My Very Big Brother

My Very Big Brother

It all started just over a year ago – My brother had moved in with his girlfriend and I would find myself visiting them at least twice a week. I got on really well with his girlfriend, Leanne. She was pretty, slim and basically gorgeous. She was lucky to have my brother, Danny; all the girls fancy him. They seemed like a great couple. I often found myself talking alot to Leanne until the small hours of the morning. I'm not sure if she knew, but I really fancied her, as I'm bi-sexual. Not that I had the guts to tell her that; if my brother found out I wouldn't want him telling our parents. They would probably be cool with it, but it's just a conversation I don't want to have!
One evening, while having a drink (or nine!), Leanne let it slip that they had some porn videos and that they both liked to watch them. Danny was more than a little embarrassed that she let this secret of theirs out and, as he was there, I was too embarrassed to admit that I too loved watching porn with a partner. Leanne then asked me if I liked porn, to which Danny got up and went to the toilet, “I don't even want to know the answer to that!" he said. "Of course I do" I said when he left the room, "But don't tell him that, he probably still thinks I'm a good little girl!" With that, she offered to lend me a few tapes. She quickly grabbed three tapes that were hiding behind the TV and hid them in my handbag. Danny then came back in the room, Leanne and I just giggled to ourselves and carried on drinking the night away.
At work the next day I was very aware that my handbag was full of porn! I kept it hidden beneath my desk, not that anyone would have gone searching through my stuff, but I must admit, I did feel a little naughty and I couldn't wait to get home and watch them. I got back to my house and forgot about my usual bath. I just pulled out the first tape I saw and put it in the machine. It was already half watched. The film had two girls eating each others pussies and one climaxed over the others breasts, then the other girl did the same on her face. Very nice! But then it was over. Too short for my liking and I couldn't wait for the tape to rewind, so I pulled out the next tape, put it in the machine and pressed play. There was a pretty girl on screen who looked very familiar in a familiar bedroom. I noticed it was obviously a homemade film, and then it hit me; the girl stripping off on my TV was Leanne! "Oh my god," I thought, "I can't watch this!" so I stopped the tape. I sat there on my sofa, just pondering what happened next. I was already a little moist from watching the first tape, now I was really wet. My finger hovered over the play button on the remote, almost shaking. I hit play. On screen Leanne stripped off naked. Her body was every bit as nice as I would have imagined it to be; her hair I already knew was long and dark, she flipped it over her shoulders revealing her firm breasts; I would say they were a 34c. Her body was smooth, lightly tanned and toned, a size10. Her pussy, nicely trimmed into a landing strip. Her legs, long and slender. Then I heard a voice from the video; "Damn, you're sexy babe!" It was Danny. My heart pounded in anticipation of what might happen next. I let go of the remote and got comfortable on my sofa. The camera moved away from Leanne, then set down on Leanne’s dresser at the foot of their bed. Danny then came into the shot, followed by Leanne. She got down on her knees in front of Danny and unbuttoned his jeans. She slowly pulled them down, revealing he wasn't wearing any underwear. I could see his pubic hair, then the top of his penis. It looked really thick. She continued sliding his jeans down his thighs, revealing more and more of his cock, but the end of it never seemed to come! Finally his jeans were at his knees and I could see his semi-erect cock; still pointing down, but it was halfway to his knees! "Fucking hell! He's huge!" I said aloud to myself. I found myself doing something I thought I would never do in my lifetime; I was masturbating whilst watching my brother get a blowjob from his sexy girlfriend! I was already close to climax when Danny took his shirt off. I had seen his torso many times before, but now I was watching him on my TV completely naked. Leanne was licking his balls and had his dick pushed up against his belly. It was then that I realised just how big a cock he had; it extended a good four inches past his belly button. And then, out of the blue, something I never knew a man could do; while she was still sucking on his testicles, he bent over and took the head of his cock into his own mouth! That sent me over the edge. I came loudly and juice squirted some two inches from my pussy. I collapsed back on my sofa and caught my breath. The tape had only been playing for about ten minutes and I didn't know if I could take anymore. I pressed the stop button and wondered if what I had just done was right. My mind was telling me that this was sick, but my pussy was throbbing, it wanted more. I tried to listen to my head and stood up, only to find myself almost tripping over my knickers that were hanging around my ankles. I don't even remember sliding them down! I paced around the living room for a few minutes trying to get the image of my brother out of my head, but everytime I turned around