My slutty ex

My slutty ex

Storm was the first girl I had ever been with and she was my first proper relationship. We were together for about a year and then we split. We were both 15 when we broke up. It was hard but we both were good friends after it all. After a few months she had got with my best friend, which didn’t really bother me.

She was a lovely girl and he was a nice guy, they were good for each other. Once we had left school we lost contact and didn’t really ever talk or see each other. One day I was lying in bed and I had a phone call from her. She was her old flirty self and did not sound any different. We talked for about an hour or so catching up. Then she starting really flirting asking how good my sex life had been and she remembered the feel off my cock. She told me about her and her bf’s sex life was so very different to ours. She told me about how she was the dominant one, unlike in our relationship. I was the dominate one. She told me how it was nice to be in a different role but she missed being fucked without a choice and being dominated like she was with me.

By this time my cock had began to grow thinking about old times. Then she randomly said god all this talk off us fucking has made me really wet. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say. Even thou I knew she used to be flirty she had never been this forward. I was honest and told her about my stiff cock growing about that thought. She moaned and said “ mmmmm I would love to feel that big thing between my pussy again “.

After this she suggested we should meet up and I thought why not. But she made it clear it would be only as friends and nothing else. She didn’t want to cheat on her long term boyfriend and one of my closest mates. Which I totally agreed with. We arranged to meet in a week at my house. Every night leading up to it I fantasised about what could possibly happen. My parent’s were away on holiday this week and well it was just luck off the draw really.

She said she would only be staying a few hour’s which was totally cool with me. The day come and I woke up knowing what the day was. Yes I was nervous about it but very excited, even thou we had only agreed to meet as mates. I got all ready for arrival. Had a shower got all dressed up. There was a certain out fit I used to wear which drove her crazy. So I thought I would be sly and wear that exact thing. I was sitting in the front room and I saw her walk past the window. She had the same idea I had, she was wearing a outfit that drove me crazy. She was wearing this small motley crue top which was torn and ripped with a short PVC skirt, fishnet tights’ and nice high heeled platform shoes. Wow she looked amazing.

I opened the door to her and she run up and gave me this big tight hug. I felt her rock hard nipple’s press against my chest. Her tit’s felt so much bigger than what I could remember them. My hand slid down her back and straight to her round perfect lil ass. God it felt so damn nice. Even better than what I remember. She whispered in my ear “Hey gorgeous, it’s been to long” I agreed and led her through in the front room. We sat down on the couch and she hugged me again and said she had missed me madly.

We started chatting just like we used to and flirting around just like we used to. She turned to me and said “I need to ask you a favour, do you think I would be able to stay here tonight because Dave is going out and I need somewhere to stay” Yeh off course you can I don’t mind I replied. My mind suddenly when into overdrive thinking about all the stuff that could happen but then she stopped it dead and said “ but remember just as mate’s yeh ? “ I muttered back off course. We had been watching TV for about a hour or and I asked her she wanted some dinner. She did, so I went and made us some food. After we had finished eating we went up stairs to my room to watch a movie. We was lying on my bed and I was watching her lick her finger’s seductively but she wasn’t doing it to me, I don’t even thing she realised she was doing it. The way she was sat on the bed meant I was in clear eye shot of her kunt. I looked and found she had no underwear on, I also noticed she was cleanly shaven unlike she used to be. With this my cock grew and I had to shuffle up so she didn’t notice my enlarged cock pressing against my trousers. She knew I was looking and her pussy and I was moving to hide my stiff erection she said “So you liked what you saw then “I tried to act dumb saying I didn’t know what she was talking about. She crawled over to me and slid her hand up my leg and reached my stiff cock. “So you did like what you saw then? “ She said seductively towards me. I looked her in the eye and said “You know I always loved the sight off your pussy”.

She then said “Babe you ain’t making it easy for us just to be friend’s are you? “ I replied saying “Yeh neva are you looking so god damn hot “Then biting her lip she said well im sorry I will go get changed and with that she grabbed her bag and walked of to the bathroom. I was disappointed that she had. But then the door opened and she stood there still with her platform shoes on and her fishnet tights’ on but she had this silky black robe on. She must off heard my jaw hit the ground. She looked so hot. Then she said “So is this any better ? “ I didn’t know what to say. Then she motioned for me to come over to her. By this time my cock was solid. I stood in front off her and she pushed me up against the wall. With her platforms on she was just as tall as me. She gently kissed my lips and then whispered in my ear “god ive wanted you cock again for so long “with this I picked up and pinned her against the wall and started kissing her passionately and roughly. Our tongues were fighting each other in our mouths. This was raw passion. Her robe had come open and I saw her body was naked. Perfect in everyway. My hands were on her plump lil ass holding her against the wall. While kissing her she ripped off my top and her bare breast against my body. Her nipples were solid. Oh she felt so good. Her tits were so much bigger now. They were perfectly in proportion with her body and fitted her perfectly. She stopped kissing me and let her legs unwrap from around my waist. She stood kissing me again and then slowly kissed down my neck. Every time her lip’s or tongue touched my body it felt like ecstasy. She slowly kissed down my chest and down my stomach. My cock was just aching to feel her mouth. She had big lips which were perfect for sucking guys off. I remembered how good they felt and how much I missed them. She was kissing my waist and slowly rubbing my stiff cock over my trousers. She undid my trousers and they fell to the floor. She was now rubbing my hard cock through my thin boxers.

