My Sex Life CHAPTER THREE; A Fantasy Came True

My Sex Life CHAPTER THREE; A Fantasy Came True

[b]CHAPTER THREE; A Fantasy Came True

My friendship with Pam had grown stronger over the last few weeks to the extent that everyday after I had finished work I would spend my afternoons with her. It was then that I began to notice a change in Pam’s appearance, things like she began to wear make up, and dress in shorter skirts and blouses that showed her cleavage.
We would go for walks along the beach or down through the woods that was at the bottom of her garden. As we walked and chatted it soon became clear to me that I had a sexual attraction towards Pam. Sometimes while we were walking along I would deliberately drop back behind her so I could watch her sexy bum that wiggled in her tight skirt.
I remember wondering at the time what it would be like to fuck this gorgeous, sexy older woman. Then I began to fantasize about having sex with Pam as I lay in bed at nights would Take my cock in my hand and play with myself until I shot my load imagining that my hand was Pam’s pussy.
I never ever thought my fantasy would come true even though some days when Pam came down the garden to do some weeding I would get a glimpse of her panties as she knelt down in her short skirts. Then one day when I arrived at the house to start work I walked into the kitchen and caught Pam with her foot on a chair, her skirt was pulled up as she was pulling up her stocking on her left leg. From where I stood I had good view of her thigh and panties causing my cock to start to erect in my shorts. My curiosity nearly got the better of me as I very tempted to reach out and pull her panties to one side so I could have had a look at her pussy.
She saw me looking up her skirt and it may have been my imagination but I’m sure she moved her knees further apart.
Pam explained that she had to go into town on business and she wasn’t sure what time she would be home. So Pam gave me a key so I could let myself in so I could use the toilet and help myself to a drink and a sandwich, that she had left in the fridge for me. Pam told me that if I had finished work before she got home I could go in and have my bath, and if I wanted to wait when she returned home she would cook us dinner.

It was one of those hot sticky days that made you sweat so I rushed through jobs I had set out to do for that day by 12.30pm, which was about my usual finishing time.
Pam had not returned home when I went into the kitchen to have my sandwich and drink. After I washed up the plate and glass I went upstairs and run the water for my bath. Switching on the portable radio, I stripped off my shorts, pants and shirt and got into the bath to have nice soak. After about thirty minutes I got out of the bath and dried myself off and put on my clean pants and shorts. I was just about to go downstairs when I heard noises coming from Pam’s bedroom.
Not having heard if Pam had come in I pushed open the bedroom door slightly and saw Pam lying on the bed in her bra and her hand inside her panties playing with her pussy.
Pam hadn’t heard me so I stood and watched for a moment before my sexual urges and desires took over. Walking over to her and taking a chance I knelt on the bed and started caressing her naked thigh allowing my hand to brush over the crutch of her panties.
I was watching Pam’s face for her reaction and all she did was to open her eyes look at me smiling as she said “Don’t stop carry on, I know you got an erection this morning when you saw my panties and I realised a couple of weeks ago that you wanted to get my panties off”.“Yes I did get a bit of a hard on, and yes your right about that as well” I said trembling with excitement as I got that familiar feeling again of my cock stirring life inside my pants.

Leaning over to her I kissed once, then again but this time with more passion as our lips crushed against each other’s.
My hands where caressing every bit of her bare flesh I could find and rubbing her pussy and tits through her panties and bra.
It didn’t take long before I noticed her panties getting wet and I heard little moans of pleasure escaping from her lips.

Pam’s hand had moved down between us and she was teasing my cock through the material of my shorts.
I undid the clasp on her bra, Taking hold of the shoulder straps I removed it to reveal thirty-two inch firm tits with nipples that stood out about quarter of an inch. As I caressed I allowed the palms of my hands to brush over the top of her nipples before taking a nipple between finger and thumb; this caused her to give out more moans of pleasure.

Lowering her back down I bent forward taking first one nipple then the other into my mouth and sucking and licking each one in turn. Then slowly I kissed every bit of naked flesh I could see. At the same time my hands was caressing her inner thighs from her knees upward to her crotch and gently rubbing pussy area again through her panties.
I moved in between Pam’s legs and lifted them into the air and taking hold of the waistband of her panties at the back and teasingly slid them down her legs, over her feet and tossed them away.
As she lowered her legs either side of me I had my first look at her pussy she wasn’t hairless as she had a neat trimmed bush just above her slit. Her pussy slit and lips was about three inches long and nestled nicely between her legs, and its skin was darker than the rest of her.
Using fingers of both hands I opened her slit wide to see her dark pinkish entrance into her vagina that was already oozing out love juices, glistening in the sunlight as it streamed through the window.

Lowering my head and sliding my hands under I lifted her bum to make it easier for my tongue access her slit. I licked and sucked it and it brought more moans of pleasure from Pam’s lips as my tongue flicked over her clitoris and probed into her vagina causing more and more juices flow, which I greedily licked up and swallowed, as she tasted so good.

