Oh… Oh my… "O" ! Part Deux

Oh… Oh my… "O" ! Part Deux

I still cannot forget that day I had caught my ex-girlfriend in the middle of the afternoon in front of her PC in all her naked glory, chest heaving and tits hard to peaks of arousal, panties shoved to the side, one leg on top of the table beside the computer monitor, the other hitched on top of the chair beside her where she sat still with her left hand’s fingers partly inserted into her overflowing wet, wet love-hole and right hand still has its fingers absently caressing her still-throbbing clit.

Sophie and I parted ways and haven’t had any form of communication for almost one whole year. I had known that I was mostly all her firsts: first real kiss, first serious boyfriend, first sexual encounter, first greatest love and first living-in partner. Me, Josh am a real great guy except that I can’t stop being always the philanderer… inspite of the fact that I really love her, I just can’t help it when temptation comes along. Our sex has always been great that is why I couldn’t understand why I am still doing this. Well, they say that this is all part of the male machisimo… and male’s natural weakness… and yet, this male machisimo is the one that gets to hurt her the most.

She would always take me back; since I’d woo her all the time I make a mistake. But I guess the worst thing was when my philandering came out of control.

I always had women, even when we were together in college. Being a fratman is one of the main factors that girls would always run after me. Second factor is I am what you call a hunk myself. At 5’11” tall, sandy brown hair and brown eyes with muscular [not heavily though] yet toned body, an athlete and an honor student. Third factor is my 10-inch g-spot curve cock.

She was the goody-two-shoes girl, yeah, my Sophie… She was scared to suck cock, or even make out when we first had a chance. She was brought up in a strict Catholic way but I changed all that when she fell in love with me. She became a wanton in bed and gave in to my every desire. I know she does this because she loved me; worshipped me even… and because she has learned to enjoy our sex very much. But she would do it only with me… my faithful, docile Sophie…

We lived in during the last three years of our college life but she still maintained her room in her dormitory in any event that her parents would go and check on her. But on our first monthsary she agreed to move in my bachelor’s pad.

I cannot ever forget our first night together. She was scared being alone with me and asked for more gin tonic. She was not a drinker and a couple of swigs, she’s out. I promised I wouldn’t touch her but I can’t help it. Here beside me is the best-looking chick I had ever known; with a body fully-filled up, curves in the right places, firm 38B breasts, milky white skin, long wavy brown hair and a round, bouncing butt… she now has the serene look on her face as she lay fast asleep, eyes now doing REM. I was seated beside where she slept on my big bed and slowly ran my hand on her hair. I leaned forward and got a handful and brought it near my nose… the smell of flowers from her shampoo smells heavenly… I gaze into those sleeping lids, the small button of a nose, the rosy cheeks and the red lips slightly open as she partly breathed through her nose.

Damn, just looking at her face made my manhood so erect and hot!

I continue, feeding my eyes with the greatness of her body. She was wearing a pair of pink, heart-printed pajamas with matching baby top, with puffed sleeves and baby collar. At eighteen, she looks as if she is torn between womanhood and childhood; she is so sexy and innocent at the same time which added to her appeal. Untouched territory.

I made up my mind. The untouched territory shall soon be mine.

The danger of her waking up and rejecting me or fighting me off and the knowledge that she was my girl and that she was in my house, my room and in my very bed and that I can do anything to her made my heart pounding terribly yet it seemed to pump more blood into my now painfully throbbing cock.

My fingers slowly ran and caressed her body starting with her twin globes. It is already beddy time and she’s still wearing a bra! My hands passed through her tight flat tummy and continued towards her thighs and legs. She stirred a little but more like just a natural reflex of moving in sleep.

I went back to her breasts and wondered how they look like. But first I want to know how they FEEL like… Kneading and squeezing them softly on top of the baby top and bra, her breasts felt so firm and full! Certainly a handful for each of my palms. By this time, my cock has become rock hard and now, pressing and tenting through my boxers want to be freed. This early, a small wet spot had formed through the surface of my boxers. Talk about pre-cum! Damn, at this early stage yet!

