My sex Life chapter 1

My sex Life chapter 1

[b] Introduction
This is a true story of my sexual exploits from losing my virginity until the present day. I am a 56-year-old male living in the same area in a southern county in the U.K. So to protect people that are still alive I have changed peoples names including my own. Over the next few chapters you will read how circumstance, fate, and destiny changed my life.
During my life I have kept rough journals of my exploits not just about sex but other aspects of my life that seemed interesting at the time.
So this whole story about the sexual side of my life is taken from those journals and my own quite good long-term memory.
As you will read in this chapter and the following chapter’s, sex or making love have always been key factor in my life.

My mum died when I was seven years old and from then on I was raised in foster homes. I was not the best-behaved little boy, in fact I was quite troublesome and always into mischief. So I was moved from one foster home to another for different behaviour reasons. I was removed from my last home due to my inquisitiveness about girl’s bodies. We had been having sex education at school and we were experimenting when I got caught with my hand up Jane’s knickers and she was playing with my cock. Jane by the way was my foster parent’s own thirteen-year-old daughter and she comes back into my life again later on. The next home I was placed in was like a mini children’s home where there were other fostered children. There were two boys a lot younger than I was and two sisters. The eldest sister, Julie, was fifteen and the youngest sister, Hazel, who was twelve. I was thirteen years old and we were all going through puberty. This new home meant another new school, my fourth in three years. So due to the constant changes of school, I was well behind with my reading and spelling. Julie being the eldest, volunteered to help me with my reading. So when it became to bedtime, Julie would go upstairs and put her nightdress on. My bedroom was downstairs, and she would come back down to help me with my reading before lights out.
She would sit at the top of my bed and I would sit between her legs, that way she could look over my shoulder and watch to see if I was reading the words properly. After two pages of my reading to her, Julie would then read me a Famous Five story, my favourite at the time. Before Julie started reading to me, she would slide down the bed a little and lean back against my pillows and I would lay on my side between her legs with my head on her tummy. One night as she read to me, I started caressing her thighs through the thin material of her nightdress. Sometimes my fingers would brush over her pussy, even though it was through her nightdress I noticed it made her pause from reading as her body gave a little shiver.
The next night when Julie started to read to me, instead of caressing her through her nightdress, I got daring and slipped my hand up inside her nightdress so I could caress her bare thighs. As I began caressing her thighs, my hand slowly worked it’s way up until I touched slit of her pussy. Pushing a finger into her moist slit my finger soon found the entrance to her pussy. I began to play with her hole, which after a short time became quite wet.
Julie then guided my finger to what I now know to be her clitoris and then she showed me how she liked it rubbed and caressed. From experimenting, I soon found out the more I rubbed her pussy and clitoris, the wetter her hole became and from time to time I pushed a fingertip into her. Julie told me to carry on, as she liked it; with me being young and inexperienced I just carried on doing what Julie wanted. At that time I never understood how or why it got her so excited. The one thing I knew was that I was enjoying what I was doing to Julie and it caused my cock to get hard.
After about ten minutes of me playing with her pussy she stopped reading and just little murmurs came from her lips. I got more curious and daring by the minute and slipped a finger further into her pussy as well as still trying to rub her clitoris. Then all of a sudden her body trembled with what I know now to be an orgasm. Julie was called as it was time for her to up to bed, and that meant it was time for me to go to sleep. Only I never went off to sleep straight away as I was playing with my hard cock and thinking of Julie’s wet hole that my finger had been in. That was how I fell asleep: with my hand on my cock thinking about what I had been doing to Julie and how nice her pussy felt.
That night about midnight, when it was quiet and everyone was in asleep, I was woken up by the sound of my bedroom door opening and Julie walking into my room and getting into bed with me. She cuddled up to me and the warmth from her body pressing up against mine was making my cock go hard. In dim light I could just see Julie’s face as she moved her face towards mine and kissed me on lips. It was more like a good night peck at first then turned into long kisses.
My hands instinctively started caressing her body all over, which she liked by the little moans she was making I had been playing with her tits and like most boys it was the part of a girl’s body that I wanted to see, so with her help, I removed her nightdress so I could have a good look and touch them and feel them. She helped me take my pyjamas off and as she laid back down she pulled me down on top of her. With both of us naked I could feel my cock pressing against her slit. We started kissing again and our kisses got more and more passionate. She guided my mouth down to her tits. I knelt up between her open legs and I started sucking her nipples and working my way down her body with kisses. Julie carried on pushing my head lower until my mouth reached her pussy.
