my sleep over

my sleep over

I was 13 when this happened. I met a friend name Fry at school and he became one of my bestfriend ever. We had lunch together and had been sharing secrets. He has a stepmom and a dad. His mom's name is Tiana and Dad's name is Rick. Her step mom is a hot blonde, big ass, and big boobs.

I got hard when I saw her the first time and every night I dream of her fucking me in different positions and giving me a nice blow job. I would suck her juicy pussy and. I would cum on her big breast. I dream dis everyday. And jack off twice a day. Tiana is so hot I wanna fuck her hardcore!

when I was at my house thinking about Tiana, my mom knocked on my door and said that Fry was lookin for me. He want us to play basketball. He made a bet that if I win I get to sleepover at their house. And if I lose, he will sleep over at my house. I won of course cuz I'm very good at basketball.

It was about 8pm when I went to his house. I saw Tiana was wearing white tank top with no bra watching and a pajama. She said hi and hugged me and kissed me on the left of my cheek. At that point I got hard. I went to Fry' room and we played card for about 30 minutes. He said he was sleepy already. I told him I will go to the bathroom. When I was done peeing in the bathroom I returned to the bed room. His dad hugged me and went to work. So it was just the three of us in the house now. I waited for 30 minutes for Fry to sleep because I wanted some of Tiana' body. When Fry was already asleep. I went downstairs to get some water. I see Tiana was still watching T.V.. She said" I thought u was asleep." I said " no" and ask her if could watch T.V. With her. She said " I don't mind". While watching TV I noticed that she was falling asleep. I was beside her and hard at that time. Her head fell on my shoulder. My cock was aching and wanted some of her. So what I did was I started slowly by rubbing her legs and all the sudden she woke up. I was surprised. I thought she had fallen asleep. "What are you doing?" she said. I didn't answer and immidiatley got up. She said sit down and finished what you have started. She took of her bra and her pajamas. She was completely naked. She said"fuck me baby you know u want to. Ill give it to. When I first saw you I was surprised. You are a cute little man." I started by kissing her. Her lips was so soft it felt good. Work my way down to her breast. Started licking her nice pink nipple. After 5 minutes of licking her niples. I worked my way down to her pussy. I can see the juice of her pussy drippin down. I licked it. Her pussy smelled so good. I was lickin it so good she moaned and said "harder. Harder." I could feel the pressure of her hands pulling my head into her pussy. In my mind I said that my dream was coming true. After licking her pussy for 35 minutes. It was time for me to put my dick in her very wet pussy. I started with the dog position and did it for 15 minutes. Then went to different positions just like I dream. When I we finihed the positions. She put her hand up on my cock and put it in her mouth thi was the great and the first blow job ever. She sucked my dick for 20 minutes. Then I cummed on her breast. This was the great sex of my life. Thanks for reading this. It was my first story. Hope it gets better. This was true but if somebody don't understand this pls make a comment and I will fix it.

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