I found myself staring at the video player. It was like it was calling out to me. "Fuck it! Just watch him!" My head finally agreed with my pussy. I stripped off, got comfortable on the sofa again and pressed play. Danny was still sucking his cock when Leanne got up off her knees, "God I love it when you do that!" She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, she didn't need to ask him to do anything, he just got on his knees and started licking at her pussy. Her pussy was gorgeous and I just wished it could have been me who was doing that. It reminded me of my pussy; smoothly waxed at the lips, with an inch wide landing strip above. It was clear by her moaning that Danny was doing a good job at licking her. He slid a finger inside then licked his way up to her ass. "Wow" I thought, "I love it when a guy does that." He reached round and pinched her left nipple while she propped herself up with one hand and pinched the other. She was moaning louder and louder when he got up and grabbed his cock with one hand and parted her pussy lips with the fingers on his other hand. He guided his helmet to her wet pussy, but to me it looked far to fat to even fit in there. "Careful" she said with a slight nervousness to her breathy voice. Very slowly and very carefully he started to squeeze his helmet into her. She let out a slight groan as fat head popped inside her. He gave a couple of small pushes and pulls that visibly moved her lips in and out then in one move pushed the entire length inside her. This made her scream loudly with both pleasure and pain. She pushed her face into the duvet to stifle her vocal pleasure, but it was unable to silence her almost at all. I watched as my brother fucked his girlfriend in all kinds of different positions; she was on top, he had his finger in her ass, they did 69. The tape went on for nearly three hours! "How can I get a man like this?" I thought to myself. Everytime she came, I came. By the time Danny came in her mouth, we were all sweaty and tired; caught up in the moment, I lost myself and I thought I was there too!

I didn't sleep much that night; my mind was in a million places all at once. Part of me thought what I had just done was the most disgusting thing anyone could do, another was thinking it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, another just wanted me to keep on playing with myself, but I was too sore for that! But the overriding thought that plagued me all night was that sooner or later Leanne or Danny are going to find out that I have that tape. How could I get it back to them without them finding out? By the time I woke up I'd come to the conclusion that I should just give back all the tapes and claim I hadn't watched them. I knew Leanne wouldn't believe me but I came up with a little lie that I thought maybe believable under the circumstances. I took the tapes back at the weekend when I knew Danny would be working. Leanne asked if I liked them and I said that I did, I also said that one of the videos I didn't watch. "This one had you at the beginning of it, so I turned it off," I said. "I'm sure you didn't want me watching that?!" I said with a slight chuckle, trying to make her feel more comfortable with it. "Oh shit! Was it the one where Danny…" I stopped her. "No really, I didn't watch it. That's personal between you two and besides it's weird. I don't want to see my brother like that!" I think she believed me!
Over the following months I couldn't get the thought out of my head of seeing that tape. Everytime I played with myself I thought of it. It got to the point where I wasn't picturing the two of them having sex; it was just me and Danny doing it. I told myself that it was ok; as it was just a fantasy and that I wasn't hurting anyone.
My fantasy was getting stronger and the need for him more desperate. I was no longer pulling guys when I went out; for me good sex is a must…no, a human right!… and to go months without any is like torture! But none of the guys who flirted with me in clubs and bars came close to Danny. When I went round to their place I would keep wearing skimpier and sluttier clothes. It came to the point where I was going round to theirs when I knew she wouldn't be there, just so I could spend more time alone with him. I would turn up in the lowest cut tops with no bra and revealing so much cleavage that if I'd have jumped up my breasts would have fallen out! I stopped wearing any underwear at all and wearing the shortest of miniskirts, hoping that when I sat down he would take a look up. I'm not sure if he or Leanne ever did notice, because they never said anything, but they couldn't have not noticed! My risks were getting more and more dangerous and I knew I had to put a stop to it. So I found myself surfing the net to see if I could find another guy who fitted the bill. (Along the way I found this site!) I did chat to guys who were as good looking as him but they just didn't have the package. I also found guys who (said they!) had the package, but were mostly not that good looking. I came to the conclusion that I was looking for a fantasy, I was looking for my brother and that obviously wasn't going to happen, so I started dating a guy who'd been chasing me for a while. He was kinda cute I suppose, but it didn't go anywhere as I really wasn't feeling anything for him.
