My Neighbours Daughter_(0)

My Neighbours Daughter_(0)

It was early Saturday morning. I had slept in late since my wife and daughters were away visiting her parents for the weekend. I had just got up when the doorbell rang, so down I went to see who it was.

"Are the girls playing out?" cheerfully asked Narelle, from over the road. Narelle was 15, 2 years older than my eldest daughter, tall, with a lovely slim body, firm, round, large breasts for a girl her age, a cute ass & lovely long legs.

"They’re at their grandparents this weekend."

"Oh, I forgot!" Narelle said, a look of disappointment on her face, “See you later.”

I went back upstairs to grab a shower & no sooner had I climbed out of it, the phone rang.

“I’ve got a problem with the computer”, said Narelle on the other end of the line, “could you come & have a look for me”. “Ok” I replied, “Just let me get dried & dressed first”.

I was over at her house within 10 minutes & went up to her bedroom with her to look at the computer. “I can’t get this new game to work” she said, “The picture’s all funny”. I checked the specs of the game with what the computer had & found that the graphics card wasn’t good enough.

“I think I’ve got a spare at home I can try”, I said, “I’ll take this old one out first & then go & get it”. I removed the old graphics card from the computer & turned towards Narelle, who was sitting on the bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. My eyes were immediately drawn to the white knickers I could see beneath her short skirt, though I must have only looked for a second before making eye contact with her. She must have noticed as she was smiling, “I’ll be back in a minute” I said & left as quickly as I could.

I returned a few minutes later with another graphics card & fitted it into the computer. “Let’s see if this makes any difference”, I said, looking around to her. She was sitting in the same position but this time there were no white knickers under her skirt, just a clear view to her pussy. I was having trouble knowing where to look, so turned back to the computer & switched it on, my eyes never leaving the screen while it booted up. Once it had loaded everything, I tried the game & it worked perfectly.

“There you go”, I said, “Give that a try & let me know how it goes”, trying to look at her face all the time. “Do I owe you anything”, she replied, “Not if it doesn’t work properly”, I said. “If you wait for a bit, I’ll play it now & you can see”, she said.

She played the game for about 15 minutes with no problems & then said, “It’s working ok, what do I owe you”. “It’s only about £20”, I replied. “You’ll have to wait till later”, she said, ”dad’s working all day & mum’s gone shopping, so she’ll be gone for hours”. “That’s not a problem, anytime they’re ready”, I replied.

I was just about to walk out of the bedroom when she said, “Did you like my pussy when you looked at it”. I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say & just stood there in silence. “Don’t say that you didn’t see it coz I saw you looking”, she continued & with that she jumped onto the bed, lay down & pulled her skirt up around her waist.

I couldn’t help but look at her pussy now, with its delicate growth of hair. “Does it look better now”, she said, “You can touch it if you want”. I wanted so much to touch it but thought of what would happen if anyone found out, “I can’t, I’m old enough to be your dad” I said. “I’m not going to tell anyone?” she replied, “I’ve thought about this for ages. Anyway, if you don’t touch it then I will tell everyone that you did”. I was left with little choice, though it wasn’t really a difficult decision to make.

I sat on the edge of the bed & placed my semi-shaking hand onto her long slender leg & gently started stroking it, gradually moving my hand up to her pussy. I reached the mound between her legs & started to rub it gently, as I did so she parted her legs slightly & I was able to rub along the edge of her pussy lips. I looked up to her face, her eyes were closed & I could tell she was enjoying the sensation.

My gaze then fell upon her breasts, her nipples poking through her pink vest top & she was now bra-less as well, although with her firm breasts it would have been hard to tell the difference anyway. I started to fondle a breast through her vest top & tweaked a nipple which caused her to take a quick breath after which she sat up a bit & removed her top.

