Night Time walks

Night Time walks

When I was 15 my freind had just got me into this camping club thing. I wasnt really looking forward to it as I wasnt really an outside person. That was untill of course that I met Tom. Tom was 12 years old and was also on this camping thing, We became freinds fast as we both didnt really want to be there, On nights we would often have campfire songs and things and this was really somthing that me and Tom both hated and so we would often sneak of on night time walks. These walks are really wear this story starts.

Now I was not gay, in fact the whole idea of being gay made me sick, and it wasnt untill Tom that I changed my mind, Me and Tom spent a lot of time together as we slept in the same tent, and in the night he would often rub up against me in his sleep, he was onyl 12 and he was asleep so I thought nothing of it, but seeing as we were both wearing nothing but underwear I was aware that for a boy his age he was pretty large down there, as I would soon discover. as when I turned over in the middle of the night I found him fast asleep with his underwear around his ankles, cock in hand and somthing that looked a lot like cum lined up his chest, obviously he had jacked of in teh night and fallen asleep, I tryed to ignor it and the next morning nothing was said about it, although Tom was acting rather sheepish.

In the middle of the forest me and Tom were walking when Tom said that he needed to take a piss. I told him that if he was gonna go that I might as well go aswell. I started to turn my back on him to get my cock out but before I had the chance Tom had pulled down his trousers and pants and was already peeing right there in front of me. I just stared because I was suprised that he also had a full hard on. After a while Tom looked at me and said "You need to go or what?" so I just shrugged and pulled my cock out to, as soon as Tom saw that I had a hard on to he smiled, "I know that when your cock gets like that what you want to do" he smirked. "Im not doing it in front of you for god sake." I said, "Fine then I guess youll just have to watch me then" and of he went waking away at full speed. I told him to stop but he wouldnt, so I lowered my hand to grab his arm away but as soon as I did that he grabbed my hand with his other hand and shoved it onto his cock and started jacking with it, It was then that I realised that this was really wrong, I had my hand on a 12 year old boys cock and was jacking him off. I pulled my hand away fast and slapped him across the face. Tom looked up at me startled and with watery eyes. "shit" I said "Tom im really sorry man, it was just wrong ok, I didnt mean to hurt you" he just looked up at me and then an evil grin spread across his face "I'm telling" he said. "Tom please" I begged. He looked at me deep in thought and said "Fine, I wont tell… If you do what ever I want" "what do you mean?"
Tom lowered his hand to his cock again and said "Stroke it". "Tom for god sake its wrong" But he just stared at me and I knew what I had to do.I lowered my hand and started to stroke his cock slowly, after a while Tom told me to stop.I was relived that it was over but apparently it wasnt over. "Now" he said "suck it"

"Fuck sake Tom you know I cant.", "fine" he said, "but ill just tell them how you just jacked me of against my will" It wasnt untill then that I realised that I was being blackmailed into giving him sexual pleasure and I knew that I had to do what he said and so I lowered my head down onto his crotch and started to lick the head of his cock. Tom started to moan and he put a hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth further down onto his cock. After a long time of slowly sucking his cock Tom let out a low moan and I felt his warm cum hitting the roof of my mouth. "swallow it" he said. So I did. After this Tom knelt down and undid my flys, he pulled my cock out and started to play with it, I pushed himaway saying that I didnt want it but he said "But I do want it, and tonight what i say goes got it?" and so I had to stand there while he played with my cock and slowly jacked ifter a while of that Tom told me to lie on the floor, so I did and the Tom Stood over me and told me to suck his balls, I had to sit up a bit to do it but I managed it and I felt his small preteen balls moving over my tounge in his little sack, after doing this for about 10 minutes Tom turned back around and told me to but his cock back in my mouth, As I did it I realised that it wasnt hard anymore and I didnt understand way he wanted me to suck it, and then I realised that he was about to pee in my mouth and no sooner had I realised that had he started to let it go, as it trickled down my throat tom had his hands down my trousers and was playing with my balls, I knew that there would be no point in trying to spit it out so I just carryed on, when he finished he zipped up his trousers and then knelt down and took my cock in his mouth, he sucked it untill I came in his mouth then he stood up smiled and said that it would be more fun tommorow night.

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