Oh… Oh my… OH!!!

Oh… Oh my… OH!!!

I have been “celibate” for almost a year. This started when my boyfriend and I finally drifted apart and as my way of getting over the emotional turmoil brought about by the bitter separation, I plunged myself into my work and have put more time being a single mom to my five-year old son. My days then slowly shifted into a cold routine: paperwork at night, meetings within the day squeezing bringing and fetching my son to and from school, late night discussions with my business partners and back to my paperwork at night. I also find time to cook, do my groceries, and supervise the household. Because of this, I stopped entertaining men who ask me for dates nor do I allow my friends to set me up with someone. I also stopped doing the party and bar scene anymore; the only times my feet ever reach the bar are the times when my clients insist on doing our meetings over a couple of drinks.

But one year is one year. Naturally, my body is already signalling for the attention I have cruelly deprived it of. In the middle of doing something, sometimes, the ‘itch’ comes along but I just try not to think about it. My pressures and physical weariness aid me in ignoring the great ‘itch’ and there is only one possible thing that I have the energy to do as I finally lie down in my bed: sleep.

This changed though after Holy Week. A week-long vacation for everyone also became a not-so-welcome vacation for me. Even if I wanted to work, everyone else had already hit the beaches, jumped in their planes for their tours or maybe, some of them have cloistered themselves in a retreat house, ‘trying to find themselves’.

As for me, I finally accepted that not everybody has my hang-ups and decided to take that vacation. But since it was just too late to book or plan anything out-of-town, I just stayed home and spent quality time with my family.

I finished some overdue papers and emailed them and treated myself to a movie marathon with the videos I bought several times ago that I still haven’t watched. The cable television has already permanently on the cartoon network by my son and I couldn’t possibly steal it away from him so I just contented myself surfing the net and downloading some music.

Then for some reason, while I was ‘googling’ it, I typed a single word in the search engine : porn.

Suddenly, thousands of porn sites flooded the screen monitor and I started looking.

My parents were strictly Catholics and my siblings and I were taught never to do anything foolish especially during the Holy Week. Until now, the issue of being a single mom, I think hasn’t merited the complete forgiveness of my parents. It’s just they love Josh so much that in a way, I know I had been forgiven. And so with that thought, I quickly terminated my surfing because I felt so guiltily perverted.

So I continued to scan my files looking for unfinished work yet I am feeling so distracted. Somewhere down below, I am slowly feeling a persistent throbbing that I can’t ignore.

The ‘itch’ is back… and with a mighty vengeance.

I am endowed with a fairly large clit that is very sensitive to the touch. And with my previous encounter with the explicit photos that I checked out, I felt my clit growing harder and throbbing badly, the sensations already making me squirm from where I sat in front of my PC.

What the hell, I thought. I suddenly muttered something, somewhat like a short, informal prayer saying, “I know it is Your week and I’m not supposed to be doing this but I’m just human. Sorry… And You know it’s been a long time that I have been a good girl”…

It was not in my real intentions to pray. Maybe it was just to take out the feeling of guilt brought about my Catholic upbringing. It may sound weird but it was only after my mutterings that I have had the courage and boldness to surf the porn sites I tried so hard to stay away from, earlier.

I am not so easily turned on by visuals alone. I could look at smut and watch a whole triple X without feeling horny. I am the type of person who wants her imagination to dominate the inner senses. And with this, I decided to surf some erotica on the net.

Bingo! I finally got myself a really hot story from the looks of it; enough to pump sensuality into my imagination and more blood into my throbbing clit.

The piece of erotica I chanced upon was one hot number. It was well written and the grammar was good. It wasn’t very long and neither was it short. The one who authored this could be a legitimate writer, I thought. It definitely wasn’t smut. It has a good plot and a few characters. It was direct and so very, very sensual…

Initially I just planned on skimming through the whole text but as I read on, I found myself becoming engrossed and finally, totally absorbed.

Almost halfway through, my panties were already so soaked from the love juices leaking into my opening and closing love-hole. I’m reminding you, these are long and pent-up love juices and so, as early as this time, it was already overflowing. My pink nipples have already darkened and hardened to twin peaks of deprived desire. I’m so turned on and the throbbing in the different parts of my body could only be eased by one thing; by touching them.

And so, I read on… now with my right hand inside my now unzipped pants, fingers exploring on top of my skimpy red lace panties, their light pressures rubbing through my engorged bump sent strong shivers that coursed through my entire body as well as the feel of the slight coarseness of the lace on the silky clit surface was more than enough to make me crazy. My left hand cupped and squeezed over my left 38B breast, kneading it slightly through the flimsy cotton material of my tank top and through my skin red underwire bra.

