My mums slutty mate

My mums slutty mate

I was 15 when this happened, A mate of my mothers would be over every friday having a drink getting drunk, her name was dawn and i fancied her since i was 11, nearly every night i would masturbate while thinking of what i would like to do to her, and what she would do to me, made me come in minutes.

It was during the summer and dawn arrived with a bottle of whisky, her and my mum were chatting in the kitchen while i was on my computer when dawn went to the toilet, i didnt hear the door shut and i couldnt help but seeing if i could see anything good, unfortunately the door was almost shut so i went back to my room disapointed, about 30 minutes later she bought me a drink and said not to tell my mother, then winking at me and walking out, she was wearing hotpants and gave a boner so hard i wanted to have a wank but was too risky. i went through to the kitchen and was asked if i wanted to play cards, i said yes as by now i was bored. As we were playing i felt a foot moving up and down my leg, it was dawn smiling, then laughing, i now think she was trying to make it look innocent.

When my mother went to pick up my sister from school ( before anyone thinks about it i was off school for 2 weeks) dawn stayed as she had done before, this time she was talking to me more than usual. I said what was she doing rubbing her foot up my leg and she replied 'well i wanted to cheer you up'
'well i could do with a shag' i replied as a joke, then automatically shutting my mouth saying sorry,
She laughed and said had i ever fingered a woman. I said i hadnt but had been told what it had felt like by some mates. Again she laughed, ( at the time i thought she was thinking i was a sad teenager, which i probably was) then she said she was off to the loo. I think it was the whisky i had earlier because i followed and waited until she had finished and was washing her hands that i went in and asked ' does a pussy feel warm inside?'
she just looked at me with a small smile, i felt bold enough and touched her arse, she didnt push me away so i moved around to her front.
This was when i probably had the massive erection i probably ever will have, i moved my hand upto her waist before going in her jeans then inside her thong, i didnt feel any hair and judging by my face she said she always shaved below. I moved further down then entered her, this only lasted for a few seconds before she pulled me out and said 'let me get my drink first'
i didnt know what to say to that but she went into my room and i followed her, again i fingered her pussy while she was laying on my bed then she took a gulp of her drink before telling me to get my dick out.
I did as she said and my 6incher was throbbing, she wrapped her cool fingers around my dick and started to move up and down slowly. She could tell by my huge smile that i was enjoying it because she then moved her mouth over the tip and licked it with her tongue before going down to my base, she then started wanking me again. she carried on giving me oral and wanking inbetween when we heard my mothers footsteps coming up the drive. We quickly scurried through to the kitchen and carried on like nothing had happened.

During the following week i couldn't get the dirty tart out of my mind, in a way i felt guilty because she also had a boyfriend and a kid, but just thinking about what happened would get me hard and i would spurt loads when i came. The next friday she came over with Vodka, i was doing my homework for most of the morning and didnt get to see her until the afternoon. She went outside for a cigarette and i followed and kissed her before she could say anything. The only thing she said to that was 'Keep your tongue in, dont gag me!' that really pissed me off and i went back inside and forgot about it.

A few hours later i heard the front door shut and saw my mother walking down the road, i went through to see dawn and asked if i did something wrong earlier, she chuckled and said 'no just dont put your tongue in too far, you only do that when you give oral'
'ah right' i said, 'can i try?'
she led me to my room then pulled my jeans down and started giving me a blowjob which was better than the first time. after a few minutes i started to feel the sensation and said i was about to come, she stopped and laid down, pulled her jeans and thong down and showed me her lovely shaven vagina, i inserted a finger, then two, then three, she told me to play with her clit and guided my other hand to it.
i did this for a few minutes before she gave a short cry and her whole body shook, she came.
'put your dick inside me' she told me. I got on top of her and entered,
'Fuck, that feels great' i said, and started a slow rhythm before speeding up. after a few minutes i could feel the sensation of getting close, i went faster and faster but she stopped me and said she wanted to go on top.
fuck, so close, i thought
when she was on top i held her arse cheeks and she lowered but gave another cry, this time she seemed in pain. I had entered her arsehole, i started to pull out but she said to carry on. I couldnt believe it, my dreams were coming true. We fucked like that for ten minutes, i was rubbing her tits, rubbing her clit, kissing. then again i felt the sensation of getting close, i wanted it so badly but i wanted to go off in her pussy so told her and she got up and got on all fours.
'Fuck me hard,after you have come pull out and i'll give you one last treat' she said
i entered and could feel the lovely juices in her pussy, it felt fantastic. i started to fuck her hard, i was desperate to come, i could feel my balls tighten and then i shouted out and spurted what felt like gallons up her pussy, at the same time i kept fucking her, she was moaning loudly, telling me to fill her up.
I then pulled out and she turned around and put my dick in her mouth sucking me hard. I couldnt believe what a dirty slut she was, she kept on licking me until i came again for the last time that day.

She got up put her clothes back on and gave me a kiss before heading back to the kitched leaving me on my bed naked.

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