My hand went back to her breast as she lay down, this time she was looking at me with a big smile on her face & I continued to squeeze her nipple gently. Her breathing started to deepen & her eyes closed, my finger had now found the entrance of her pussy & slowly pushed its way inside, the warmth of her wet pussy was a lovely feeling. I began to gently finger her & could feel her getting wetter by the second. I removed my other hand from her breast & replaced it with my mouth, sucking the firmness of it & rolling my tongue around the nipple.

I eased a second finger into her pussy and started to increase the speed of the strokes. There seemed to be no resistance to my inward movements so I asked her if she’d had this done before, to which she replied “yes, a couple of times but it hurt, they weren’t gentle like you though”. “You’re not a virgin either are you”, I commented, “No, but I’ve only done it once”, she said.

My fingers were maintaining an easy rhythm in her pussy as her breathing became shorter, I found her clit with my thumb & this seemed to push her over the edge, the gasps of air increasing all the time. In no time at all she grabbed my arm tightly as her body shook with an orgasm.

I shifted on the bed & started kissing down her stomach towards her pussy when she said “Stop, what are you doing?”, “I’m going to lick your pussy”, I replied. “No, I’m not ready for that yet”, she said, so I returned to kissing her stomach & moving back up to her firm breasts, sucking each nipple in turn & giving them a gentle bite.

By now my cock was straining in my shorts, so I decided to see how far she wanted to take this. I stood up & removed my shirt followed by my shorts, allowing my cock to enjoy its freedom. Her eyes widened as she saw my erect cock for the first time, although I’m no bigger than the average man, it was probably more than she had seen before.

As she continued staring at my cock I said “Are you gonna hold it or not?” & with that, her hand came up & wrapped around my shaft, just about circling it.

She had obviously not been in this situation before as her hand stayed still on my cock, so I placed my hand around hers & started to move it up & down my shaft. After a few strokes I removed my hand & she carried on by herself, getting faster all the time. “Not so fast, make it last”, I said, as she slowed down until she was at the right pace.

Watching this young girl wanking me was getting me very worked up & it was hard to contain myself, I could have easily let go & cum over her but thought that it might finish the situation in an instant. Eventually I could take no more & gave her a choice “I either cum over you or I fuck you now”, she seemed shocked by this & stopped immediately, then gave me a resigned look & said “Ok, but please don’t hurt me”.

I got onto the bed & positioned myself between her legs, opening her pussy with one hand & guiding the head of my cock into it with the other & slowly entering her. Her pussy was tight & I could see her face start to show some pain, so I stopped. “It’s alright”, she said, “I’m not used to something that size”. I managed to push my cock in a little further & then got into a slow rhythm, getting my cock further into her with each stroke until I was completely inside.

I increased the speed slightly but still giving her long strokes, which she seemed to be enjoying, her breathing being the only give-away. I put her quietness down to age & inexperience, this being added to by the fact of her lying perfectly still on the bed. I began to move faster & could feel her pussy tightening around my cock, then she shook with another orgasm & let out a joyful moan of pleasure. I kept my rhythm going & soon I could feel myself getting close to the edge, so I lifted her legs up to my shoulders & thrust into her lovely tight, wet pussy. I only managed a couple of these before unloading my cum deep into her, her body shaking at the same time in what was her third orgasm.

I pulled out & lay down next to her, giving her a cuddle for a couple of minutes & then got off the bed & went to the bathroom to clean myself up, returning to find her sitting up on the bed with a huge smile on her face. “What’s so funny”, I said, “Nothing, it was such a fantastic feeling to be fucked like that”, came the reply as she climbed off the bed & gave me a big hug & a passionate kiss, the first we’d had in fact.

I got dressed & was about to go when she said, “When will we do it again?”.

“We can’t risk getting caught by doing it again”, I replied.

“Well if you don’t fuck me again soon then I’ll tell my dad exactly what happened today & I’m sure he’d love to hear how his mate fucked his under-age daughter”.

Her father was a 6’ 2” rugby playing policeman so I knew I was trapped, but maybe it would be worth the risk…….

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