My Wife is a Big Girl Now

My Wife is a Big Girl Now

My wife Gail is a beautiful blonde, 39 years old, about 5'7" tall with great legs and tits like a 16 year old virgin. She can, however, get into some trouble once in a while. Recently while checking email she received a notice that she had won a free trip. Well the trip was not free and she did not tell me. Before I knew I was out $500 and going on a trip that I could have gotten for less. She begged me not to be mad and to take her on vacation, so I told her that she would have to do anything that I told her while on vacation. She probably thought that meant she would have to give me several blowjobs and maybe let me have her tight ass a couple times while on vacation, but I had something else in mind.

When we got to New Orleans we checked into the hotel and got ready to go out. I told her to wear her black Penthouse mini dress outfit that zips up the front. It only has about an inch of skirt to cover her gorgeous ass and really makes her tits stand out. I took her to several places, but did not find what I was looking for.

When we returned to the hotel, I told her we should check out the club downstairs. The club was busy and I found exactly what I was looking for. Gail has always had a fantasy about having sex with an older black man. I noticed a large black man about 50 years old checking her out on the way in. After we sat down I told her to ask him to dance. She blushed and said that was out of the question, but I told her that she had to anything I asked. With that she went over and introduced herself to him and they started dancing. It was a fast number and before I knew it she was back. He kept looking over and she commented that he was here on business and was probably lonely. She said he had a nephew in town going to college, but his place was too small to stay at so he had a room in the hotel.

I waited for a slow song and told her to ask him to dance again. This time he pulled her close and towered over her while they swayed to the music. He was so tall that her face was buried in his chest. He looked over and when I winked at him, he took that as a green light and ran his hands down her ass and started stroking the back of her legs before he ran his fingers up to the crack of her ass under her dress. That must have really scared her because she stopped the dance and ran back to the table.

She told me that he had put his fingers right on her pussy and she wanted to leave right away. I asked her if she wanted to leave because she was frightened or if he had made her so horny that she wanted to go upstairs for a good hard fucking, to which she replied that she was ready for anything. I then told her to write on a napkin the following, "Come to room 409 in 30 minutes if you want to see what you were feeling." She completely lost it then and threatened to leave me at the club. Again I told her that she had to do whatever I wanted and that if she did not do as I said she would pay the consequences and that I would invite him myself. She asked if I really wanted to watch her make love to his black cock and watch him fuck her with it. I asked if he turned her on and she replied that she was wetter then she had ever been and was embarrassed when he touched her because he probably felt how hot and soaking wet she was already. I told her I knew she had always wanted to be fucked by an older black man and it looked like this one would also fill her need for someone with considerable size. She said I wasn't kidding about size because she had felt his length running down his pant leg and pressing against her belly as they danced. I told her to run along and give him the note like a good girl and then go up to the room. I left and waited for her to complete her task.

She came into the room flush with excitement quickly removing her panties and laying back on the bed to show me her bald pussy, which was running with juices. "Eat me before he gets here." she demanded. "He told me I better get ready for him because most women are too small to pleasure him." "How are you going to pleasure him Baby?" I asked. "I want him to fuck me like a dog on all fours while you watch." she replied. I bent down and licked her slit while my fingers loosened her up. She kept muttering about how I was going to watch her take black cock and love it. I kept at it until we heard a knock at the door. "Show time Baby," I said, "I want you to be a total slut for him tonight." "You don't have to worry about that. I am so ready right now I would do anything you tell me to," she said.

