My neighbour_(3)

My neighbour_(3)

This story is when I was at the age of 13

Like most boys of my age (13), I had just started to learn about sex. I often woke up with a hard dick, but after a couple of minutes, it would soften up.

I was friendly with July, a 12 year old who lived down the road from me. During the school holidays, and occasionally weekends, we’d often go out like youngsters did. We never did anything, though July once asked if she could see my dick, which I let her and she showed me her tits.

One day, we noticed one of the neighbours struggling with her shopping. We ran over and offered our help. As she bent down to put one of the bags on the pavement, I couldn’t help but notice her cleavage. I felt a twitch in my trousers. I hadn’t been that close to a woman’s breasts before.

We got to her house and she invited us in. After we helped her pack her shopping away, she took us into her sitting room. She sat opposite me and undid a button on her blouse. My dick started to get hard and I shuffled uneasily in the chair. She asked if I was OK and I sort of mumbled ‘Yes’. She asked us about our school, what subjects etc and what we done during the holidays.

All the time she was talking, I had difficulty taking my eyes off of her tits and my dick was getting harder by the minute. She must have noticed, because all of a sudden, she got up, walked over, put her hand on my dick and said, ‘What have we got here then?’. By now my dick was rock hard and aching to get out. July just giggled. The neighbour (Katy) asked July, ‘Haven’t you seen a man’s dick before?’ July said she’d seen mine, but not stiff. Katy undid my jeans and pulled them down. She then pulled my boxers down and my dick stood firmly to attention.

Katy told July to come and kneel in front of me, which she did. Katy told July to take my dick in her hand and slowly move it up and down. It was fantastic. Katy then got behind July and started to play with her breasts. I could see Katy was enjoying it and started to rub my cock harder. Katy lifted July’s blouse off and undid her bra. I could now see July’s small but firm breasts and erect nipples. Katy stood up and took off her own blouse, bra and skirt. She had nice large firm tits. She got back down behind July and put her hand between July’s legs and started to play with her cunt.

Next thing I knew, July had my cock in her mouth and was licking my end. I started to moan and Katy must have known I was about to cum. She got up and moved next to July. She moved July’s head from my cock and placed my cock in her mouth. She moved her mouth right down and took all of my 7”. I suddenly felt my balls tighten and started to moan even more. As Katy took her mouth off my cock, I erupted. Katy held my cock and pointed it at July as more of my juices came out over their faces. Katy turned to July and started to lick my juices off of her. She then kissed her full on the mouth. Katy then led us into her bedroom.

Katy laid July on the bed and removed her panties. She parted her legs and started to lick July’s cunt. I bent over and started to kiss and suck on July’s tits. As Katy licked and sucked on July’s cunt, July’s head was moving from side to side. By now my cock was rock hard again and I started to wank myself. Katy looked up and old me to move round behind her. I done as she said. ‘Take my panties off and lick and kiss my cunt and bum’ she said. Again I did as she said. Her cunt was quite hairy but tasted divine. As I licked her I started to wank. ‘Fuck me’, said Katy. I placed my cock at her cunt entrance and was just about to start when she said, ‘No. Fuck me in the arse’. I moved my cock to her arsehole and started to push my cock inside. It was tight but after a while I started to get a rhythm going. Soon most of my cock was going in and out of her arsehole.

I looked over her shoulder and saw that she had really opened up July’s cunt and had 2 fingers pumping away. As Katy licked and finger fucked July, July suddenly let out a loud moan. Katy slipped the whole of her mouth over July’s cunt and licked and sucked her juices. By now I was really fucking Katy and soon came inside her. As I sent the last of my spunk into her arse, I leant over and squeezed her tits. I slid out of Katy and lay on the bed. Katy joined us and we all dozed off.

I woke up with July snuggled up in my arms, her hand resting on my cock. Katy reappeared and sat down next to me. July was still asleep. Katy removed July’s hand and bent down and started to suck me. Up and down her head went. I felt her tongue licking the head of my cock and soon I was spurting my load down the back of Katy’s throat. ‘Mmmm. That was nice.’ said Katy, licking her lips. ‘Why don;t you wake July by licking her out?’, she said. ‘I’d rather watch you do it’, I said. ‘I’ve something better in mind’, said Katy, and walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer.

She took out a large strap on dildo and put it on. She moved over to July, opened her legs and pushed the dildo into July’s cunt. July woke up and started to move in time with Katy’s thrusting. I started to kiss and suck on Katy’s tits and rub my cock on her leg. ‘Put it in July’s mouth’, said Katy. My cock was limp from cumming in Katy, but July didn’t seem to mind. She licked and sucked on it. As Katy moved nearer to making July cum, July held my arse and sucked as hard as she could. She slackened the grip on my cock with her mouth and moaned as she came. Katy slid the dildo out of her and made July suck and lick it clean. ‘Your turn’ she said and undid the dildo.

She took hold of my cock and started to wank and suck me. Soon I was stiff and Katy placed my cock at July’s cunt. I started to fuck July as Katy sucked on her tits. I pumped and pumped into July’s cunt and soon I felt the sensation of cumming. Both July and I came together as I emptied what I had left into her. After, I collapsed on top of July. Katy bent down and licked our juices from my cock and July’s cunt.. She gave us both a long kiss, got our clothes and we dressed.

It was true to say that July and I spent quite a lot of the summer round Katy’s. July’s 16 year old cousin Sarah and her 12 year old brother Peter came to stay, but that is another story.

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