It's Friday afternoon and I get a call from my girlfriend, Mendy. Her ex would not be taking her oldest daughter for the weekend, would I mind if Ashley, her daughter, brought Sasha, one of her friends. I said sure and didn't give it a second thought. When I hung up the phone, it dawned on me that Mendy wouldn't want to have sex with company in the house. Mendy is pretty loud and gets embarrassed when the kids say they could hear us last light. Damn!! I was already horny and there was going to be 3 hot females at my house all weekend, and probably wasn't going to get any pussy.

They arrived about 8 pm. I had never met Sasha before, this 16 year old girl was hot. About 5'3",long sandy blonde hair, just a handfull of tit, and a hard little butt. Just how I like em.

The girls ran off to the spare bedroom. Mendy said she had to work Saturday and brought a couple movies for us to watch. We plopped down on the couch and started the movie. The girls were still in the bedroom, so I ask Mendy if we could have a quickie. No she said the girls are here.

About half way thru the movie, Mendy gets ready for bed. She comes back out wearing a tiny half of a top and panties. My dick got hard just seeing her. She sat back down on the couch and covered up with a blanket. I couldn't resist reaching over to rub her pussy. She spead her legs a little and let me work her pussy with a couple fingers. She was starting to get into it and wet, when the bedroom door flung open and the girls came out. Mendy jerked my hand away even though we were under the blanket. The sudden movement caught the girls attention and Ashley gave us a look. They sat down for a minute and was whispering and giggling to each other. Mendy had a pissed off look on her face. Ashley said dont start the other movie till we get out of the shower. They went to the guest bath, which is just off the livingroom.

When the door shut, my hand went right back to mendy's pussy. She said, "stop it you asshole, we just got caught doing that". "Come on" I said, we wouldn't have got caught if you wouldn't have jumped like that, plus they will be in there for atleast 30 to 40 minutes." Mendy was not cooperating, and by the time I got my finger back in her pussy the bathroom door came open. Again she jerked, and again the girls saw. Ashley had forgotten to turn on the fan and they were trying to get the steam out. When the door shut, Mendy got up, called me an asshole again and went to bed.

The bathroom door opened again and Ashley made a dash for the her room. She was only wearing a towel, and when she turned to close the bedroom door, the towel opened a bit and I saw the most beautiful trimmed little bush. Ashley had left the bathroom door open and I could see Sasha standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair. Sasha was only wearing a towel also. Then she leaned close to the mirror and the towel road up. I had a real good view of those buttcheaks and the pussy between them. My dick had just settled down, but now was a raging hard on. I watched as she put on her tiny little panties and a tee shirt. She pulled her hair out of the shirt, flipped it around and looked over at me. Damn, I was caught staring, and turned away.

Sasha came over to the couch and sat down. She said, "I know what you were doing to Ashleys mom." Ashley came out of the bedroom, put the other movie in and laid down on the floor. She was laying on her stomach and her tshirt was short enough her little ass cheaks were out. I could also see the outline of her pussy thru her panties. Sasha reached over and felt my hard on, got up and laid on the floor next to Ashley.

The movie started, I turned out the lights, and went back to the couch and laid down. There was just enough light from the tv to see Sasha reach back and pull her shirt up till it was past her panties. She pulled her panties into the crack of her ass and wiggled her ass back and forth to make sure I would see. She moved her arm underneath herself and lifted her ass up a bit. Then I saw the movement of her fingers between her legs and knew she was fingering herself and wanted me to watch. She looked back to see if I was watching and smiled when she saw I was.

About an hour into the movie, Sasha got up and said Ashley is asleep, came over and laid at the other end of the couch. Thats when I felt her foot on my dick. I said "please stop, I am so horny I am going to cum in my shorts." Sasha said "oh dont do that". She got on the floor with her face at my crotch and pulled my shorts down. My hard dick flopped out and her mouth went right to it. She put the head in her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Then slowely sank her head down till she could take no more. Just as slow she lifted her head back up, then down again. This time I could feel her tongue on my shaft, the sensation was awesome. She slowly lifted and this time just bobbed up and down on the head. She had her lips tight around it and made sure the tip of my dick was against her wonderful tongue the whole time. Soon my dick swelled and I pumped a huge load into her mouth. To my surprize she didnt jerk away. She left my dick in her mouth until the twitching stopped, then swallowed my cum.

She stood up and slid her panties down. She was standing right in front of me and the light from the tv showed between her thighs. Her pussy looked so beautiful, just the smallest patch of blonde pussy hair. Her pussy was not much more than a slit with two tiny lips on each side. I pulled her to me and she sat down on my face. She pulled her pussy open so I could get to her little rosebud clit. I was licking her clit good and she grabbed a handfull of my hair and ground her pussy into my face. Her love juice was soaking my face, she finally let go of my hair and laid down next to me with her ass pointed at my still hard dick. Sasha reached back and guided my dick toward her pussy, she put my head just between her pussy lips and worked my dick back and forth over her clit. She lubed up my shaft with her juice and when it was good and slick she pushed back against me. I lifted one of her legs and felt my cock penetrate her hot little hole.

I couldnt believe how tight this 16 year old girl was. Good thing for me was 16 is the legal age in my state. I pushed her leg back down and grabbed her hip instead. She was basicly a little fuck ball, the way she was curled up. I reached for a tit with my free hand and found a hard nipple. I was really pulling her into me and fucking her hard when it dawned on me that my girlfriend was sleeping in the next room and her daughter was sleeping on the floor in front of me, And I was fucking her friend!!! I was pulling Sashas titty nipple hard and noticed she had her hand between her legs rubbing her clit. Her body quivered and her pussy got really wet. That tight, wet 16 year old pussy felt so good I never wanted to cum. I pulled out and rolled her over so I could look at what I was fucking. I watched her face as I slid my dick back in her. She looked so beautiful under me. Her firm tits shaking back and forth, her flat stomach, the tiny soft landing strip of pussy hair. Then I saw my dick sliding in and out of her tiny little hole. Sasha lifted her head to watch too and we banged foreheads. Neither of us moved our heads as we watched my dick slid in and out. Sasha quivered again and again her pussy got wetter. I hooked her shoulders and started to drill her hard. Sasha moved her head away, found my nipple and bit down on it. This was all I could take, my dick swelled again and I pumped my load deep in her pussy.

I cleaned up, pissed and went to bed. Mendy woke up and said she was sorry for calling me an asshole. She reached over and felt my dick, it was still hard from fucking that 16 year old pussy. She said "you poor thing, you must be horny", and slid her panties down. "Why dont you fuck me now but keep it down so the girls dont wake up." I crawled on top of her, closed my eyes and pretened I was fucking Sasha again. I blew my wad in a couple minutes. Mendy pulled her panties back up and said "there, you feel better now?" "Yep, thanks."

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