My Reunion with Kristin

My Reunion with Kristin

Reclined on the couch watching TV, we both knew what was about to happen. It had been over six months since we had last kissed even though we still had strong feelings for each other. When we broke up, Kristin and I felt it was the right decision. Being freshman in college who had toughed out an entire faithful semester together at universities several hundred miles apart, we decided to call it quits so we could have the “real college experience.” Neither of us expected that Kristin would return home in the summer with a new boyfriend. That piece of trash ruined everything for me – for us.

The first few weeks of summer had been fine. Kristin and I were able to hang out together and keep our feelings for one another at bay. Kristin didn’t want to cheat on her new boyfriend, who she was away from the first time since she started dating him, and I didn’t want to start anything physical in fear of allowing my emotions for my past love to return. Over time, however, neither of us could hold back any longer. Our physical and emotional attraction for each other was just too strong.

So there we were sitting on the couch with our legs up on the coffee table watching shark week late at night. Neither of us was really paying attention to the program but it was on none-the-less. My right arm was behind Kristin’s neck, and she was cuddling her head against my shoulder. My right hand was casually holding her right arm, and Kristin’s left hand was resting on my right thigh. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and Kristin was wearing a pink pair of pajama shorts (which hardly covered her fabulous round ass) and a tight form fitting t-shirt. A light blanket was thrown over us as it was a little chilly in the air conditioned house.

As we watched shark week, we were both well aware of the warming feeling which came when we are in each other’s arms. Our innocent cuddling was creating raging hormones in both of us because we wanted one another so bad. I was the first to give in to my feelings and I started to stroke Kristin’s right arm with my hand which was over her shoulder. I rubbed her arm ever so gently up and down. I allowed my fingers to drift down to her hand and we locked fingers expressing our feelings for each other.
I continued moving my hand up and down Kristin’s arm, increasing my travel with each pass. Eventually, I was lightly stroking Kristin from her shoulder to the tips of her fingers, allowing her to lock hands with me every few passes. When we locked hands, our fingers would molest each other as if they themselves were making love.

Kristin began to softly tremble so I knew her hormones for me were raging. After one of our hand holding sessions, I traced my fingers up her arm to her shoulder just like I had been doing for the previous fifteen minutes or so, only this time I didn’t stop. Instead, I let the tips of my fingers grace up the front of Kristin’s chest just below her neck. I gracefully touched her under her chin, moving my fingers in little circles. After a few moments, I continued my path up Kristin’s body to her left cheek. I gently stroked the side of her face, giving her the attention I know she loves. I then allowed my hand to drift back down her face, across her chest, and back down her arm to her hand. We locked fingers and held one another tightly. We both knew what was coming.

I slowly ran my hands back up her arm again, repeating the touches I had given her just moments before. I lightly massaged her neck and cheek and lightly brushed her ear. I could feel Kristin’s left hand on my grip my pants, and I knew she wanted me. She wanted me to control her and pleasure her just like I had always done during our relationship. She was ready to lose her faithfulness to her new boyfriend. Her feelings for me were just too strong.

With that, I ran my hand across Kristin’s cheek again and pursued to trace my fingers across her lips. It was tormenting for Kristin to have just my fingers and not my lips brushing her mouth, but it was all I was giving her at the moment. As I ran my fingers back and forth across her lips, Kristin ever-so-gently kissed my index finger. When she did that, I paused my movements and allowed Kristin to kiss my fingers. She took increasingly larger kisses with my fingers until eventually she was licking the tips. I turned my hand so that the tips of my index and middle finger were against Kristin’s lips. I then slowly pushed my fingers into her mouth letting them probe the warm moist cavern my cock had explored many times before. I pushed them in deeper and deeper following her tongue to the back of her throat. She took the entire length of my fingers without any problem or gagging even though I was brushing the back of her throat. She was, as you probably can imagine, fabulous at sucking my dick.

Once my fingers made it to the back of her throat, I slowly started to remove my hand from her mouth until just the tips of my fingers remained in her. I then plunged my fingers back into her mouth and began to steadily fuck her mouth with my fingers. Kristin loved it when I controlled her and I had no doubt that me fucking her throat with my fingers like she was a whore was turning her one.
As I continued to pump my hand in and out of her mouth I took Kristin’s left hand and placed it on my firm dick. She began to rub my cock through my jeans increasing the pleasure I was receiving from the situation.

I then took my fingers from her mouth and slid my hand under the top of Kristin’s t-shirt. I found her right nipple and I immediately pinched it, causing her to jump out of surprise, pain, and pleasure. I roughly fondled her boobs and nipples causing both of her tits to stand erect and push out against the thin fabric of her t-shirt. Each time I squeezed her boobs and nipples she let out a short moan.
I didn’t want to give her too much pleasure though, so before long I took my hand and shoved three fingers back into her throat. I kept my pinky and thumb of her mouth on each side of her chin. This allowed me to control her head movement while I fucked her throat. I roughly forced her head back and jabbed my fingers to the back of her throat.

