My Prince, Part 3

My Prince, Part 3

(This is in Alex’s (My) Point of View)

I finished up my breakfast and I was about to walk back upstairs to get my school stuff for the day but I decided to stay for a little longer because I was running early that day so I thought I would talk to my friend Shannon for a while.

After a while, I decided to walk back up to my room and on the way I passed Ben in the hallway, and he looked very pissed at me. I was just glad he didn’t start bitching at me right there in the hallway.

I reached my room and unlocked the door and walked in. Connor was sitting on his bed, dressed in his school clothes and was getting his stuff ready with his back turned to me. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.



I sat down on his bed and I looked at some of his homework. I started talking to him about how school was going but something seemed…off somehow. He wouldn’t look me in the eye and when he did I could tell he had been crying.

“What’s wrong, Connor?”

“What do you mean?”

“You look like you’ve been crying, are you upset?”

“No. Everything’s fine.” He gave me a smile that I knew was fake and so did he but I just decided to drop it. After a bit we both were ready for school and I walked him to his first period Algebra 1 class before going to my first period Geometry.

The day was very mundane and dragged on for much longer than it actually was. Finally the day was done and I walked to the library to rent a book that I needed for English class. While in the library my friend John walked up and he said,

“Hey Alex, were you fucking murdering Connor in your room this morning?”

I laughed and said, “What the hell are you talking about? I was in the cafeteria almost the whole morning.”

“Well I was in my room and I heard someone just thrashing around like they were having a freaking seizure and I heard Connor scream like he was being stabbed or something.”

I realized what was going on. Ben waited for me to leave the room. He was Connor’s boyfriend he must’ve known he skips breakfast everyday and he waited for me to leave the room so he could fuck Connor. I felt like such an idiot.

If I hadn’t taken my sweet fucking time to get back upstairs I could have stopped him. I said bye to John and walked out of the library. I called Steve and found out where Ben’s room was, and thankfully he didn’t ask why. I was going to fucking kick Ben’s ass for what he did to Connor.

I walked to his room and knocked on the door. Someone I didn’t know answered the door.

“Hi, can I help you?”

“Is Ben here?”

“Yeah, do you want me to get him for you?”

“No.” I handed him a $20. “Leave for half an hour, don’t ask why, don’t tell anyone. If anyone asks you anything about Ben, you have no idea.” All he cared about was the $20 and he thanked me and left.

I walked in, closed and locked the door. Ben was at his computer desk typing up something and he asked who was at the door.

I turned the chair around and said “Me.” I threw my fist and it hit him square in the nose. He fell out of his chair, moaning.


I grabbed him by his hair and lifted his head up so it was level with mine and said,

“Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I kneed him in the stomach and his urge was to bend over and cover where the pain was originating from but I pulled on his hair even harder.

I asked him again, “Why did you do it?”

“I said I don’t fucking know what you’re talking about.”

I kicked him in the balls and this time he collapsed onto my chest and began to cry. I groaned and said,
“I’m going to ask you one more time before I jam your head up your fucking ass. Why. Did. You. Do. It?”

“I’m s-sorry.” He whimpered. “I w-was m-m-mad at y-ou a-and a-at C-C-Connor a-and I just… w-wanted to fuck h-him s-so b-bad.”

I actually felt sorry for the little shit and I said, “Look, I know you were mad, but you had no right to come into MY room, make MY Connor have sex with you. Let him go, Ben.”

He started crying even harder and I knew this wasn’t going to end anytime soon so I sat down on his bed with him and wrapped my arms around him. After a while, he stopped crying finally and he said,

“Thank you, Alex.”

“Sure, just don’t do it again or I’m going to kick your ass even worse.”


I looked him in the eyes and where there was once hate and vindictiveness there was now…affection. He smiled at me and I found myself no longer wrapping my arms around him to comfort him but now I was holding his hand and stroking it. I knew I shouldn’t be attracted to him and I was ashamed to be attracted to him, but I was.

After a moment of silence, we kissed. I stroked his sandy hair with one hand and grabbed his body with the other. His tongue entered my mouth and I stroked it with mine in the way that I would stroke a dick with my tongue.

My guilt was overwhelming, but my lust was overpowering. My head said leave the room and never come back, but my heart said, stay and love this boy who no longer hates you but loves you. I debated in my head over what I should do. I chose to agree with the latter.

Finally, I began to love him. I lied him down on top of his bed and began to reach under his shirt with my hand. I stroked his chest and began to unfasten the button on his pants. I removed his shirt and then his pants and finally his underwear. He did the same with mine.

Now I lied down on the bed. We decided to get into the 69 position. As I sucked his dick, he mutually did the same to mine. I began to slide Ben’s penis more into my mouth until I almost gagged upon it reaching my throat.

The feeling of having my dick sucked was utter bliss. I had never had my dick sucked before, and it was amazing. The heat of his mouth and the feel of his tongue stroking my shaft combined to create the ultimate feeling of pleasure. After much sucking and stroking from the both of us, I felt that familiar thrill of an orgasm creeping into a very unfamiliar mouth. I shot my cum into Ben and he groaned as he tasted his first load. I was still sensitive on my cock but he still sucked. The feeling was very strange and was almost too much.

Enduring that, I stopped sucking his cock and brought his ass towards my face. I spread his cheeks and I pressed my face to his ass. I began to lick him thoroughly and he started to whimper. This was very strange for me; Connor always whimpers when I do something for me, and it was just weird hearing that from Ben.

I swirled my tongue in his ass hole and at the same time I maneuvered it in and out. Ben had never had his ass even touched let alone eaten so this was a huge turn-on for me. After a few minutes he said, “Oh god, Alex, I think I’m cumming.”

I took my tongue out of his ass and I wrapped my mouth back around his cock and sucked the hell out of it. He came in my mouth and it was a bit more than Connor’s load from the night before but still on the small side.

I decided to do what I had never though I would do to Ben.

I sat up, and I lay on top of him. I pressed my lips to his and he realized I hadn’t swallowed his cum yet. He shook his head no and groaned mm-mm.

I eventually made him give in and I began to kiss him with his seed flowing from my mouth to his and mixing with our spits. We made out for a very long time and finally we decided we were done.

We got dressed and I said,

“That was surprisingly good.”

“Yup. I don’t just talk.”

I laughed. “Don’t get too cocky, it wasn’t that good.”

“Alright so I guess I’ll see you later.”


I opened his door and walked out of it. As I walked out of his room and through the hallway, a though came across my mind and was the only one I thought about on my way back to my room…

What the hell am I supposed to tell Connor?

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