I could smell a musky aroma and it was having a strange affect on me as it seemed to make my heart beat faster with excitement. Then instinct took over my body and head. My tongue probed around until found her slit. I licked and sucked at the little bump that was just above her hole. The more I licked at her pussy, the more excited she became. I was licking her harder and faster until her whole body shook as she had an orgasm. My cock was aching, as it was so hard. I was kneeling between her legs when she pulled me up the bed until I was on top of her. My cock was pressing into her pussy but I would not enter her as I thought at the time my cock was too big for her hole, as I didn‘t realise a girls pussy would stretch. I must admit, compared to other boy’s cocks I had seen in the changing rooms at school, I was well endowed for my age. She pushed me off her so I was lying on my back and knelt astride me and guided my cock into the entrance to her pussy and she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. This way it slowly stretched her pussy so my cock could go all the way up into her body. Wow! What a feeling I was having as my cock slowly entered inside her. As she sank her body downward onto my cock, I could feel her pussy muscles stretching to accommodate this intrusion into her. I wanted to make sure my cock was all the way in, so every time Julie’s pussy slid down my cock I thrust my hips upwards, this caused her to flinch as my cock touched her cervix. I could feel her pussy getting even tighter as she rode up and down on my now swollen cock, then her pussy seemed to exploded with juices all over my cock at just the same time as my cock exploded deep inside her. My cock stayed semi-hard as she collapsed on top of me. She then rolled me over so I was on top and my cock just inside the entrance to her pussy. My own sexual urges told me to push my cock in an out of her pussy. After about ten minutes her pussy exploded again, then with an almighty shove upwards I drove my cock deep into her and that made her give out a big sigh of pleasure. My cock was locked deep inside her as I spurted another lot of cum up into her pussy. I must have fallen asleep, as I don't remember her leaving my room. I thought it all was a dream, but no, it was not a dream, as in morning Julie told me not to tell anyone what happen, as we would get in trouble. She said she would come down again tonight. Well this carried on most weekend nights but I was curious as to why she wouldn't let me touch her for one week of the month. Then I found out about her periods.
Well this got me wondering do all girls like cock up their pussies and I thought the only way to find out was to try. I turned my attentions to Hazel but never had a chance until one Saturday afternoon.
Hazel used to go to gymnastics and I played football for the school and we used to walk to and from school together. Then one Saturday when we got home no one was in except for the foster dad and we couldn't disturb him as he was watching horse racing. So I said to Hazel that we would go up to the play shed at top of garden. All she had on was her gym skirt, knickers, blouse and plimsolls and I had on my football shorts, shirt and plimsolls. I saw this as my chance of trying to get my cock up her pussy. We were playing chase, and when Hazel got onto the top of the pile of old mattress's that was piled up in the corner, I grabbed at her and I pulled her knickers down. I got a good view of her pussy before she covered herself with her hands.
As I climbed on top of her she tried to get away from me but I had her pinned down with my weight and my hands were trying to feel her pussy and tits. I managed to get my hand onto her pussy and finger her slit. This made her give out a little scream so I started kissing her to keep her quiet. At first she struggled but soon started to return the kisses. As she wasn’t struggling anymore, I undid her blouse and pushed her bra up to reveal her tiny tits. With one hand, my fingers teased her rose bud nipples and they soon became hard. The fingers on my other hand were still playing with her pussy that soon became wet like Julie‘s had. Her body became relaxed as she was enjoying it now. My rock hard cock was poking out over the top of my shorts. I pulled my shorts down to release my cock. Hazel by this time was so excited that she was pushing her pussy up against my finger as I tried to push a finger into her. I was still lying on top of her and I guided my cock into the entrance of her wet pussy. I got the head my cock just inside her hole when my cock came up against her maidenhead. So I withdrew my cock out a little and pushed harder back into her. She gave out a little scream of pain as my cock forced its way into her vagina, as I slid it out and looked down at my cock, I saw traces of blood on it. What have I done I said to Hazel, but all Hazel said was for me to push it back in as she like it. I didn't need telling twice I rammed my eager cock back in and pumped my cock in and out of her like there was no tomorrow. She entwined her legs round mine as her pussy tightened round my cock. Then her pussy went into spasms as she came all over my cock. Still pumping my cock into her pussy it swelled up inside her already tight pussy and I spurted my cum into her. We lay there puffing and panting as I rolled off her and we started kissing again.