She opened the door and let him in. "I am going to turn you into a black cock slut tonight Baby," he said to which she shyly asked, "Can I call you Daddy?" "You have been a bad girl haven't you?" he asked. "Yes, what are you going to do about it Daddy?" she said. He then walked to the bed and patted his lap, "Get your wet pussy over here. I am going to spank your bottom first." he demanded. Gail lay over his lap with her ass pointing right at me. I could already see her fat pussy lips under her skirt and then he said, "Pull your dress up so I can see what I am going to get." She reached back and slowly uncovered her perfect ass to him. He ran his huge hand over her asscheeks and then swatted her lightly. "Spread your legs girl so I can see what you got down there." he ordered. When she spread her legs I could see her swollen pussy meat open up, wet and ready, and so could he. He just smiled and began spanking her harder as she cried, "Yes Daddy spank me, spank me harder I need it bad."

He spanked her for a full minute and then began to rub her ass some more before he pushed two of his large black fingers into her bald white pussy opening her swollen, wet pussy lips. "Oh yeah Baby, you are a big girl aren't you. You might be able to please Daddy after all. Your are going to get all of Daddy's thick black cock aren't you?" he said as he fingered her hard moving his fingers around to loosen her up. "Oh yes! I am going to take it all. Don't stop! I'm going to cum," Gail cried as she released her orgasm on his thrusting fingers. Then he spanked her harder then before telling her what a bad girl she was for coming so fast. "I'll be good, I'll do anything you want Daddy. Please stop spanking me so I can pleasure you Daddy." she begged.

With that he pushed her to the floor and stood in front of her. "Can I have my present now Daddy?" she asked. "Take it out you little slut and see what you are going to get next." he commanded. She undid his belt and let down his pants. His cock bulged his underwear out obscenely. She just stared at his massive member throbbing in his underwear. Then he pulled them down presenting himself proudly to her, revealing a cock unlike any I had ever seen. It hung down nine long inches and was thicker then any I had ever seen with a massive head that had a huge half-inch rim all the way around his plum shaped gland, making it stand out from his dark shaft.

"Oh my god," she murmured, "You're huge." "Go ahead and suckle for awhile Sweetie. I want to feel your mouth on it so you can see how I am going to stretch you," he said. At first she licked the length several times and then his massive balls before she opened her mouth and tried to suck him. His cockhead was as big as a pool ball and she really had a hard time getting it into her mouth as she sucked and drooled all over him. Her mouth was so wet that her spit was running down onto her legs.

Finally she got the head into her mouth completely as her lips eventually slid over the thick rim of his cockhead, snapping tight around the rim. He sighed and thrust his hips forward, but she was already choking and could not take anymore no matter how hard she tried. He let her bob her head up and down on his cockhead for a few minutes until his penis was standing straight out from his crotch. It looked unbelievable as my white wife knelt before his throbbing black member and looked right at me, "Oh my god he is going to fuck the hell out of me with that huge thing. Do you want to watch him turn me into a slut for you Honey?" she asked. "Go ahead Baby tell him what you want." I said as I pulled my cock out so I could enjoy the show.

"I want you to take me from behind so I can get all of it Daddy. I want all of your black cock inside my big white pussy. Now come and get it." she demanded as she climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees looking back and begging for it the entire time.

He walked up behind her and ran his cockhead up and down her vagina, but she was too horny for teasing and as he ran it over her hole she slammed back taking the fat head into her pussy in one gulp. "Oh God yes Daddy you're stretching me so good with your black cock," she cried. He just stood there while she thrust back and forth on his black meat getting his head wet with her juices and then he grabbed her by the hips and pushed three or four inches into her at once. She screamed out in pain, but kept bucking back for more. "Watch him fuck me with that thick black cock Honey. It hurts so good. He's splitting me in half." she said to me. Letting go of her hips he let her fuck the first few inches for a minute as she coated him with her wet pussy juices.

"Look at him Honey, I am fucking my black Daddy's big black cock for you. Watch it go inside me Honey, watch him fucking me with his thick cock," she pleaded, "Oh god I have never been so full. I love his black cock, Honey," I could see his cock shining from her sweet wetness. Her pussy was splayed wide open and I could see her stretched lips clinging to his shaft and then bulging out around the head, as it remained trapped tightly inside of her pussy. Then he grabbed her hips again and thrust another three inches into her. She screamed again and looked over to me asking me if I could see him going into her. I told her I could and that I knew she loved it.