She looked up at me right in the eye’s and said “ How badly do you want me to suck this cock “ I replied “ like you wouldn’t believe I want you to suck me dry “ She moaned softy and said “ if you please “ And slowly slide down by boxers and my hard rock sprung free. She gasped and “my it has gotten so much bigger since I last had it “My cock had now grown to a healthy 8 inches. She was rubbing the head of my cock with her finger rubbing the pre-cum that had already appeared around the tip of my cock. She was teasing me and loved it. Her lil tongue was flicking over the tip of my cock. Her warm tongue felt so nice, but my cock ached to feel them big juicy lips around it. Her tongue was just teasing my prick and then suddenly she engulfed my whole cock. My head flung back and I moaned loudly. Oh my god I had forgot how amazing them lip’s really felt. And she had learned to deep throat. She took all of my 8 inches down her throat. I could feel the tip off my cock down the bottom of her throat. I groaned as she sucks on my stiffness. My hands run through her hair pushing her down harder and faster onto my cock. I could her slurping noises and she sucks my dick. To my amazement she did not gag once as my meat slid in and out of her throat. I held her head still and started to thrust my cock down her throat. While I was doing this she had let one off her hands slide down to her shaven wet pussy and was now frigging herself. Muffled moans were coming out from her mouth which was shoved full off my dick. I could hear the sucking noise off her 3 finger’s sliding in and out off her throbbing pussy. I was face fucking her so hard and not one gag, she taking my dick so well. Her hot juicy lips just took it all down. Oh god it felt so nice. I could feel my ball’s starting to tingle

I could tell she was ready to cum because her body was tensing and her fingers and seemed to off gone into a fucking frenzy. Her muffled moan’s got louder and louder. I took my dick out off her big lipped mouth and ordered her to cum as soon as she felt my hot cum hit the back off her throat and before she could answer I had shoved my stiff dick into the back off her throat and I began pounding her mouth again. Within seconds off feeling her big lip’s clamp on my cock I was ready. I fucked her mouth so hard, my balls were buzzing, my cock was throbbing and with a loud moan I exploded and shot load after load off hot cum down the back off her throat as I did she moaned and her body shook as she came all over her fingers. My final load of cum shot down her throat and she swallowed it all. My cock didn’t go limp. How could it, I was so horny. I wanted that freshly shaven pussy. She stood back up and slid her finger’s in my mouth so I could taste her cum. It was so good. She tasted better than before different, sweeter. Whatever it was I loved it. As she did this she whispered in my ear “I want this thick fat cock in my pussy “and with that she grabbed hold off it and pulled me towards the bed. She got to the edge of the bed and embraced her body and pushed her on to the bed. I slid between her legs and kissed up her body past her nice big tit’s and kissed her passionately still tasting my self in her mouth. I pressed the tip of my cock up against the tip off her swollen pussy lip’s and I told her I was going to fuck her like the dirty little slut she was. With that I slid all off my cock straight in her dripping pussy, she screamed I wasn’t sure if it was in pain or pleasure and I didn’t care and I don’t think she did Eva. I began fucking her pussy. Pounding my cock deep as possible into her hole. Her pussy was so warm and wet. I had her hands pinned down. While I was filling her pussy with my cock I was grinding my pubic bone up against her clit and she loved it. She was moan and screaming. Shouting how she loved my cock, watching her moan always made me so much hotter and she looked so good doing it. She screamed at the top off her voice as my cock stretched her pussy “Oh GOD, fuck your lil slut, fuck me , make me bleed, make me hurt , make me cum OOOOOOOOOOh “ I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten around my cock and I new she was about to cum just as she reached it and I was pounding little cunt at my hardest , slid out just as she was on the verge .

She slapped me and shouted you bastard and ordered me to make her cum now and with that I plunged my cock straight back into her hot dripping hole. I put her legs up on to my shoulders and began to fuck her pussy harder than I had ever before. My cock was already building up to cum again as well. I pounded and pounded at her pussy. The noise off my cock dripping with her pussy juice slamming inside that deep hole was so erotic. She arched her back and her pussy went tight. She was Cumming and just as her pussy lips clamped my cock I shot a load off hot cum straight in her pussy hitting the back wall off her vagina. She screamed “Ohhhh my god, your hot cum feel’s so good. Ohhh shit im cumin to. Oh god pound my pussy oh my good fuck meeee”

We both climaxed so hard and then I collapsed on her. We both lay there, I body’s entwined trying to gain our breath. Not long after we both fell asleep in each other’s arms

Part two the midnight fuck and the morning after to cum very soon.

Take s-care people


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