Nice Ride

Nice Ride

It was friday night and I was just leaving my girlfriend house after a great fuck that may possibly be a future story. The night was young and my dick was happy so all I wanted to do was call up my buddies and drink some beer. As I hopped in my truck I noticed my phone glowing already as if it expected me so I quickly grapped it to answer it. It was friday, so of course it was a friend asking if I could pick him up, he knew of a bonfire to go to and we should hit it up.

The Party was huge and it seemed half the school was at it. It wasn't an hour before I was already getting drunk off the keg and stubbling around the yard looking for girls. Well it wasn't me who found her but out of the darkness came a cute and bubbly black girl who was laughing as she ran into me. I'll never know what she was laughing about but soon we were in each other arms greeting each other and laughing again.

After getting our cups filled we walked over to a large log by the fire and started talking. I felt our connection start to grow by the way she kept touching my leg so I put my arm around her and as I felt the beer settle in I found myself stroking her back and lower neck. She was quickly loving it nuzzling up under my shoulder and slightly dozing off. I continued to rub her back as I turned my attention around me and began bull-shitting with other peers around the fire. My buddy walked by and hooked me up with anougher beer seeing that my hands were obviously tied and gave me grin with his thumb up.

This was the confidence I needed and knew that I would have to make a move on this girl just to say that I tried. A few long strokes on the back to test her reaction and then I went low and cupped her tight ass. She didn't even flinch, so wrapped around her leg and came at her ass from the side this time cupping her whole butt and grapping iit. Her breathing remained steady but her head slowly nodded on my shoulded up and down as if to say yes. That gave me an invitation and I brought my hand back up and then slowly slipped it down into her jeans.

I was right away greeted by the flesh on her right ass cheek as I barley glanced her thin thong. I was in a bit of state of confusion as I had this strangers ass in my hand and now began to feel my self becoming aroused as I sat around a camp fire with friends and school mates. I was still talking to a couple of guys to my left and decided now to check up on this girl who I had my hand in her pants. I needed my hand but it didn't want to leave so I just rocked her back and forth till she looked up at me and smiled the most gorgous grin at me I'd ever seen. As I smiled back at her I moved my hand slowly to the center of her ass and she leaned forward slightly to allow me access to her crack. Using the pinky finger I hooked her thong and moved it aside as my middle finger sunk into a heat sleath and slowly she settled back into me.

I was now lost in my drunk while fingering a hot drunk chicks butt hole surronded by twenty other people oblivious of what was going on around them. I'v never had anal sex before so this was the first time I'd ever had a girl interested in getting pleasured there. Interested in how tight this ass really was I started to press lightly at her anus and I could tell she was enjoying it. With just my fingernail submeged her breating quickened while her body tightened. I kept my hand wrapped around her butt with my finger pushed slightly in while she rocked her ass slowly working it in. The sphinkter was a vice grip and felt like a rubber band wrapped around again over and over.

It was just getting awkard when suddenly she released and moaned in my ear while drawing her toung around it. She told me that it had been amazing but she needed a ciggarette. I slid out of her and we both got up, slowly recovering from almost 45min of sitting when I noticed I was hard with wood and people were all around us. I turned into her now caring about shoving my prick into her while hiding it from everyone one else. We walked away from the fire and she had a ciggarette in her mouth already and I brought a flame to her tip before lighting my own.

I was unsure what topic to bring up with her but she solved it for me by asking for a ride home. I was ready to go right now and we started to walk toward my truck. My buddy caught us though and came jogging up behind us. The three of us climbed in my single cab with the girl almost on my lap. Instantly to my delight a hand was introduced to my throbbing cock which seemed to already have been loaded with spit which she smeared over the shaft and balls. After starting the engine and putting it in gear I slid my hand down her back to reunite my finger in her butt. Before pulling out of the drive way I scooted my jeans and boxers down enough to free my dick from its constraint as she jerked me slowly and sucked on my ear. Not wanted this car ride to end, as well as knowing my intoxicated state, I kept my speed under the limit.

As we drove slowly home I tried to keep conversating with this girl wacking me off while my finger was banging her ass and my friend unaware of the intense pleasure I was going through right now. After I learned where I was taking this girl she started telling me she wanted me in her mouth. I didn't care anymore about my buddy sitting right next to us pulled out my finger bringing up towards her mouth. The finger dissapeared quickly into the warm inviting mouth of this kinky girl who's tounge went round and round sucking the stink right off my finger. After she kissed it away I ran my fingers through the back of her head and pushed her slowly down towards the prize she had been waiting for.

Compulsivly my head rolled back as her mouth took in my penis head and flicked it with the tip of her tounge. She spiriled her tounge all the way down and with only one try mangaged to sink the whole eight and then lick my balls before coming all the way back up. I was having trouble staying on the road now as I was experiencing my first road head not to mention how drunk I was. Her cock sucking skills were blowing my mind as she tried to eat my dick, fuck her throat and suck cum out of my hole. She reached back with her hand and returned to jacking me off as she buried her face between my leg and nut sack licking under my scotum and trying to reach my ass. This was setting me off and I could now feel my seed brewing and cock head bulge with blood. She senced it as well and with a few more strokes returned her mouth to the head of my dick and I released. Having been teased and excited for close to and hour I had alot of cum to give this girl and she didn't hesitate to recieve it. Taking big gulps she swallowed load after load that I had to give her and treated me to the greatest orgasm of my life. She continued to clean me off untill I began losing blood and going soft so she could cafefully tuck my back in to my jeans and just in time as I pulled down her street. She came back up to my level where we shared our first kiss and she thanked me for the ride. I got out to let her out and we made out on the side of my truck before I told her good night and told her anytime she needed one, i'd be more than happy to do that again.

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