I became bolder in my explorations. I directly palmed her virgin pussy. I sucked in my breath, her pubis is very rounded! Her pubis is what beauty queens are made of. I have heard sometime that candidates whose pubis jut out pressing through the front of their swimsuits get more points from the judges. I’d definitely give Sophie my vote! Of course, she was wearing panties… oh no, not the thong-type or lace sexy panties. Hers was the conservative, regular panties and yet the feel of it hugging her crotch through the thin material of her pjs made my heart beat faster. And as I slowly caress her mound from the outside, probing downward, my fingers brushed something… her clit! It obviously is big because even if her slit is closed from the tightly fit panties, it is still protruding! I flicked my finger and I felt her twist her hips a little… and a small, moan sounded from her throat. Encouraged, and hornier than ever, I decided to do what I have to do.

I gently lifted her up to move her to the centre of the bed and she just lightly stirred, conked out from the booze she drank. I’ve gazed down at her clothed body for long. It’s about time that my eyes are fed with something, well, raw…

My fingers shook while I unbutton her baby top, partly from nervousness and partly from the anticipation of fucking her. When I finished, I took in the rise and fall of her chest, she was breathing a little faster now and with it, her twin globes rise and fall too, looking so tightly restrained from the cup of her bra. And just my luck! The hook is not at the back, they’re in front, so wouldn’t have to move her much again. So I moved my fingers in the centre of her rich cleavage and unhooked.

Damn perky, white, firm breasts that tumbled out from its tight restraints! The pinkish areolas are not so big and her tits as well, just small tips, yet… already HARD!

I did not lose any more time and took one nipple into my hot mouth, sucking its sweetness making it harder. I swirled my tongue over it and gave it a small nip which made her twitch unconsciously but I suckled on. I moved to another nipple and sucked, licked and nipped… my Sophie was already softly moaning in uncontrolled desire and bucking her hips slightly.

I spent quite sometime on her tits building up her body’s desire then I lifted my head and planted small kisses on her eyes, nose, blew a little air into her ears and licked them to which she responded with a moan. Then I travelled into her neck and sucking a little at the hollow of her throat until I reached her tits again, this time, sucking more forcefully as my desire heightened.

Then I groped for her pj bottoms and in one fluid motion, lifted her hips a little upward just enough to pull them down. White, virginal panties. I could see that she wasn’t shaved because the thatch of pubic hair is very visible beneath the white panties. I moved my head close to her cunt and inhaled her scent. It was so intoxicating! I licked on top of her panties and I felt her hips and thighs tensing. I also noticed that her toes are already flexing a little from the sensations. I rubbed and caressed her Mound of Venus and groped for her button and pressed my thumb on it and gave it a series of flicks. Her moan was a little louder now and her mouth is open. But her eyes are still closed and from her movements, she was really still asleep… thanks so much to the gin tonic!

I went down to look at her feet while I freed my hard-on and while jacking myself, I knelt at the side of the bed and moved my lips towards the cute pink toes of one foot. I licked the sole of her foot and it gave an involuntary curl as sucked each toe s-l-o-w-l-y… my other hand continued pounding on my hard-on and my other hand reached upward to caress her pussy and flick her love-button. Hell, I couldn’t take this much longer!

I hastily got rid of my shirt and my boxers and threw them on the floor, my muscles visibly tensed with excitement and desire, my rigid cock standing at attention wanting more. Sophie was still out but small beads of perspiration are already glistening on her forehead and her breasts are heaving with breathing a little heavily now.

In one swift motion, I tore her panties and there was cunt I wanted; vulva swollen, big clit popping out hard with its hood already retracted from the desire I had carefully built up and her almost closed still vaginal opening already with telltale wetness that she, indeed, was already horny even in her sleep.

I threw myself on top of her, impaling her with the weight of my body should she wake up, my hard-on smearing pre-cum and poking everywhere as I moved on top of her… on her thighs, her stomach, her bellybutton, over her mound and yes, oh yes! My big mushroom head in a head on collision with her throbbing clit and achy cunt!
I ravaged her mouth with mine, forcing her mouth wider open than it was before and pushed my tongue as far as I could. I caught her tongue and sucked it hardly. I kissed like I never kissed before, because this was just any other girl – she’s mine and only mine! It seemed that maybe the desire made her looked like she was struggling to breathe or maybe because my kisses were truly hard and Sophie, with face looking confused tried to open her eyelids, yet every so and then a moan escapes from her throat. Her hands were unconsciously trying to push my chest away, yet I held on, licking her ear and breathing a series of ‘I love yous’ to her. I lessened my movements and still dizzy from the drinks she had earlier, her eyes fluttered a little then her head slumped back to the pillow.