Then one day, flirting with a girl on MSN, Gina, she asked me what my fantasies were. I told her some naughty things I liked to do in bed and she told me hers. We were getting really horny when she asked if she could phone me so she could hear me. She did and she was hot! She was a real dirty girl, she really loved hearing my fantasies and I was getting off on hearing her play with herself to my fantasies. Then she asked "What's your dirtiest fantasy? A really taboo one!" I wasn't sure whether to tell her or not, but "Hey," I thought, "it's only a fantasy." So I told her about the tape, how much I'd fantasised about my brother and how much I've played with myself, thinking about him. She asked me if I would actually do it if I had the opportunity. "You try and stop me!" I joked. She asked me if I thought he'd want to fuck me, "I doubt it," I said, "I'm his sister." "Exactly, he might think the same way you do!" She said, only half joking. We came to the conclusion that it was a nice fantasy, but that's all it was. We stayed in contact and played over the phone a few times a week for a couple of months, and then out of the blue I got a call at work from Danny saying he'd broken up with Leanne. He came round my house that evening and I gave him a shoulder to cry on. I won't say what happened to split them up, other than he was right to dump her. He was really upset and couldn't stop crying, it was a side of him that I had never seen before. We had always been close, but we were never really ones to hug each other. But this felt nice. It was like our relationship had grown to a different level. It was just a shame that he had to break up with someone for us to become closer, but I felt proud that he chose to come to me first to talk about his problems. I just sat there, on the very sofa that I had only days before played with myself over the thought of him, with Danny in my arms. I cradled his head into my chest, initially just to comfort him, but then wicked thoughts entered my head, as I looked down at his crotch. I had to clear them quickly as I came to my senses. He slept on the sofa that night. I couldn't sleep with the thoughts going through my head. I came down to see if he was alright, he was sleeping like a baby. He still had all his clothes on and I toyed with the idea of stripping him off and putting a duvet over him, but I knew I would get carried away and do something I would regret. So I left him to sleep.
The next day I spoke again to Gina and told her what happened the night before. She teased me that that was the perfect time and opportunity to try and fuck Danny. I said that there was no way I would have done anything, especially in his moment of need and besides, there was no way I could know if he actually wanted to do anything. "Not that I'm going to do anything," I said, "but how do you suppose I could go about actually fucking him?" "But you still don't know if he would, do you?" She replied. So I asked "How can I find out if he would even entertain the idea? I mean, he is single now!" I was hoping she would say this and she did; "Do you want me to find out for you?" So we came up with a plan, after all I couldn't ask him and I couldn't get someone I knew to ask him; who knows what the reaction would be? We agreed that she would phone him and pretend that 'a friend of hers gave me your number'1 And then ask him various questions about him, leading to the ultimate question; would he have sex with me given the chance. Then she would get back to me and tell me what he said. Sneaky eh?! But even I couldn't just let her call him so soon after he split with Leanne, so we left it for a month, partly for his sake, but also to see if I still wanted her to do it, as when all this talk happens I get so horny and carried away!

So, a month or so later she called him and she did better than just relay what he said, she recorded the conversation; he it is in it's entirety:-

Hello, is that Danny?
Yep, who's that?
I hope you don’t mind me calling, but a friend gave me your number and said that I might like you.
Oh right?
I know it's a bit weird, but do you mind?
I suppose not. But who's the friend?
She asked me not to say, but she said she used to work with you.
What's her name?
She asked me not to say, 'cause she's bi and she doesn't want anyone to know.
But you know?
Yeah, but I'm bi too!
So who are you then?
Sorry, my name's Gina. So can I take it you're single?
Yep. You?
Yeah. So tell me all about you then. All I know is that she said I might like you.
Well what do you want to know?
Well, how old are? How tall are you? What do you look like?
I'm twenty nine, I'm six foot. What do I look like? I look like me!
Ok, I mean describe yourself to me, top to bottom, in detail!
(Chuckles) This is weird, but ok. As I say, I'm six foot, I've got short dark blonde hair, blue eyes…you wanna know about my body?
Of course!
Well I work out, so I'm quite well built, but not too well built…umm, I've got two legs and a bum! I don't really know how to answer that!