As I read on, I started rubbing my clit, trying to establish the rhythm that made me more excited. Another bout of shaking claimed my body and it was soooo wonderful! I haven’t felt like this for the longest time and every touch was electrifying! I got rid of my tank top, unhooked my bra and just let them drop to the floor. My left hand went down to help my other hand to discard my pedal-pusher pants. I left my panties on. My left hand then held on the front part of my panties and stretched it up, stretching my pubis area as well, trapping my engorged clit making it bigger and harder and almost pop out pushing itself on the cloth. Loosen, tighten… loosen, tighten… the lace rubbing into the top of my clit made me almost loose control of myself! The throbbing was so strong now that I hastily pushed aside the panties and freeing my clit and the rest of my cunt exposed to the world…

My eyes were glued to the erotica as my hands and fingers do wonderful things to my body. My hands went to massage my twin globes, putting them together and mashing them a little. My fingers traced the outline of my areolas and flicking time and again to the two cute stubs of tits, slightly pinching them. And they just got harder and hotter that by now, I am panting heavily.

My right hand went back down to my recently abandoned clit and circled the very tender bump s-l-o-w-l-y around it, over it, to one side and then the other… I continue this as I read on, imagining I was the girl in the story as her partner lowers his head into her waiting hotbox as he starts licking and sucking the girl’s pussy

By now, my legs, feet and toes are already flexing themselves involuntarily, my big white and round buttocks rising and falling onto my swivel seat.

The guy in the story is already in the process of kissing, licking and sucking the girl’s tits and she writhes in ecstasy. My eyes closed awhile to savour this thought. One hand shot up to fondle my breasts again, squeezing both breasts one after the other while one hand still continues to rub my tight knob.

I sucked on my fingers and smeared saliva on my hardened tits making them harder, the cool breeze from the airconditioning unit added to the sensation. I cupped my warm palm over the whole breast warming the tit once more as I imagine that the guy’s warm mouth claiming my breast as he has done to his partner in the story.

Forcing my eyes to open and read more, I shifted my attention again on my very hot, leaking cunt.

The guy is already kissing the girl passionately on the mouth and trailed kisses to her eyes, her nose, her cheeks and strayed to her ear as he playfully darted his tongue inside it making the girl squirm further. He then licked and kissed the rest of her body; neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back up again to her breasts, stomach, tongueing her bellybutton with a cute piercing as his hands travel and caress everywhere…

He continued kissing the inside of her thighs and her knees as his hands cup and raise her butt to land his mouth on her cunt again.


My body is going crazy with my perverted imagination and whatever my hands and fingers are doing to my body. By now I have placed my right foot on top of the chair beside me and I put up my left leg and stretched it on the table just beside the computer monitor and in this position, I am, as you might have imagined, already spread-eagled.

My bump is already so swollen and ultra-sensitive and my rubbing has already been frantic and fast. My body is shaking consistently now and my legs, feet and toes contorting like crazy.

The guy has now started to press his nine-inch tool into the opening of the girl’s hotbox and is sliding it up and down, his big mushroom head poking into the girl’s throbbing clit as she pants heavily.

Two fingers in my love-hole, in and out, in and out, smearing my very own love juice into my clit and a deep moan, more like a love-starved growl emanated from my own throat as I continue to finger-fuck myself like there is no tomorrow.

The guy started pounded his massive dick into the girl’s vagina, faster and faster. He pulls out completely and plunges all nine-inches of it into the girl’s cunt, making the girls scrape her nails onto his arms where she clung for support.

Three fingers in now, the other hand rubbing my clit forcefully as my legs muscles started to cramp from the flexions. My right foot accidentally bumped my cellphone on the chair where it was and it fell off, breaking itself free from its crystal encasement.

My arm muscles are almost quitting now from exhaustion and exertion and yet I must maintain the fast rhythm of my finger-fuck and rubbing… I am so close!

The guy pumps like a lunatic, eyes blazing in madness and desire as he looks at the desire-laden face of the girl…

My abdomen tightens, my legs jerking into different directions, my body convulses violently as I rubbed faster while pain shoots into my right shoulder blade…


They screamed.

And I screamed…

“Oh! Oh my!… OH!”

I finally creamed.

My fingers inside my vagina were gushed with cum and I could still feel it pulsing out and seeping into the foam of my swivel seat. Shivers still came as after-shocks of the overwhelming orgasm. My body was glistening with a thin film of sweat despite the cool aircon. I couldn’t move, my muscles felt so sore yet my insides feel so wonderful as my eyes remain closed and my body immobile as I wait for the sensations slowly ebb out.
When I was finally recovering, and my senses started coming back did I detect a slight difference in the atmosphere inside my room.

There standing by the door was my ex-boyfriend with a bouquet of white roses in one hand, face flushed deep-red and jaws hanging as he took the complete sight of me: naked with just panties that did nothing to hide my swollen, cum-soaked pussy, still with some fingers inserted, tits heaving up and down and legs up positioned like a pregnant woman in delivery stirrups.

I didn’t know how long we were frozen like that but it seemed like an eternity. Then I hastily donned the terry robe that was slung on the backrest of my seat.

He said he wanted to make up. He was sorry for barging in without knocking but he heard something. He thought I was sleeping and having a bad nightmare. My househelp said that I was working in my room and told him to just proceed.

What happened next is just up for all of you to figure it out…

What did you think of this story?