my night with amanda

my night with amanda

This is a true story, and it is the first story i am writeing. If you don't like young
themed stories you should probably leave now.

It all started when i was 14. I lived in a suburb on the water in Florida, about
an eigth of a mile away from the local yacht club and everyone in town went to
this particular club. There was tennis, sailing, and always stuff to do. I had know
Amanda for a while and at this point she was 11. She was a cutie but she was
flat enought that i could lay a soda in between her boobs. If she turned out like her
older sister this would all be worth it.

Every year the yacht club does this thing called the lock in. Its where all the kds 14
and younger sign up and the basically get to spend the night in the clubhouse
with about 5 instructors, watch movies , play capture the flag and do fun stuff.

I was sitting on the life guard chair not wanting to play Sardines, when Amanda
and her friend May came up to talk to me. May was 12, but not as pretty, although
she probably had a B cup. May started talking about werid questions her doctor
asked her today about sex, like if she knew what sex was , and random doctor
stuff like that. They both told me they didn't know too much about sex but were very
interested. I took a moment to think about the oppertunity and then smiled.

I told them about terms like mastrubation, handjob, head etc. They wanted me to tell
them instead of like their mom telling them or dad or even in May's case.. a doctor.
Amanda was intrigued (to my liking) about erectinons. She asked how guys get one.
I looked around and then said, guys get them when they are sexually aroused and there
dick grows and gets hard. She wanted to see one.

I am 14 but not the tallest guy ever… im like 5 3 so naturally my dick isnt 7 inches long..
When its hard its roughly 5.5 inches. I really dont mind though cause i havnet had sex.
I looked her in the face and said, whatever happens you two cant tell anyone ok. They
agreed. So i pulled down my pants to expose my semi hard cock. They both were confused
on how to get me hard so i told Amanda to touch my shaft and play with it. Her soft hands gripped my shaft and moved up and down. Wow this was awesome. My dick was at full atention
and now they could see their first erection. I put it away saying that was enough.

I now asked them about their pussies. They both told me they didn't have hair near their
vagina and didn't know if that was good or bad. In my opinon it's good so i told them to keep
it that way. After this we were all called into the clubhouse to set up sleeping bags and watch movies.

I set mine up to Amanda and May hoping i might be able to get lucky. They went to go
change in the bathroom and after they left i crept towards the door to listen. They were
talking soft but i could hear it. Amanda was telling may she wanted to have and orgasm,
but didnt no if anyone would be able to give her one. I almost burst in the door now and
fucked her brians out but i had a better idea.

Once the lights were out i moved close to Amanda. I rested my hand on her thigh, and
slowly i made my way up her thigh and close to her vagina. As i got closer i could
feel the heat coming from her waiting pussy. I checked to see if anyone was looking
but they were all watching Waterboy. Her soft thigh skin was driving me crazy and
i wanted her pussy. I slipped my hand in her skirt and rubbed her pussy from outside
her panties. i could feel my hands getting moist and her breathing was getting steady, as
her tiny nipples were at half attention. I told her if this feels good meet me in the bathroom, in ten minutes.

Ten minutes later i was waiting in the boys bathroom when i heard the door open.
There came pretty Amanda curious yet nervous. She told me she wanted to feel
an orgasm. I was ready. I walked over to her and grabbed her and kissed her soft,
at first and then passionitly for roughly five minutes. While kissing my hands explored
her back fiding the bottom of her tank top and pulling it up. We stopped kissing and i
took of her shirt. Her breats were obvoiusly small, yet there was form and her nipples
were hard. I kissed her again and played with her nipples. I would flick one and lick
the other causing her to moan at a pretty good volume. I started to give kissed from
her nipples down to her belly button and this caused her to grip the carpet and moan
loud. I slipped of her skirt and found to my suprise (yet amazement!) she had taken
off her panties. I took in a full view of her pink nice and hair free slit.

I parted her legs and moved in with my fingers. I didn't know much but i knew
to get her going you should play with her clitoris first. I licked her clit and played
with her nipples causing her cunt to get extremly wet and her going into vast
panting/moaning sessions. I stuck my finger in her love hole and got my
first feeling of a vagina. It was amazingly warm as her vagina muscles
gripped my finger. I slid another one in and it felt better. I started moving them
deep in and out and she was close to a climax. She was screaming my name "MATT MATT O GOD THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING HOLY SHIT! I decided to finger her and lick
her clit to drive her crazy. This worked and she blasted her first ever orgasm
all over my fingers and chin. We both lay back amazed at wat had just happened.

We were laying there and then she straddled me and kissed me very deeply.
She slid down my stomach and unstrapped my belt. She pulled down my boxers
and jumped back as my 6 inch member was sticking right out at her. She was
confused on what to do so i told her kiss the tip and then stick the rest in your mouth.
Maybe she was a natural but this girl could suck dick. Withing minutes i hit a climax,
and sprayed her throat with man juices, but she kept going and going. I hit another climax,
and then she stopped. I looked over at her cute tan body which looked so fragile i didnt want to break it so i just hugged her as my dick stood firm at her pussy. I told her i didn't
want to have sex because if i blew my load inside her she'd be pregnant and i didnt
have a condom. She agreed. We kissed again and then she put her clothes back on and so did i as we went back into the clubhouse.

Immediatly she went over to tell May wat happened. May came over to me
and gave me the wildest grin. To say the truth she was pretty cute but not someone
i would jerk off to. She told me that she wanted to see my dick. I said bring Amanda
with you and i'll meet you in the bathroom in ten minutes like i did with her.

Since i already had done my deed with Amanda i brought her along to show
her how to masturbate and do what i did to her. Immediatly May ran to me and kissed
me. I didnt kiss her as long as i did Amanda cause May was fucking horny. She
took of her shirt and revealed to me her B breats. This was better than Amanda,
because i had more to play with. I cupped her breasts and teased her soft pink
nipples and sucked them till they were rock hard. I slid off her flanel pants to reveal
soft cotton panties that had a damp spot. I slowly pulled them down and worked
my way up her thighs with kisses. Meanwhile Amanda was rubbing her clit just like
i did to her and was letting out some pretty mature moans. While i was kissing
May's thighs she started breathing heavily and was filled with pleasure. She went,
YOU TEASE JUST LICK MY PUSSY DRY! I didnt need telling twice, i went in
with my head to her wet and stuck my tounge in her love hole. God this felt good. She
was Screaming my name MAtt…. OH MY GODD…. PLEASE MATT OH YESS and then
she hit her climax and i got a shot of cum in my mouth. God it tasted great.

Next what happpend i will never forget. Both girls came over and straddled me,
and pulled my throbbing cock out of my boxers. Amanda licked the tip while
May rubbed the shaft. I went crazy this was the most amazing feeling in my
life and i swear i shipt the most cum i've ever shot all over these two fine

I told them that this was enough and that if they wanted to learn more ,
then i would show them tommorow night what sex feels like.
that shall be Part 2 if anyone is interested

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