What about your willy?
What about it?
What's it like?
What you mean 'substantial'?
It's on the large side.
Anyway, what about you? What do you look like and all that?
Well, I'm twenty two, I'm five foot one, I've got long blonde hair down to my bum, I've got blue eyes, slim size 12 figure and 36c breasts…and I'm bi.
Sounds nice to me!
So tell me more about you.
Like what?
I dunno, where you live, what you do for a living, what you like doing in your spare time, do you have any family, do you have any kids?
Calm down! One at a time!
Where do you live?
What do you do for a living?
What do you like doing in your spare time?
Well you know, going out for a drink with the lads, nothing wrong with a bit of footy…
That's what you think!
Hey! Nothing wrong with football!
Less said about that the better! So, got any kids?
Got any family?
Mum, Dad, and little sister.
How old are they all then?
Blimey, you don't want too much do you?!
Come on, I just want to know all about you.
Well, Mum's fifty four, Dad's just had his fifty eighth and Lou is twenty five.
Do you get on with your sister?
Yeah, she's great.
Tell me a bit about her.
Like what? Why do you want to know about her?
Just curious. I dunno, just tell me what she looks like, do you live with her?
Well she doesn't live with me, no. What kind of description do you want then? Top to bottom?!
Yeah, go on then.
Umm, well, I'd say she's about five-five, five-six maybe, blonde, curlyish hair to her shoulders, blue eyes like me, slim…anything else?
Go on, give me a full description of her. Her body, her boobs, her bum, her legs, everything!
Bloody hell! Who are you trying to chat up here? Me or her?!
Go on, you know I'm bi, I'm not being weird.
God! Well I'd say she's about a size 8, probably a good 34d maybe 34dd, small bum, long slim legs.
Wow, she sounds hot! Is she single?!
I knew it! You're just after her aren't you?!
No, I called for you, but she does sound hot. Are you as hot as she is?
Hey, it must run in the family!
So you've noticed her boobs then?
You can hardly not notice them! They're right there, know what I mean?
She flaunts them a lot?
Just a tad.
I like girls who show off a bit. What about you? You like girls like that?
Yeah, but I wish she wouldn't be so blatant about it.
She's always showing off her body. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice bod, but there's a time and a place, you know?
Why, has she shown it off when you've been around?
She's always around my place with the shortest of skirts on and…
And what?
Well…no knickers.
How do you know that?
It's practically on display! I have to look away most of the time!
Why do you think she wears clothes like that when she's at your house?
Oh, she blatantly fancies my ex. She was always flirting with her.
Your ex? So you're not with her now?
That's what ex means.
So she doesn't wear that kind of stuff now you're single?
I think she's just in the habit of wearing it now.
Maybe it's not her she fancies.
Umm, well whoever she fancied she sounds right up my street.
I'm sure she would be. So have you really just called me up to chat about my sister?
Well to be honest I'm looking for a guy to have sex with.
And if I'm really honest I'd like to have sex with you.
But you don't know anything about me.
So tell me more.
Like what?
Tell me your fantasies.
We've only been talking for five minutes, so you first I think!
(Chuckles) Well, do you want to know what's going through my head right now?
Go on.
That description of yourself and the description of your sister has kinda turned me on. So my fantasy at this very moment is for me to be the filling in a sandwich with the two of you!
Go on.
I'd love to strip you off and kiss your stomach.
Go on.
Then I'd love to pull your boxers off and suck on your cock.
Are you playing with yourself there?
Might be. Do you mind?
Go for it. As long as I can join in?! Tell me more.
Am I turning you on?
Get your dick out for me.
Who said it wasn't already?
Tell about your dick. How big is it?
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
So it's big then? Come on, how big?
It's ten and a half inches long and very thick.
Really?! I'd love that inside me.
I bet you would. So come on tell me more.
Well… I'd love to strip you naked in front of your sister so she can see you hard. Does that turn you on?
It's turning me on all right!
So if I turned up at your door and stripped your sister off in front of you, would that turn you on?
So if you had the opportunity to fuck your sister for real and no one would ever-ever find out would you?
If no one would ever find out? Honestly?
If no one would ever, ever, ever, ever, find out – and if she wanted to, of course, yeah I probably would.
So would you….

Gina hung up the phone!