She reached down and started rubbing my cock again so I started on her pussy and tits. She told me she wanted more. When my cock was hard she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her pussy. This time I fucked her more slowly and I soon made her body shudder and shake as she came again, but this time I kept control of myself until I had given her pussy a good fucking. Just as I pumped another load into her pussy, we then heard our names being called, as it was teatime.
I told Hazel not to tell anyone, and then when we got a chance we could do it again. We quickly got our clothes on and went in for tea. Hazel had to walk funny as my cock had made her sore. She was asked why she was walking funny. She just blamed it on gymnastics.

For the next two years I was fucking Julie and Hazel regularly and learnt a lot about what girls liked and how to do it in order to please them. That was until I left school and I met my first girl friend, Sally. I had known Sally from school days but never took much notice of her. I had a job as a trainee engineer, one of my jobs at break time was to go to the shop and get the men ham or cheese rolls. Sally was working in the shop that I used to get the lunch break rolls. Over the next six months, I noticed that Sally had developed into gorgeous looking girl with a lovely figure to match. One day while collecting the rolls I built up the courage to ask her if she would like to go ice skating Saturday night. “Ok” she said. We arranged for me to go and meet her out side her house it was easier to get to the ice rink from there. We found we enjoyed each others company, so from that Saturday night on, we went out nearly every evening and spent most weekends together. I had been trying to get Sally to let me fuck her but it was a no go area. We had been going out together for six months and planned a joint sixteenth birthday party together for that Friday night with our friends at the ice rink. On the Saturday before our party, Sally’s mum had invited me to their house for the afternoon and tea, as she wanted to meet me. Sally had no dad as he had left her mum when she was only one year old and her mum had raised Sally on her own. When I went into her house her mum was standing in the sitting room. My first impression was that they could have been twins as they were the same height, same hair colour, and even the same size. Sally was 5ft 3inchs tall 34 24 34 figure with blue eyes and ash blonde hair her mum was the same size except that she had brown eyes. Her mum was dressed very sexy in a pale blue short skirt with a thin white blouse and black bra underneath.
After that we seemed to spend a lot of time at Sally’s house as we could do more or less what we wanted. I use to play football Saturdays for the local youth club even though I hardly attended the youth club anymore. On match days I would go round to Sally’s and drop off a change of clothing. Sally would come along and watch the match. After the matches we would go straight round to Sally’s and I would get changed. We would stay for the rest of day and night up till 11 pm, as that was my curfew at the foster home.
If we went out and I would have been late home, her mum would let me sleep on the bed settee. Most Saturday nights if we weren't going out, we would go up to her bedroom to listen to music, kiss and cuddle and being the randy boy I was – would try to get her knickers off. Still it was a no go area until one Saturday afternoon when her mum said she was going out and would not be back until late. She asked us do few jobs in the garden for her. So after lunch we set about tidying up outside. We had great fun messing around, and then I soaked her with a bucket of water that I was using to clean the patio table. Good job she only had old clothes on. She was wearing an old white blouse that was tied around her waist with pink bra underneath. Very thin tight fitting pale pink shorts that had worked their way into the slit of her pussy and made her little sex mound stand out, that made her look very sexy, and an old pair of shoes. After I soaked her, it made her blouse stick to her body. I could see her nipples sticking out, also her shorts stuck to her that showed she had no knickers on under her shorts. She rushed indoors calling me all the names she could think of in between her fits of laughter. I let her calm done for minute or so and walked into the kitchen to be greeted with a glass of cold water all over me. She ran upstairs and I gave chase. I caught up with her in her bedroom. I grabbed hold of her from the back and pulled her close to me and turned her round to face me. As we looked into each other’s eyes our faces got nearer and nearer until our lips met. We started kissing softly at first and slowly getting more passionate. Her nipples began to harden as I could feel them poking into my chest through her wet blouse and bra. I ran my hands up under her wet blouse caressing her back. I took a chance and undid her bra. There was no resistance from her, so my hands