expose your breasts in front of Rajan and me – come on ..
Lata looked at me in embarrassment; she wanted to do it but was worried about the consequences; she was also pretty excited; she moved to our sofa and sat on the other side of Sarita; she had a good look at Sarita's breasts and she could not control herself and brought her right hand over Sarita's shoulders and caressed very gently Sarita's right breast which was close to me – Sarita hissed in excitement while my tent grew bigger and bigger at the site of my mami caressing another woman's brest right in front of me. This was an ultimate sight which I can never forget in my life an unbelievable event happening right in front of me when I least expected. Sarita was too excited to speak; I thought she would ask Lata to expose but she was in a trance; her eyes were closed; she was leaning to one side, her mouth was open and making some odd sounds and she allowed Lata to caress her more and more. Lata was also pretty excited and her boobs were moving up and down and she was making some hissing noises .. Lata brought her head down and licked at left nipple of Sarita and I thought Sarita would get angry at this; but I was very surprised when I found that Sarita let out a big noise of encouragement .. this is getting beyond my wildest of dreams .. all these things happening right in front of me .. I am watching; I am not allowed to participate ..
Things were heating up between mami and Sarita while I was watching with a big tent between my legs. They both seemed to have forgotten me especially Sarita with her closed eyes and the heavenly feeling as her breast was being caressed by Lata. In fact it was Lata who first came out of the trance which seemed to last forever. Lata realsied that I was watching and also perhaps she remembered her promise to Sarita.

Lata removed her hand from right breast of Sarita and said,"I simply can not believe that caressing a lady's breast can have such a great impact. I think there can be more excitement as we explore each other more. This young boy is a problem, Sarita, what shall we do about him?. We can't let him watch us like this – that comes in the way of our uninhibited enjoyment" She did not bother to find out what was happening to me and she chose to speak openly about my presence being a hindrance to their love acts.

I said, "mami, please carry on; I am very eager to watch your acts; I promise not to tell any one and I shall not join in the act unless you people invite me. It is not that I am not aware of what goes on between ladies – but I am having a first hand watching experience which I am enjoying – dont be a spoil sport – you carry on – dont waste time because mama may come home in about an hour or so and then you will have to stop- better continue- I shall behave properly.
Sarita joined in hurriedly,'Lata, you promised to open up before him and then only handle me but you have already palmed me and it is my turn; I am going ahead whether Rajan is here or not; I am so hot now that I can not stop; we dont have much time to debate and decide; just go ahead and fulfill your end of the bargain".

Lata looked at both of us in hesitation; "Sarita he is a small boy and he is related to me though his uncle; he should not think I am a slut or something; any way since he has already seen enough let's go ahead"

Lata hesitatingly removed the buttons of her blouse which were on the front after setting aside the saree which was covering her breasts. She removed her blouse fully and was just in her bra and I was pretty excited that my dreams are becoming true; I could not believe my eyes; a great sight already with the bra still on; how would it look without the bra; I shall know in seconds – I told myself.

Lata's bra had hooks at the back and she was looking at both Sarita and me questioningly as to how she was going to remove the bra. She was sitting on the other side of Sarita farther away from me but Sarita signalled to me and said, "go ahead and unhook the bra from her back side and help your mami become topless – so that both of us shall have a good look at her bare breasts."
Lata did not object to that and I virtually ran to the other side and was behind Lata in no time. Even though I had acted this in my mind many times when it actually came to unhooking the bra my hands were shaking and I was persipiring – my fingers were on the hook but they simply did not come off – the toughest task which I had done in my life till that time – removing the bra- but I succeeded at last and there fell the bra just like the great wall of China and I had a very close look at a great pair of ripe mangoes – a sight I can never forget in my life – first times are always great and worth remembering – the nipples stood out and erect inviting both me and Sarita to suck but I could only observe. I wanted to touch the breast; knead the nipples and suck them but for fear that mami could get angry and cover herself up I kept myself satisfied only at looking at the magnificient breasts.