Pam said to me please be gentle, as I haven’t been made love to since my husband died eight years ago.
My cock was straining to be released from the confines of my shorts, I stood up tacking hold of my pants and shorts together pulling them down I released my cock which immediately stood out proud.
I kicked them from around my ankles as Pam took hold of my cock and started to rub it up and down.
Kneeling back down between Pam’s legs I inserted my index finger into her vagina and pushed it in as far as it go so my thumb was rubbing her clitoris. She was just about to orgasm when I kept teasingly stopping and restarting.
“Please, please don’t tease me my clit is aching already” she said breathing heavily.
I lay down between Pam’s legs and she lifted her bum a little to make access to her vagina more easy. She then took hold of my cock and guided it into the entrance to her pussy. As soon as my cock was buried deep into her she had orgasm. I could feel her pussy tighten onto my cock as her body started to tremble and shake with her orgasm. While her orgasm was going on I pounded my cock into her vagina so hard I could feel the entrance to her cervix with the end of my cock.
“O yes, faster, harder she pleaded” she said as our pelvis’s ground together.
Then her pussy tightened around my cock so much I had a hard job to slide it in and out of her pussy, as her body went into another orgasm. The feeling of her pussy tightening on my cock took me over the top and I couldn’t hold back any more, my cock head began to swell, then wave after wave of my seed into her pumped into her cervix.
After I we had finished our orgasm’s she said “that was fantastic I didn’t know I was still capable of having such strong orgasms as that
Lying on top of her, getting our breath back with my semi-hard cock still buried in her pussy I could still feel the throbbing of her pussy on my cock from her orgasm.
Pam put her arms around grabbing hold of the cheeks of my bum, In one swift movement she had rolled us over so she was on top. Somehow managing to keep my cock inside her, she manoeuvred herself into a kneeling position and rode herself up and down on my cock.
I could feel her love juices mixed with my cum leaking out of her pussy and running down my cock and onto my balls. With the attention Pam’s pussy muscles was giving my cock it wasn’t long before I was ready to shoot a second load of sperm into her vagina. Only she must have sensed that I was about to cum as she pulled herself off me and took my cock into her mouth. The way she was sucking and licking my cock with her mouth and tongue soon had my cock ready to shoot a third load. I told her I was just about to climax, Then she clamped her mouth firmly round my cock and to my surprise and delight she sucked and swallowed as I pumped my sperm into her mouth and down her throat.
After that we laid on the bed together to recuperate a bit, we talked about what turns us on sexually.
I slept with Pam that night, but sex was off the menu as her pussy was a little bit sore and tender.

From that night onwards I spent very little time at my bed-sit, as most nights I would sleep with Pam
Three or four days later Pam had been in a sexy teasing mood all morning. While I had been working in the garden she would attract my attention then lift her dress up to just below her crotch. Showing her stocking tops and suspenders and a little bit of her naked thighs. Teasing me even more by telling me she had a nice treat for me later.
While I had been working I thought to myself, right two can play your game.
I finished in the garden at twelve thirty pm; I went into the house with the intention of having a bath before lunch. As I walked in the door Pam called me into the lounge; there she was lying on the settee in just her bra, panties, stockings and suspenders, with her hand inside her panties teasingly stroking her pussy.
I looked at her, ignoring what she was doing and said “hi sexy I’m just going to have my bath before lunch”. Then went upstairs into the bathroom, run the water into the bath and stripped off and got in.

As I was getting out of the bath I could hear Pam in the kitchen getting lunch ready,
So I shouted Down “what’s for lunch”
Her sarcastic reply was “my pussy on a plate”
To which I replied “mmmmmmmmmm very tasty”
When I went down we for lunch Pam had not got dressed so I suggested going for a walk through the woods. She gave a strange look and said “ok I better go and get dressed after lunch then Hadn’t I?”

Pam went up stairs to put her clothes on and came down wearing a thin white cotton blouse with a pink bra underneath and a three-quarter-length skirt and sandals.
I had on my usual attire of shorts and short sleeved shirt and lightweight shoes. The path we took was one that not may people used as it led deeper into the woods.
We had walked about quarter of a mile when we reached a little clearing with the sunlight filtering through the trees and there was a lovely smell of the pine trees. Pam sat down on a fallen tree stump and I stood looking at her thinking,She still looks young for her age.
Then Pam spread her legs open and lifted one leg up onto the stump, lifting her skirt revealed she had no panties on, with the teasing in morning my cock got an instant hard on. I pulled her up and led her out of the clearing into the woods a little way until I found a suitable place to fuck her where we wouldn’t get disturbed.
I backed up against a big pine tree pulling her skirt over her waist so her naked bum was against the rough bark of the tree. While my fingers of one hand was probing in and out of her pussy, my other hand had undone the buttons of her blouse and pushed her bra up over her tits so I could tease her nipples. Five minutes of this and she was begging for my cock. I dropped my shorts to release my erect cock, then by placing my hands on the side cheeks of her bum I lifted her slightly pushing my hips forward my cock was able to penetrate deep into her wet Pussy. Reaching in between us with one hand I was able rub her clitoris with my fingers at the same time as my cock fucking her pussy. A few minutes of this and she started her orgasm; her pussy muscles started squeezing my cock as I shot my load into her.
During the early summer months we would quite often go for walks and find somewhere to make love.
Then Pam started complaining of headaches, dizziness and forgetfulness.
She had been to the doctors and hospital for check ups. All she told me was that they couldn’t find anything wrong with her but I think she knew she was going to die. I have cut this part of my story a bit short, Pam died on the 3 /7/1965 of a blood clot in the brain.
I asked the doctors whether Pam and I making love had killed her; the doctor reassured me that the exercise had probably kept her alive for a while longer. I loved Pam but was not in love with her if that makes sense.
Just before Pam died peacefully in hospital she told me three things. First: that the time we spent together had made the last part of her life worth while. Secondly, that I was to get on with my life and date the girl next door. Thirdly, She told me that when she did go there was a nice surprise for me. As Pam had no living family or relatives with help of her solicitor I made sure she had a decent funeral as instructed in her will.
The biggest shock to me about her will was that she left me not one house but two and after all the expenses was deducted about £35.000 pounds in cash. I never knew but she had also owned the house next door, which was rented out to tenants.
All the business side of things I left to the solicitor, accountant and letting agency.
It was Pam’s wish that I draw a weekly wage from the estate and if I wanted anything extra I was to clear it with the accountant.

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