So, Gina called me back and played the message she recorded. My god, it turned me on so much! He had noticed me wearing no underwear! He had noticed how hot I am! He even got my description down to a tee! But was he just going along for Gina’s 'fantasy' or did he mean it? I had to know! I got Gina to phone him back and tell him that her battery went dead before. She asked him if he meant what he said before. He said "yes"!! Oh-My-God! "What do I do now?" I asked Gina when she got back to me again. Despite the fact that I now knew that he "probably would", he didn't know that I was behind the phone call. So I made the scariest decision of my life; "Tell him. Tell him I asked you to call him!" "Why don't you call him?" Gina asked. "I'm too nervous. I'm physically shaking! Do it. Do it now! Tell him!" She said she would. I got off the phone with Gina and sat there in a daze. It felt like hours, but was probably only ten minutes waiting, then the phone rang. "Hello?" I said. "Lou, it's Danny." My heart pounded faster than it's pounded before. "I've just had a call from someone saying they know you. Do you know a Gina?" I didn't know what else to say, other than "What did she say?" My voice was shaking. "Is she having a wind up or something?" I felt like my heart stopped for a moment, then I just came out with it. "Danny…what she said was true." I didn't say another word. He was silent too. An age must have passed before he spoke again. "When…How…?" I interrupted his confusion. "Don't ask. It’s just something that's been going on in my head for ages. You don't have to say anything." He was still stuck for words, but said "Did…did she tell you anything I said?" My exited shaking had gone to fear. "I heard the whole conversation." He still seemed lost. "How has this happened?" I then proceeded to tell him the whole story; how I saw the video, how I've thought about him, how I lusted after him, his body, his cock, how I knew Gina and how I've wanted him. It was without a doubt the strangest conversation I've had in my life! Then, I said it. "Danny…do you want to fuck me?" "Look," he said "This is all probably a bit much to talk about over the phone. Let's meet up tomorrow evening and talk about it when we've both had a night's sleep over it. We might feel different in the morning." He was right. But I knew I wouldn't feel any different in the morning and I didn't. The only difference in the morning was a feeling of extreme nervousness instead of my usual fantastic lust!
The next day was the slowest day of my life. I couldn't concentrate at all at work and made about a million mistakes. My boss pulled me aside in the afternoon to give me a warning. He told me that I had to go over all the errors I'd made, even if it meant staying late. With the amount I'd made, I was going to be there till gone eight. I texted Danny that I was stuck at work, to which he thought I was chickening out. He said he would meet me at mine and he'd let himself in with the spare key he has. Well, if I was having any second thoughts about even having the conversation with him that was over. I rushed through work, probably missing half the mistakes I'd made, and got home at just gone half past seven. Danny was sitting on the sofa watching TV. I just looked at him, my face heating up with embarrassment, he looked back, but neither of us said a word. I plucked up the courage, stepped forward placing my handbag on the floor and said "Look, I'm going to make this really easy for you." With that, I stood in front of him and started unbuttoning my blouse. His eyes glanced away, I told him to look at me, and he did. My blouse was now unbuttoned all the way. I wasn't wearing a bra and I could see Danny looking at my cleavage between the material of my opened white blouse. "You can touch them if you want." I said. He sat there with a nervous look on his face, so I picked up his hand and stood him up in front of me. I guided his hand to my left breast and pulled open my blouse so he could see it, then I placed his hand on it. His hand was warm. "Does that feel nice?" I asked him. "Yes." He whispered. I looked him in the eye and he looked back. I leaned in and we kissed, lightly at first, then passionately. I ran my hands all over his body while we kissed, I ran my hands up and down his back, then squeezed his buttocks, they were firm and small. He did the same with me; he ran his large warm hands up under my blouse, feeling my smooth skin. It sent shivers down my spine. Both our nervousness was now gone and he slid my blouse off, dropping it to the floor. I tugged at his work shirt, pulling it from his trousers and grazed my nails up and down his back, this made him kiss me harder and he plunged his tongue deeper into my mouth, playing with mine, almost dancing together. I felt his hands wander down to my backside, pulling up my skirt, feeling and squeezing my bare ass. He slid a finger between my cheeks, reaching to my pussy, sliding it between my wet, smooth lips. I moaned into his mouth as he pushed his finger into my hole. I then pulled his tie off and threw it to the ground and ripped his shirt off, buttons pinging to the