New Box On the Block ( Short Story for those in a hurry )

New Box On the Block ( Short Story for those in a hurry )

Beginning in their snug dorm room in busy NY.

Ending in places they'd think not step into. 😉


"Judy!How many times do I have to tell you to not leave your things on this disgusting dorm floor!?",Sally yells."SHAP!You do it too!", replies Judy.Sally goes into great detail about a party that's happening later-on tonight."Alcohol!" -pass- {says Judy} "Dancing" -can't- "Guys" -ooohh la laa- "BINGO!", blurts Sally."Hurry up and get ready, Can't be going out a mess like that sista!" "Chyea Right!", yells Judy.

{OKAY!I know you people know how long women get ready, Lets cut to Scene 2 shall we!?}


An hour or two late Sally and Judy arrive to this MAD CRAZY party in Lower Manhattan!

Where things get ALOT tipsy.

"I'm loving this imported bullshit!" "Try it PLEASE JUDE!YOU PROMISED TO NOT BE SO DAMN UP-TIGHT!Besides with the work you do plus no danger you NEED a few!", says Sally.
Judy surprisingly comes back with, "OH OKAY, FINE! FIRSTLY!I NEED NO DANGA!SECONDLY I AM NOT UP-TIGHT YA SKANK!…Well I take back the first thing :D" -snatches 3 shots/Downs them all- "Now whose up-tight country gal?", Judy smirks.
"Oh you have no idea what your tall ass has started!", slangs Sally.

(Meanwhile in the harbor of 40/40s and Vodka!These two end up prettyy shit-faced.
Just enough for all truth serum to kick in!)[On the subway home!]

"Jude, You've always been sexy, your damn swag, your facial expressions, your switch :D."
"Sally, Oh please, You are sexy yourself, Your a fucking nympho girl, less the ho."

"We have had one(hundred) too many babe, We should take tomorrow off, I feel a MAJOR hang-over in the morning :|", Jude explains."Yeah you're exactly right ma.", Sally frowns."OH!Here's our stop!"

-stumbles and sneaks in at an oh-so-late time of morning!-
-unlocks door and falls on the floor-

Sally falls between Jude's legs, and stares into her big round deep brown eyes, As Jude stares into her small almond shaped hazelnut peepers.They think to themselves, "Damn, this is a nice ass lighting or I really wanna get up with her tonight.I mean, our friend Bobby would love to see this shit go down!"

Sally leans in to kiss her, And slowly undoes her blouse, As Judy tilts her head back in relaxation.Sally is quite experienced with pleasure, giving, as well as receiving and teaching!But Judy, is lost to this new sensation she feels tingling around her walls, on up to her clit.Sally throws off her shirt and undoes her bra, tossing it aside as well.She stares at her nipples, hardened, and smirks.And keeps in mind, she knows all of Judy's hot spots.She begins to lick around the hardened part of her nipple and suck and vacuum it with her lips as her tongue twirls the tip.Giving Judy a tingle, and getting her hot.She takes one hand and caresses her back and the other, caressing her inner thigh.She then reaches for her button and zipper, gliding her pants off.Exposing her cherry and black silk thong.Judy then relaxes Sally, by rubbing her shoulders a bit, and kissing and nibbling her lip.She slips Sally's shirt off, and quickly tosses her bra!She twirls her tongue from one breast, to the other, one nipple to the next.And slowly licks down her tummy, til she reaches her belt buckle.Which she undoes, and slides her shorts off until she reaches her see-through tan thong.She takes her teeth, and pulls them off.Letting the wind flow across her shaved pussy, not completely, a thin mohawk visible.

She continues to twirl on down, then she reaches the clit.She starts slowly flicking it with her tongue then sucks for a while, slurping the juices every now and then with her tongue.Sally likes the sound effects of the slurping and moaning Judy's doing, So it makes her even wetter.Judy goes lower, and sticks her tongue in her pussy, while her juices are flowing.Sucking and twirling around the inner walls, gripping Sally's ass, she goes a little deeper, allthewhile Sally's moaning and whispering dirty-talk to her.Judy likes Sally's reactions so she goes deeper, sucks harder, and flicks her tongue faster and faster, she feels Sally's walls tightening on her tongue, so she sucks harder.And Sally cums, refusing to let it drip Judy catches it all in her mouth.

Sally leans towards Judy smirking at her nodding her head.Judy leans back and flashes her thong to Sally.
Sally turns Judy on her back, and throws it across the room and starts to feast on her gushing coochi.She plays with her clit while inserting her long and thick tongue into Judy.She starts slow, in and out, circular motions, then rubs her clit and plays with her nipples.Sally loves using her tongue because she has so many tricks.she lifts Judy's legs high and slightly closes them and turns her slightly to the side as she finds an entrance to her pussy with her roaming wet/warm tongue.She goes in and out getting deeper angles and sucking hard, licking softly and softly sucking her clit.Then she licks her clit repeatedly and inserts one finger, Judy moans louder and rolls her eyes.Sally vibrates her tongue ring, and goes around her clit licking and flickering.Judy slowly moans out, Sally inserts two fingers and goes faster with her fingers while being gentle with her clit and sucking her juices.The fingers going in and out faster and the vibrating on her clit, fastens her orgasm, realizing Sally's hitting her g-spot, her inner walls close for a second on Sally's fingers, but stretch back out, She goes even faster and sucks stronger, Judy is moaning crazy and is loud as hell.She jerks and her walls close on her fingers, as her juices flow down Sally's hand.Sally sucks it all up and rubs her clit a while.

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