came round and started teasing her nipples, our kiss’s were getting more intense and the effect it was having on me was for my cock to get hard. I think she could feel my cock pressing into her crotch, so I slid my hands down to the waistband of her shorts. I found and undid the button that held them up and slid them over her hips to remove them. To my surprise she never stopped me. When they hit the floor she stepped out of them and kicked them away. She removed my damp shirt and started moving her hands over my bare chest. I only had on shorts and underpants; Sally slid my shorts and pants down to my ankles. I did the same as Sally as I stepped out of them I kicked them across the room. With our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I slowly moved over to her bed laid her down. My kisses moved over her neck and down to her nipples that were as hard as little bullets. Slowly I caressed her naked flesh with my hands, from her tits down over her tummy following closely with my mouth licking and kissing her body. When I got to her hairless sexy pussy mound I licked and kissed her all over her slit and I could see traces of her love juices oozing out as she was getting sexually aroused. The more aroused she became her legs began to part allowing me easy access to her wet pussy. My tongue soon found its way into her slit. I licked, sucked, and kissed her pussy and swallowed her juices. At the same time I had placed her hand onto my growing cock and she was stroking it up and down. My kisses worked there way back to her nipples, and as I was sucking one of her nipples, I moved in between her legs. Just as my cock began forcing it’s way into her pussy. Sally said “Please be gentle with me”. When my cock reached her maidenhead I pulled my cock out, as she was still a bit on the dry side to enter all way. So again I started kissing her tits, nipples, and body all over until my mouth and tongue reached her pussy. I sucked and licked at her sex mound and then my tongue found her clit. Licking away at her clit soon brought her to a climax as she was spurting her tasty cum into my mouth. As soon as her climax died down she told me she ready for me to go all the way into her. I worked my way back up her body with kisses. Then I concentrated on sucking her nipples. I felt my cock press into her wet sticky pussy entrance reaching her maidenhead, I told her it might hurt as I would have to push hard into her to break through into her vagina. As I pushed up hard she instinctively lifted her hips to match my push upward into her. Her maidenhead broke quite easy as she was so relaxed and aroused to notice my cock was all the way in. To give pussy time to adjust to my large cock deep inside her, I rocked back and forth on her clit. I felt her muscles tighten as she was about to climax again and I wasn’t far from coming. I started pumping my cock in and out her pussy as fast as I could as she started to climax. I then pushed hard into her and I’m sure my cock head entered into her cervix as I shot my cum into her.
As we lay in each others arms kissing and caressing each other, I turned round and started licking her clit and to my surprise she took my semi hard cock in her mouth and started sucking my cock head and playing with my balls with her hand. She soon had me on the brink of shooting my load down her throat. My fingers were fucking her pussy like mad and my tongue licking her clit. She started climaxing again and I got the taste of my sperm as well as her pussy juices. Sally’s mouth was sliding up and down my cock faster as she climaxed and I shot my load down her throat. After laying there for what seem like ages we realized it was dark out, we got up looked at time and it was 7.30 pm. We quickly had a nice warm bath together.
We had just out the bath and dressed and were downstairs when her mum came home. “Sally”, she said, “you look tired out.” She said "I am mum"
If only she knew why, I thought to myself
At teatime she asked us how we got on out in the garden. When we told her we had done most of it, she just said ok. After tea, Sally and I were cuddling up on the settee while her mum sat in one of the chairs. Every time I glanced towards her mum, I could see her knickers and it was getting me aroused. Sally must have noticed that I was getting hard as she nudged me in the ribs and smiled nodding downward towards my cock.
It was about 10.30pm by this time, and Sally said she was going to bed, as she was tired. As usual when I slept over we went out into the hall to have our goodnight kiss and a cuddle. I slipped my hand up her skirt to find she had no panties on. It was dark in the hall. I moved her up against the wall and spreading her legs I pulled out my cock from my shorts and slipped it into her dripping wet pussy. It didn’t take long before Sally was climaxing, making moaning noises as well. I pumped my cock hard and fast into her and filled her pussy with my cum. We heard her mum moving about in the lounge so we had one last kiss and she went up to bed.