My breath was coming in deep heaves now, sweat sliding in rivulets behind my back, I wasted no time, I slid down until my face was just a couple of inches away from her already pulsing cunt and I quickly took her throbbing clit into my mouth and sucked.

I sucked and licked… sucked and licked… my tongue probing throughout her fat vulva lips and sliding into her tight virgin canal. I eased it inside, just near into the opening and swirled my tongue inside and went back to her now so-engorged clit. Her legs were opening on their own now, her hips bucking from beneath my face and as I look towards her face, I could see her brows tightly together, her struggling consciousness totally confused yet her mouth openly moans louder now. At one point in my tongueing her clit, her back arched wildly and her legs closed suddenly pinning me in between her but pushed me deeper into her now soaking cunt. I positioned my mouth over her vaginal opening and sucked it, creating a vacuum of sensations, making her love-hole opening more to me.

Then I rubbed my thumb on her clit which made her hips buck wildly. My forefinger was just touching the opening of her vagina. Her hands were now groping for something to hard on to and she was able to clutch the bedsheet which was now partly removed from the bed. My finger inserted itself just a little deeper into the wet fuckhole and made an in-and-out motion, carefully not fingering too deeply, just up to where I could feel her hymen, her barrier; the proof that no man had ever ventured into… and that she is mine, only mine…

But in the throes of a seeming climax, Sophie unconsciously heaved her round buttocks sharply, pressing into my hand and that’s when my finger that has been finger-fucking her slid deeply, tearing her hymen and it elicited a sharp cry from her.

I quickly raised my face up to see hers and I saw that her eyes had popped open and well full of tears from the pain; her eyes remained unblinking in the shock that lay before her. I felt guilty for taking away what she carefully protected but my dick is throbbing so very painfully now and I know just jerking it off wouldn’t count for much. I do love her and I want her to be mine completely so my love coupled with my heightened lust won out.

Just as Sophie was trying to understand what was really going on, I withdrew my finger and saw blood on it. And just as she was trying to move away from me, I took the chance, knowing that she was weak with desire and still woozy from the booze, I plunged my bloodstained finger again, making the ‘come here’ motion in her love-hole and groped for her g-spot. I found it easily because it was already engorged as well, the little bump that feels rougher than the rest of her smooth vaginal wall. I pressed and stroked in, faster and faster, bumping her g-spot very so often, my mouth now clamped on her swollen clit and sucked it madly, my left arm restraining her futile movements to move away from me, pinning her body down like a heavy tree limb. I could feel her weak fingers trying to lift my arm but I was too strong for her.

‘N-no… please… oh!… y-y-yes…’ was all that she can say.

Half stopping me, half pushing her cunt, now I suppose less painful, towards my finger and mouth, she couldn’t really decide. I took this chance and stopped mouth-tongue-finger-fucking her and quickly hovered over her and took her wrists and flipped her over on her hands and knees, her ass high at the same time, ripping the baby top where it was still inserted in her arms and flung them on the floor.

Her body is almost convulsing now, and I know, she’s almost cumming, so I pinned my weight on her back, putting my arms around her stomach to steady her and slowly and cautiously inserted the head of my 10-incher into her tight, wet not-so-virgin anymore hole, taking her doggy-style for deeper penetration.

God was she tight! And this, all of Sophie is mine at last!

I could hear a sob somewhere in between the moans so I took my hands away from hugging her stomach and reached for her bouncing tits and fondled them, softly pinching each hard nipple into further peaks of desire. I moved the other hand further down to rub her throbbing clit, making circular motions, stroking through the side of the shaft, rubbing up and down and circular strokes again. I pumped my swollen manhood in-and-out slowly, easing in deeper with each thrust and I thought I couldn’t put it all in, her being so tight and all, but her love-juices are flowing endlessly now that it lubed us both more, some of it dripping down into her flawless thighs.

And now, I thrust deeply, hitting her cervix, and that small ring that kisses the head of my cock sent electric shocks to my body and made me hump faster and faster like a lunatic.

Her sobs are all but gone now, her moans, distinctly loud, with some screaming even, until I felt her body tensed up and shaking violently until she screamed her first-ever orgasmic scream…

‘Oh… Oh my… OHHHH!’