floor. His chest was smooth and muscular and I pressed my hard nipples against him. I ran my hands up to his head and combed my fingers through his hair, then pushed his head down to suck my tits. He took one into his mouth and sucked on it like his life depended on it. He then pulled his finger from my pussy and guided it to my mouth; it tasted sweet from my juices. He then started to kiss me between both breasts then down my stomach, he hitched my skirt up, exposing my pussy to him. He slid his finger back into my hole then kissed and licked my clit. I was ready to cum right there and then, but I wanted to hold it in, but then he sucked hard on my clit and I couldn't contain it. My legs buckled under the intensity of the orgasm and I fell to my knees. We were both now on our knees and I couldn't get up, my legs were so numb, so I told Danny to stand up, then I unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down to his ankles, I pulled his feet from out of them and when I looked up I got the sight that got me started all those months ago; Danny’s' massive cock standing proud. It looked like something that should belong to a porn star, not my brother. But here I was knelt down with it millimetres from my face. It was so long and so thick and veiny. I put my little fingers around it and they couldn't reach my thumb. I started stroking his shaft and cupped his balls in my other hand. They too were massive, hanging low with no hair on them. I took one into my mouth and started sucking while I stroked his cock. I looked up to the tip of his fat helmet and could see a stream of precum trickling down his shaft, so I licked all the way up and savoured the taste. It was salty but sweet at the same time. I opened my mouth wide to take in his helmet, but it still was a squeeze between my lips. I took him all the way to the back of my throat and there was still more than half of his shaft outside to stroke on. I squeezed his balls and sucked on his cock then remembered a sight from the video. "Can you suck it for me?" I sat back on the carpet and watched as he bent down and took the head of his dick into his mouth. "That's just fucking amazing!" I said. I watched him suck while I fucked myself with my fingers, my legs spread wide in front of my brother. It was almost like the sight I saw on the tape, only this was actually happening right now, right here. "I want you inside me. Now!" I demanded. He didn't need telling twice. I laid back on the carpet with my knees in the air, he got between my legs and aimed his hard cock at my pussy. "This might hurt to begin with." He said, warning me. I didn't care if it did or not, I just had to have him inside me. I pulled my lips apart and he guided his cock to my hole. He squeezed the tip of his helmet into me, he was right, it did hurt. Then the whole of his fat head. It was painful, but he took it slowly, just nudging forward to begin with. "Do you want it deeper?" I just nodded and with that he slowly inched his way inside me. His cock slowly disappearing. My pussy had never been stretched so wide, but it felt so good. It was now about half way in and with one long, fast thrust he slid the rest in, all the way. My eyes were watering with pain and lust. He slowly edged out a little, then in again. I could feel every inch, every vein, even his fat helmet moving inside me. I could even feel his big balls slapping against my ass. It was amazing, the pain was subsiding and pleasure was taking over. I looked up from the view of his cock sliding in and out and gazed up over his pubic hair, over his strong stomach, up his toned chest, to his eyes that were fixed on mine. He fucked me harder than I’d been fucked before. He made me orgasm more times and harder than I'd ever done before. Only days before I was thinking I was mad for even fantasising about this, but now it was happening, I was thinking 'why hadn't we done this before?!'. Danny had an intense look on his face; he was about to cum. "Where do you want it?" He asked while slowing his strokes inside me. I really wanted him to cum inside me, but then again I wanted him to cum in my mouth, or my tits, or anywhere! "Cum on my tits," I said, "I want to see your cum." He started to withdraw his cock from my tight pussy, but as he was pulling out, I was clenching my grip on him. He pulled the length of his shaft out but his helmet was almost stuck at the tightness of my hole, so he rammed inside as hard as he could one last time and pulled out, this made him shoot cum over my open pussy, it shot over my stomach, over my tits, it even landed on my lips and chin! I've never seen so much cum in my life! It was everywhere! I licked up all the of the cum on my lips and my chin. Then I grabbed my tits and licked that up too. "I do hope you're not going to leave a mess down there!" I said with a wide grin on my face. To which he licked up all the cum on my body, from my pussy to my tits. He gave me a big kiss with all his cum in his mouth. Yum!
I took him to bed with me and we held each other all night. I hoped we could do it again in the morning…and we did.

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