After Sally had gone to bed, I went back into lounge and sat on settee to watch a film on television. Sally’s mum’s name was June and that is how she wanted me to address her. June left the room asking me if I would like a cup of tea as she was making her self-one. “Yes please” I said. On her mums return to the lounge with the tea, I saw she had also changed from her skirt and blouse into a short nightdress that only reached her mid-thigh. As she bent forward to give me my cup of tea I had a glimpse of her tits as she had no bra on. She sat in the chair opposite to where I was sitting and with her legs slightly apart I could see she had no knickers on. She asked me what the film was about I wanted to watch and I as looked over at her I could see her well rounded mound and slit of her pussy as she had opened her legs a bit wider. It was making my cock hard and as I only had my shorts on it was beginning to show. I explained to her that the film was about. Where she was sitting, it was awkward for her to see the television, so she came and sat beside me. It was only a two-seat settee, so there wasn’t a lot of room. She sat on the settee-crossed legs facing me with her nightdress pushed down between her legs the best she could. The film had started and some it was quite sexy and romantic in parts. Then June moved because she said she had pins and needles in her feet. Stretching her legs across me, she asked me to massage her feet and calf’s to get rid of the pins and needles. As I was watching the film as well, my hand strayed up her thigh without realizing it until I touched the fluffy hairs of her pussy with the back of my hand. I never removed my hand I just carried on massaging her thigh. She moved down the settee towards me a little. I felt the juices seeping from her pussy onto the back of my hand. I pushed a finger into her pussy and she gave a big sigh. She turned so she could sit on the settee while I sat between her legs on the floor. She asked me to take my time, as she hadn't been fucked for a long time. I managed to get two of my fingers into her wet pussy and began finger fucking her wet hole while my thumb was rubbing her clit. With all the pent up frustration that was in her she was soon climaxing with my fingers inside her. After she climaxed I removed her nightdress to uncover her tits. I sucked and licked first one nipple then the other with my hands squeezing and caressing the fleshy orbs.
I stood up and took my shorts of to show her the size of my cock. As I dropped my shorts to the floor my cock sprang upwards. June reached out and took my cock in her hand and started stroking it up and down. Then she tried to get it into her mouth but was unable to due to the angle of her head. I knelt back down lifting her legs into the air it made it easy for me to lick and suck her pussy and clit. After ten minutes of this treatment to her pussy, she was ready to climax again but this time I stopped and lined my cock up with her pussy. I pushed the cock head into her tight hole. “Go on fuck me with that cock of yours” June said.
At the time I couldn’t believe my luck, first fucking Sally now I was about to fuck her mum.
As I pushed my cock into her I could feel her pussy stretching to the size of my cock. Once she had whole length inside she did something that Sally never did and that was to squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles under her control. She must have guessed I was near to Cumming. She told me to ram my cock in and out of her as hard as I could, then squirt after squirt of my cum shot out of my cock.
While we were getting our breath back, she pushed her fingers into her pussy. On pulling them out covered with hers and my cum, she sucked them clean.
Then she pushed me onto the floor, she knelt down and took the whole of my semi-hard cock into her mouth and started to suck and lick my cock. She certainly knew how to get a man hard as within five minutes of sucking my cock, it was hard again and ready for action. She told me she wanted me to fuck her from behind. She knelt up and I got behind her. On entering her pussy I had spread the cheeks of her bum open with my hands.
Seeing her browny coloured rear hole an idea came to me. I let my cock come out of her pussy and slide up over her bum hole then back into her pussy. After doing this a few times she was moaning with pleasure. When her rear hole was wet I pushed my middle finger into her bum while my cock was still inside her pussy; this brought more moans of pleasure. I was wondering if my cock would fit into her bum. So I thought to hell with it, I would give it a try. Making sure she was nice and wet, I pulled my cock from her pussy and pressed it against Junes bum hole. After a bit of pressure I got the head of my cock into her. Then slowly I pushed the rest into her bum. As I fucked her bum I reached down to her pussy and was rubbing her clit. I told her I was about to cum up her bum. She said “good, as I’m about to cum again”. I was getting very tired at this time of night and I lay on the floor exhausted.
After few moments, I got up and opened up the bed settee with June’s help.
June sat on the edge once I was in bed and she asked me if I had fucked Sally yet.
Before I answered her, I asked her, “What if I had”? And June replied, “it’s her body and she‘s over sixteen”.
So I admitted that I had. June gave me a sexy kiss goodnight and she went up to bed. Before going to sleep I reflected back over what had happened that day.

I was woken up early Sunday morning by Sally. I looked up at her and smiled as she began stroking my cock back into life. I reached out putting my hand up her nightdress to find her pussy already wet. I said to her that her pussy was already wet. She replied “I know, When I went to sleep I dreamt about you making love to me”.