She fell face flat on the pillow, legs almost buckling from the frenzied shock of the orgasm but I held her ass high as I continue to ram my rigid hard-on into her. The sloshing and squishy sounds in her sloppy wet cunt as I pump my manhood into her and heightened my lust and almost made me crazy and went as deep as I could. I could feel her regaining strength from her orgasm and she pushed her hands onto the bed to prop her upper body up.

But I had a better idea…
Without pulling out, I flipped Sophie again quickly pulling her arms over her head and laid her with her back on the bed. My other hand took hold of her thigh and hooked it over my shoulders as I drove deeply into her.

My balls are aching and I know it’s time and I pumped harder and faster. But I tried to hang on just several seconds more because I could feel that Sophie is almost cumming again…



My hard-on is throbbing from within my pants as I open the door to Sophie’s house as I re-live the memory of my first taking of her. Only she has the power to give me the most powerful orgasms and I regretted the times I hurt her and made her cry because of my unfaithfulness.

I was met by her househelp, a new one, by the door and I asked for Sophie. She looked at me, furrows creasing her forehead and a smile slowly formed on her face. She didn’t say anything, she just pointed towards Sophie’s study.

Curious, I wanted to ask why she didn’t ask me who I was but as I passed by Sophie’s late dad’s grand piano by the living room gave me the answer. There among the rows of picture frames of Sophie’s family, still in the same spot as almost one year ago, is a studio shot of Sophie and me. I can’t believe it! She still did not remove it.

I felt a rush of hope. Maybe, just maybe she still loves me after all…

Encouraged, I moved through the small, narrow hallway leading into Sophie’s study. My heart continues to pound loudly in my ears against the quiet atmosphere of the house, the only sound is coming from Sophie’s study, the soft sound of world music that serves as her mood music when she is deep in paperwork.

Sophie had always colored the walls of her study and bedroom black. Then she’d put on tiny spotlights in the corners of the ceiling and her main light had a dimmer that she could control when she doesn’t like too much brightness. Both rooms are fitted with glow-in-the-dark stars, suns and moons around the walls and even in the ceiling. In the middle of the ceiling is a painted speckled vortex-like galaxy that shimmered when touched by light. She called her study and her bedroom, ‘my own little galaxy’.

I didn’t notice the door was quite ajar until I paused before the door to knock. My knuckles paused in mid-air when I heard something… something not definitely in tune with the percussions and flutes of her world music.

Pushing the door open I saw Sophie spread-eagled, finger-fucking herself in front of the computer!

My hard-on came back with a vengeance; remember, it got erect when I was remembering our first night together. But seeing my docile, sweet Sophie… damn, she was, right at this very moment, such a hot, hot bitch!
I slowly entered the room very cautiously because I want to see her cum into her own hands. I want to see this wild side of Sophie when she is alone. I was almost along her line of sight but she was so engrossed in between closing her eyes and staring at something at the PC monitor. My eyes are farsighted and I saw what was itching her – EROTICA. She was reading, feeling, pumping her cunt with three fingers stretching the tight orifice apart and her whole body shook and exploded with a very big orgasm that made her scream as she creamed.

Eyes closed, with several body jerks from the big ‘O’, her body loosened and slid quietly onto her swivel chair backrest but her legs are still spread-eagled. Then her eyes popped open and she saw me there, looking flushed and sheepish at the same time with a red-hot hard-on tenting out of my jeans.

I stuttered and explained that the househelp goaded me in, and that I was sorry, and that… I love her and I need her back into my life.

She did not say anything. She just reached for the terry robe flung on the seat next to her and donned it. She looked at me hard, eyes boring into mine and I could still see anger in her face… as well as hurt. Mustering enough control not to pin her down and fuck her here and now, I let my gaze go to the floor as she slowly walked towards me, her terrycloth gaping a little open for me to take a quick peek at her erect pink tits. I was ready for her, I knew she would slap me and I know I deserved it, being the jerk I was but what I did not expect was what she did next…

My head shot up to look at her when I saw her hand quickly grabbing my raging hard-on from outside my jeans.

‘I knew why you always wanted to fuck other girls. You find me a bore….’ Sophie said this just a decibel above a whisper and yet it was so forceful and filled-with emotions. I wanted to cry, momentarily forgetting that her hand was still squeezing my dick from outside my jeans. I wanted to tell her everything that I practiced on my way there, yet nothing, absolutely nothing, no explanation whatsoever had come out of my mouth.