Sarita said, "Oh, great; you have got a nice pair of knockers; these will knock out all men; very nice to see them." Sarita cupped both the breasts in her hands and held them up and had a close nice look at the pair and then she bent down started nibbling on the right nipple with her tongue; she was teasing Lata's right nipple with her tongue and then she took a big portion of Lata's right breast in her mouth and started sucking aggressively- the breast went out of my sight and I could only see Sarita's head moving up and down in rhythmic motion on Lata's right breast and Lata moaning all the time.

Both Sarita and Lata were topless but were in still in their sarees which had come down below the waist exposing their navels upwards fully. Sarita got up without removing her mouth from Lata's breasts and so did Lata – both were standing and then Sarita took her mouth off; straightened and embraced Lata bodily with her breasts crushing Lata's breasts, They were almost the same height and that was quite useful now for the breasts on each other and just as I was wondering what was going to happen then – Sarita moved in closer in embrace and put her mouth on Lata's and started kissing on her mouth and I was shocked to see two topless women with breasts crushed against each other kissing in front of me. I was wonderstruck when I saw that Lata opened her mouth and allowed Sarita's tongue to play into her mouth and play with Lata's tongue; this was fantastic and a great sight. I could also see Sarita getting more aggressive – as she kissed and played her tongue into Lata's mouth her hand moved down to cup the butt of Lata over the saree ofcourse and they were excited beyond description.

I was totally ignored and they enjoyed each other for a long time. I played my role later – that perhaps I shall write in detail if I receive good response to the three parts which I have already put up
Both Lata and Sarita were in a trance and they continued to fondle each other and kiss each other for long; just ignoring me. I thought I should get into the action soon enough before the trance was broken. To my bad luck it was my mami Lata who just broke the trance and told Sarita, "Hey, my husband could come now; let's get dressed and get back to our routine; we can continue this later. This was a great experience; in fact, I never dreamt that this could be so nice; we are neighbours and free during day time; so let's not rush this; one of these days let's get together from morning and go for hours and enjoy thoroughly; in the mean while, thanks a lot and I enjoyed it thoroughly; hope you did too." So saying, she hurriedly tried to put on her bra and looked at me to help her fasten the hooks at the back – which, with out a murmur I did and both got dressed quickly and Sarita left for her house in minutes.

It all took place in a flash that I was left shaken and deflated – I felt like a child who was shown a chocolate & tempted but the chocolate taken away in a jiffy – very disappointed; but I told myself that this was not the end of the world; the ladies have exposed themselves in front of me; they were exploring themselves for the first time and that excited them more because of my presence and that I shall definitely get a chance to do it to my mami as well as Sarita soon enough.

My mama came home in the next few minutes and so I could not discuss with mami the episode with Sarita. But something very strange was happening since his arrival. My mama seemed to be having sex on his mind because I could see that he was behind my mami since he came home; followed her in the house wherever she went and kept whispering something in her ear; avoiding me and talking to her with winkles and so on; I could not understand what was transpiring but I got a hint that he was in a mood to take mami to bed but I was in the way.

Soon enough I got the answer. My mami called me and said,"Rajan, why not you go to Sarita's place for a few minutes and show this blouse to her. She has perhaps left it here in a hurry. You can discuss with her the shape, the cuts, etc. of the blouse and help her in arriving at the best shape for her blouse. You can spend a few minutes with her; you need not rush back to our house. In the meanwhile your mama has some urgent work with me; which we shall attend to- is that OK with you, my dear?"

I could sense what the "urgent work" was. I was pretty excited that I was being allowed to spend some private time with Sarita; I was hoping that Sarita would understand what was going on in our house and allow me to explore her. I was imagining all sorts of things that I would do to Sarita and left for her house with the blouse, that mami had given me.