My cock was getting harder as she stroked away at it. I pulled Sally down onto the bed settee and our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. I lifted her up to a kneeling position over my erect cock and lowered her down. She started lifting herself up and down on my cock as I was reaching up under her nightdress and teasing her tits and nipples. Sally was just about to climax when I caught the sight of movement out of the corner of my eye. June stood in the doorway with her nightdress under her chin. One hand was playing with her tits and the other stroking away at her clit. Sally was so engrossed in what she was doing she had no idea her mum was there. Watching June playing with herself encouraged me to help Sally. As she came down onto my cock I thrust my hips upwards. Both our bodies exploded into an enormous climax simultaneously. I had been watching June as well and from the expression on her face and body movements she climaxed as well. Then with out a word, she went out of the doorway. Sally laid down on me with my cock still up her pussy. We kissed and caressed each other. Sally whispered in my ear if we carry on lying like this, she was going to cum again. With that I took hold of her bum cheeks pressing her downwards and rocked her bum backwards and forwards. This made her clit rub against my cock. She could not hold out long before her pussy convulsed into another climax. I carried on rocking her until my cock sent another load into her pussy.
I had only just shot my load into her when June walked into the saying “O don’t mind me you two”
Sally rolled of me in fright at her mum’s voice. June looked over a said to Sally “it’s a good job I got you to go on the pill by the look of things.” That was something I never thought about was Sally getting pregnant.
I had been trying to find away that I could get June into bed so I could fuck her again. Then the opportunity arose because Sally was invited to Jenny’s girl’s night out.
I spent that Saturday afternoon with Sally and June invited me to stay for tea. After tea, Sally and I went upstairs, as she had to get ready. I sat on the bed while she stripped off to go for a shower. Seeing her gorgeous naked body soon had my cock twitching inside my pants. When Sally returned to the bedroom, I pulled her to me and gave her a passionate kiss. She playfully pushed me away and said “Mum said you could sleep over tonight and we could have her double bed. So you can wait till I get home”.
While she was trying to get dressed, I was playfully teasing her. I did manage to get my fingers into her pussy at one time. But that was as far as I got.
When we went down, Sally kissed me goodbye and left me with her mum. I gave Sally time to catch the bus before I made my move on June. I was sitting in the lounge when I heard June go upstairs. I gave her a few moments and crept up the stairs behind her. Looking into her bedroom, I could see June bending over putting clothes away into the draw at the bottom of the wardrobe. I crept up behind her picked her up and laid her on the bed. Lying down on top of her, I started kissing her lips, neck, and ear lobes. She responded by putting her arms around me and pulling me tightly to her body. Pulling myself away from her I stood up and pulled her to her feet, and slowly undressed her, kissing her body as I removed her clothes. When all she had on was her bra and knickers, she undressed me down to my pants. While she undressed me, I teased her tits and that made her nipples stand out inside her bra. I looked down and saw that the crotch of her knickers had a damp patch already. I removed her bra and sucked each nipple caressing her body and pussy. June pulled my pants down for me to release my rampant cock. I moved June back to the bed. Sitting her down, I gently laid her back pushing her legs into the air. I knelt on the floor in front of her and opened her pussy lips with my fingers. I then inserted my tongue into her hole and then began licking her juicy hole and letting my tongue flick over her clit. It wasn’t long before she began to pant and groan as she was building up for an orgasm. I took her over the top by sucking her clit into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. As I opened my mouth to take in air it felt her cum jetted into my mouth.
Pushing June back onto the bed I knelt between her legs, spreading them as wide as I could, exposing her pussy to the mercy of my cock.
June took hold of my cock and guided it into her. As I pushed my cock further into her, I felt her pussy muscles stretching. Once all the way in I could feel my cock against her cervix. Sliding my cock out then thumping it back into her heightened her enjoyment.
Fuck me from behind” she pleaded as my cock gave her pussy a good pounding.
She moved so she was kneeling on the edge of the bed and she told me to stand behind her. I spread the cheeks of her bum, and then moving my hips forward my rigid cock made contact with her pussy and I pushed my cock into her as far as I could. June taught me how to fuck her pussy with slow and long deliberate strokes, and when I was nearly all the way she wanted me push harder. The feeling was tremendous as I could feel her pussy muscles opened and closed round my cock with every stroke. I was getting so aroused that I was ramming my cock into her so hard that my cock head was entering her cervix. That took her over the edge and I could feel her juices squirting. “Now! Now! Cum up me now!” She screamed, as her orgasm seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t hold back anymore. My cock pumped wave after wave deep into her pussy.
“O fucking hell’s bells that was fantastic” she said.