I could only croak, ‘I love you Sophie… if you only knew…’

Sophie was quiet but one eye raised an eyebrow in cynicism. .

‘You always wanted a slut. You want me to a slut… you,’ she said as she squeezed my dick just a trifle harder, ‘would fuckin’ get your slut this time…’

My eyes shot up in disbelief when I heard those words. I could only think, ‘No Sophie, it’s not you… it’s me…’ but the thought did not continue anymore because she had already peeled her terryrobe away from her body and bunched it and swung one end hastily under her parted legs, with one hand holding the other end from behind her buttocks and the other hand in front holding the other end and squatted a little parting her legs more, bending her knees in a more oblique angle and slowly brought the cloth to touch her still wet cunt and using her hands, slowly slid the rough cloth back to front, back to front while her eyes are boring into mine without even batting an eyelash.
I quickly peeled my eyes off her face and looked down in embarrassment, after all, I was a jerk and she is not to blame for thinking that way. But my eyes couldn’t resist taking a peek at her cunt as it is masturbated by the cloth of the terryrobe. God! I miss that big clit, now fully popping out; her carefully shaved pubis, her labia lips apart and I could see that roughish texture of the terryrobe is now getting to her because her eyes had shut tightly closed, her hips undulating like a bellydancer would and her lips parted. Her breasts are heaving and jiggling like two pendulums with hard nipples inviting to be sucked.

I was transfixed at the scenario in front of me. Never in my wildest dreams that my sweet, docile Sophie is able do this wanton act. Even the scene that greeted me earlier. Oh, yes, I know that Sophie plays with herself; I mean, it is a natural act. But she is the type that goes by the most usual way. Think about Sophie and masturbation would always be in the bedroom, on the bed, lights out, under the covers and just half naked but never, I repeat, never more exhibited or adventurous like this. Oh my God, I paused to think, have I transformed Sophie into a slut? Has she done this with somebody else? Has she been with another man after me? Had she totally left her innate innocence because of the pain I caused her and the hate she has for me? Anything could happen in a year…

Of course, I’d want her to be like this, a slut… but for only for me. Not for any man, not for anyone else…

If she was already any man’s slut, it was my fault. And it hurts like fuckin’ hell…

I realized how much I have hurt her and despite the highly erotic visual display in front of me, my manhood started to get flaccid because my emotional pain is already overriding my lust and I kept my eyes transfixed on the floor. I could her moans when suddenly, the bouquet of roses was snatched from my hand and I saw Sophie infront of me, terryrobe discarded, her hand now clutching the bouquet. She took one rose in one hand and threw the rest of the bouquet on the floor near to where the discarded terryrobe was.

‘Strip Josh. Take off your clothes for your little slut… NOW!’

I remained transfixed from where I was. I was so ashamed. And I would not touch her. I want to, I’d love to… I wanted her much more than all the girls that passed me. I want her in my arms. I ache for her lips, her mouth… all of her! But I just can’t touch her. I want to prove to her that I came here not for sex but to prove to her I want her back and I love her!

But my thoughts came in instalments as I feel her hands fumbling with the belt buckle and stripped my pants down in one tug. I tried to retrieve them but Sophie is already on her knees sucking me off!

Wild, wild Sophie and she was sucking me like there was no tomorrow! And all the time, her eyes were wide open, unblinking and staring at me in the face.

I tried dislodging her mouth from my painfully hard dick but her hand was blocking my butt to move backward and I felt a finger brush against that soft and highly sensitive part between my balls and my anus. My knees almost buckled from beneath me and my hard-on in her hot, skilful mouth kept me from collapsing.

As I felt my balls tighten, she quickly withdrew and pressed the base of the head of my penis and I immediately became a little soft but with a lot of discomfort rising in my lower abdomen. Sophie then pushed me a little bit hard and my back came to rest by the closet door beside the entrance. I nearly tripped because of the pants and underpants still around my ankles but I managed to move over as quickly as possible so as not to anger her more.

Sophie, I forgot to tell you, was a gymnast back then when she was younger. Her body was agile, fit and very flexible.