I rang Sarita's door bell and Sarita called from inside,"who is that?". I said, "Rajan, from next door." She said, "wait a minute darling, I shall open the door". I was pretty excited especially because she addressed me, "darling" from inside the house. A tent was already forming in my trousers which I did not want to hide because we two would be alone and nobody else would be present – I wanted her to know how I felt about her and that I was a "man". It might have taken a few seconds for Sarita to open the door but to me it felt like years. Ultimately, Sarita opened the front door to her house and let me in with a broad and affectionate smile and said, "come on in, my darling. What brought you here?. She did not miss my tent; looked at it appreciatively and said, "that is very good news- you seem to be pretty excited about meeting me in my house, alone – I can understand your excitement after having seen me, just minutes back, in half naked state. Come in sit down on the sofa and relax."

Her warmth, the way she welcomed me and her bold statements added fuel to fire; I got more excited than before; my expectations rose sky high; I was sure something great was going to happen; I was praying all gods that the things should move ahead and reach the logical conclusion.

Sarita said, "I know why Lata sent you to my house now. Her husband, your mama, is a very active person. The first thing he wants to do after coming home from work is have sex with your mami; He is very virile and very affectionate and he loves Lata very much; I think in office also he should be thinking all the time of going home and having sex with Lata. Your mami is very lucky. My husband is not like that; he does not believe in doing it during day time; he wants all the lights off and the whole world to settle down and then he will turn towards me in bed and go for the ultimate act; that too a couple of times in a week; whereas I am sure Lata should be doing at least twice a day. Lucky Lata; I wish I had somebody like her husband. Anyway, I am sorry, I should not perhaps be talking such things in front of a small boy like you." But she soon realised that she made a mistake when she said, "small boy" and corrected – "hey, I am sorry, I know you are not a boy any more and that you are a young man" – in fact you are enthusiastic young man who can help me. right?"

Sarita stopped for a while; had a good look at me; guessed that I was pretty excited as she was discussing sex with me so openly and said, "Ok, rajan darling, you saw me and it is your turn to show me – that is only fair- your thing is straining the fabric your trousers to get out; why not you let out that animal and let it breathe fresh air- so that I can also have an eye full. Perhaps, I should help you with this task. She came close to me, sat next to me on the sofa, started fondling my very erect cock from outside the trousers and asked me, " how are you feeling, rajan. Are you enoying?"

Before reaching Sarita's house I thought that she could act tough and not allow me access to her freely. But my fears vanished and I became very bold because she came to the topic right away without wasting time and more than words she was acting and very boldly at that. This spurred me; I got very bold and for the first time I lay my hands on a woman. Oh, How great I felt – beyond description – I dont know what Edmund Hillary would have felt on climbing Everest – I felt equally great when I boldly placed my hand on Sarita's breasts – ofcouse over her blouse but that was also no mean task. Sarita did not object to this but moved in closer to make my job easier and this resulted in more flow of blood to my loins and my member became thicker and stronger and Sarita sensed it immediately because she was holding it over the trouser material.

Sarita brought the zipper of my trousers down, unbuckled my trousers and removed the pair of trousers very easily in no time; I was down to my trunks but that also vanished in no time expsoing my throbbing member to her fully. She expressed satisfaction at the size and shape and the readiness. Good; very good indeed.

I was not keeping quiet and I removed the front hooks of her blouse and also the bra and made Sarita topless to have a great view of her very erect pair of breasts, once again. But this time my hands were busy on her. I played freely on Sarita's breasts, I placed my right hand over her left breast and moved my hand from the bottom of the breast to the top, fondling the breast very softly. I wanted to go about slowly. My mami, has asked me to take my time because Mama is going to take his own time doing it to mami. So, I went about slowly and this excited Sarita more. Sarita was very happy and she said, "you are very nice, very caring and very affectionate; that is good. I am enoying every moment, How about you?"