I then pushed her head down to the side of the couch keeping my fingers in Kristin’s mouth the whole time. I lifted her legs onto the couch so positioned myself between them. I ground my crotch into pussy, which was soaking through her shorts, while I fucked her throat with my fingers and kissed her neck like she loved. I slid my left hand up Kristin’s shirt and assaulted her tits again. When I pinched her left nipple Kristin moaned sending vibrations up my fingers which were down her throat.

She was on the brink of orgasm when I pulled myself off her and stopped touching her. Laid on my back with my head on the opposite arm rest. Kristin looked at me with pure lust in her big blue eyes. This was torture for her. She wanted me to finish the job, and I knew it, but all I did instead was point at the bulge in my pants.

With that, Kristin knew what I was ordering to do. She sprawled out on top of me and we kissed lips for the first time in months. It felt great, but I knew that what was about to come would feel even better. She kissed my neck while she lifted my shirt up to my shoulders exposing my chest. She then kissed and licked her way down my body. As she approached my cock she placed a hand on it through my jeans and began to rub it again. It slowly grew until it was at full size in my pants.

Kristin then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants while kissing just above my waistline. My dick sprung out like a trapped animal and stood at a 45 degree angle towards my head. Kristin looked up into my eyes, smiled, licked her lips, and then proceeded to wrap her luscious lips around my cock. She slowly slid down the entire seven inches of my shaft until her lips were against my shaved pubic area. My cock was in heaven and was twitching uncontrollably in Kristin’s throat. Kristin looked up at me again while my entire dick was in her mouth and moaned. When she rapidly started fucking her mouth up and down on my hard cock I lost control and shot my load down her throat. She continued to fuck my cock slower cleaning all the cum off my dick and swallowing it. When she let my dick fall out of her mouth, some of my cum drooled out of the side of Kristin’s lips, but I quickly reached down and pushed it back to her tongue for her to eat.
The blow job felt so good but I still had more fun to have. I pulled my pants and shirt off so that I was completely naked. I then sat up and kissed Kristin passionately on the lips. As we kissed, I grabbed the collar of her shirt and tore it from her body. Her tits fell open to the air and I quickly mauled them with my hand tormenting her nipples. She moaned as we kissed, pleasured by the pain in her nipples.

I reached up, grabbed Kristin by the throat, and forced her down on her back. While keeping my hand on her neck, I forced her legs open and slapped her pussy through her pajama shorts. Her pussy juices had already soaked through her shorts but this rough treatment was really getting her juices going now.
I forced her shorts off, exposing Kristin’s perfectly shaved pussy. Her clit was swollen, begging for attention, and pussy juice was running down her inner thigh causing her cunt to glisten. I spread her legs wide apart and pinned them down with my knees. I then took my free hand and smacked her hard on her cunt. She let out a yelp when I made contact, but that just made me smack her beautiful pussy again. She struggled against my hold, but I easily held her smaller frame. I smacked her boobs and watched them jiggle. I also pinched and flicked her nipples making them swell and turn bright pink. I alternated between slapping her vagina and torturing her tits until she her yelps of pain turned to moans of pure lust.

I jabbed the two fingers which had been fucking Kristin’s mouth just minutes before into her sopping cunt. I fucked them in and out increasing her pleasure. I found Kristin’s G-spot and rubbed it hard and fast. She was about to come when I took my fingers out of her pussy and placed them at her asshole.

Anal penetration had always interested Kristin, however, she had never had the courage to try it. Tonight would be a first for her. With my fingers at the entrance of her ass, Kristin and I locked eyes and I slowly forced both of my fingers into her anus. She moaned loudly as I pushed the full length of my fingers up her ass. Once they were in, I began pumping away fucking her ass with my fingers. Kristin clearly enjoyed this treatment because she started yelling for me to fuck her harder.

I pulled my fingers out and rammed my cock up her ass in their place. I fucked the entire seven inches into her anus and pumped away. Her ass felt so good on my cock. It was tighter and hotter than anything my dick had ever felt before. The harder I fucked her, the harder I squeezed her throat, increasing my leverage to fuck her. This allowed me to speed up my pace increasing the pleasure for both of us. Her tits bounced violently from the force of my fucking. She was completely submissive to my wants.

It wasn’t long before we both hit climax. Kristin started screaming that she was cumming but I didn’t need her to tell me because I could see it. Her pussy was squirting juice into the air which shot up and landed on her stomach. The sight of her squirting cunt combined with the incredible feeling of her ass pushed me over the edge. I released my second load, this time firing straight up Kristin’s ass. She cooed as my hot cum coated the inside of her anus. It was an intoxicating feeling for both of us.

I released Kristin’s throat and collapsed on top of her. We kissed with the passion of lovers as my cock softened and fell from her tight asshole. I sucked her nipples and kissed her neck tenderly. We cuddled and held each other like lovers as my cum oozed out of Kristin’s ass, and her pussy juice dried on her stomach. We fell asleep to the scent of our sex, happy to be naked in each other’s arms again at last.

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