As I leaned back, I gazed at her body. She was just a goddess. I must really be a jerk to have hurt her. A lot of men would’ve killed to be in her bed while I was so busy jumping into others. I feel my cock starting to rise up again anew as I see her erect tits jiggling as she walked sensuously in front of me.

She grabbed my cock , a little forcefully, but instead of pain, I felt my cock grow fatter and longer with her hand wrapped around it. Her hand around my cock. And I couldn’t touch her, I can’t… The ecstasy of repression!

I mentioned that Sophie was a gymnast. I remembered because she started lifting her right leg up, straight into the air, spreading her wet pussy and exposing her hard love button and made her foot rest at the crook of my left shoulder.

Her left hand rubbed her hardened clit and pulled back her pubis area to expose her dripping cunt more to an angle where she could slide my throbbing erection into her. As embarrassed and guilty with what I did to her, she was trying to slide in my cock into her without my help because I just stood there. I felt the tip of my red, swollen mushroom head pop into her opening but because she couldn’t really position her leg properly, she was having a hard time hooking her long slender leg farther on my shoulders.

She got angry and pulled my manhood harder and squeezing it a little painfully and I had to follow and thrust so that it all goes in.

God! This IS heaven!

Once I felt her vaginal muscles tightening around my cock, I lost all my bashfulness, embarrassment and guilt. Fuck! I have waited and wanted her for long… and now she’s here, I won’t hold back.

Hooking my left arm over her sleek thigh, my right hand grabbing her soft, marshmallowy buttocks, I pulled her closer to me, finishing off whatever gap was in between us and I felt her hard tits pressed to my chest, I went wild and continued thrusting like crazy, practically slamming my whole pelvic area into her cunt, banging my balls onto her perineum and my pubis onto her clit. Her initial shock at the role reversal faded away and she arched her back savoring the sensations I was giving her.

She slid her arms around my neck and I slid her right leg around my hips careful not to let my manhood slide out of her dripping cunt. I then carried her, coaxing her left leg to do the same and envelope my hip. I walked, bouncing a little making my cock thrust deeper into her tight cunt and she became loud and delirious with ecstasy.


I half-walked half-bounced towards the slightly open door and slammed it shut using Sophie’s back and I pinned her body against the door and she was able to grope for the J-shaped umbrella holder on one side of the door and part of the door frame at the other side. Only my hard rod in her was the one bearing most of her weight with my hands just supporting her buttocks. Her legs were spread-eagled again, as I found her earlier, each leg astride on each side of my bucking hips.

Gritting my teeth now, both from the upcoming orgasm and the increasing gravitational pull on her natural weight, I pumped harder and harder… faster and faster…

Sophie was screaming, head jerking from side to side as her body convulses into her second orgasm of the day… but this is a big one…



I screamed also as I finally spilled my cum in her, our juices mixed, as I added more as jets of cum spurt out in waves. God I must have released so much! My legs wanted to give because of the earth-shattering climax but I let my cock out of her cunt in a squishy plop before I set her down on the floor.

She was breathtakingly beautiful.

Her eyes covered by the unruly hair cascading down her face onto the tip of her breasts; her chest slightly covered by the rash that forms in some women after climax, the open panting lips, the jutting hard tits and the bald shaven pussy dripping our love juices and the clit that peeped through her now closed slit.

I embraced her and brought her to bed, in a lazier but passion-filled lovemaking again until the light of day turned into night.

After a while of looking at her while she slept peacefully, I vowed to myself:

I would never hurt her again…

So after planting small kisses on her face, I lightly squeezed one breast and bent down to lick her pubes. Her body squirmed a little from the teasing touches in her sleep. I smiled and dressed up.

As I left the front door, the maid threw me a thumbs up and a knowing smile and I mouthed the words “Thank you!” as I hop in my car and sped off home, knowing that tomorrow is another good day, especially now that I have my Sophie back.


As Josh’s car sped off, another car paused outside the driveway and honked its horn. The househelp opened the gate ushering the car inside the driveway. As he alighted, he asked the househelp, “Whose car that left before I came in?”

She answered that it was Josh.

Following the now empty road as the driver of the car’s line of sight, the maid just shrugged her shoulders and went in the house ahead of the driver.

‘The bastard… what would he want again with Aunt Sophie?’

Paul, the 19 year old favourite nephew of Sophie angrily and protectively muttered and banging the car door, he finally entered the house… -xxxoxxx-

watch out for part trois

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