I was in heaven and I could not even reply; I was hungry for more and more; I was exploring every square centimetre of Sarita's body which was exposed at that time and was very eager to expose her fully and explore more
Rajan darling, shall I tell you something, asked Sarita even as we were very busy exploring each other. "We have lot of time; let us not hurry things; before we went further I would like to show you something very confidential and at the same time extremely exciting. Would you be interested?". sarita
I nodded and she said just put back some clothes and follow me urgently; because if we delay we may miss the action. I hurriedly dressed up; I was a lil disappointed but I was sure that something exciting was about to happen. She covered herself very swiftly and took me by hand to the back door of the house. My mami's house and sarita's were twin bungalows with a comman wall and a common compound. She took me to the back compound of both the house and walked towards mami's house; she peeped inside the house through a hole in the window and hurried motioned me to keep quiet; not talk at all but look through the hole which she vacated.

I looked inside my own mami's house from outside and the scene I saw . OH unbelievable!! my god; what am I watching and that too at whose behest; I could have paid anything for a scene like this. What did I see: I could see very clearly my mami, totally naked and on all fours, in a dog's pose as my mama, also totally naked with this rod pointing up and holding it by his hand trying it to push it into my mami's waiting cunt. I could not remove my eyes from the scene -all ready to happen – and then my mama effortlessly put in his tool in to mami's cunt gradually and starting pumping in and out and mami was moving in sychronous movement and making sounds which I had never heard. The thrusts became stronger and longer – my mama took his time inserting his cock into mami's cunt and slowing withdrawing and inserting the whole thing again. It went on for a few minutes but Sarita pulled me back so that she could also have a good look at the fucking action. The hole was small and only one person could see – since we had already become good friends and with same objective we co operated with each other and took turns to have a clear look at the events inside which went on for something like 15 minutes or so. While I was watching I saw my mama making huge gruntling noice and push in and out very vigorously as mami was making very swift movements back and forth; I could see that the action was reaching a climax from the speed and they the ultimate happened – my mama ejaculated, possibly inside mami's cunt and with drew his cock out and fell exhausted on the bed.

I signalled to Sarita that the action was over and she motioned me to leave the place hurriedly and get into her house. We moved very swiftly into her house and as we were both pretty excited we landed on her bed, both totally naked in a matter of seconds. No training was required after a live show that I watched just minutes back- we were both oozing and she took my cock very affectionately, giving my balls a very light squeeze and gradually she directed my cock into her awaiting well lubricated cunt. I entered a lady for the first time in my life; I might have imagined this moment many times in my life and with so many girls and ladies from friends and family members but I never imagined that I shall be entering a neighbour's cunt for the first time in my life after a live show of my mama fucking my mami. But then strange things happen in life and this one was definitely worth cherishing in one's memory.

Sarita, experienced as she was, helped me hold for a long time and enter gradually, with draw slowly and enter again – each entry into her cunt brought immeasurable pleasure and I enjoyed every second of the fucking; she enjoyed it too.
She told me in my ears you are being very nice and you are doing very well, carry on; she started kissing me lightly on my lips as her hands found found my balls which she held most fondly as my piston was moving in and out of her cunt. I was getting more and more excited with the pleasure that my cock was experiencing while my upper body was enjoying the pressure of Sarita's breasts – the kiss got more and more intense as she opened my mouth and played with my tongue. Three parts were enjoying all at one time; the lips/tongue, the chest and the cock – great it was. It did not last very long but the time it lasted can never be forgotten. It became too much for me to prolong any longer and Sarita encouraged me and said fuck me rajan, fuck me hard – I want you to come inside me; come on let me get your seeds inside my cunt; go ahead fuck Sarita; fuck me hard – these words hastened the process and I came very hard and strong and ejaculated most forcefully inside her and fell totally exhausted on her body.
An unforgettable experience which lasted for a few minutes but I remember this with great excitement even after many years.
Thank you very much for the experience, Sarita.

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