We were down stairs naked, having a drink when the phone rang and it was Jenny’s mum saying that Sally was staying over, as she was drunk and she said that she would bring her home in the morning.
June took me back upstairs, pushing me onto the bed. June took my cock in her mouth. She licked it, sucked it, and even run her teeth up and down its length and at the same time she was playing with my bollocks. Then she opened her mouth wide and not only took all my cock in but sucked my bollocks into her mouth. This I can tell you was making me wild with lust as I tried to get my fingers into her pussy.
Every time I touched her she just pushed my hands away saying “not until I’ve finished with you”
When she thought I was about to cum she knelt astride me over my cock.
“Watch this” she said. And by lifting my head slightly I saw her open her pussy lips and manoeuvre herself so my cock entered into her. She then started strumming at her clit with her fingers while riding her pussy up and down on my cock.
The sight of her playing with her pussy and what she was doing to my cock soon had me ready to cum.
“O yes I’m going to cum” I told her as she speeded up, then I shot my load into her as her body shook and trembled with her orgasm.
June laid down on top of me carefully as to not let my cock slip from her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles gently massaging my cock buried in her pussy and that how we fell asleep.
I had just got up and put on my pants and shorts when the doorbell rang; it was Jenny’s mum bringing Sally home. By the time I opened the door Jenny had gone and Sally was leaning against the doorframe. Seeing she was still a bit drunk, I picked her up to carry her upstairs. June said “have fun you two” winking at me.
I took Sally straight into June’s bedroom. Closing the door, I undressed Sally before pushing her onto the bed. Bending over her, I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy. As my cock began to get an erection, I quickly removed my shorts and climbed between her open legs pushing my cock into her open pussy. Remembering what June had taught me, I fucked her with long deliberate strokes until she was ready to cum. Then fucked her hard and fast shooting my cum into her. Sally then fell asleep even though my cock was still inside her.
We must have been very aroused, because I didn’t realise that Sally had given me a massive love bite on my neck.
With just my shorts on, I went down stairs to find June in the front room. She sat in her chair naked with her eyes closed and legs wide open with two fingers in her pussy and stroking her clit. She hadn’t heard me so I watched causing my cock began to get an erection again. I crept in removing my shorts, and I knelt between her open legs.
Taking my cock in my hand I started to rub it up and down her slit keeping an eye on her face. She opened her eyes saying “the thought of you fucking Sally made my clit itch so I thought I would relieve myself, but this is better”. As by now my cock was in her wet pussy.
I slowly fucked her pussy while my fingers rubbed her clit into an orgasm for her.
Lifting her legs into the air my cock pounded away at her pussy. Next thing was Sally had come down in a state of drunkenness and stood there watching and playing with one of her nipples and rubbing her pussy. June was unaware of Sally being there until I pulled Sally closer and started sucking her pussy and licking her clit. Out of the corner of my eye I could see June rolling her nipples in between her finger and thumb.
Sally began to cum just as June screamed out “I’m going to cum! I’m cumming!” as her body twitched.
Her pussy tightened on my cock as her orgasm began which brought me to a shattering climax.
Sally sort of collapsed onto the floor unaware of what had just happened so I just picked her up and carried her upstairs putting her back into bed.
Going back down to June, I walked over to her as she was still sat in her chair with her legs still wide open with hers and mine cum leaking out.
“That was such a turn on watching you sucking Sally off while fucking my pussy” June said.
Leaning forward she took my limp cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth, sucking and licking my cock and balls until I was hard.
Sliding my cock out of her mouth for a minute she said “bloody hell you got hard quick again”.
Kneeling back down between her legs, I pushed my cock in to her pussy. Leaning forward, I sucked her nipples in turn.
“Take my nipples between your teeth and nibble them, as that gets me going” she said.
Doing as I was told, her pussy tightened its grip on my cock as I fucked her at the same time.
“Yes bite harder and ram your cock in harder” she said.
I told her I was ready to cum more or less at the same time as her pussy pulsed with an orgasm.
When we both had climaxed June said “ this is our little secret”.
Sally never remembered any thing about that eventful Sunday morning.
After that night and day, Sally and I carried on going out with each other for twelve weeks. Then one day she told me that she and her mum was going to live up in London as June had a new job up there.
There was a rumour going round though that June was twelve weeks pregnant at the time she had moved.
I had grown up sexually quite quick and was always on the search for a girl who would open her legs and take the length of my cock.

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