"I'll show you how much I love it Baby," she said and then she started talking like a true black cock slut throwing her ass back at him as hard as she could. She begged, "Fuck me with that black cock, fuck me! Fuck me with that big black cock Daddy! Oh yes, Daddy fuck me!" she grunted over and over until she had lubed his entire length and he was buried to the hilt. "Damn, you are a big girl aren't you," he said after she slowed down a little. "Yes Daddy I am a big girl now fuck me with that big black cock and make it hurt." she replied.

He grabbed her hips again and pulled himself out until only his massive cockhead remained, pulling her pussy walls inside out as her snapping pussy tried to keep him inside, and then he rammed his huge slab back in all the way. His balls swung down and smashed into her open slit and throbbing clit. She loved it, begging for more and telling me how his balls were slamming into her clit, which I know she loves. I could see her juices running all over his cock, down his balls and dripping onto the bed as he pounded her over and over until she cried out, "Oh my God I am going to cum again. I am going to cum all over your black cock Daddy. Oh yes make your little girl cum all over your black cock Daddy. Make me cum. Oh God here it comes," she grunted. I could see the veins on her neck standing out as she spasmed all over the length of his cock coating him with her cum.

She looked over at me again and licked her lips telling me how much she loved it, how much she had to have it over and over. She kept coming for over a minute as she slammed her asscheeks all the way to his hips making him stop his thrusting completely. He just stood there and when she finished he said, "Alright Baby, now keep fucking me and tell me what you want." "I want your black cum inside me," she said as she slammed back and forth over his pulsing rod. "I want to make you cum inside me Daddy. Give it to me Daddy. Give me your black cum right up my white pussy. Come on Daddy cum inside me while my husband watches me take all of you, while he watches me take your big black cock Daddy. Make him watch while you dump all of your black load up my white pussy. I want it Daddy. I want it!" she screamed, "Oh god Honey look at me pound his black cock. I want it so bad. I love it so much. I want his black cum inside of me."

Then he let his head roll back and I could see his balls convulse as he let his warm load gush deep inside of my unprotected wife. She was taking a load of black cum deeper then any man had ever been and she loved it, as she looked me straight in the eye. I stood up and told her to open her mouth as my load shot right between her lips and into her mouth while she milked his cock dry with her pussy. It was a lovely sight, a massive black cock stuffing her to the brim in her pussy as she sucked my spewing cock with her mouth. One in both ends just like she always fantasized about. She was in heaven.

After he finished he told her to clean him up. When she pulled herself from his cock, cum and juices came running out of her pussy like a horse had fucked her. She was stretched wide open and the mixture just kept running down her legs and all over the bed sheets soaking the bed. She knelt down and licked and sucked his cock and balls until he was completely clean. "Was I a good girl Daddy?" she asked. "You certainly were Honey. You were a very good girl. I might come back tomorrow night and introduce you to my nephew if you promise to be good from now on," he said. She just purred and said that she would be very good for some more black Daddy cock especially if she had to service his nephew at the same time. Then he dressed and said goodbye leaving her lying on the bed completely spent.

After he left Gail told me to lick her clean. Her pussy was swollen and gaping open. I tried to just lick around the edges, but she demanded that I lick the hole out and get all the juices from inside by sucking with my mouth covering her entire gaping vagina. I had never seen her so swollen and her thick lips tasted sweet as I obeyed her commands. As I sucked, she told me how much she had enjoyed it, especially when I got so turned on that I had to shoot off in her mouth, and how much it turned her on to be ordered to fuck black cock while I watched. She then told me that I would have to watch tomorrow while she fucked both Daddy and his nephew. She said she wanted to try and double fuck them both at the same time in her pussy. I don't know how she will be able to do that, but I guess I will have to wait and watch to find out if she really is a big girl.


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